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“OHMS too High” or “OHMS too Low”: What Does It Mean on a Vape?

OHMS too High or OHMS too Low What Does It Mean on a Vape

The OHMS is a measuring unit of the coil wire’s electrical resistance. Its standard range in a vape is from 2.4 to 2.8 ohms, but most vapers enjoy a resistance of 2.5 ohms. Its value is critical for heating E-liquid and turning it into vapor.

One of the crucial things to understand is what OHMS too high or too low means on a vape. Next, you should learn how to adjust it to ensure an enjoyable vaping experience. Let’s do it together!

What Are the OHMS?

The OHM (Ω) is the unit named after Georg Simon Ohm, a German physicist. It is a way to measure electrical resistance and represents the level of opposition to the electrical current that flows through the vape coil.

Let’s explain. The electricity that passes through the coil in your vape heats the E-liquid and allows its vaporization. Such created vapor evaporates, and you inhale it. The coil resistance is crucial in this case because it determines the power level necessary to heat the coil and how quickly it can happen.

Basically, more electricity flows through the coil when its resistance is lower. Every increase in resistance means less electricity flow. You can calculate its value using the following equation:

I (current) = V (voltage) / R (resistance)

As you can see, a higher voltage and a lower resistance means a stronger current. On the other hand, a higher resistance means a lower current.

The OHM regular level for vape coils is 2.4 to 2.8, but the most preferred value among vapers who prefer replacement coils is 2.5. Such OHMS offer the most consistent vape experience.

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Choose the Proper OHM

The rule of thumb is that less charge can pass through the coil when the resistance is higher. Expectedly, the difference between low and high OHM levels during vaping affects vape preference and enjoyment. Let’s take a look.

1. Coil with a high OHM

A replacement coil with a high or standard OHM and low electricity flow provides the following:

  • The coil generates less heat
  • The production of cooler vapor in a lower amount
  • You get less intense flavor
  • Experiencing a dry hit is less likely
  • Less E-liquid consumption
  • Prolonged battery life
  • Slower battery drain because this vape coil type takes less power
  • The atomizer (a part with a wick and coil inside a vape device) heats less and lasts longer

2. Coil with a low OHM

A replacement coil with a low OHM and high electricity flow provides the following:

  • The coil generates more heat
  • The production of warmer vapor in a higher amount
  • You get more intense flavor
  • Experiencing a dry hit is more likely
  • Faster E-liquid consumption
  • Reduced battery life
  • Possible premature battery failure because this vape coil type takes more power
  • The atomizer lasts only 2 to 3 days

You should decide about the exact OHMS you need since the resistance of the coil in your vape significantly affects your vaping experience. It determines levels of vapor production, throat hit, and flavor intensity.

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Meaning of the OHMS TOO HIGH or OHMS TOO LOW warnings

The coil resistance significantly varies, depending on your needs, but it typically ranges from 0.10 to 3.00 ohms. In rare cases, it can come up to 4.00 ohms.

Those with the lowest resistance are so-called sub-ohm coils, which can work with a resistance lower than 1.00 ohm. On the other hand, regular or so-called above-ohm coils always come with a resistance of more than 1.00 ohm.

Regular coils are a more suitable option for new users or vapers who like a cigarette-like experience. They produce cooler vapor and require less power for heating, and you can see them in devices with less sizable batteries.

Standard OHMS vs. Sub-OHMS

Feature Classic OHM Sub-OHM
Value Over 1.00 ohm Below 1.00 ohm
E-liquid ratio 70% PG: 30% VG 20% PG: 80% VG
Nicotine strengths 6 mg and more 0 mg to 6 mg
Feeling Similar to cigarettes with increased throat hit Smooth
Amount of vapor Less More

On the other hand, sub-ohm coils are a better fit for experienced vapers who enjoy intense flavors and more clouds. They require bigger batteries because they need more power to heat up. The vapor they produce is warm and dense.

