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How to Make Vape Juice Without PG or VG? (Step by Step)

How to Make Vape Juice Without PG or VG

Vaping is similar to smoking but less harmful to your and other people’s health. Popular vapers work by heating an E-liquid and producing inhalable vapor. Even though it probably reminds you of smoke, it is carcinogen-free.

The E-liquid contains two primary ingredients, including vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. Typically, you can find vape juice made of both substances, but some users prefer making DIY vape juice with only one. The only thing to figure out is how to make vape juice without PG or VG according to your taste.

PG vs. VG

Features PG VG
Vapor density +++++ ++++++++
Flavor intensity ++++++++ ++++
Sweetness ++ ++++++
Throat hit +++++++ +++
Wick time +++ +++++++
Gunk build-up +++ +++++++
Allergy risk ++ +

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E-liquid Ingredients

Vape E-liquids (juices) consist of a few regular ingredients:

1. PG

Propylene glycol is a base ingredient since it provides the E-juice flavor. This odorless, slightly sweet, clear liquid is responsible for the harsh throat hit in some E-liquids.

2. VG

Vegetable glycerin is responsible for creating vapor, besides being a carrier of vape sweetness. The primary ingredient of this clear, odorless, thick, and sticky liquid is vegetable fat.

3. Flavorings (flavors)

These chemicals provide vape liquids with a specific aroma, color, and taste. Research results show that the most desirable are imitations of natural menthol, tobacco, vanilla, strawberry, and banana vape flavors.

4. Nicotine

E-liquids may or may not contain nicotine of various strengths. You can opt for nicotine-free products or those that contain up to a maximum allowed 20 mg/ml by the EU TPD regulations. You can recognize two nicotine types:

  • Freebase nicotine, which is standard for most E-liquids
  • Nic Salts (nicotine salts), which provide a low-scratchy throat sensation

Be aware that this stimulant ingredient is responsible for the intoxication. So, the higher the nicotine concentration, the sooner you will ‘get high.’

5. Water

E-liquid sometimes contains water, but it is not a necessary ingredient. Its purpose is to dilute juice.

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PG:VG Ratio in E-liquid

Nowadays, you can find juices with different ratios of two primary ingredients, PG and VG. Which one to choose depends on numerous reasons. Let’s understand what various combinations bring to you.

  • Juice with 100% PG or 90% PG: 10% VG provides a heavy throat hit, the strongest robust flavor, and minimal vapor production
  • Juice with 50% PG: 50% VG provides a perfect balance of throat hit, quality vapor levels, and cloud production
  • Juice with 100% VG or 10% PG: 90% VG provides only a slight throat hit, slight flavor, and the highest vapor output
  • Juice with 80% PG: 20% VG provides minimal vapor output, while flavor is powerful and throat hit is strong
  • Juice with 70% PG: 30% VG provides good vapor production, while flavor and throat hit are phenomenal
  • Juice with 60% PG: 40% VG provides decent vapor clouds, while flavor and throat hit are noticeable
  • Juice with 40% PG: 60% VG provides significant vapor clouds, while flavor is moderate and throat hit is relatively low
  • Juice with 30% PG: 70% VG provides strong and dense vapor production, while flavor is moderate and throat hit is minimal
  • Juice with 20% PG: 80% VG provides powerful vapor output and thick clouds, while flavor is noticeable and throat hit is slight

You should never use an E-liquor containing over 70% PG because you may develop an allergy or a harsh throat burn. On the other hand, you should avoid juices with high VG if you prefer subtle and discrete vaping.

Reasons to Make E-juice Without PG or VG

PG and VG are essential vape juice ingredients present in different percentages. Their ratio is critical for creating the desirable vaping experience. While PG gives the feeling of a hit to your throat, VG is responsible for creating vapor (smoke).

However, some consumers prefer products without one of these substances. You can find a commercial E-liquid without PG or VG or prepare a DIY version if you like such a product.

