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Moe Smoke Shop in Phoenix (Address, Photos, Reviews & Ratings)

Moe Smoke Shop

Address: 2650 W Glenrosa Ave, Phoenix, AZ 85017

Phone: (602) 491-3808

Rating: 4.6

Website: https://moe-smoke-shop.business.site/

What Time Does Moe Smoke Shop Open?

Monday: 7:30 AM to 11 PM

Tuesday: 7:30 AM to 11 PM

Wednesday: 7:30 AM to 11 PM

Thursday: 7:30 AM to 11 PM

Friday: 7:30 AM to 12 AM

Saturday: 7:30 AM to 12 AM

Sunday: 7:30 AM to 11 PM

Our Top Pick

$34.99$14.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Full-Screen Display
  • Smooth & Boost Adjustable Two Models
  • 25ml E-liquid Capacity
  • 50mg Strength
  • Up to 20000 Puffs

Moe Smoke Shop Directions

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Moe Smoke Shop Reviews

Aaron O’Neal

Best customer service I ever received, asked for product they didn’t have and really liked (rap snacks) and started ordering them to the store… that’s above and beyond service I was not ready for!

Ian H

I wish I could give 6 stars, first off great deals, second, the brothers always remember me and greet me with a smile! I always know i’ll walk out with one too! I love starting my day here, thank you for the 10/10 service my friends!

Silver Ghost

I’ve been coming to Moe’s Smoke Shop for years now & his prices are unbeatable.
I would highly recommend anyone & everyone to stop by to check it out. Who know’s maybe Moe’s smoke shop just might be your forever go to Smoke Shop.

Sloppy Joe

First off, the two brothers that own the store are super cool, they always remember me when I walk in, and when I lost my wallet outside, they both helped me look for it. 10/10 couldn’t recommend this place more.

Leigh Stevenson

Absolutely love these guys! Good selection and fantastic prices but the staff is what I love the most. Super friendly, always helpful and they actually pay attention to their customers. My boyfriend went in a day or so ago with a friend and when we went back today he was surprised to find out that they not only remembered him but to also be handed a gift bag when we checked out. He was told they had picked out a few things for him as a kind of “Thank you” for coming back in. That is, in my opinion, about as personal as a business can get without taking you out for a dinner date first. That’s what I call customer care – not service, CARE- and appreciation. Of all the shops in this city I’ve visited, I’ve never once seen any other place take it to that level. Thank you guys again, you’re absolutely awesome and I appreciate you so much! Will definitely be back again and will be telling people to you guys from now on. 10/10 must check them out!

Raymond Klamm

Extremely friendly and eager to help. Which you would think you could expect that at all smoke shops but not the case at all. They stand out from their competition for sure!

Michelle Celis

Great service! Always has the best prices! Would recommend 🙂

Our Top Pick

$34.99$14.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Full-Screen Display
  • Smooth & Boost Adjustable Two Models
  • 25ml E-liquid Capacity
  • 50mg Strength
  • Up to 20000 Puffs


I love this shop, they always have everything I need and everything is always in stock & affordable! So Glad I live close this smoke shop is like family!

Denice Cervantes

Thank You D for explaining everything to me. Great prices and customer service immaculate. Go see D.. All the way from TEXAS will be back

Joel Villegas

Good people here, 6 stars if I could

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