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Gary’s Smoke Shop GLASS/VAPE in Phoenix (Address, Photos, Reviews & Ratings)

Gary’s Smoke Shop GLASS/VAPE

Address: 2843 N 24th St, Phoenix, AZ 85008

Phone: (602) 466-2775

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Gary’s Smoke Shop GLASS/VAPE Open?

Monday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Tuesday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Wednesday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Thursday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Friday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Saturday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Sunday: 8 AM to 11 PM

Gary’s Smoke Shop GLASS/VAPE Directions

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Gary’s Smoke Shop GLASS/VAPE Reviews

Carlos Acosta

Gary’s smoke shop is the only smoke shop I go to n make my vape pen purchase. Simply bcuz the staff is knowledgeable n they cool AF too. I recommend anyone to stop n keep them out n for sure purchase an item bcuz they will make u feel comfortable n assure u will get the product. The young lady who works during the evening recommended I switch battery for my vape pen. Let me tell u I’m glad I took her advise bcuz the new battery for my vape pen is way much better. Thank u beautiful for making me make a switch on the battery I greatly appreciate u

Jim Walton

Gary’s Smoke Shop was a great experience. All the employees are very helpful and take the time to help with any questions you might have. They have a good collection of glass items that are reasonably priced. I have purchased a few items here. They even take the time to wrap each piece individually. I would recommend them.


I love Gary’s for everything MJ related and appreciate their attentive service and suggestions. They also value their regular customers and offer a small discount once they know you, which shows their appreciation. I always check with them first when looking for a new piece.


This corner was the site of multiple other businesses’ demise in a very short amount of time.
So the fact that they have become a mainstay of sorts really speaks to the quality customer service and products you find while at this head shop.
If you’ve not been, it’s worth you dipping out of traffic and checking out what’s for offer.
Believe me when I say you’ll thank me later.
(especially if you took my advice and ditched that hellish intersection during rush hour)
Side Note:
When this place first opened my friends and I had the absolute pleasure of getting to meet owner who at the time had a shop in the ave(s). I have no idea if the shop is still owned by the same entrepreneur. Truth be told that friendly, welcoming,laid back chill af vibe that we enjoyed then remains. It’s what still has me referring people years later.

Chris Allen

I’m there at Gary’s smoke shop 2to3 time a month I don’t buy my vape”s from any where else!!!!!!!!!

Guy Capra

Real nice people I don’t mind giving people that operate their business my money like that very polite great knowledge of all the products they sell

Daleen Trinity Hall Rain

Always helpful usually have what I need but don’t buy the wrong size. Cos God forbid you wanna bring it back to exchange..,…. Not gonna happen. I don’t see the problem with an even exchange if the item has clearly not been used. Just a way for them to make more money off us …. Wrong!!!


I was pleasantly surprised by this place. I had gotten talked into buying concentrate and despite all my efforts I could not figure out how to “dab” The employee working there was so nice and patient with me. I appreciated how he didn’t talk down to me or “mansplain” which is what usually happens when I go to a smoke shop.

David Haynie (Dlok)

Excellent customer service plenty of selection must see

Michael Murphy

On the outside, it doesn’t look like much but don’t let that fool you….the entire inside is completely updated, super clean store, a great selection and awesome service and prices! Will always recommend Gary’s!!

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