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How Long Does A 300mg Vape Last? (Extending Tips)

How Long Does A 300mg Vape Last

Nowadays, there’s a wide range of vape brands and models, there are so many ways to vape and there’s also a huge array of vape juices in many different styles and flavors to suit the preferences of just about any vaper imaginable.

However, among the most popular options is to vape from a 300mg vape since this size gives you a perfect compromise between convenience and portability. But how long does a 300mg vape last? In this post, we have all the answers you need to this question!

How Long Does A 300mg Vape Last?

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On average, for most vapers, a 300mg vape cartridge will give you about 80 to 100 puffs before you’ll need to change it.

However, this will depend on how big each puff is.

For example, if each puff you take is only small, you can expect to get more puffs from the same cartridge, potentially giving you more than 100 puffs.

On the other hand, if you take big puffs, it will reduce the overall number of puffs you can expect, giving you more like 80 puffs before the cartridge is empty.

Finally, if you are the kind of vaper who likes to take huge, deep puffs each time, you can expect even fewer puffs from your cart. For the biggest, deepest puffers, it’s possible to finish a cart of this size in only around 40 or 50 puffs, although this would be rare.

Facts affect the lifespan of 300mg Vape

How long a cart will last depends on a couple of things.

The first of these, as we’ve seen above, is how deep you puff each time you vape.

However, the amount of time the cartridge will last also depends on how often you vape each day and how many puffs you take each time.

So let’s look at a couple of examples to see how this works.

1. Regular vaper

Let’s imagine what a “regular vaper” looks like. A regular vaper is someone who vapes moderately throughout the day – let’s say about seven times between waking up in the morning and going to bed a night.

Let’s also imagine they take five puffs each time they vape and that their puffs are moderate.

If they are vaping at the rate of five puffs, seven times a day, that would mean they take 35 puffs each day. If the size of their puffs is average, they could expect to get around 90 puffs from a 300mg cartridge.

This means the 300mg vape would last for two days, and on the third day, they might be able to get a further 20 puffs from the vape before the cart would be empty.

So in short, this vaper would need to expect to replace the cart – or buy a new disposable – every two days or so.

2. Heavy vaper

Now let’s imagine a heavy vaper.

Our heavy vaper uses their vape more often, let’s say 20 times a day. Let’s imagine they also take seven puffs each time. In this case, it would mean the vaper is taking 140 puffs per day, and so the cartridge or disposable would need to be replaced more than once a day.

If they took deeper puffs each time, they would need to replace it more frequently, but even taking smaller puffs wouldn’t make the cart last a whole day.

3. Social vaper

Now let’s imagine what we can call a social vaper. A social vaper doesn’t vape during the day, but perhaps they vape during the evening when they go out with friends for a drink.

Maybe this kind of vaper only takes one or two puffs each time, and throughout the course of the evening, they pull out their vape pen 10 times.

This would mean they only take between 10 and 20 puffs during the evening.

In this case, the cartridge would last between five and 10 nights out.

And assuming they only go out to socialize twice a week, this would mean their 300mg vape cartridge would last between two and four weeks before needing to be replaced.

How can you make your vape last longer?

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From what we’ve seen so far, it’s clear that it’s impossible to say how long a 300mg cart would last because it depends so much on the person’s vaping habits – in our examples, one vaper needed to change the cart every day and one only needed to do so once a month.

However, if you are using a 300mg vape and want to make it last longer, what can you do?

First, the easiest way to make it last longer and save yourself some money is simply to vape less frequently.

Even if you can cut down from seven vaping sessions per day to five, it will still gain you a few extra puffs, making each cart or disposable last longer.

In addition, if each time you vape, you cut down on the number of puffs you take, it can also increase the life of your vape.

And if you can vape less often and take fewer puffs each time, the duration of each cartridge will start to increase noticeably.

Finally, if you can learn to take smaller puffs each time, your vape will last even longer, allowing you to enjoy vaping for longer each time without the need to spend more money.

What are the alternatives?

If you find you can’t vape less often, you can’t take fewer puffs or you can’t take smaller puffs, what are your alternatives? After all, needing to replace your vape every day or two is hardly convenient, and it can quickly start to become a pain.

Furthermore, this kind of vaping behavior is more likely to leave you without a functioning vape just when you feel the need for a puff – so what can you do?

The simple answer is to upgrade to a larger cartridge that delivers more puffs before it needs to be replaced.

For example, although the 300mg size is among the most popular, choosing a 500mg cart will mean you don’t have to worry about changing it quite so often.

Of course, the slightly larger size will make it a little less practical to carry, but the trade-off is that you will need to spend less time replacing it or refilling it – and you are less at risk of being left vapeless when you most need a hit.

One of these carts could potentially provide you with up to 150 puffs or more, but if even this isn’t enough, you could consider switching to a 1,000mg cart, something that will last even the heaviest of vapers at least a couple of days by providing up to 300 puffs.

Choose a high-quality disposable

Another excellent alternative to using the ever-popular 300mg vape is to try a high-quality disposable option such as the Spiritbar Katana 10000.

These vapes are inspired by Japanese katana swords and are both stylish to look at and comfortable to use.

Crucially, these disposable vapes offer users up to 10,000 puffs before they need to be replaced, which, according to the calculations we’ve seen, would mean vapers can expect a long period of use out of each disposable before they need to think about buying a new one.

As a result, vapes like the Spiritbar Katana 10000 offer a highly pleasing aesthetic combined with maximum convenience.

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Other tips for extending the life of a vape

To finish, here are a few more points to bear in mind when trying to extend the life of your vape.

1. Try unclogging it

If your vape suddenly stops working or producing vapor, before changing the cart, try unclogging it.

Sometimes vapers can change the cart before it’s empty when actually there’s still a bit of juice left in it. Rather, the problem is that it’s become blocked, which is something that’s easily fixed.

2. Check the battery

Similarly, check the battery isn’t dead before assuming the cart is empty. This is another rookie mistake that can end up causing you to waste juice and spend money unnecessarily.

3. Keep your vape properly maintained

It’s always good practice to keep your vape equipment properly cleaned and maintained – this way, everything will continue to work as efficiently as possible.

A vape that isn’t properly maintained may become inefficient, which will mean the vape juice gets used up quicker than it should – and in the long run, this can end up costing you a lot of money.

Many variables – but also many ways to make a vape last longer

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As we’ve seen, there are so many variables involved that can affect how long a 300mg vape cart lasts that it’s impossible to give a single answer – it depends on many factors, including how many times a day you vape, how many puffs you take and the depth of your puffs.

However, there are also several ways you can increase the lifespan of a 300mg cart – and there are also other convenient and practical solutions like switching to a high-quality and long-lasting disposable vape instead.

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