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How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last? (Chart)

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last

If you are new to vaping and are wondering about the different options available – or if you’re a more experienced vaper who’s fed up with maintaining a sophisticated mod vape – you might be curious about trying disposables.

There are many disposables on the market with a range of different features and price tags – and to help you understand how they work, in this post, we answer the important question, how long does a disposable vape last?

How Long Does a Disposable Vape Last? The short answer

The question of how long a disposable vape lasts is a little complicated since there are many variables at play.

However, that said, we can still start with a short answer before digging deeper into the topic.

Despite the variables, the most objective way to judge how long a disposable vape lasts is by looking at the average amount of puffs stated by the manufacturer.

At the bottom end of the scale are disposable vapes that offer users around 300-600 vapes. These are popular in Europe but are also widely available in North America.

A step up from this are vapes that offer around 1,000-1,500 puffs, but vapes also exist that offer users around 5,000 puffs before they need to be replaced.

Finally, at the top of the range are vapes offering up to 10,000 puffs per device before you need to buy a new one.

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So that’s the simple answer, but how is this affected by your vaping style? And what does this translate to in terms of how long you can expect to use a vape? Let’s move on to questions like this now.

Puff Count Expected No. of Days Usage
Casual Vaper Average Vaper Heavy Vaper
how long does 1000 puffs last 20 5.7 3.3
how long does 2000 puffs last 40 11.4 6.6
how long does 3000 puffs last 60 17.1 10
how long does 4000 puffs last 80 22.9 13.3
how long does 5000 puffs last 100 28.6 16.6
how long does 6000 puffs last 120 34.3 20
how long does 7000 puffs last 140 40 23.3
how long does 8000 puffs last 160 45.7 26.6
how long does 9000 puffs last 180 51.4 30
how long does 10000 puffs last 200 57.1 33.3
how long does 11000 puffs last 220 62.9 36.6
how long does 12000 puffs last 240 68.6 40

How your vaping style affects how many puffs you can expect from a vape

One of the most important factors that determines how long a disposable vape will last is the size of the puffs you take.

If you take what’s considered average-sized puffs, any disposable you buy will provide you with roughly the amount of puffs the manufacturer states.

However, some vapers like to take much deeper puffs than others, and if you take big puffs that are twice the average size, you will only get half as many puffs from your disposable.

On the other hand, someone who only takes small puffs can expect to get a lot more puffs from a disposable before it needs to be replaced.

This means, for example, if you buy a small disposable vape that offers a stated 300-500 puffs, a regular vaper can probably expect to get around 400 puffs from it.

However, someone who likes big puffs will get 300 or fewer while someone who takes small puffs can expect 500 or more.

Similarly, if the vape supposedly contains enough juice for 5,000 puffs, the actual number you get will depend on your vaping style – so the number of puffs you get could be considerably different.

1. What does this mean in reality?

It’s all very well knowing how many puffs a device provides – and you can also adjust your expectations according to your vaping style – but what does this mean in reality? After all, most people don’t count the number of puffs they take, so what do these numbers mean?

Again, this depends on what kind of vaper you are – whether you’re a regular, heavy or light vaper – but let’s try to put these numbers into context.

To do this, let’s try to imagine what a “moderate” or “regular” vaper looks like.

For the sake of our calculation, let’s imagine that a regular vaper uses their vape 10 times per day and that they take five puffs each time.

This would result in them taking 50 puffs per day, and if they were using a small disposable that provided them with 500 average-sized puffs, they could expect to use the device for around 10 days.

Scaling this up, the same vaper using a 5,000-puff device could expect to use their disposable for around 100 days, which works out at a little over three months.

However, let’s suppose a heavy vaper uses their vape 20 times a day, taking 10 puffs each time. Assuming regular puff size, this would mean a 500-puff device would last just over two days since they would be taking around 200 puffs per day.

And if a person were to vape at this rate while taking larger puffs, it would reduce the lifespan of the vape even more, with the vaper needing to buy a new one every day or two.

2. Battery life

Another factor that could affect how long your disposable vape lasts is the battery.

With the type of disposable that contains enough juice for around 500 puffs, the battery comes fully charged and ready to go.

However, these vapes usually can’t be recharged, so if the battery runs out before you have used up all the juice, there’s nothing you can do about it other than to discard it and buy a new one.

Under normal circumstances, this won’t be an issue since this type of vape comes with enough battery charge for you to use up all the juice.

However, if you are only an occasional vaper and take several weeks or more to use up all the juice, it’s possible that the battery will die before the juice runs out.

Also, storage can affect these vapes since if you keep them in cold temperatures, it will cause the battery to die faster, giving you even less time to use up all the juice.

Larger disposables, on the other hand – the type offering 1,000 puffs or more – are rechargeable, so these issues don’t apply.

These vapes come with enough juice to last through many charges, so you can be sure you’ll be able to use up all the juice that comes with the vape.

3. Wear and tear

One other point that’s worth noting is that the cheapest 500-puff vapes are also usually made mostly of plastic, and as such, they aren’t built to stand up to rough treatment.

Since they’re only supposed to be used for a few days, manufacturers don’t use high-quality, resistant materials to make them, so if you drop one or if one takes a knock, that could be the end of the vape.

Rechargeable disposables are designed to be used for much longer, and – at least with the better brands on the market – this is also reflected in their more rugged build.

Of course, you should still treat your vape with care if you want it to last as long as possible – but generally speaking, vapes containing 5,000 or 10,000 puffs are likely to be sturdier than cheaper options, which can also help extend their life.

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Which type is better?

If you are considering trying a disposable vape for the first time, you might be wondering which option is best – and each type has certain advantages and disadvantages.

500-puff devices can be extremely cheap and are great if you are outside somewhere like in a bar and suddenly feel like a quick vape.

However, for more regular vapers, they are not a great option since they need to be replaced often, and they are also incredibly bad for the environment.

On the other hand, rechargeable disposables combine the convenience and ease of use of single-charge devices while also being more practical for people who vape more often.

For example, a high-end disposable such as the Katana BP 10000 from Spiritbar offers users up to 10,000 puffs, which could easily last several months for many vapers.

These devices need to be recharged from time to time, but charging is very fast, taking only around 10 minutes, and the LED readout tells you how much charge and how much vape juice is left, so you’ll never be left unexpectedly without a vape.

In addition, since vapes like these last much longer, they are a more environmental choice, making them a smarter pick for vapers who also care about protecting the planet.

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How does this compare to other types of vape?

So how do disposable vapes compare with more traditional models?

Other types of vape come with certain components that can be reused multiple times, so they are designed to last longer.

For example, batteries can be charged many times, and will easily last a couple of years, while some cartridges can be refilled, helping reduce waste even further.

However, even with vapes like these, the coils need replacing regularly – as often as once every couple of weeks – and some cartridges are also disposable, so they don’t prevent waste entirely.

Generally speaking, you can expect to use a pod device for at least a few months while a vape pen should last up to a year.

The best option for longevity is a mod vape, which should last at least a couple of years – but these are the most complicated options and are designed for more experienced vapers, so for many people, a rechargeable disposable is still the best and most convenient option.

Choose the best option for you

Choosing the best option for you will depend largely on your vaping habits and your vaping style, and for some casual, infrequent vapers, a small 500-puff device might be the smartest and most economical choice.

However, opting for a rechargeable disposable vape will allow you to enjoy all the benefits of a disposable – and for most people, a 5,000- or 10,000-puff model should last you at least a good few months.

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