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How Much Is a Bottle of Vape Juice? (Price Chart in 2024)

How Much Is a Bottle of Vape Juice

The E-juice is a base liquid in vape devices that contains desired flavoring and sometimes nicotine. After heating, it creates vapor you can enjoy without inhaling dangerous substances like when smoking. Most other parts of these popular devices can last about a year, but this liquid is a constant cost.

That makes the question of how much is a bottle of vape juice can be crucial for vapers. In most cases, the product’s value depends on its type, bottle size, and brand, and you can expect significant differences and a wide price range. Let’s see.

E-liquid average cost per type

Juice type Bottle size Price
Regular 30 ml $5 to $10
Premium 30 ml $10 to $20
Organic 30 ml $15 to $35
Nicotine salts 30 ml $15
Pod devices and prefilled cig-a-likes 1 ml $2 per pod or cartridge
Disposable vapes 1 ml $5 to $15
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How Much Is a Bottle of Vape Juice?

It is impossible to generate vape liquid prices because they differ based on a few crucial factors.

1. E-liquid type

The juice type is a primary factor in determining vape prices. For instance, Nic salts and organic E-liquids are typically more expensive than regular and premium nicotine juices. Let’s check.

Regular juices

These E-liquids are available in most vape shops at prices that start at $5 per 30 ml bottle, which is $0.20 per 1 ml. Their ingredients are never top-notch, used recipes are generic, and tastes are inconsistent and common.

Since manufacturers avoid paying too much for certification, marketing, and packaging, their prices are modest. The best brands in this category are Beard Vape Co. and Naked100.

Premium juices

A 30 ml bottle of E-liquid of this quality typically costs $10 to $20. These products include premium ingredients, consistent and distinctive taste per bottle, and uniquely blended flavorings.

Premium E-juices

Brand Bottle size Price
Dinner Lady 30 ml $11 to $13
Pachamama 60 ml $10 to $14
Propaganda 60 ml $11 to $14
Naked 30 ml $11 to $13
Charlie’s Chalk Dust 60 to 120 ml $12 to $18
Vapetasia 60 ml $13 to $14
Juice Head 100 ml $11.50 to $14
Coastal Clouds 60 ml $11 to $12
The One 100 ml $12
Twist E-liquids 120 ml $18 to $19

Their prices are also higher because of quality packaging and labels, marketing costs, branding, and expertise. The most popular manufacturers of juices in this group are Space Jam, Black Note, CuttWood, and Charlie’s Chalk Dust.

Organic juices

Manufacturers producing organic vape juices target specific vapers who are environmentally minded and have enough money to choose the best products. They are prepared to spend $15 to $35 for a 30 ml bottle of E-liquid.

Only a few organic certified companies offer such products since production costs are significantly higher than for regular juices. They typically save on packaging and branding to keep their juice prices as affordable as possible. The most famous are Kai’s Virgin Vapor and Pure Organic Vapors.

Nicotine salts

Many vapers find nicotine salt E-liquids more satisfying than regular juices. Besides, they are formulated for a smooth inhale, although they contain standard high nicotine levels. One bottle of 30 mL costs approximately $15, but you need less juice to spend, making these products cost-efficient.

Nicotine salt E-juices

Brand Bottle size Price
Dinner Lady Salts 30 ml $9 to $12
Pachamama Salts 30 ml $10 to $12
NKD 100 Salts 30 ml $10 to $14
VaporLax Salts 30 ml $13 to $15
Juice Head Salts 30 ml $9 to $14
Bad Drip Salts 30 ml $10 to $19
SOLACE Salts 30 ml $15 to $18
Air Factory Salts 30 ml $11 to $15
I Love Salts 30 ml $9 to $13
HERO Salts 30 ml $8 to $12

DIY juices

The best option to save money on vaping is to make your own juice. It is also a way to use excellent ingredients and avoid additives.

On the other hand, the process of getting this product can last long, includes numerous trials and errors, and the result can be uncertain. However, some experienced vapers think the DIY juice price of only $0.06/mL is worth trying.

Juices infused with CBD or THC

Expectedly, these products always cost more than standard nicotine-free or nicotine-based juices. You can expect them to cost approximately $25 to $55 per 30 mL bottle, while it is possible to find CBD vape starter kits for $55 to $100.

