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How to Tell When Your Disposable Vape is Almost Empty? (4 Easy Ways)

How to Tell When Your Disposable Vape is Almost Empty

If you’re heading out and want to be vape, a disposable vape is a great option. But you’ll want to know it’s going to last as long as you need it to. So how do you know when your disposable vape is almost empty?

That’s what we’re here to find out!

How to tell when disposable vape is empty?

Vapes are pretty simple devices. They include a battery, which provides power to heat some coils. Those coils sit in a tank filled with e-liquid. And when the e-liquid hits the hot coils, you get your vapor.

But if you’re running out of e-liquid, that isn’t going to happen. So how do you know if that’s on the cards? The good news is, there are a number of tell-tale signs.

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1. You’re not getting much vapor

When you first use your disposable vape, chances are you’ll get plenty of vapor clouds. The e-liquid has been fully absorbed into the wicking – that’s the absorbent material surrounding the coils. And whenever the battery is activated, the coils are heating up lots of juice and creating plenty of vapor.

But if the wicking is starting to dry out, you won’t get the same amount of vapor as usual. That could indicate that you’re running out of e-liquid.

2. You’re getting a burnt flavor

If you’ve ever tasted a burnt vape, it’s an experience you won’t want to repeat. The acrid flavor is very unpleasant. And it’s another possible sign that your vape is running out of e-liquid.

The burnt flavor comes from the coils and the wicking around them. If the coils heat up when the wicking is dry, both can start to burn. As well as the unpleasant flavor, the coils will be damaged.

But experiencing a burnt taste doesn’t always mean you’re running out of e-liquid. It could just mean that the wicking has dried out. That can happen even if there’s e-liquid left in the tank.

When it does happen, it’s a result of vaping too quickly. The wicking hasn’t had a chance to soak up more e-liquid before the coils are being activated again.

So how do you tell if you’re out of e-liquid or just have dry wicking?

The simplest way is to wait for ten minutes without using your device. While you’re waiting, give it a gentle shake or swirling motion. That will help any e-liquid that’s left be absorbed into the wicking.

Now take another puff. If the burnt flavor has gone, you’ve still got e-liquid left. And now you can look for other clues to determine how much of it there is.

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3. The flavor is thin

While it’s not as unpleasant as that horrible burnt taste, a tasteless vape isn’t much fun either. And sometimes the vapor may feel dry in your mouth.

Both these are surefire signs that you’re running out of e-liquid.

Don’t be tempted to puff harder when this happens. If there’s not much e-liquid left, you’ll find you’re just heating up dry coils. And before you know it, you’ll have that burnt flavor to contend with.

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4. There’s no vapor at all

No vapor at all could mean that you’re out of e-liquid. With most disposable vapes, that means you’ll get burned coils and a charred flavor. But that’s not always the case.

If you have a vape with mesh coils, you may escape the burnt taste. That’s because the mesh transfers heat more evenly than a single coil, avoiding hot spots. And that in turn makes it less likely that the heat will burn parts of the wicking – even if it’s dry.

In that case, an absence of vapor could be a sign that you’re out of e-liquid. But it could also mean that the battery in your vape is dead.

E-liquid or Battery?

E-liquid or Battery

Like the e-liquid, the battery in the vape has a limited life. So if your vape isn’t working properly anymore, the battery could be to blame.

Different disposable vapes have different battery sizes. The bigger the battery, the more puffs you should get before it dies. But bear in mind that the puff numbers quoted by vape manufacturers are only estimates.

The precise number of puffs you’ll get depends on your vaping style. The longer and deeper you draw, the fewer puffs you’ll get out of the battery. And most people will find the battery in a disposable vape wears out before the e-liquid.

Many brands of disposable vapes have LED lights that indicate the battery is working. These usually flash when the vape is in use. If there’s no light, your battery is probably dead.

But if your disposable vape doesn’t have a light, the other way to tell is by feeling the temperature of the device. If it’s heating up when it’s used, your battery is still working.

That means if there’s no vapor, there’s either no e-liquid left, or there’s an electrical problem preventing the coils from heating up.

Can I Top Up My -Liquid?

Can I Top Up My -Liquid

Disposable vapes are designed to be inexpensive and easy to use. The downside is that when they’re done, they’re done – usually.

It is possible to dismantle some models of disposable vape, although manufacturers generally advise against it. They caution that there are toxic chemicals in the batteries, which are dangerous if tampered with. They can even ignite.

That’s certainly true. However, it is possible to disassemble some disposable vapes without interfering with the battery. So how do you do it?

1. Choose your moment

This isn’t a job to be rushed – so if you’re desperate for your next vape, get a new disposable. It’s a much safer option. And you won’t risk spending ages trying to dismantle your device, only to find you can’t put it together again.

2. Separate the top and bottom – carefully

Look for the seam where the top and bottom sections of your vape join. Most designs have a small top section with the mouthpiece and a larger section where the tank sits.

Place your hands on either side of the seam and pull apart firmly. Shimmying the sections back and fore will help, and is much more effective than simply pulling as hard as possible.

When you feel some give, slow down. You need to be as gentle as possible to avoid damage to the internal parts of the vape, especially the battery.

When you’ve opened up a gap between the two sections slide your thumbnail into it. Now carefully prise the pieces apart.

3. Add your e-liquid

Now that you’ve got into your vape, your mission is to get out again while disturbing as little as possible. So don’t reach in and start pulling out the contents!

Instead, hold the tank upright and slowly add your chosen e-liquid. Pour for a couple of seconds and then wait for the juice to be absorbed by the wicking. Repeat the process until the tank is full.

One word about your e-liquid: it’s a good idea to stick to the flavor of your original disposable vape. Even a vape that seems to have no e-liquid left at all will usually retain its flavor on the wicking. So unless you’re happy to mix old and new tastes, it’s better to stick with the original.

4. Re-assemble the vape

If you’ve managed to add e-liquid without disturbing the contents of the vape, putting it back together should be relatively simple.

Keep the tank section upright while you push the top section onto it. Squeeze the two sections together as hard as possible. If there’s a gap left between them, you may find vape clouds streaming out of it when you next use your device.

Make Sure You’re Not Caught Short

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If you pay attention, you might spot a number of clues that indicate your vape is almost empty. But while it’s possible to try to top it up, disposable vapes aren’t designed for this.

That means it’s a tricky job – and it can be dangerous too. Ask yourself whether serious burns – or worse – are a price you’re willing to pay.

The great thing about disposable vapes is that they’re inexpensive and lightweight. So by far the simplest option if you’re worrying yours might be nearly empty is to take a spare with you on your night out.

And if you enjoy getting to grips with the inner workings of your vape, consider a box mod instead. That will allow you to customize different parts – like the coils, tank, and the top of the device. And you can do all of this safely and easily.

How to Know When Your Disposable Vape is Almost Empty: A Quickfire Summary

There are lots of ways to tell your disposable vape might be almost out of juice. Thin clouds none at all, and an absence of flavor are hot tips. And if you get an acrid burnt flavor when you inhale, you’re either almost out of juice, or puffing too hard.

While it’s theoretically possible to top up a disposable vape, it isn’t recommended. If you’re worried it’s about to run out, a simpler and safer option is to have a spare one ready to go.

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