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7 Reasons Why Your Vape Pen Not Charging (Solved!!!)

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Charging

Portable and convenient, vape pens make getting buzzed or high fun. But despite their advantages, these modern devices are not immune to periodic hiccups. An example of this frustrating glitch is the vape pen refusing to charge.

But what causes this?

Probably, you are using a faulty charger to charge your device. Or maybe your device’s battery is damaged. Nevertheless, you need to learn what’s happening to your pen, particularly if you don’t intend to buy a new one.

In this brief post, we will look into some vape pen charging problems and their solutions. Plus, highlight a few helpful tips to ensure your device remains operational.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Charging? (How to Fix)

It’s impossible to resolve a problem that you do not understand where it came from. Because of this, we’ve provided you with some common reasons why your vape pen doesn’t charge below.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Charging 7reasons

1. Faulty Charging Cable

After a long time in service, charging cables become damaged or frayed. This prevents them from delivering enough power to the devices they charge. If the same thing happens to your vape’s charging cable, your device might not receive power reliably.


First, try charging your vaping device with a different cable. If it charges, then the charging cable is the culprit. As such, you need to buy a new charging cable compatible with your vape pen.

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2. Dirty Charging Port and Cable

A vape pen will only charge if the charging cable establishes an electrical connection with a device. However, since most people carry vape pens in their pockets, the charging port can get contaminated or clogged by dirt.

But let’s not only focus on dirt. Leaking vape juices can contaminate the USB, forming a residue and preventing charging.


The solution to this problem is simple–clean the charging port. If you have some cotton swabs around your home, deep one into rubbing alcohol. Insert the cotton swab into the port and twist it around to remove any dirt or thick oil residue. Repeat the same process for the charging cable’s port too.

A word of caution though, never charge your device while the USB is still wet. Clean the residual alcohol in the port with a cotton swab and let it dry.

3. Faulty Charger

A vape pen can also stop charging when its charger is faulty. Remember, the charger provides the vape pen the voltage or current it needs to function. However, if it’s damaged, it can release too much or too little voltage. Over time, the inconsistent current can prevent charging or even damage the vaping device.

Likewise, the charger can overheat or cause a short circuit, triggering the vape pen safety features that prevent charging.


The best way to determine if the charger is the culprit is to inspect it for physical damage on the plug or adopter. Look for bends or exposed wires that could show it’s faulty.

If there’s no sign of damage, try a new charge in place of the original one to determine whether the device charges. If the pen charges, it’s likely that its charger is faulty and needs a replacement.

4. Dead Battery

The other cause for your vape not charging is an issue with the battery. A defective battery can no longer hold its charge. Even using a good charger, the battery that cannot retain any charge will not power up your vape pen.

Most modern vape batteries have built-in safety features. In case of damage, these safety mechanisms can be triggered to prevent the pen from charging to avoid fires and overheating.


How do you confirm if the battery is the problem?

It’s easy; leave your vape to charge for approximately thirty minutes and see if the LED light turns on. If the battery charges, it indicates that it got discharged or drained. However, if the charging indicator refuses to turn on, you should consider finding a replacement.

Another approach to determining if your battery is faulty is to remove and inspect it for any signs of leakage, damage, and irregularities.

Does it look swollen? Most likely, it’s defective, and you need to replace it.

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5. Connection Problems

Besides battery issues, internal connection problems can stop your device from charging efficiently. For example, if your vape has an irregular-sized cartridge or a deformed coil, it can leak. The leaked e-liquid can prevent the cartridge from connecting with your battery.


First, clean the leak at the bottom of the cartridge. Do this using a clean dry cotton swab dipped in alcohol. Make sure you clean all the excess liquid on the battery or at the connection point. After that, let the battery and the cartridge dry before re-assembling them.

Another trick to fixing the charging issue is to adjust the cartridge or pod gently until it aligns perfectly with the battery. If you see a crook forming, take a toothpick and push the coils back to its position. It helps to clean off any debris that might interfere with the connection.

