WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


SpaceBar Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

SpaceBar Vape Overview

Highly experienced vape industry veterans founded SpaceBar, a new company that sells bar vapes. Since the founders have a huge passion for vaping, they decided to deliver only high-quality vape devices.

You can contact their staff located in Broward County, Florida, by SpaceBar email, while their phone number is (954)860-6160. If you prefer checking products on SpaceBar’s Instagram, there is a beautifully designed profile.

Finally, the SpaceBar website provides all the necessary information you are looking for. The company sends its products to all 50 States with a shipping deadline within:

  • 2 to 3 working days to the East Coast
  • 5 to 7 working days to the West Coast

The SpaceBar company’s mission is to provide high-quality devices, unique flavors every dedicated vaper enjoys, and an ultimate vape experience. The goal is to help each user get the most satisfaction from this unique enjoyment. Their products are harmful chemical-free and offer:

  • 15 unique mouth-watering (out-of-this-world) aromas
  • Up to 5,000 puffs
  • 5% salt nicotine in any vape
  • Sleek pack designs with ceramic tip cartridges
  • An excellent airflow system

The company takes care of strict quality control. All products are made in the USA with verifiable authentication codes and follow FDA requirements.

The company mission

You should know that the market is entirely oversaturated with numerous vape models. As a result of their insane popularity, it has become challenging to differentiate between first-class products and cheap, toxic trash.

Give your best to recognize companies prepared for innovations and ready to improve the quality of their products. On the other hand, your goal is to protect your health by avoiding manufacturers with just profit in mind. Luckily, SpaceBar vape is in the first group.

The team of professionals working in this company looks for much beyond the pretty packaging and craves the ultimate product quality. The secret is in founders who are seasoned nicotine users themselves. Thanks to their vape industry experience, they know what the actual quality is and which products they are looking for.

Thanks to the inexhaustible passion, the company offers various disposable and rechargeable vape products and unique flavor combinations. You can find models that suit your taste and budget while ensuring that the vape you use is harmless and of the highest quality.

Provided models

You can find two SpaceBar vape types, depending on your preferences. Each option includes enough flavors to satisfy anyone’s taste and needs. Let’s take a look.

  • Disposable vapes

This model type provides absolute convenience without a necessity for charging. You can enjoy your vape anywhere, thanks to a sophisticated disposable device you can comfortably keep in your pocket or a purse.

It provides the ultimate pleasure with minimal effort, while a powerful battery ensures maximum use with minimal expenses. The company offers medium Horizon and small X-One and Millenium disposable models with different puff capacities and flavor options.

  • Rechargeable vapes

This rechargeable vape device comes with desired e-liquid flavors and a charger for long-lasting satisfaction. Medium Galaxy and large Apollo are the best products for those who want to avoid frequent purchases and don’t mind recharging the battery.

SpaceBar Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

SpaceBar Vape

  • Relatively new disposable vape brand
  • Offers limited edition disposable models
  • Emphasizes sci-fi inspired aesthetics and designs
  • Mid-price range positioning

Spiritbar Vape

  • Established disposable vape brand
  • Diverse product lineup
  • Sleek, minimalist designs
  • Tends towards more budget-friendly pricing

Key Differences:

As a newer brand, SpaceBar Vape focuses on novel, tech-inspired designs and special edition disposables.

As an experienced brand, SPIRITBAR Vape has a more comprehensive product range, straightforward designs, and more affordable pricing.

In summary, SpaceBar Vape suits consumers seeking unique, customized disposables, while Spiritbar Vape appeals to those prioritizing stable, value-priced products.

Depending on preferences, either brand can deliver quality disposable vapes – one more novel, one more proven.

Building on the convenience of disposable vaping, SPIRITBAR Vape has introduced innovative new options like the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and SPIRITBAR Katana disposable vapes. Thanks to large e-liquid reservoirs, these products deliver an exceptional 9000-10000 puff capacity for extended vaping time. Helpful features include e-liquid and power display screens so vapers can monitor usage.

Despite the premium quality and performance, SPIRITBAR‘s disposables remain affordable. Jack’s Flask and Katana ship free when purchasing just one device. Vapers can enjoy bold pirate-inspired or refined samurai flavors for an accessible price.

SPIRITBAR also impresses with unique disposable vape designs. Jack’s Flask evokes a pirate’s adventurous spirit with its flask-shaped body. Katana’s slender, leather-textured chassis is reminiscent of a samurai sword’s grip.