If you vape for long, you have probably faced one of two warnings while vaping:

  • OHMS too high
  • OHMS too low

In regular circumstances, such a warning appears when the coil resistance decreases below 0.10 ohm or increases over 3.00 ohm. However, you can sometimes spot them in non-standard situations.

In this case, the warning stays, although coil resistance is within standard values. The reasons are various and include the following:

  • Screws are insufficiently tightened
  • The device part (the mod) responsible for resistance detection is broken and can’t read its value accurately
  • A short circuit has occurred

If you notice any of these issues, you can try to fix them on your own. For instance, you should check screws are tight them properly. If the mod is broken, you can sometimes solve the problem by replacing the atomizer coil or using a different tank. If it doesn’t help, you can upgrade the mod.

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Factors Affecting OHMS

Numerous factors affect the coil resistance, but you typically can’t control them. A list includes wire material, wire gauge, and the number of coil wraps.

1. Material

Most manufacturers use nichrome or kanthal as ideal materials for wire used for the coil in their atomizers. The advantage of nichrome is that it heats fast but has a short life. On the other hand, this nickel-chromium alloy offers advanced performance.

Since kanthal is an alloy of iron, aluminum, and chromium, many manufacturers appreciate its resistance to oxidation and durability. It is also a safer option because nichrome sometimes causes mild complications in people allergic to nickel.

2. Gauge

The most common wire gauges inside the coil are 28, 26, 24, and 22, referring to its thickness. The ideal option depends on your needs since thinner wires require less power and come with higher resistance. On the other hand, thicker wires can handle more power and have lower resistance.

3. Number of wraps

The wrap number shows you how many times the wire is wrapped around the wick. It is crucial for OHMS because more wraps mean a higher coil resistance. Besides, a higher number is connected with better flavor production in vape.

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What Does the Sub-ohm Vaping Mean?

Sub-ohm vaping is popular among vapers who like thick clouds and more complex flavors. Therefore, they use devices containing a coil with resistance below 1.00 ohm. Initially, sub-ohm vapes were devices of choice for experienced users, but mass-market mods have changed that.

Even though all kits with coil resistance below 1.00 ohm are considered sub-ohm, most devices come with a value of 0.15 to 0.80 ohms. On the other hand, standard (above-ohm) coil models typically have a resistance of 1.20 to 2.00 ohms.

Be aware that sub-ohm kits require a specific battery or sub-ohm mod compatible with low-ohm coils. The reason is that they are more powerful than classic ones because the reduced resistance increases the amount of electrical current.

That way, they heat faster and reach higher temperatures. As a result, more juice vaporizes, and cloud production increases. Besides, these devices reduce nicotine levels in E-liquid to get a stronger hit and deliver more substance into the vapers’ bloodstreams.

Many vapers consider sub-ohm vaping the ultimate experience because excessive vapor allows more exciting flavors to be created. Nowadays, you can find two sub-ohm vaping categories, depending on the coil power.

High-power vaping

This type of vaping provides twirl airflow that causes thick, flavourful vapor production. It is not the best solution for everyone, but you can try it if you like exploring and want to take vaping to an entirely new level.

A high-power coil has a resistance below 0.50 ohms and requires minimal power of 50 watts. Therefore, you can expect a warmer vapor temperature while the cloud is dense and more flavorful than ever.

Low-power vaping

A low-power coil with a low OHM always has a resistance from 0.50 to 1.00 ohms. They are trendy nowadays, and you can find such vapes in almost all brands.

Their advantage is only a slightly higher wattage necessary for the coil to heat up quickly and produce more vapor. As a result, you can get subtle flavors with additional juice profiles.

Since this option is not radically different from standard vaping, you can start the change by trying it first. It will make you more familiar with lower coil resistance and prepare you for a high-power sub-ohm experience.


The coil OHM in vape is a measure of resistance to electricity that affects the power necessary to heat the juice in your device. The result of that process is vapor production.

Depending on your preferences and available options, you can choose among vapes with above-ohm and sub-ohm coils. Knowing everything about vape science is unnecessary for most vapers, but understanding vital things you can adjust as desired can significantly enhance your vape experience.

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