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Vaal Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Vaal Vape Overview

Vaal Vape Overview

As a newcomer to the vape scene, Vaal is certainly trying to make an impact. The brand being new doesn’t mean that the people behind it are inexperienced, however – on the contrary. Made with a lot of know-how and expertise, Vaal Vapor has burst into the scene with various disposable vapes of different types and sizes.

While Vaal’s colorful designs are certainly focusing more on a specific audience in the market, everything else about this brand makes it quite broad-reaching. Vaal offers dozens of different flavors and capacities, as well as different and innovative vaping technologies to satisfy every taste.

Made with a lot of attention to detail, quality, and artistry, Vaal’s disposable vapes are certainly an item we’d recommend, especially if you like that sort of look.


While Vaal Vapor doesn’t have a physical store and address that’s open to customers, you can easily contact Vaal on their website’s contact form or via [email protected].


Given Vaal’s status as a newcomer in the vaping market, you’d be forgiven to expect a more humble portfolio of products and features but that’s not what you’ll find on Vaal’s website and store. Instead, Vaal vapes have been rapidly rising in popularity precisely because of the incredible variety offered by this new brand. Here are some of the main things you can expect from them:

  1. Long-lasting & rechargeable battery – Vaal’s batteries vary depending on the exact series and model you’re looking at but they are all generally very impressive. This guarantees a very long period of use between charging as well as very fast charging times in the rare instances when that’s necessary.
  2. Lightweight design – One of the very few criticisms one can levy against Vaal is that some of their vape modes, particularly of the Glaz series, are a bit larger than vapes from other brands that have the same e-juice capacity.

This can be a drawback if you’re trying to stealth vape and it can be a positive if you want a vape that’s easier to handle. What’s key, however, is that even Vaal Glaz vapes are incredibly lightweight compared to most other vapes on the market.

  1. Creative and artistic designs – Another point against “stealth vaping” with Vaal but in favor of their awesome designs is just how beautiful and creative Vaal’s models are. Both Vaal Max and Vaal Glaz series are decorated with gorgeous graffiti art that’s gorgeous to look at while the other standard Vaal series have stylish and clean designs instead.
  2. Numerous different series and models for every taste – A feature that sets Vaal aside from most other new vape brands is the sheer size and diversity of their collection.

They have disposable vapes that offer anywhere between 500 and 10,000 puffs per use, they have slim and stylish vapes, larger and visually louder ones, DL (direct-to-lung) and MTL (mouth-to-lung) vapes, and many others, all available in dozens of different flavors.

  1. Dual mesh coil for sub-ohm delivery – Vaal’s innovative dual mesh coil is an excellent addition, allowing for the sub-ohm delivery of Vaal’s vapor. It provides amazing coil resistance and, with it, the dual mesh allows for even better flavor.
  2. Draw-activated – The majority of Vaal’s vapes are draw-activated which means much less hassle for you. What’s more, Vaal’s draw mechanism is exceptionally smooth and consistent, it gets going immediately, and it doesn’t cut out in the middle of the draw like some other draw-activated vapes out there.
  3. Innovative WideWick technology – Vaal’s trademarked WideWich technology is great at ensuring a comprehensive e-liquid intake as well as a great balance between nicotine and flavor.


Brands SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask
Design Aluminum alloy outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

No Screen Display Artificial leather outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

Flavor Options 8 32 8
Nicotine Options 5% 5% 5%
Battery 500MAH 590MAH 650MAH
E-liquid Capacity 20ml 18ml 18ml
Puffs 9000+ 10000+ 10000+
Price $16.8 $16.99 $16.9

While the VAAL CAN provides an impressive 10000+ puff rating fueled by an 18ml reservoir and 590mAh battery, it lacks integrated battery level and e-liquid indicators found on the SPIRITBAR models.

Comparatively, the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and Katana both offer screens that display remaining battery life and e-liquid volume. This allows for proactive monitoring of charge status and fluid levels.

With similar puff counts, e-liquid capacities, and nicotine strength, the differentiating feature is the SPIRITBAR‘s inclusion of indicator screens. The visibility provided enhances convenience and avoids unexpected battery depletion or e-liquid runout.