6. Blocked Airflow

Airflow might not seem to directly affect how a vape charges. However, it can indirectly interfere with the electrical connection that enables charging.

For example, blocked airflow can cause a build-up of waxy concentrates, especially if you use cartridges with the same mouthpiece. This build-up can prevent a complete connection between the battery and cartridge. Thus, preventing charging.

Similarly, a pen with blocked airflow works harder to produce vapor. That means it draws more power from the battery than needed. This can affect the battery’s efficiency and ability to hold charge. Eventually, the battery might drain completely and stop charging.


Inspect your mouthpiece for any residues or debris. If you identify any, separate the mouthpiece from the entire device. Find a toothpick or small cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol and clean the build-up. Finally, reattach the mouthpiece to the vaporizer and try charging the device.

7. Internal Issues

If all the above solutions fail, you could be looking at internal issues. Maybe your device is short-circuited or has a damaged component.

Here the best solution is to take it to a professional vape shop for diagnosis. Once the technician identifies the problem, he (or she) can offer your repair or replacement services.

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What Do the Colors on Vape Pen Mean?

Most vape pens, if not all, feature a light indicator that works in different ways. For instance, when adjusting the voltage or temperature setting of the pen, the indicator can assume three distinct color modes:

  • Red: High usage–220⁰C or 428⁰F
  • Green: Medium usage–240⁰C or 464⁰F
  • Blue: Low usage–190⁰C or 374⁰F

These color codes also help diagnose charging issues.

When the indicator turns green or white when charging, it means that the charging is complete. In most cases, the blue light means the device is too cold to charge. Now, let’s answer a few questions.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Charging Green Light?

In most situations, a solid green light indicator implies that your vape pen’s battery is fully charged. Therefore, you should disconnect it from the charge to avoid reducing the battery’s charging capabilities and damaging the pen.

However, if the indicator light turns green but your pen has no charge, there’s a problem somewhere. Perhaps you have not used the right charging cable, or the battery is expecting connection issues.

If the green light indicator only blinks, the vape’s battery is drained (dead) and needs charging. The blinking also points to a damaged battery.

Why Is My Vape Pen Not Charging Blue Light?

When the blue lights up but the vape does not charge, chances are that the temperatures are too low. Most manufacturers usually use lithium batteries in their vape pens. Sadly, the batteries do not charge well below 3⁰C or 37.4⁰F.

The blue light might also imply that the battery is loose, especially if it’s blinking. A loose battery connection could restrict proper charging. The best solution to this issue is cleaning the cartridge/tank to prevent debris and juice accumulation.

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Why Is My Vape Pen Charging but Not Hitting?

Yes! Your pen is all charged up, and you’re ready to enjoy your favorite flavors. However, when you switch it on, it doesn’t hit. What’s the problem?

To keep things simple–wait for around 30 minutes after charging your device to use it. If you fail to do so, you might subject your battery to overwork, which may damage it.

In case a draw-activated pen fails to hit after charging, it can be related to a blockage. Thus, breathe through the mouthpiece to warm up the device and melt the clogged oils.

Tips For Charging and Protecting Your Vape Pen

  • Use the device’s original charger and charging cable
  • Unplug the vape pen once it’s full
  • Avoid charging the vape pen in extremely low or high temperatures
  • Switch off the pen when not in use

Is It Time to Get a New Vape Pen?

Before you toss your pen away because it’s not charging, check out the issues we’ve mentioned above. Also, implement our solutions to see if you can solve the problem.

For example, if the device is not charging because of a faulty battery. You should buy a replacement rather than a new pen. Of course, this only applies if your pen has a removable battery.

But if all the above solutions fail, then you can contemplate buying a new vape pen. But remember to get your vape pen and accessories from a reliable distributor or supplier.

With that said, we’ve come to the end of our post. We hope we’ve found this piece insightful and it will help you enhance your vaping experience.

Do you have any questions? Keep us in the loop by leaving a comment below.

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