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Smoke ATX in Austin (Address, Photos, Reviews & Ratings)

Smoke ATX

Address: 5310 Burnet Rd #104, Austin, TX 78756

Phone: (512) 464-1272

Rating: 4.8

Website: http://smokeatx.com/

What Time Does Smoke ATX Open?

Monday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Tuesday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Wednesday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Thursday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Friday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Saturday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Sunday: 10 AM to 11 PM

Smoke ATX Directions

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Smoke ATX Reviews

Avery Davis

I literally love this place, they care about their clients, they only sell the best products, and their employees are warm, welcoming, and helpful! ALWAYS TIP!!!! They also care about maintaining clientele and have given me free samples of vapes. Chris specifically helped me so much today, but all of the employees I’ve ever met are stellar

Jessica Lewis

Excellent customer service, very informed staff, and a great selection of products! 10/10 highly recommend!!

Harold Bernstein

I was looking for a cigar. Called the Smoke ATX shop that was near me and was told, yes they have some cigars and yes they’re in a humidor – but if I wanted a nicer selection and a walk-in humidor, I’ve got to go to this location. Score! Beautiful walk-in humidor. A really nice selection. Outside of the humidor they also have some great cutters & lighters. I was looking for more of a throw away lighter (in Austin on business) and the young man behind the counter directed me to those. Friendly service, a nice selection of cigars in a walk-in humidor – you can’t go wrong. So if you’re looking for a cigar – and I noticed a few signs that said they’d match prices on them! – this is a great spot to find one. And I highly recommend the Perdomo Fresco with a glass of mezcal!

Howard Lindemann

Great place! The space is clean and professionally run with an extensive inventory. It’s a great place to browse. But what really sets this place apart is their extremely knowledgeable staff.
I’ve had exceptional service from Chris, Jake, Link, Xavi, Matt and others. Everyone has a deep understanding of all their vast, continually updated products.
Thanks for great experiences everyone.

Alex Cosmico

Best vape shop customer service of all time all the people who work here are super sweet and kind and helpful! Have had wonderful experiences here for the last year and don’t have any complaints! Everyone deserves a raise for how well organized, clean and knowledgeable they are about the products! Best smoke shop in atx!

Taylor Hensley

Amazing smoke shop! I went in for a new cartridge battery and one associate (who I did not get their name) helped me pick one out and made the process extremely quick and easy. A week later I ran into a problem with the battery, but I went back and they were able to help me out and resolve the problem for me. Link and the other associate who helped me both days were amazing and I will be coming back to the shop for my future needs.

Jimmy Luo

Really chill folks working the desk. They also have a cool soda fridge with rare sodas for sale, e.g. blueberry Ramune — worth checking out!

Christi Lopez

The owner was great to talk to and very helpful. Everyone come out and check this place out lots of cool thing’s

Jermaine Thomas

I had a great experience stopping into Smoke ATX on Burnet. I was on the hunt for some good cigars but not lacking knowledge of what to get. I asked for advice and a beautifully articulated breakdown of not only the option that were available but the history behind the cigar industry. JAVI made all of the information very digestible. I highly recommend this location if you need cigar options, and hopefully, Javi is there to assist.

Jonathon B.

Jake and Chris were extremely helpful and very informative when it came to any questions I had. Great people with awesome customer service. I will definitely continue supporting this business !!

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