For the optimum user experience, the SPIRITBAR disposables are recommended for their integration of power and fluid monitoring displays alongside competitive puff performance. Their at-a-glance gauges deliver an unrivaled vaping experience.

Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Jack's Flask 9000 Puffs

$12.99 (Free Shipping)

  • Up to 9000 Puffs
  • Stylish pirate flask-shaped metal body
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • 2-6 days delivery

Vaal Vape Price & Series

Vaal Vapor offers dozens of different disposable vapes, divided into two distinct series – Vaal Glaz and Vaal’s broader collection of disposable vape pens such as the famous Vaal Max.

The Vaal Glaz Series Price & Details

Vaal’s Glaz series includes a few of the brand’s most famous products – both because of their gorgeous and unique looks, as well as because of some of their inner workings.

In particular, Vaal’s Glaz series have a higher nicotine content than most other Vaal vapes – the Vaal Glaz 5000 and 6500 are both available in two variants – 50mg/ml nicotine or 5% and 20mg/ml or 2% nicotine – quite a bit more than the standard 1.7%. Even the tiny Vaal Glaz Bar has 20mg/ml nicotine or 2% while only the Glaz 800 has 1.7%.

The Glaz series vapes are the most easily recognizable of all Vaal vapes because of their colorful and artsy graffiti exteriors as well as the larger relative size of the Glaz 5000 and Glaz 6500. Both the size and the colors make them ill-suited for stealth vaping but nicotine-heavy vapes aren’t usually recommended for that anyway.

  • Vaal Glaz 800
  • Vaal Glaz Bar
  • Vaal Glaz 5000
  • Vaal Glaz 6500


Overall, the Glaz series is an ideal fit for ex-smokers who are looking for the full vape experience while comfortably transitioning from cigarettes to vapes.

The Glaz vapes are also available in various designs, colors, and flavors too, giving you plenty of choices to make sure that you get exactly what you prefer. Also, note that while the size of the Glazz 5000 and 6500 seems large, they are still impressively lightweight and easy to handle.


The Vaal E, C, CC, M, and other Series Price & Details

Vaal has lots of other disposable vape modes in addition to the Glaz series but to divvy them up into separate series is tricky as the differences between “ C, CC, E, EP, or EB vape modes, for example, aren’t as clear-cut.

The number in each model’s name always refers to the expected number of puffs while the lettering helps distinguish different models with the same capacity (e.g. Vaal 800, 800M, and EB800). The differences between them usually come down to different nicotine levels as many Vaal vapes are only available in 1.7% or 2% nicotine, while others offer the choice between 1.7%, 2%, and 5%.

The batteries of different models can also vary. For example, the Vaal EP5500 has a 400 mAh battery while the EB5500 comes with a much more powerful 900 mAh battery (hence the larger size) and it also has Vaal’s trademarked WideWick technology. Here’s a list of Vaal’s other models by capacity and price:

  • Vaal 500, 500C, CC500
  • Vaal Q Bar
  • Vaal 600
  • Vaal 800, 800M, EB800
  • Vaal AOP1000
  • Vaal AC
  • Vaal EB1400
  • Vaal 1500
  • Vaal 1600C
  • Vaal CC1700
  • Vaal 1800M, 1800L
  • Vaal CC2200
  • Vaal 2500M
  • Vaal CQ3300
  • Vaal Max
  • Vaal EP3500
  • Vaal 4000M
  • Vaal 4500M, EP4500
  • Vaal E5000, E5000DL
  • Vaal EB5500, EP5500
  • Vaal Can


While the Vaal Max is the most talked about Vaal vape as of late together with the Glaz series, you can see that the brand has a huge assortment of various other disposable vapes that are worthy of attention. They have a great battery life, countless tasty flavors, a smooth draw activation, and all other features we expect to see from a high-value modern disposable vape.


Best Vaal Flavors

Vaal has almost countless dozens of flavors if we browse through all their series and models as many of their flavors are unique to a specific Vaal model or series. Here are our personal favorites, although there are lots of others.

