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PAX Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

PAX Vape Overview

Pax Vape Overview


PAX Labs, Inc. was founded in 2007 in San Francisco, California, and was initially called Ploom. The company created an e-cigarette called JUUL that ended up becoming a completely separate company in 2017, when Pax took on the name PAX Labs, Inc, and JUUL took on the name JUUL Labs, Inc.

Since then, the company has been dedicated to creating high-quality vape products intended to be used with cannabis and loose-leaf tobacco.

The PAX 1 was the first dry herb vaporizer the company introduced when it was still known as Ploom. It was followed by the PAX 2 and the PAX 3, a hybrid vaporizer that allowed you to use both concentrates and dry herb. However, these products are now being phased out to make room for a brand-new line of PAX vaporizers.


PAX Labs, Inc carries various models of vapes which allow you to vape either dry herb cannabis, concentrated cannabis, cannabis cartridges, or loose-leaf tobacco. Their products are small and sleek, which will enable you to easily conceal them in your palm or pocket. They offer different accessories you can buy with their products, such as wireless chargers, smell-proof stash bags, stash jars, and grinders.

These vapes are incredibly user-friendly and don’t require much setup to begin using them. The company also offers many types of dry herb cannabis and cartridges, so you can choose the flavor and effect that works best for you.

You don’t have to use dry herb from the company, so if you already have flower that you enjoy, you can use them in these devices with no issue. However, the cartridge devices require brand-specific PAX-approved pods, which you can find on their website and in stores.

Another feature PAX users love is the ability to pair some of their devices with their smartphone using their app. This allows you to change settings on your device, such as the strength of each hit and the amount of cannabis you get with each one.

Overall, PAX Labs, Inc creates high-end, innovative vape devices to provide you with the best vape device for your specific needs.


PAX Lab, Inc’s headquarters is at 660 Alabama St Fl 2, San Francisco, California, 94110, United States. However, you can buy pax vape devices from their website or any third-party retail websites and stores throughout the US.

However, it is essential to remember that you can not buy the PAX pods or flower from their website. You will need to visit a third-party retailer in California, Colorado, or Massachusetts to purchase pods and a retailer in California to buy their flower.

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Pax Vape Price & Series

Pax Labs, Inc has 4 new devices to choose from depending on your personal needs. Each device is ultra slim and sleek and has unique features that separate them from the others.

1. PAX Plus Price & Details ($250)

The PAX Plus is the ultimate vaping device with its 10-year warranty and ability to switch between dry herb and concentrate. Like every dry herb vape, it has an oven at the bottom to fill with your flower, and it also includes a separate concentrate insert to fill with your favorite wax concentrate or extract.

However, some users say the wax insert can get messy, so it may or may not be a feature you use very often. You can choose from two different mouthpieces: A flat mouthpiece and a raised mouthpiece. Which one you should use relies entirely on how much of a vapor you prefer.

Some users say the raised mouthpiece is more comfortable than the flat mouthpiece. However, the flat mouthpiece reduces airflow, allowing your flower to heat more, essentially creating more vapor and a more substantial hit.

The device has a .5-gram capacity, but it comes with a half oven lid if you would prefer to only use a quarter. Another cool feature the PAX Plus has is its removable screen. The device comes with a multitool that allows you to pop out the screen so you can clean it easier. It also comes with extra screens that will enable you to change them when your screen gets too dirty to clean.

If you are not a cannabis user, users have claimed you can also use leaf-loose tobacco in the ovens instead of vaping pure tobacco leaves.

The PAX plus is very user-friendly and only has a 22-second heating time before you can take your first hit. The battery lasts 2.5 hours or between 8-10 sessions.

2. PAX Mini Price & Details ($150)

The PAX Mini is not only a lot cheaper but also very similar to the PAX plus with only a few differences. The mini is only slightly smaller than the plus and only has a .25-gram oven as opposed to the larger .5-gram oven the plus has. However, some people say that they prefer the smaller oven because they rarely vape more than a quarter at a time.

The only significant difference between the PAX plus and PAX mini is that the PAX mini doesn’t have a concentrate insert and can only be used with flower. Other than that, it has many of the features of the PAX plus, including the multitool and removable screens.

3. PAX Era Price & Details ($35)

  • Era Pro ($50)

The PAX Era and Era Pro are the two devices in PAX’s line that are meant to be used with oil extract cartridges or pods. The devices are straightforward to use, ready to hit as soon as you put the cartridge in. There are no power buttons; the device automatically turns on when you insert a pod. When you insert the pod, you will see four petals light up on your device.

