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UWELL Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

UWELL Vape Overview

UWELL Vape Overview

Established in 2015, UWELL or Shenzhen Uwell Technology Co., Ltd has definitely etched a mark in the field of electronic cigarettes. This high-tech enterprise offers a variety of vaping products that cater to different users. A year after its foundation, the company strengthened its R&D department.

With the expansion of their main division, their production line as well as sales and service system became more solid. This materialized with the introduction of their flagship products―CROWN III and VALYRIAN tanks. From then, the brand amassed its reach in the global market, delivering to at least 23 countries.

Year by year, UWELL has grown into a noteworthy name in the vaping industry. In 2019, it released the widely-acknowledged CALIBURN series pod systems, which then became one of the standards in the pod vape market. More and more products were introduced, from pod mods to vape tanks.

Although they do not manufacture a lot of varieties compared to other larger companies, they have solidified their catalog. Accordingly, their products serve users who have a clear vision of what they want, perhaps a vape with an airflow adjustment function or something with dual output modes.

UWELL products are currently sold online or through their 20,000 distributors worldwide. Because of their flourishing popularity, especially in the Asian region, their annual sales have already exceeded 1 billion RMB.

In general, UWELL ships from major e-commerce platforms like Amazon and Ali Express. There are also distributors around the world that make it easy to acquire their products.

And if you are unsure of the authenticity of the items, don’t worry. It’s because you can check the legitimacy through their website. Using their product verification tool, you just input the product code and know if you have an original UWELL product.


F/ 3-5, Building G, Gushu Huafeng International Robot Industrial Park, Baoan Avenue, Baoan District, Shenzhen, China

Key data

Email: [email protected]

Website: https://www.myuwell.com/

Business areas:

  • China
  • Southeast Asia
  • America
  • South America
  • Europe
  • Australia
  • Africa
  • Middle East

Major milestones/ Achievements:

  • A Shenzhen High-tech Enterprise

One of the remarkable recognitions of UWELL is the fact that it is a National High-tech Enterprise, which means that it is a company that continuously aims for excellence through research and development as well as the creation of intellectual property rights that helps the industry as a whole.

  • Recognized for their ISO management system and GMP accreditation

To keep up with its mission and vision, UWELL reorganized its organizational structure, creating the UWELL generation. Now, they are equipped with the coveted ISO management system, together with the GMP accreditation, solidifying their name and reach.

  • Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology

One of the renowned patented technologies under their belt is the Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology. This ensures a rich vaping experience by creating a top-notch coil brand with full flavor.

  • Self-cleaning technology

The self-cleaning technology is the first in the vaping scene, featuring a seamless and clean vaping session by allowing you to control the condensation. The easy-to-maneuver air flow valve serves as the key element to get rid of unwanted moisture and possible leakage of e-liquid.

  • Plug-pull coil feature

Aside from the two patented technologies, they launched the unique plug-pull coil feature, becoming the first in the world. Because of this creation, it’s easier and more convenient to replace the coil, leaving behind the tedious thread installation process.

  • First 80W regulated tube mod

UWELL also formed the first 80W regulated tube mod. This highlights an innovative chip control algorithm, which delivers a top-of-the-line atomizer adjustment technology. Through this feature, the sub-ohm tank ensures a smooth and palatable taste to elevate your vaping sessions.


UWELL is an international e-cigarette company that continues to make waves internationally. Here are some of the brand’s key features that make it distinct from other competitors:

  • Extensive years in the industry
  • Encompasses two patented technologies
  • Premium functions in every vaping device
  • With several business areas around the world
  • Excellent product categories


  • Full-Screen Display: Shows e-liquid level and battery power for easy monitoring.
  • Adjustable Models: Choose between single or double coil model configurations to suit your Rich or elegant flavor preference.
No Screen Display
Flavor Options 10 15
Nicotine Options 5% 2% or 5%
Battery 600MAH
E-liquid Capacity 25ml 12ml
Puffs 20000 6000+
Price $14.99 $15.99

While the CALIBURN BAR B6000 does provide solid mid-range performance, the extreme longevity of the Katana easily surpasses it in terms of overall puff count and value.