  1. Peach Mango: Peach and mango go together very well which is why most vaping brands have this combination. You likely haven’t tried many that have managed to combine these two flavors as well as Vaal, however, with the taste undoubtedly getting even better thanks to the great dual-mesh coil.
  2. Pineapple Coconut Kiwi Apple: If you’re a fan of coconut, in particular, this flavor is for you. The Coconut and the pineapple in this combination are especially pronounced on the draw with the kiwi and the apple being there as supplementary flavors more than anything else.
  3. Vanilla Chocolate Ice Cream: Not everyone loves chocolate-flavored vapes but Vaal’s combination of vanilla and chocolate ice cream is very smooth and well-balanced – perfect for fans of chocolate vapes and good enough even for those who don’t usually like this combination.
  4. Mango Fanta Lemonade: Another excellent mango combination, this time with Fanta lemonade, this flavor is excellent for the fans of powerful and refreshing fruity vapes. Unlike the Peach Mango combination, here the mango is a little difficult to distinguish but that’s because of how well it goes with the overall mix.
  5. Cotton Candy: With a slight fruity or berry-like taste, Vaal’s Cotton Candy flavor is unique to most of its namesakes from other brands. It also has a bit of a cooling feel to it.
  6. Double Apple: Many people’s favorite, the Double Apple flavor of Max Vaal vapes nails the sweet-and-sour balance we’re looking for. If you’re a fan of sweet vape flavors, this may not be quite sweet enough for you, however.
Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000

$12.99 (Free Shipping)

  • Up to 10000 Puffs
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • Mesh Coil
  • 2-6 days delivery

Vaal Vape FAQ

Do Vaal’s vapes have DL or MTL draw?

The vast majority of Vaal’s vapes are marketed as having a DL draw, i.e. – direct-to-lungs. This is supplemented by the open airflow and sub-ohm vape coils of most of Vaal’s vapes.  This – in contrast to MTL or mouth-to-lung vaping – is a vaping method that’s more similar to smoking cigarettes. As such, DL vapes are usually preferred by ex-smokers who are trying to transition to vaping.

MTL vaping, on the other hand, is done by first getting and holding the vapor in your mouth to experience its taste, and then inhaling it in your lungs from there – a method preferred by vapers who like flavorful vaping. And Vaal is great for MTL vaping too, especially thanks to its great selection of flavors.

So, even though most Vaal vapes are marketed as and chosen for DL vaping, they do offer a great MTL experience too.

Are Vaal’s disposable vapes refillable?

Vaal specializes in disposable vapes rather than in refillable vape pens, and disposable vapes aren’t typically meant to be refilled. Instead, their battery is supposed to be rechargeable so that you don’t need to throw away a half-full vape but once the e-juice is gone, you’re expected to just dispose of the vape.

There is a big “But” here, however, because Vaal’s disposable vapes are actually quite easy to refill. This isn’t necessarily an intended feature and the brand doesn’t market it but the Vaal Max model, in particular, is quite easy to refill if that’s your preference.

Is Vaal Vapor a good brand?

Even though Vaal Vapor is still considered new to the vaping scene, the talent behind it is clearly very experienced because Vaal Vapor is currently one of the best and most exciting vaping brands on the market.

How much nicotine is in a Vaal vape?

Vaal’s vape collection includes vapes with varying nicotine contents – from 1.7% for those that prefer flavorful vapes with just a light nicotine kick, to 5% nicotine for ex-smokers who crave a stronger hit. Vapes with higher nicotine content are great with Vaal’s sub-ohm coils and DL design too while lighter vapes are great with Vaal’s delicious flavors.

How long does it take to charge a Vaal disposable vape?

The different Vaal models come with different batteries – a 350 mAh battery for the small Vaal 600, for example, an 850 mAh battery for the Vaal 1600C, a 650 mAh battery for the Vaal E5000, and so on.

All of them can be easily recharged with a standard USB-C quick-charger cable, however, the time the charging would take can vary between 1 and 2-3 hours, depending on the exact type of battery and where you’re charging it from.

Overall, Vaal’s batteries charge faster than the industry’s average which is a great thing. Do note that the USB-C charger isn’t included, however, as these are just disposable vapes, not a larger piece of electronics you’re meant to use for the long term.

Where can I buy parts for my Vaal product?

Vaal’s vapes and their accessories and supplementary parts can be bought either from Vaal’s official online store or from various retailers, B2C suppliers, and online platforms such as Mi-Pod, Vape Sourcing, Disposable Vape Wholesale, and others.

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