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Revolutionary Botanicals in Columbus (Address, Photos, Reviews & Ratings)

Revolutionary Botanicals

Address: 5212 N High St Suite B, Columbus, OH 43214, United States

Phone: +1 614-987-5885

Rating: 4.9

Website: http://www.revolutionarybotanicals.com/

What Time Does Revolutionary Botanicals Open?

Monday: Closed

Tuesday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Wednesday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Thursday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Friday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Saturday: 11 AM to 7 PM

Sunday: 12 to 5 PM

Revolutionary Botanicals Directions

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Revolutionary Botanicals Reviews


I love coming here. Shawn and Amanda know anything and everything about the business, and they only carry quality products.


Love their skincare products. Natural ingredients I loved their Charcoal mask- very gentle and natural scent you feel in your face. I just purchased some soaps and energizing body polish/body scrub.. good quality items especially for people looking for natural scents..and natural friendly. Amanda was a great asset to the store explaining me the purpose of their products, she gave me an outstanding customer experience, very welcoming and not pushy which I really appreciated. Very professional salesperson, I will purchase again!!

Anita Adkins

I’ve been going to this store for several years and the customer service is top notch. They always have the highest quality products and their knowledge of all the ingredients that are put into them is also amazing. I currently use their cbd tincture, coffee and balm. Highly recommended to anyone in need of any hemp related products.

Shelby Jennings

My husband buys CBD tincture that he uses daily for many reasons but mainly for pain. He’s been loyal to this company ever since he first went in. He likes how educated the people who work here are and can help recommend products to him. He got me some flower to roll up for myself last time he went and I’m definitely impressed with how fresh these buds are. I do need to slowly air out the buds when I get them home so they can have a lower moisture content for me to roll it. I’ve tried prepackaged CBD flower from vape shops and I’ve only ever gotten extremely dry flower. My husband was explaining to me that this store buys small quantities of flower so they always have fresh product. They also use boveda moisture packs in their apothecary jars and even packed up each bag of my flower with their appropriately sized boveda. My husband got 4 different eighths so they gave him a generous discount. We’re highly impressed with this shop!

Stephanie Tronolone

Very kind and knowledgeable about their products. Haven’t been in since the rebrand but this is a wonderful local shop with a variety of high quality products. I got some tea, salve and CBD gummies that were all excellent

Kori Sedmak

I came here at the recommendation of a friend and I’m so glad I did. You don’t find a lot of good new family-owned brick and mortar businesses these days, but this is definitely one. Shaun knows his products inside and out so you’ll quickly and easily find something that helps what ails you. The products are top shelf and lots of different options are available that help with different things.
I’m grateful to be able to find high quality alternative medicine in the neighborhood, keep up the good work CHC!


Always kind and informative. The quality of products are amazing! I’ve been to every CBD shop locally and this is by far the best. The prices are fair, and packaging is really nice. I love the glass and cork it comes in!! My favorite are the pre rolls. The one place I use to go to never kept them in stock, and the product wasn’t nearly as nice as this place. There always in stock here!! I highly recommended this shop. 🙂

Dan S

I have tried other brands and nothing compares to the ones stocked here–excellent quality. Shane is knowledgable and helpful. It is so easy to get confused and misled by labels. It is nice when people in retail actually know the products and can be helpful guides. A great shop with quality products.

Tony Vecchiarelli

10/10 customer service, my wife went in to pick up a few items for her nighttime anxiety, Shaun, the owner was extremely knowledgeable and helped her right away. We will be going here again and again, the store is really clean and also has a bunch of items to choose from, very good selection, quality products and again, Shaun’s customer service/knowledge is top notch.

Matthew Hysell

What a great place! Knowledgeable with a variety of products that will meet any need, I went in displaying my ignorance and came out feeling so much more confident that I was able to find the right thing for me. Convenient, well-organized, lots of parking, and locally owned…I will be back, and I encourage you to stop by, too.

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