Best CBD vape juice brands

Brand Feature Price for 30 mL bottle
CBDfx Best overall $40
Erth Best tasting $20
Jam Monster Best fruity flavors $40
Avida Strongest $25
Just CBD Best value $12
Koi CBD Best THC-free $20
Blue Moon Hemp Best PG-free $50

Since hemp plants contain small quantities of THC, you can expect products containing this substance to be expensive. Juice containing one gram of THC costs at least $30. Most vapers consider Delta-8 THC products the best available on the market.

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2. Bottle size

Smaller bottles of 15 and 30 mL are more affordable than larger ones of 120 to 250 mL at first glance. However, those containing more juice typically last longer, offering a better value for money.

E-juice prices per bottle

Brand Bottle size Price
Dinner Lady: Lemon Tart 60 ml $12
Pachamama Fuji 60 ml $11
Hawaiian POG 60 ml $14
Head Bangin’ Boogie 60 ml $20
Twist Pink No.1 120 ml $18
Killer Kustard 100 ml $15
Unicorn Milk 60 ml $11
Lava Flow 100 ml $14
Beard #32 120 ml $12

3. Brand Reputation

Famous and trendy brands are more expensive than less-known ones. That is because they use the best ingredients, fulfill the highest standards, and spend more money on research and marketing.

High VG E-juices

Brand Bottle size Price
Yogi E-liquid 30 ml $10 to $12
Dinner Lady Premium E-liquids 30 ml $11 to $13
Beard Vape Co. 30 ml $9 to $12
Kind Juice 30 ml $25
Humble Juice Co. 120 ml $10 to $12
Jam Monster 30 to 100 ml $9 to $13

Besides, reputable brands offer a wide flavor selection with different PG/VG ratios and nicotine levels. That way, they guarantee a higher quality and better vaping experience.

Cheap E-juices

Brand Bottle size Price
Humble Juice Co. 120 ml $9 to $13
Tropic King 100 ml $10 to $14
Cloud Nurdz 100 ml $11 to $13
Keep It 100 ml $9 to $11
SMPL E-juice 120 ml $14
Shijin Vapor 100 ml $10 to $12

On the other hand, some brands are popular because they sell the most affordable E-juices. They are of average quality, and their low prices result from cheap bottles, materials for packaging and labels, and a lack of marketing.

With little effort, you can also find a way to buy products from reputable manufacturers at reasonable prices. Your options include:

  • Looking for sales, discounts, and flash sales
  • Purchasing in local shops
  • Buying E-liquid in bulk
  • Looking for coupon codes
  • Trying sample packs
  • Asking for free shipping
  • Making DIY vape juice yourself

Physician’s recommendation

If you are a novice and unsure of the best vape juice options for your use, one of the possibilities is to ask your doctor for advice. Most physicians know to recommend appropriate starter kits considering your health condition. The goal is to get the best vape experience and safest option.

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Factors That Affect the Vape Juice Price

Besides their products’ quality, manufacturers always consider many other factors that affect the final price. The critical ones are:

1. Nicotine Strength

This factor significantly affects the vape juice price because higher nicotine levels increase costs. The reason is this substance’s potency and ingredient number that provide a more potent kick. Consequently, E-liquids without nicotine are more affordable.

2. Ingredients Quality

The E-liquids contain numerous ingredients, including standard VG, flavors, and PG, as well as optional nicotine and additives. Be aware that all ingredients come with different quality ratings. The lowest is technical quality for commercial purposes, which is more or less safe to use.

The highest USP grade (gold standard) is entirely safe for medical use, food, and drugs but also more expensive. Besides, certified organic products include strictly controlled components, increasing their prices.

Be careful with cheap prefilled cartridges and pod systems that contain ingredients of poor quality. They are often of questionable origin and can cause allergies.

3. Flavoring

Vape juice flavoring ultimately affects the product price, particularly atypical ones. For instance, some juices include more flavoring ingredients and complex flavor blends, making the final product costlier.

4. Other factors

Finally, each vape juice cost includes numerous factors invisible to vapers. They include the following:

  • The manufacturing processes
  • Production conditions
  • Time spent on research
  • Money spent on brand recognition
  • Effort invested in innovations
  • Costs of storing
  • Quality and recognizable packaging
  • Special certificates provided by the Department of Agriculture
  • Compliance with laws and regulations (packaging requirements and extra labeling for specific products)
  • Sales taxes
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The price of the bottle of E-juice depends on brand, liquid type, and bottle size. Since the range can be wide, you should pay approximately $7 to $50 per 30 ml bottle. Your total costs during a year can significantly vary, primarily depending on the juice you choose and how much you typically vape daily.

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