The CALIBURN BAR B6000 provides 6000 puffs powered by a 600mAh battery and 12ml e-liquid capacity. However, it lacks the convenience of an integrated e-liquid level display for easily monitoring juice levels.

The SPIRITBAR TRON 20000 absolutely blows away the B6000’s performance, delivering over 3 times more puffs at an unprecedented 20,000 in single coil mode fueled by a higher capacity 850mAh battery and an enormous 25ml e-liquid supply. It also features a full-screen display for checking e-liquid and battery levels.

The TRON 20000 further stands out with adjustable single or double coil configurations to customize your vaping experience. Choose the 20,000 puff single coil mode for refined, elegant flavors or the 12,000 puff double coil option for rich, robust taste sensations from 10 available flavors.

For the longest lasting, most cost-efficient and customizable disposable vape experience, the SPIRITBAR TRON 20000 is highly recommended at just $14.99. Its exceptional 850mAh battery optimization and class-leading 25ml e-liquid reservoir minimize waste and recurring costs.

Our Top Pick

$34.99$14.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Full-Screen Display
  • Smooth & Boost Adjustable Two Models
  • 25ml E-liquid Capacity
  • 50mg Strength
  • Up to 20000 Puffs

Our Top Pick

$34.99$14.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Full-Screen Display
  • Smooth & Boost Adjustable Two Models
  • 25ml E-liquid Capacity
  • 50mg Strength
  • Up to 20000 Puffs

UWELL Vape Price & Series

In general, they categorized their products into four―Pod System, Pod Mod, Kit&Mod, and Tank. These categories contain various vape series that accommodate to different vaping needs. As of this now, there are three main series―Caliburn, Crown, and Valyrian―all containing unique models and accessories.

Aside from UWELL’s top-of-line series, there are also more options in their catalog. These include Nunchaku, Yearn, Aeglos, Havoc, Whirl, and such. To help you out, we will unravel the main series and discuss some of the key features as well as the prices for a better grasp of the products at hand.

Caliburn Series Price & Features ($19.99 to $34.99)

  • Caliburn – $22.99
  • Caliburn TENET – $27.99
  • Caliburn TENET KOKO – $27.99
  • Caliburn KOKO – $29.99
  • Caliburn KOKO Prime – $22.99
  • Caliburn KOKO Prime (Vision) – $24.99
  • Caliburn A3 – $24.99
  • Caliburn AK3 – $24.99
  • Caliburn A2S – $21.99
  • Caliburn X – $34.99
  • Caliburn G – $21.99
  • Caliburn GK2 – $27.99
  • Caliburn G2 – $21.99
  • Caliburn AK2 – $21.99
  • Caliburn A2 – $19.99

The Caliburn is one of the most popular UWELL series, with thousands of reviews globally. The first-ever Caliburn product was released in 2019, featuring both simplicity and safety as its major elements. In the subsequent years, more Caliburn varieties were introduced like the KOKO and TENET.

There were also upgraded versions of the earlier Caliburn products and even some mixtures of two Caliburn pod systems. In fact, their latest Caliburn release, the Caliburn KOKO TENET, is a remarkable innovation that is known for its portability and wearability.

Furthermore, they have a specific product that is designed for the upmarket. Currently, the priciest of all Caliburn products is the Caliburn X, which comes with premier features such as outer power, an OLED screen, and airflow adjustment modes, among others.

Crown Series Price & Features ($32.99 to $62.99)

  • Crown M – $32.99
  • Crown D – $38.99
  • Crown IV – $62.99
  • Crown V – $59.99

The Crown series was one of the two pioneering products of UWELL, along with the Valyrian Tanks. The first-ever Crown tank was released in 2015 but made waves four years later. With its unique design and spectacular performance, the vape became the brand’s stepping stone in the vaping scene.

After the first Crown tank, UWELL released more variations. However, to keep up with the demands and changes in the vaping industry, Crown II and Crown III are no longer part of the current catalog. The most recent Crown products are the Crown M and Crown D, which encompass distinct aspects.

The Crown D takes pride in its compact structure with some very powerful elements like a bigger screen and more modes for a better vaping experience. Because of these aspects, this particular Crown variation is dubbed as a trustworthy companion for your vaping needs.