By combining extended battery performance, flavor variety, intuitive displays, creative designs, and reasonable pricing, SPIRITBAR‘s new disposable vape options showcase how convenience vaping can also be powerful, customized and budget-friendly.

Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Jack's Flask 9000 Puffs

$36 $12.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Up to 9000 Puffs
  • Stylish pirate flask-shaped metal body
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • 2-6 days delivery

SpaceBar Vape Price & Series

The company is well-known for five extra-quality vape models providing 1,000 to 5,000 puffs. However, it concentrates on three best-selling vapes, and it can be tricky to order small disposable SpaceBar X-One providing ten flavors and 1,000 puffs.

It is the same with the once popular rechargeable SpaceBar Galaxy. It came in ten flavors and allowed vapers an impressive 4,000 puffs. Unfortunately, there is no option to buy this model nowadays.

SpaceBar vape features

Type Size Price Capacity (puffs) Flavors Rechargeability
X-One Small / 1,000 10 no
Millenium Small $20 2,000 20 no
Horizon Medium $25 3,000 19 no
Galaxy Medium / 4,000 10 yes
Apollo Large $35 5,000 16 yes

SpaceBar Apollo rechargeable and refillable vape pen Price – 5,000 puffs

A rechargeable Apollo vape pen providing 5,000 puffs is the company’s magnum opus. This sleek and portable device provides nearly endless enjoyment, thanks to a 650 mAh battery and 15 ml of medical-grade e-liquid.

Moreover, you can count on a device with a unique color for each aroma. There are 15 flavor types with enough options featuring chilled ice. You can buy a package of five vape pens for $46.50 or one device for $35 plus shipping.

SpaceBar Galaxy rechargeable and refillable vape pen Price – 4,000 puffs

Galaxy vape is a high-tech device with a rechargeable 650 mAh battery that allows about 4,000 puffs.

A black wrap looks minimalistic and professional, while each of the ten unique flavors provides an ultimate experience. Many vapers consider Black ice, Mojito, and Crazy candy aromas the best you can get from this model.

SpaceBar Horizon disposable vape pen Price – 3,000 puffs

There is nothing better than the Horizon model if you are someone who works with pleasure. This practical device with a 3,000-puff capacity is an excellent option for both office and beach and a favorite vape among experienced vapers.

The Horizon disposable vape pen’s SF design includes bright, neon device colors and an eye-catching shape. You can find a respectful number of 19 chill flavors, including Mint ice, Lush ice, Blueberry mint, Frozen peach, and Cool grape.

A package containing five pieces of 6 ml prefilled e-liquid and a 1,500 mAh integrated battery costs $40. If you prefer buying this product individually, expect it to be priced at $25 with a flat rate of $15 for shipping to the US.

SpaceBar Millenium disposable vape pen Price – 2,000 puffs

The Millenium disposable vape pen is a powerful device and an excellent choice for vapers who successfully combine business and pleasure. It features 6 ml e-liquid with 5% salt nicotine and 17 flavors, including an innovative Strawberry milkshake and Apple champagne.

Even though a separate unit has a regular price of $20, you can often find this product at a discount and purchase your favorite vape pen for less. There is also a possibility to buy a pack with ten pens that costs $65.

SpaceBar X-One disposable vape pen Price – 1,000 puffs

This chill product is an easy-to-use device for vapers who like a relaxed style of living. This company’s smallest and most compact model is convenient for use and comfortably fits your pocket.

Despite such a small package, it doesn’t lose anything of its quality. Therefore, you can expect a battery of 700 mAh capacity that lasts approximately 1,000 puffs. The device is prefilled with 4 ml of e-liquid.

Technically speaking, it is an excellent disposable vape for novices and more experienced vapers that enjoy a laid-back lifestyle. This model has ten vibrant tastes, including famous Lemonade, Grape slushy, and Iced coffee aromas.

Best SpaceBar Vape Flavors

SpaceBar company has tried to balance expertise and skill, resulting in first-class vapes with spectacular flavors. Even though it created dozens of various taste combinations, vapers have recognized several truly favorable ones.