Even though there are no buttons, you can still change the settings on the device to allow for more or less strength. You simply shake the device with the pod in, then when it lights up, remove the pod from the device. This activates strength programming mode allowing you to set your vape level according to the petals.

For low strength, reinsert your pod after the first petal lights up. For full strength, reinsert your pod after the last petal lights up.

You can also check the battery level by shaking the device. Each petal represents around 25% of battery power. If two of your petals are not lit up, this indicates your device is at about 50% power.

One of the most incredible features on both of these devices to your smartphone to keep track of your temperature settings strength settings, as well as change the color of the petal lights and lock your device so someone else can’t mess with your settings.

The most significant difference between the Era and Era Pro is the run time between charges. You can get about 250 puffs out of the Era Pro before charging, while the PAX Era only gives you around 150 puffs.

One major drawback to these vapes is although the actual devices are relatively inexpensive, the pods are pretty pricey and only contain 1 gram of extract.

Best Pax Vape Flower and Pod Strains

Pax carries a variety of different flavors in both their cannabis flower, flower pucks, and oil cartridges. Their oil cartridges are made from cannabis oil extracted from the cannabis plant and contain between 85% and 89% THC, while their flower pucks are made with added water hash and come in at around 40% THC. Here are some of the best flavors and strains of flower pucks and pods that PAX carries.

  • OG Kush- The OG Kush Pod from PAX is 95% THC and is one of their most popular flavors. It has notes of citrus and spice and has an uplifting and relaxing effect.
  • Watermelon Z- This PAX pod contains 95% THC and has fruity notes with a hint of spice. Its calming and relaxing effect leaves you in a state of euphoria and is perfect for unwinding after a long day.
  • Blue Dream- The Blue dream Pod is 86% THC and combines fruity blueberries and hints of earthiness to have you feeling creative and uplifted.
  • Tahoe Rose- This restoring PAX pod is 88% THC and is spicy and earthy, providing a relaxing effect to help you unwind.
  • Mochi Cookies- Mochi cookies delivers a spicy and earthy taste and comes in at 88%THC. It promotes relief and gives a full-bodied high.
  • Lemon Pound Cake- This Lemon Pound Cake pod is delicious with notes of vanilla and lemon. Coming in at 85% THC, it will leave you feeling relaxed due to its calming effects.
  • Pineapple Express- This pod is 90% THC and is said to be tropical and earthy with hints of citrus. Pineapple Express is uplifting and inspires creativity, so it’s the perfect choice to enjoy before starting a new project.
  • Lemon Sour Diesel- This Lemon Sour Diesel flower puck is peppery and citrusy and comes in at 42% THC. It is energizing and uplifting, so it’s a great choice during the day.
  • Ice Cream Cake- This flower puck is 42% THC and is a sweet strain with hints of vanilla and promotes feelings of relaxation.
  • Gelato- At 40% THC, this flower puck packs a punch with notes of mint and vanilla; its energizing and uplifting effects will leave you feeling blissful.

Pax Vape FAQ

Is the PAX vape worth it?

Overall, the PAX vape devices are high quality and highly versatile, making them suitable for most vapers. Whether PAX vapes are worth it or not depends entirely on your personal vaping needs and vaping experience. If you only vape cannabis occasionally, you may not want to invest in a high-quality vape and instead find one that is less expensive. It just won’t have as many perks.

However, the PAX vape is excellent with all of its many features, like its removable screen and how easy it is to clean, unlike other vapes on the market where cleaning them is a hassle.

Do PAX pods get you high?

PAX pods contain highly concentrated THC, the chemical found in marijuana plants, so they have the same effect. Some Pods have a higher concentration of THC than others, so you get higher levels of THC.

There are also different effects you feel from the different types of pods. Some pods promote a full body high and leave you feeling energized, while others provide more of a head high, leaving you feeling calm and relaxed.

Is PAX the same as vaping?

Yes, PAX is a brand of vape devices, pods, and dry herb. PAX devices are solely meant to be used with cannabis products, not to be confused with most vapes that use e-juice containing nicotine.

How much does PAX cost?

PAX devices range from $35 to $250. The cheapest PAX device is the PAX Era, which uses oil cartridges containing THC. The Cheapest traditional dry herb vape that PAX offers is the PAX mini, which allows you to vape dry herb.

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