Meanwhile, the Crown M is recognized for its twin coil that allows you to use two different modes. It also comes with a box-shaped mod with an adjustable module. Accordingly, you can modify the working and power mode by simply scrolling this feature.

Valyrian Series Price & Features ($25.99 to $36.99)

  • Valyrian II – $32.9
  • Valyrian III – $36.99
  • Valyrian Pod – $25.99

From the name itself, UWELL’s Valyrian series was undeniably inspired by the multi-awarded drama series, Game of Thrones. This particular vape sequence began with the first Valyrian breed, which entails a flip cap interface with some interchangeable electrode pins.

Two years later, the Valyrian II was made known to the public, keeping the original design but with some added features, particularly the self-cleaning technology. Also, in 2019, UWELL introduced a Valyrian mod with triple batteries.

By 2020, the Valyrian Pod was launched, taking the vaping industry by storm, especially for those who look for simplicity with top-notch functions like replaceable coils and an adjustable flow. Many also love the Valyrian II Tank and the Valyrian II Pro Tank because of their upgraded and more potent functions.

Best UWELL Vape Flavors

There are a couple of remarkable flavors that perfectly match the UWELL vape pens. However, two major flavors stood out and continue to be a classic favorites. Even with the limited choices at hand, the Nic salt vape juice is widely remarkable because of UWELL’s Pro-FOCS flavor adjustment technology.

This patented technology ensures that you get the most authentic flavor for the best vaping experience. So, here are the two best flavors to date that you may want to prioritize during your initial purchase:

  • Lemon lush– If you want something like a citrus vibe with a hint of watermelon, this is a highly recommended option for you. The lemon tang gives you a more satisfying element that would surely make you appreciate every puff. More so, the watermelon adds up to a more aromatic session.
  • Spearmint Gum– How about keeping it simple and fresh? Spearmint gum offers you a smooth salt nicotine to help calm your senses while also giving some extra dimensions. The menthol flavor is such a perfect treat after a long day at work. So, if you are looking for a classic with a cool touch, this is it.


Are UWELL Vapes good?

Absolutely! UWELL Vapes are quite known among vapors as durable and distinct. They offer a well-thought-out catalog of products that accommodates different vaping needs, whether you are a new user or a long-time vaper.

Another key aspect that makes UWELL vapes popular is the fact that they have been in the vaping industry for quite some time. Founded in 2015, they have cemented their brand as one of the most trusted e-cigarette and vaping brands in the world. So, if you’re eyeing to buy a UWELL product, it’s a good choice.

How long does a UWELL vape last?

The vaping duration of UWELL products largely depends on the specific series and type. But in general, vaping devices last for around 1 week or so. Some may last up to 2 weeks with lesser usage. In the subsequent weeks, you’d see the difference in the performance, from weaker puff to minimal flavor.

Also, you need to consider the battery mAh, which entails how long a device will work before recharging the battery. For instance, the Caliburn AK3 has a battery capacity of 520 mAh while the Caliburn TENET KOKO is equipped with 950 mAh.

In contrast, the Crown series have better battery performance, specifically Crown D with 1100 mAh and Crown M with 1000 mAh. Therefore, make sure you evaluate these core aspects before making your purchase.

Which UWELL vape is the best?

When we say which is the best UWELL device, it significantly takes into account a lot of things. These include your personal preferences as well as product specifications. For example, if you want an easy-to-use vape with simple features, the Caliburn A2S is the most recommended choice.

The Caliburn X is the best option for top-notch functions like a multi-control button and an impressive OLED screen. Meanwhile, if design and firing speed is your priority, then the Valyrian III is the answer to your needs. With the extensive options at hand, it’s best to weigh in all the options carefully.

Can you refill a UWELL pod?

Yes, you can refill UWELL pods. Just make sure you know how to refill the e-liquid because there are different methods for different products. Therefore, you should read the specific user manual to give you a solid understanding of the refilling process.

For example, a Caliburn pod can be refilled through its removable drip tip, which can be generally found under the mouthpiece. This component is also considered the cover of the e-juice fill.

How to store a UWELL vape when not in use?

If you won’t be using the vaping pen for quite some time, don’t forget to remove the kit. Then, clean the tank before storing it, along with other key components like the main device, battery, and coil.

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