The particular hit is their unique slushy flavors, including:

  • Strawberry slushy – Thanks to innovative ingredient layering, this classic product raised a well-known taste to a whole new level. It offers an irresistible sweet flavor infused with a strong ice kick during inhaling.
  • Blueberry slushy – In this mixture, you can recognize a powerfully sweet and slightly sour blueberry taste blended with an ice bomb of frozen tang. That provides a fresh and fruity flavor with a smooth finish during exhale.
  • Grape slushy – Grape e-liquid provides a sweet and fruity taste full of the rich flavor of red grape. An added sugary kick of candy additionally improves the already perfect taste.
  • Watermelon slushy – The first thing to feel when inhaling Watermelon slushy vapor is the fresh taste of sweet fruit, complete with icy freshness on exhale. It is a genuine tropical flavor ideal for hot days throughout the summer.

A list of other popular flavors includes:

  • Apple champagne – This flavor provides a proper dose of sweet-tart green apple aroma complemented by the icy breath of menthol. It will meet your expectations with an unexpectedly pleasant fizzy pop aftertaste, particularly if you like surprises.
  • Strawberry peach – This e-liquid aroma combines two fruits favorite for most people. However, it is much more of a simple sweet fruity mix! This vape offers sweet peach and strawberry flavors iced in a way to cause chills in your mouth while vaping. It is an excellent option for a warm climate.
  • Lush ice – This vape offers a delicate sweet-savory summertime e-juice blend of watermelon flavor and icy menthol. Well-balanced aromas will make you enjoy the memorable juicy flavor while inhaling, while each exhale will be full of cold crispness.
  • Black ice – This refreshing e-juice brings a vape flavor of black licorice complemented with a chilly hit of menthol. It differs entirely from anything you ever tried, so you can’t remain indifferent from the first vape. You will love or hate this atypical, intense, and basically acquired taste, depending on the level of your adventurous spirit.
  • Mint ice – This slightly sweet and surprisingly crisp flavor brings a classic menthol aroma with a subtle fresh mint hint. Once you taste this refreshing vape reminding the icy breeze, you will forget you have ever enjoyed cigarettes.
  • Cool grape – Since it contains the aroma of one of the most beloved fruits, you can expect many vapers to look for this lovely vape flavor. It combines the crisp, sweet taste of ripe grapes finished with an icy touch that provides a strong cooling effect.
  • Gummy bears – This e-liquid flavor reminds you of childhood, and candy gummi bears everyone loved. You can expect a recognizable sweet juicy aroma with every vapor.
  • Coco colada – Pina Colada fans will enjoy this excellent all-day vape with a distinctive pineapple and coconut aroma mix. This option offers ultimate smooth, sweet, and refreshing tones evoking memories of tropical paradise.
  • Rainbow – This favorite mix is a unique and perfectly balanced combination of sweet and sour rainbow candy aromas. It provides a taste of multi-colored candies resulting in sweet-toothed satisfaction.
  • Crazy candy – Buy a vape with these recognizable sweet candy flavors and get ready to go crazy! You will enjoy each inhale, bringing a tangy blue raspberry taste. On the other hand, the authentic cotton candy aroma enriches the exhale.
Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000

$36 $12.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Up to 10000 Puffs
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • Mesh Coil
  • 2-6 days delivery

SpaceBar Vape FAQ

How many puffs can you expect from SpaceBar disposable vapes?

Disposable SpaceBar vapes are created to last long, but it depends on the model you purchase. For instance, Millenium provides approximately 2,000 puffs, and a medium Horizon offers 3,000 puffs. Finally, the ultimate quality Apollo vape allows you to enjoy a significantly high 5,000 puffs.

What is SpaceBar’s shisha flavor?

You can discover that Spacebar comes in unique shisha flavors. The company offers first-rated taste and experience, unlike any other available flavor on the vape market.

This specially formulated product is tobacco-free but provides all possible benefits of nicotine hit. You need to use a water pipe (hookah) to enjoy this flavored product.

What is SpaceBar’s return policy?

SpaceBar doesn’t accept vape pen returns because of the specific nature of the products the company sells. Since some resellers allow returns, you should check their returns policy if you bought your vape from one of them.

How can I make sure my SpaceBar product is authentic?

Wherever purchased, all SpaceBar products have a label. You can check its authenticity by scratching it off to reveal a code. By using the SpaceBar authentication form, you can quickly verify your product to confirm it is genuine and adequately tested for safety.

Fake vape pens come at unrealistic rock-bottom prices and have no authenticity codes under the label. That makes these products impossible to authenticate.

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