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Krazy Ape Vapor – Vape & smoke Shop in Houston (Address, Photos, Reviews & Ratings)

Krazy Ape Vapor – Vape & smoke Shop

Address: 11911 Jones Rd #6, Houston, TX 77070

Phone: (832) 237-3244

Rating: 4.4


What Time Does Krazy Ape Vapor – Vape & smoke Shop Open?

Monday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Tuesday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Thursday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Friday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Sunday: 10 AM to 9 PM

Krazy Ape Vapor – Vape & smoke Shop Directions

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Krazy Ape Vapor – Vape & smoke Shop Reviews

Kelly Manning

I’m a smoker and have been wanting to start vaping. I read the reviews of the Jones location and wanted to definitely give this place a try. When I walked in I told Jose that I knew nothing about any of the items and what I needed. He was extremely knowledgeable and patient with me as I chose my device! I happened to go the next day because my device was leaking. I was able to fix it by a simple tightening of the coil. While we were there my husband actually bought one also and I ended up getting some more juice. Andrew was the guy that helped us that day. These guys were incredibly friendly and made our experience great. This will definitely be our only place we go from now on!

Some Girl

Zack is awesome! He was super helpful. All for him, he’ll take care of you!

Owner note: ok, so…. Dead serious have this guy a raise. I watched him deal with a solicitor and got him out of the shop. Again, he cares about your company. I highly suggest you show some love and appreciation and give him a raise.

William Manuell

One of my local go to places.. Most always have what I’m in the mood for. The staff is on point with opinions and in field feedback from customers as to what products are better than others.. I actually find this to be the case at a few krazy ape stores as I had the chance to visit the Conroe store couple of months ago. That being said I’d definitely recommend y’all give them a try and see if your just as impressed as I have been.

Michael LaBelle

I have been coming to this store for a while now and always had a great experience, but today’s service was beyond exceptional. Zach resolved an issue I had with my mod in a timely and professional manner. I’m very impressed with this experience and the knowledge of the staff at these shops. I would recommend Krazy Ape to vape users of any experience level for awesome juice and great product selection.


Came here with little to no knowledge on anything vape related. The guy working was named Zach, and let me tell you something. He was incredibly friendly, knowledgeable, and did not try to sell me anything I didn’t want or need. I came here after going to a different store that made me feel like my business was unwanted because I was asking questions about the differences in devices and drops. Zach however was more than happy to explain thoroughly the differences in them. He showed me how everything worked and explained to me about the replacement parts/drops and their prices. He talked to me about quitting smoking, why I was, why he did, etc. I walked out of there with a device and drops that definitely fit my needs and for a good price too. I think I might be able to quit smoking finally after 20 years. I will definitely be coming back to this store for all my needs when it comes to vaping. Thank you Zach for being friendly and professional! You definitely made me feel welcome and helped me.

Tyler W

When I first started to vape they helped me pick what I needed and never pushed me to get anything that I wouldn’t know how to use. The help is not only outstanding but they even helped me build a coil my first time to make sure I would do it right. I haven’t been there too many times but they know me by name and their suggestions are so on key that I’ve picked up new juices without needing to sample them first. I really like this store and recommend anyone looking to start or upgrade to go here first.

Jessica Czachorowski

Krazy Ape Vapor is the best vape shop in North West Houston. Look no further! I love all their choices of juices and you can even try them out before buying. What else can you ask for? Great customer service? Absolutely! I always feel welcomed when i walk inside. Never leave that place UN-satisfied. Loves!

Amie Graham

They are by far the best! Best juices, best customer service, and so far the best as far as prices go as well! So far everything that I have bought here is anywhere from 2$-5$ CHEAPER than anywhere else! And the people are so friendly, you literally fund yourself hanging out in there, vaping, and chatting 🙂

Elirez Sevan

My bf got into vaping to quit cigarettes. The staff at Krazy Ape Vapor have been super helpful in hooking my bf up with a great vape rig and vape liquid suggestions. The delta 8 gummies are favorites of mine as well as the cake cartridges. We come by almost weekly now. You won’t be disappointed by the products or knowledge from the staff.

Bryan Boyd

Great Prices and good inventory. Knowledgeable and friendly staff. Excellent selection of house juices at very low prices. Awesome rewards program. It’s the best I’ve seen by far.

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