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PUSH Cart Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

PUSH Cart Vapes Overview

PUSH Product is a new company that has gained a strong reputation for producing high-quality and unique-tasting products. Its menu features popular strains that cater to different tastes and preferences. The company is dedicated to maintaining a high level of quality. It is committed to constantly exploring new techniques and technologies to improve its products and provide customers with an even better experience.

Lab Testing

Perhaps the one feature that sets PUSH vapes apart from all the other brands in the saturated market is their dedication to being transparent. PUSH Carts publishes all its lab results on its website in a PDF format for everyone to view.

Each strain used in their products is tested extensively through licensed third parties.

Amazing Service

PUSH Product is dedicated to providing exceptional service to its customers, so they offer a live chat functionality on its main page. This feature allows customers to connect with a customer service representative directly, ensuring that they receive the assistance they need promptly and efficiently.

Unlike many other vape retailers, PUSH Product recognizes the importance of customer service and strives to make it as easy as possible for its customers to get the help they need. By offering a live chat functionality, customers can get their questions answered quickly and easily without navigating through multiple pages or waiting on hold for long periods.


The return policy is generous, but it is somewhat faulty. According to their FAQ page, if the package is unopened, it can be returned within a specific timeframe; however, it doesn’t give any insight whatsoever if the product is found to be faulty or broken once the seal is broken.

No Custom or Duty Fees

PUSH Product offers a service that pays customs or duty fees, so customers don’t have to. The final amount paid at checkout includes VAT and no additional charges during delivery. This policy aligns with the company’s dedication to providing exceptional service to its customers.

Track Order

The website’s track order feature lets customers keep tabs on their purchases and provides an estimated delivery date. This feature is handy for customers ordering products for a specific event or occasion and must ensure that their products arrive on time.

Fast Turn-Around Times

PUSH Product ensures that all orders are processed and shipped within 24 hours of being placed. This commitment to fast turn-around times ensures that customers receive their products as quickly as possible.

PUSH Cart Vape vs SPIRITBAR Vape

Product Types

  • PUSH Cart makes reusable batteries and cartridges for cannabis oils.
  • SPIRITBAR specialized in disposable nicotine salt e-liquid vapes.

Materials Vaped

  • PUSH Cart cartridges are designed for THC/CBD oils.
  • SPIRITBAR uses pre-filled nicotine salt e-liquid reservoirs.

Hardware Needed

  • PUSH Cart cartridges require a reusable battery purchase.
  • SPIRITBAR vapes are all-in-one and disposable.

Temperature Control

  • PUSH Cart batteries have adjustable voltage for oil vaping.
  • SPIRITBAR disposables have a preset optimal temperature.


  • PUSH Cart optimizes flavor and cloud production from oils.
  • SPIRITBAR optimizes nic salt vaping in a compact format.

Cost Over Time

  • PUSH Cart requires buying replacement cartridges.
  • SPIRITBAR only needs replacing when e-liquid runs out.

In summary, PUSH Cart services cannabis vapers while SPIRITBAR provides nicotine salt disposables. Each specializes in different vaping materials and experiences.

Push Carts Vape Price and Series

1. PUSH Cart Series Price & Details ($20)

  • Purple Punch Push Carts
  • Marathon OG
  • Alien OG
  • Skywalker OG
  • King Louis XIII OG

PUSH Product’s Push Carts vape cartridges are an excellent option for those looking to experience a tropical high. The brand offers diverse options to cater to different tastes and preferences. In addition to their wide variety of flavors, their products are known for their high-quality ingredients, ensuring a smooth and satisfying experience.

PUSH Product is known for its safety and verification measures, and its packaging reflects this reputation. The sleek black and gold packaging includes various features that customers should look for to ensure that the product has been verified, such as a seal.

Each pack is reviewed individually by real customers, who take pride in their ability to select the best products. The reviews are carefully considered and analyzed, focusing on identifying the most popular strains and ensuring customers are satisfied with their purchases.

King Louis XIII OG has emerged as a best-seller, offering a fruity aroma for calming nerves and promoting relaxation. Customers have praised the strain for its smooth flavor and balanced effects, making it a go-to choice for those seeking a reliable and enjoyable experience.

2. PUSH Disposable Series Price & Details ($30)

  • White Fire OG disposable
  • 24KT Gold Punch Push Disposable
  • Peanut Butter Breath Push Disposable
  • Wedding Pie Disposable

Push Disposables are designed with one motto in mind: convenience. No vaper wants to spend hours filling their device only to dread having to clean it again in a few days. That must be done carefully, or you can kiss your expensive vape goodbye.

With Push Disposables, you no longer need to go through the hassle and can simply move straight to the enjoying experience. Simply tear open the box, secure the device, and start vaping. The disposables are perfect for those on the go, as they are small and easy to carry around.

Unlike the PUSH Cart series, which offers a rating system to help customers choose which device to purchase, the PUSH Disposable devices do not provide such a system. However, this does not mean that the PUSH Disposable devices are less effective than their counterparts.

The lack of a rating system allows you to try out all of the devices available and choose the one that best suits your individual needs without being influenced by the opinions of others.

The Lookout For Sale sign on top of the device’s icon indicates that the device is available at a discounted price of up to 50%. This is an excellent opportunity to try several devices and see which one you prefer.