PG: VG ratio best use

PG:VG ratio Purpose
100% PG or 90% PG: 10% VG For people who try to quit smoking
100% VG or 10% PG: 90% VG Ideal for vapers who use high-wattage devices
50% PG: 50% VG Standard ratio suitable for sub-OHM vapers and MTL vaping devices
80% PG: 20% VG For vapers who avoid high vapor output
70% PG: 30% VG Unpopular option for most vapers
60% PG: 40% VG A perfect vape blend that excellently works for MTL and DTL vaping devices
40% PG: 60% VG Excellent for DTL and MTL vaping devices
30% PG: 70% VG A highly popular option for sub-OHM vapers and those who enjoy vapor
20% PG: 80% VG A likable option for sub-OHM vapers but unsuitable for MTL vaping devices

Propylene glycol is a man-made liquid used for medicine production that absorbs water. Therefore, excessive vaping of E-juice with a high percentage of this ingredient quickly causes dry eyes, mouth, and nose in regular vapers.

On the other hand, vegetable glycerin is a naturally sweet substance extracted from plant oils. The high sweetness it brings makes vapes with a high VG percentage unpleasant to users who dislike the overly sweet flavors.

In some cases, these substances can be harmful for some people. For example, VG can become a potentially dangerous additive when heated, while PG is unsafe for users with allergies.

If you like experiments, you should try to combine these two ingredients until you get the correct percentage ratio according to your taste. Fortunately, there is no damage from using a vape with the incorrect ratio since the combination you don’t like causes only an unpleasant experience.

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Ways to Make Vape Juice Without PG or VG

Creating DIY E-liquid involves mixing two primary elements, propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, with your favorite flavor concentrate and nicotine as desired.

Both PG and VG liquids are usually present in the desired ratio, depending on vapers’ tendency towards sweetness, flavor, and vape amount. However, many vapers exclude PG or VG to improve their experience. That decision is related to each consumer’s taste to enhance vape enjoyment.

So, you need to define what you expect from a vape and make a choice based on the characteristics of each ingredient. For instance, propylene glycol brings a strong throat hit and intense flavor but provides less vapor output and may trigger an allergy.

On the other hand, vegetable glycerin has a slightly sugary taste and provides more vapor, while flavor intensity is low. This option is tempting for many vape lovers, particularly those who prefer abundant vapor.

The first step to the best combination is to purchase the listed DIY supplies, including chosen essential juice ingredients and various materials, depending on how you plan to prepare E-liquid.


  • Propylene glycol or vegetable glycerin, according to the plan
  • Flavor concentrate specifically created for vape juice (one or more flavors or one-shots, pre-mixed multiple flavors)
  • A bottle of 100 mL (3.38 US fluid ounces) with 36 or 48 mg/mL of standard nicotine or nicotine salt as an optional ingredient

Note for EU users – Thanks to TPD rules, the nicotine availability is limited to 10 mL bottles of 20 mg/mL strength in the EU. Therefore, you can buy only one bottle of these nicotine boosters at a time.


  • Several 100 mL squeeze bottles with nozzle tips to juice storing
  • Cobalt or amber glass bottles to store nicotine to slow its degradation
  • Several 10 mL plastic bottles for test recipes
  • A few 60 to 120 mL PET or HDPE bottles if you prefer making larger juice amounts at once
  • Inexpensive sticky labels to note the details
  • A box of disposable gloves

If you choose to mix juice by volume, you also need the following:

  • A few 10 to 30 mL syringes for base liquids
  • Plenty of 1 to 5 mL syringes for flavor concentrates and nicotine
  • 14-gauge needles

If you choose to mix juice by weight, you also need the following:

  • An electronic scale with a precision of 0.01 g that can measure at least 200 g or better, 500 g
  • A pipette or syringe for nicotine


Visit a DIY vape shop to purchase the necessary ingredients and materials, or buy them online. Fill a bottle with PG or VG and adjust the juice taste by adding your chosen flavor.

In this case, less is more, so avoiding large amounts of flavor is better. Besides, never combine concentrates from different brands because of flavor potency and profile.

Never experiment with potentially dangerous flavors and essential oils, but use those created for vape juice. Although you like nicotine, avoid preparing such E-liquid on your own, particularly when it is necessary to use high-strength nicotine.

Some vapers use distilled water or vodka to dilute juice, but it is better to avoid them. Finally, take detailed notes and use them to improve future juice mixes.

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Even though the E-liquid primarily contains both PG and VG, that is not always the case. You can choose juice with different ratios of these two substances or without one or another, depending on what you are looking for.

If you decide to make your own combination, always start with 50%: 50% PG to VG ratio and then continue exploring. Be aware that using only one base ingredient may jeopardize your health.

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