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What’s the Best Voltage for THC Carts? (Check Our Charts!!!)

The popularity of THC carts increases every day because of their convenience and discreetness. Nowadays, you can find vape pens in different sizes, shapes, and styles, so choosing the best model is a matter of your preferences.

The most represented types you can find on the current market are dab pens, dry herb vape pens, and oil vape pens. They can be reusable and disposable. Various factors determine the vapor quality, including the cart voltage. Let’s check more about the vape pens and the best voltage for THC carts.

What Is a THC Cart?

A THC cart is a convenient prefilled device that converts THC concentrate (THC oil type) into a vapor you can inhale. It includes the rapid onset of smoking cannabis without damaging toxins and cannabinoid waste.

There are a few factors that can affect the amount of vapor from THC carts, such as cartridge type, size, and voltage settings on the device.

To use THC carts, you only need to assemble a cartridge or tank with THC oil and a battery and turn the device on. The battery provides power to the atomizer that heats the oil, creating microscopic droplets ready for inhalation through the mouthpiece.

For those who are new to THC oil vape pen, it is helpful first to check its parts and the way it works. The THC vape parts are:

Battery – Typically, it is a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that provides power for a heater. Some models have different voltage levels for controlling the heating temperature.

Tank and cartridge – They are glass containers for oil. The term tank refers to refillable containers, while the cartridge is a term for prefilled devices. Both work on the same principle and have an atomizer.

Atomizer from the oil tank – This part is typically made of steel or ceramics with the heating element inside. Its purpose is to heat the oil, creating a vapor.

On/off button and sensor– The modern devices work on the five-click principle, meaning it is necessary to press the power button five times in a row to activate it.

After that, the sensor activates the atomizer, and the vapor is ready almost immediately. The next step is to use the same button to adjust the temperature when the vape pen is on.

Mouthpiece – It is the part you inhale the vapor through. It is typically made of glass, plastic, or silicone, depending on the vape model and brand. It is usually replaceable and comes in a variety of shapes and sizes.

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The THC Cart Voltage

If you are a new THC cart user, you should check two crucial things before picking out the best device for you. It can improve your vape experience and make it more pleasant.

1. Voltage

Opinions about optimal voltage differ, depending on users’ needs. Since modern pen models allow voltage adjustment, you can effortlessly adjust it in the range from 2.00 to 4.00 volts.

The common belief is that voltage should be between 2.50 V and 3.30 V for the ultimate vape experience, but some users believe that 3.70 V is the ideal setting. Most experts agree that 4.00 V should be the maximum because higher values can be too hot.

Low voltage – The lower voltage setting offers clean flavor, fewer clouds, and lower output per puff. That provides less THC to inhale with a single hit, meaning more puffs during the cart’s lifetime.

High voltage – It negatively impacts flavor due to terpene and cannabis oil’s sensitivity to heat, making the oil degrade and lose potency and flavor. However, some users often sacrifice its quality to reach a faster high.

Be aware that a voltage that is too high can cause damage to the vires in the coil. It can break your cart and make it useless over time.

2. Electrical resistance

Every cart has a different construction, and some types, regardless of the oil you use, require a higher voltage to produce the best flavor.

Remember that atomizers contain coils with certain electrical resistance. It defines the voltage setting that, together with the user’s personal taste and oil consistency, helps to get a pleasant vaping experience.

The higher the resistance is, the more voltage is required for the appropriate output and vice-versa. Most THC charts you can find on the market nowadays have ceramic coils with a resistance of 1.25 to 2.00 ohms.

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The Best Voltage for THC Carts

Determining the best voltage is not as simple as it seems at first glance, and it generally depends on numerous things, including the pen type, cartridge size, and vapers preferences. Some pens have fixed voltage settings, while others have an option for adjusting them.

The cartridge plays a specific role, depending on its type and size. Each model contains different oil amounts and coil types that may require different voltages. Finally, the vape strength level is up to your personal preference and is crucial to determining the best voltage for your needs.

Recommended voltage range and relevant potency

Voltage Potency Draw type
2.4 Low More flavorful with less THC
3.2 Medium Well-balanced
4.0 High More potent with more THC
4.0 Dab More potent with more THC

Voltage is the amount of power sent to the atomizer. The higher power means higher voltage, faster heating, and more vapor, and vice versa. When choosing the voltage, you should consider that its different values produce various results.

For instance, the lower voltage gives the cooler vapor, while it becomes warmer with a higher voltage. Besides, higher voltage produces more vape that can be unpleasant for the throat, while lower voltages provide smooth vape with more flavor.

If you want to find a perfect balance between the amount of vape and flavor, look for a pen that has a voltage adjustment option. Then, test it by starting with a lower value to find the best level for your enjoyment.

THC and Vape Effects

Interest in vaping technology has expanded in the last decades mainly because of interest in finding healthier ways of inhaling tobacco and nicotine. One decade after the E-cigarette invention, cannabis vapes appeared.

The THC (delta-9-tetra-hydro-cannabinol) is the main psychoactive ingredient in the cannabis plant. It comes in firms of herbs (flowers), hashish, and oil. The oil is the most powerful and convenient for vaporizing.

Except for pure pleasure, people use it for medical purposes to reduce severe pain, soothe vomiting and nausea related to chemotherapies, and stimulate appetite. Numerous studies on THC vaporizers confirm the following facts:

  • Vaporizers are an excellent method of THC administration
  • Using the vaporizing device doesn’t expose users to harmful combustion products
  • Vaporizers are an effective and entirely safe system for delivering cannabinoids

When you consider other ways of THC consumption, vaporizing is the least harmful method and far the most convenient. Remember that it implies using natural, tested, and approved oil.

Both smoking and vaping are convenient ways to inhale cannabis products. However, smoking flowers includes inhaling the smoke as a product of burned marihuana buds and rolling paper.

On the other hand, vaping means inhalation of cannabis oil vapor in the purest form. Besides, many cannabis users choose to vape because it is discreet and creates less or no smell, unlike smoking. Vape also doesn’t affect people in the user’s proximity.

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Oil Cartridges Pros and Cons

There are many arguments in favor of oil carts, but a few are against them. Here are the primary advantages and downsides of this option.


  • Oil cards are discreet – The pen easily fits in a pocket, while the vapor is odorless.
  • Oil lasts longer than dried flowers – Oils are more stable than flowers and remain flavorful longer. When vaping oil, the remaining amount stays in the cartridge, which you can use later.
  • Oil carts achieve better consistency – Oil extractions are easier to control than harvesting and drying flowers. Besides, producing replicated oil batches of the same quality is more effortless. They can differ slightly, but not as much as the flowers from various harvests.
  • Great oil variety – The THC cartridge design allows a variety of flavor options for convenient everyday use.


  • Oil carts are less reliable than smokable products – Once the vape pen breaks down, you have a useless cartridge until you buy a new device. It never happens with weed.
  • Some cartridges produce poor vapor – When this problem happens, you can solve it by placing the device with a thread downside. Then, you need to wait for the liquid to settle before getting a better vapor.
  • Harmful additives – Some vape companies offer products that include dangerous additives. They can cause harmful side effects in a long run.

Even though there is still no scientific confirmation of their impact on human health and possible risks, some experts find them dangerous to inhale. Fortunately, you can find additive-free and all-natural oil cartridges as an alternative.

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Even though the 2.50 V to 3.30 V range is considered an optimal voltage for a THC cart, there is no simple recipe to determine it. Since your desire and preference set the crucial criteria, you can experiment until you find the best voltage that makes your vaping experience the most enjoyable.

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