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Vape Pen Blinking 10 Times (Causes & Fix)

Vape Pen Blinking 10 Times (Causes & Fix)

Vape pens are simple devices that rarely break down when you take care of them. However, you can sometimes notice unusual problems, like when your Vape Pen blinking 10 times. One thing is for sure. Once something is wrong inside the Vape Pen, the LED indicator starts flashing.

Numerous reasons can cause that, but the most common is a battery. Therefore, it is the first thing to check when blinking starts, but there are a few other reasons you should have in mind. Besides, keep the device clean and be aware of its natural wear and tear.

Reasons for the Vape Pen to Blink 10 times

Reason Solution
The battery is low charge or out of charge Recharge the battery
Loose battery connection Ensure the battery and cartridge are correctly attached and reconnect them if necessary
Incompatible components Always use compatible cartridges and coils
Empty cartridge (low E-juice) Refill the cartridge
Faulty coil Replace the burnt-out or damaged coil
Charging cable problems Always use the charging cable recommended by manufacturer
Too low voltage level Make the required adjustments
Wrong installation Unscrew and reinstall a removable pod firmly but without tightening it
Vibration alerts Let it be
Airflow issues Clean the coil and adjust airflow settings
Activated power protection safety feature Cleaning the device and solving the primary issue make the safety features turn off automatically
Broken cartomizer Replace the cartomizer
Locked Vape Pen button Press down the button five times within two seconds
Stuck activation button Clean the area around the activation button
Wrong components Buy components compatible with the device
Air bubble existence Gently tap the Vape Pen to clear bubbles
Dead Vape Pod Buy a new device


Common Causes for Vape Pen Blinking 10 Times

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When you notice the Vape Pen blinking 10 times, you can be sure something is wrong. The crucial thing is not to ignore the LED indicator flashing but to find the reason and stop it by solving the primary problem. In most cases, the reason is the battery, but it is not the only thing to check. Let’s see.

1. Activated safety features

If you use a device equipped with safety features, you can expect to see a blinking display whenever there is a warning about a particular issue.

However, be prepared that the indicator can start flashing even if you turn off these safety features. In this case, the flashing light indicates a problem in the device’s functioning you need to solve promptly.

2. Battery and connection issues

You can face a few issues with a battery that cause the LED indicator to blink. A dead battery is the primary reason for this to happen, so your first step is to check the level of its charging.

  • Low battery charge

The battery is the vape pen’s power source, so you can expect to see the LED indicator blinking when it has run out. Once the charge is too low to allow proper vape, it blinks 10 times.

An average battery typically lasts from one to several days, depending on how heavily you use the Vape Pen and how you care for it. For instance, storing it in a dry, cool place away from direct sunlight is crucial.

The best way to avoid the necessity of battery recharging too often is to charge it fully before using the new device for the first time. That helps it keep the maximum capacity over time.

Never let the battery sit at the maximum level of charge when you don’t use it for a long time. Ideally, you should keep it charged at 30% to 70% and immediately recharge it once you notice the LED blinks 10 times. Be careful and never overcharge the battery to prolong its life.

An average battery usually needs about 45 to 60 minutes to become fully charged. If you have a disposable Vape Pen, it is impossible to charge the battery, so you should buy a new device.

  • Defective or loose battery

Vape Pens often blink 10 times when the battery is defective. Another possible issue is a loose connection or short circuits between the battery and cartridge. In both cases, the device quickly starts blinking after you turn it on, although the battery is full of charge.

When the battery and cartridge are improperly attached, you can solve the problem by reconnecting them. Be careful and avoid inadequate connection tightening. Besides, always clean the contact tips and tank to remove possible E-juice leftovers.

3. Cartridge and coil problems

Another type of problem is connected to vital Vape Pen elements besides the battery. So, you can expect the LED indicator to blink 10 times in the following situations:

  • Empty cartridge (low E-juice)

The Vape Pen’s indicator always starts flashing whenever the E-liquid level is too low or over. In this case, it is time to replace the disposable device or refill the cartridge if you have a reusable one.

Be careful during the procedure and avoid overfilling the cart to prevent leaking. Otherwise, you can face a short device’s lifespan because of issues with contacts and coil.

  • Faulty coil

Mass production often leads to a decrease in quality, so it often happens that you buy a Vape Pen with a faulty coil. Additionally, you can expect this part to burn out or damage over time, although it is designed to withstand high temperatures.

Once you notice blinking followed by turning off the device before it reaches full heat or weaker hits than usual, you can suspect it is the reason. If the Vape Pen is new, report a faulty device or replace the burnt-out or damaged coil if you have used it for months or years.

  • Incompatible attachments

You can see the indicator flashing 10 times at the Vape Pen after attaching an incompatible recharge port, USB plug, or charge cord to the device. Even some outlets where you plug your device in can be problematic. The quickest way to solve it is to replace inadequate accessories.

Other issues

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Sometimes, checking crucial elements of your device shows that everything is just fine, but the LED indicator still keeps blinking. Therefore, it is time to inspect a few other possible issues.

4. Vibration alerts

Several Vape Pen brands have the option to alert you when puffing too much within a particular period. For instance, you can expect your device to start flashing and vibrating when having over 15 puffs within 15 minutes.

Since it is a warning that helps you regulate the amount of vaping, you should keep this option. It is particularly critical when you try quitting smoking.

5. The too-low voltage level

A Vape Pen blinking 10 times sometimes warns you of the voltage level that is lower than required, although the battery is properly charged. The probable reason is dirty battery connections, so you can quickly continue vaping after necessary cleaning and adjustments.

6. Airflow issues

A changed amount of produced vapor in the device is an alert of an existing airflow issue followed by blinking. It is enough to adjust airflow settings if your device has that option and clean a dirty coil.

7. Broken cartomizer

The E-cigarette cartomizer can’t last forever, so you should be prepared that one of the reasons for the device blinking is its malfunctioning. There is no way to solve this problem, so you should safely dispose of it and replace it with a new one.

8. Locked Vape Pen button

The power button exists on the Vape Pen for safety reasons. It turns the battery on or off as needed. The purpose is to prevent unnecessary activation when you don’t vape. When you want to use the device, it is enough to press the button five times within two seconds before using it.

9. Stuck activation button

The blinking display sometimes appears when the activation button gets stuck. It happens because of accumulated dirt around the button, so you can quickly solve that by cleaning the area with a cotton swab.

10. Wrong components

The blinking Vape Pen’s display light can indicate that used components, like the replacement coil, are incompatible with the device. The probable reason is a too-low resistance level, and the only solution is upgrading a new part.

11. Wrong Vape Pod installation

The LED indicator can start blinking when the Vape Pod can’t detect a container with the E-juice or correctly read the coil. In such a situation, you should unscrew the device and reinstall it.

12. Air bubbles

Air bubbles are a common reason for low temperatures, reduced E-liquid heating, and weak hits while using the vape pen. In most cases, gently tapping the pen clears trapped air bubbles, allowing optimal vapor clouds.

13. Dead Vape Pod

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Finally, one of the reasons for 10 successive blinking is the broken Vape Pen. Be prepared that even the highest-quality devices have a limited shelf life, so the LED indicator may warn you it is time to buy a new one.


There are several reasons for the Vape Pen blinking, and you should react immediately when noticing any. The LED indicator always warns you about a problem, regardless of whether it is a dead battery, a bad connection, or a severe malfunction inside the device. Only timely issue detection can extend your device life, give you peace of mind, and save you money.

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