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8 Reasons Why Vape Pen Blinking Blue (Solved!!!)

8 Reasons Why Vape Pen Blinking Blue

For many people, vaping has become an enjoyable and integral part of their daily routine, and it’s one of the pleasures they look forward to when they take a break from work or when they go out to meet friends.

However, sometimes things can go wrong with vaping devices, and then the vape needs to let you know what’s going on. One way to do this is through a flashing blue light, and to help you understand more, in this post, we answer the question, why is my vape pen blinking blue?

Why Is My Vape Pen Blinking Blue?

Before we start talking about what a blue light might mean if it starts flashing on your vape, it’s important to understand that nowadays, vapes are produced by a large number of companies, and they all work in slightly different ways.

Whichever type of vape you use, there is always the chance that something can go wrong, and if it does, the vape needs to let you know.

This can be achieved in many different ways, but one of the simplest is by incorporating a flashing light – and to understand what it’s trying to tell you, you need to know what the number of blinks or the color of the light might mean.

However, there is no standardization across the industry, and each brand uses blinking lights differently, so a blue flashing light on one vape is likely to mean something quite different from a similar flashing light on another.

Consequently, without knowing which type of vape we’re talking about, it’s impossible to give a single answer to what it means if you see a flashing blue light.

Instead, what we can do is give you some examples of what it might mean to help you work out for yourself the meaning of the message your vape is trying to tell you.

So now let’s jump in and look at some of the most common ways to interpret a flashing blue light on a vape.

1. Disposable vape is empty or the battery is dead

Disposable vapes are designed as convenient and inexpensive options for those who just want to enjoy vaping without having to worry about all the intricacies of using and maintaining a more complicated device.

These vapes come filled with vape juice – usually just a small amount – and they also come fully charged and ready to use.

Then, when the vape is empty or the battery is dead, you just discard it and buy a new one – and several brands use a flashing blue light to tell you when the time has come to replace it.

Sometimes, you may be able to get a few more puffs out of it if you leave it for a while, but it won’t be more than just a couple of puffs, and they may not taste particularly pleasant anyway since the vape is empty – so it’s best just to buy a new one.

Alternatively, if you want to enjoy the convenience of using a disposable vape but don’t want to have to worry about replacing it quite so often, you can opt for a more high-end disposable such as the Katana BP 10000 from Spiritbar.

This stylish and ergonomic vape takes its design inspiration from the legendary Japanese katana sword and provides users with up to 10,000 puffs before it needs to be replaced, making it a highly convenient option as well as an inherently attractive vape.

It also boasts a full LED screen that tells you how much juice is left, so you’ll never have to worry about trying to decode an ambiguous flashing blue light, making it one of the most user-friendly disposables on the market.

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2. Charge is at “medium”

Some vape brands – in particular, Vaporesso – use a blue flashing light to tell you the charge is at a certain level.

Specifically, Vaporesso vapes flash blue to tell you that the vape contains a medium amount of charge, which means above 30%.

If you use this kind of vape, a blue light is an important signal to look out for.

This is because using your vape until it is completely empty will reduce the battery’s long-term performance, meaning you’ll have to replace it sooner than would otherwise be necessary.

To avoid this, when you see a blue light, it can be taken as a reminder that you should charge your vape soon to avoid draining the battery too much and ultimately reducing its lifespan.

Another possibility with the same brand is that it means you have deliberately set the vape to medium power mode.

This mode is designed to consume less power than when the battery is fully charged, a bit like going to low-power mode on a smartphone.

When you select this mode, the vape will let you know by causing a blue light to blink a couple of times.

3. Low charge

Another possibility, depending on the brand of vape you’re using, is that a blinking light might indicate that the battery is running low and needs to be recharged.

In most vapes that are able to produce flashing lights of different colors, it’s more likely that a red light or a red flashing light will be used to alert you to a battery that’s nearly empty – just as a green light is most commonly used to indicate that the vape is full.

However, some simple vapes may use a blue light to tell you that they will soon need to be connected to a power source. If you can, check the user’s manual that came with your vape for the most accurate information.

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4. Charging

Some vapes may have a blue light that flashes slowly on and off while they’re charging.

All this means is that everything is as it should be and that your vape is charging normally.

When the vape is fully charged, the light will then probably change to another color – like a solid green – to let you know it’s done. Again, refer to your user’s guide if it’s available for a detailed explanation of what the different colored lights on your device mean.

5. Loose battery

If you try to take a puff from your vape but nothing happens and then you see a flashing blue light, it could mean that there’s a loose connection between the battery and the vape.

In this case, you can start by making sure that the two components are screwed together properly, which will allow you to continue vaping as normal.

If this doesn’t help, you can also try taking the vape apart and checking inside to see if your vape or the battery is contaminated with any dirt, grime, gunk or dried vape juice that might have spilled out.

If the connection is dirty, you may be able to fix the problem by cleaning it with a cotton bud and a drop of rubbing alcohol.

If not, it could be that the connectors have bent out of place.

To repair this issue, you can try taking a small flathead screwdriver and lifting them up or bending them back into position. You can then screw the battery back onto your vape to see if the light is still blinking or if you can now vape as normal again.

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6. Overheating

A blue flashing light could be an indication of a battery that is overheating. Your vape or the battery may also feel hot to the touch, in which case you should stop using it immediately, remove the battery and leave it somewhere safe to cool down.

7. Short circuit

Flashing lights on a vape, including blue flashing lights, may be an indication of a short circuit, especially if your vape is no longer working correctly.

Short circuits may be the result of damage to components inside the vape due to dropping it or through exposure to water – and if you know one of these has recently occurred, it’s a good indication that this is the problem you’re facing.

If you are using a disposable, it’s probably best just to discard it and buy a new one since you won’t be able to repair it. However, with more expensive models, you may be able to have it repaired or at least just replace the affected component rather than replacing the whole vape.

8. You’re taking too long puffs

Finally, another possibility is that the puffs you’re taking for each hit on your vape are too long.

Most vapes are designed to shut off if the puff you take is too long, and this may be accompanied by a blue flashing light to let you know what’s happening.

At least when this happens, the answer is simple – you just need to take shorter puffs each time you take a hit. Normally, vapes shut off at around 10 seconds, so if your puffs are this long, it’s a good idea to take it easy anyway!

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Many possible interpretations

As we’ve seen, a vape pen flashing blue can be an indication of several different things, and the correct way to understand it depends very much on which model you’re using.

As a result, the best way to find the answer is to refer to your user’s manual to learn how to decode what flashing lights on your vape might mean.

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