3. PUSH POD Series Price & Details ($15)

  • Marathon OG
  • Cherry Pie Pod
  • Biscotti Pod
  • Sour Tangie Pod
  • La Cake Push Pod
  • Push Pod Wedding Pie
  • Gelato Pod
  • Push Pod Fire OG

Push pods are a popular type of vape device known for their convenience and versatility. These devices feature a pod system that allows users to refill and reuse their vape pens easily. Unlike other types of vape devices requiring specialized cartridges, push pods can be refilled with e-liquid of any kind, making them a great option for those who like experimenting with different flavors and nicotine levels.

One of the key advantages of push pods is their ease of use. Unlike other vape devices that require complex assembly or regular maintenance, push pods can be filled and used with minimal effort. This makes them a great option for those new to vaping or who prefer a more straightforward experience.

Since PUSH Pods can be refilled with any type of e-liquid, push pods can be customized to suit each user’s individual preferences. Whether you prefer a high-nicotine e-liquid or a fruity flavor, push pods make it easy to tailor your vaping experience to your tastes.

4. CAKE SHE HITS DIFFERENT Series Price & Details ($20 per 3.5 grams)

  • AK-47
  • GMO

“CAKE SHE HITS DIFFERENT” is a strain of cannabis produced by PUSH Product, known for its quality, consistency, freshness, flavor, scent, and benefits. The company’s vision is to produce world-class cannabis and cannabis products. The Cake Redding strain is a testament to that commitment.

5. CAKE Disposable Series Price & Details ($150 – $200)

The Cake Disposable is a revolutionary pre-filled pod system introduced due to high demand. It is an advanced personal vaporizer designed to cater to the needs of both beginners and experienced vapers.

The product’s sleek and compact design perfectly blends simplicity and elegance, making it easy to use and carry around. The minimalist design is aesthetically pleasing and emphasizes functionality over frills. Built with high-quality materials and equipped with advanced features, the Cake Disposable guarantees a smooth and consistent vaping experience.

  • Cake Bar Animal Mints
  • Cake She Hit Different Mango Magik
  • Cake She Hit Different Zushilato
  • Cake She Hit Different Guava Guava
  • Cake She Hit Different Mind Wrap
  • Cake She Hit Different Disposables
  • Cake She Hit Different Lava Cake
  • Purple Punch Cake Disposable
  • Cake She Hits Different Amnesia Haze

6. Flo Cart Series Price & Details ($19 – $20)

  • Flo Cart Gelato #33
  • Flo Carts Jack Herer
  • Flo Cart Aloha Bliss
  • Flo Carts Banana Kush
  • Flo Cart Fire OG
  • Flo Carts Blue Dream
  • Flo Carts Orange Pina

Flo carts are designed to act fast, and as soon as you experience them, you’ll experience their effects within 15 minutes. The quick onset of the product allows for immediate relief and an overall better experience for the consumer. Additionally, the carefully crafted formula ensures that the effects last longer than similar products on the market, providing extended relief for the user.

7. PUSH Tanks Series Price & Details ($15 – $300)

  • Blueberry Kush
  • Ice Cream Gorilla
  • La Cake Push Tank
  • Grape Soda
  • Tropicana Cookies
  • Peanut Butter Breath Push Tank
  • Pina Colada Push Tank
  • Blue Dream Push Tank

Push Tank is a limited edition 1100 MG glass cartridge with a moderately high THC level ranging between 17% and 24%. It contains zero additives or fillers and undergoes lab testing. The product promises to deliver relaxing effects.

8. Batteries Price & Details ($35)

PUSH carts vapes offer a range of products, but currently, only one product is listed under their batteries section. They offer a B650 MAH battery for $35.

Best PUSH Cart Vapes Flavors

1. Blueberry Kush Category

This Blueberry Kush oil is a powerful blend of Blueberry and OG Kush strains, combining the best aspects of both. Its intense flavor and the Indica strain provide a full-body high, making it ideal for those experiencing stress or chronic pain.

2. Grape Soda

This strain is perfect for evening use, providing a full-body effect that reduces pain and stress without causing excessive drowsiness. It has a high enough THC content to be effective while allowing the user to remain functional. The strain has a pleasant citrus aroma with grape undertones, reflected in its name.

3. Tropicana Cookies

Tropicana Cookies from Harry Palms of the Bloom Seed Company is a hybrid vape oil and is a cross between Tangie and GSC. It has a citrusy flavor with hints of bold cookies. It makes users feel uplifted, euphoric, and happy. It’s ideal for parties, celebrations, and gatherings in general.

4. Ice Cream Gorilla

Ice Cream Gorilla is an Indica-dominant hybrid with a sweet taste of vanilla ice cream. It has a high THC content that provides maximum relief from anxiety, depression, and pain. For some, it has been found to create arousal and may be an option for those looking to spice things up in the bedroom.

Push Cart Vapes FAQ

Is Push a Real Cart Brand?

PUSH is the first company to introduce a combination of glass and metals to the cannabis market. The company offers unique-tasting products that cater to the needs of its consumers. PUSH is committed to providing the best possible experience for its customers and has established itself as a reputable brand in the industry.

How Long Does a Push Cartridge Last?

According to the company, with proper care, most cartridges should last for at least 6 months to a year. For casual users, purchasing one cartridge at a time is best to avoid cannabinoid degradation.

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