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8 Reasons Why Your Disposable Taste Burnt (Fixed!!!)

Why Does My Disposable Taste Burnt

Experiencing an unpleasant burnt taste from your disposable vape? There might just be a way to put that right!

We’re going to take a look at the possible causes of that nasty taste. And we’ll walk you through the different options for how to fix a burnt disposable vape.

The Reasons Why Your Disposable Vape Tastes Burnt

A burnt taste, or a dry hit, has multiple possible causes. It is a taste that is not only repulsive but also potentially dangerous for your health. Let’s see what are some things that can factor into your vaping device creating it.

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1. Dry Wick

A wick is a part of your vape pen that absorbs the e-juice and delivers it to the coil, which then heats the liquid and produces vapor. Wicks are most frequently made of cotton because cotton is a highly absorbent material.

When your wick has not absorbed the liquid well, it won’t get to the coil when you take a hit. Therefore, you are essentially inhaling nothing, so you will only feel a metallic-like, burnt taste that comes from a hot coil.

2. E-Liquid Running Out

Another reason you may feel a burnt taste when you take a puff from your vape pen is if you don’t have enough e-liquid in your device. In that case, the wick won’t have enough oil to transfer to the coil, resulting in a dry hit.

3. Low-Quality E-Liquid

Using a high-quality e-liquid is as important as buying a high-quality vape pen. This is because many e-juices contain unnecessary sugars, additives, and contaminants that affect the overall vaping experience.

If your e-liquid is of low quality, the bad ingredients can stick to the wick and coil more easily, leading to a buildup and consequently a burnt taste.

That’s why it’s crucial to only vape high-quality devices from reputable brands like SPIRITBAR Vape. Leading vape companies have their e-liquids tested for safety and purity by independent labs. Their manufacturing follows strict standards to prevent hazardous chemicals ending up in their products.

4. Wrong E-Liquid

Even if you use high-quality e-juice, you may be using the wrong type for your specific vape pen. Apart from having different flavors, e-liquids also differ in density and the percentage of certain ingredients, such as propylene glycol and vegetable glycerin.

Depending on your vape pen’s wattage and other characteristics, some e-juices will be more suitable than others. Using the wrong type of oil may lead to a burnt taste over time.

Always check the manufacturer’s instructions on which type of liquid to use for your vaping device. If you are still not sure, consult an experienced vaper or a local vape shop.

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5. High Wattage

Some vape pens have an option of adjusting the wattage at which you want to vape. Higher wattage is great for better vapor production and an enhanced flavor.

However, vaping at a high wattage can cause the coil to overheat. This in turn overheats the e-liquid and produces a burnt taste instead of vapor.

Another way a high wattage can cause dry hits is if the coil gets so hot that it burns the wick.

Also, coils are made of different materials, and some of them are more compatible with lower wattages, so using more power to heat the coil can lead to burning it.

6. Chain Vaping

If you are feeling stressed or if you just can’t get enough of your favorite vape flavor, you may start chain vaping. This is understandable, but don’t get too surprised when that dry puff hits you.

If you vape without taking a break between the puffs, or if you take puffs that are longer than around ten seconds, your device doesn’t have time to cool down. The coil can’t keep up with your demands and it overheats, leading to a burnt taste that you want to avoid.

7. Old Coil

A coil is one of the most important parts of your vape pen. It works whenever you take a hit, so it wears off pretty quickly, even when cared for properly. It’s crucial to clean and replace a coil regularly to have a consistently high-quality experience with your vape pen.

If you fail to do so, your coil may get burnt or worn out. In this case, it won’t be able to vaporize the e-liquid well enough, which can lead to dry hits.

8. Clogged Wick

One more reason you may experience a burnt taste when vaping is a clogged wick. A wick in your vape pen can become clogged over time due to certain ingredients in your e-juice, usually the sugary ones.

How to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape?

How to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape

If you want to check for sure how much e-liquid you have left in a disposable vape, you’ll usually have to take it apart.

Before you decide to do this, though, beware! Disposable vapes aren’t intended to be taken to bits. And that means there’s always a risk that you won’t be able to put it together again.

If you still want to give it a go, here’s what to do.

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1. Take off the top

This isn’t possible for all disposable vapes, but some models – like the Elf Bar – can be taken apart. The top section has the mouthpiece, while the tank sits in the base.

Prise the top off with your fingers. It’s not going to be easy, so be prepared to take your time. Wiggling it back and forth repeatedly is better than going for brute force.

When you start to see the top separating from the bottom, go gentle. Use your fingernail or a flat edge to work into the gap and ease the two sections apart.

2. Take a look at the internal parts

Before you start prodding at anything, take a moment to check out how it sits inside the vape. Remember, you’re going to need to put everything back the way it was, if you’re going to be able to use your vape again.

It can be helpful to use your cell phone to snap a photo. That way you’ll have something to refer back to when it comes to reassembling the device.

3. Check the moisture on the wicking

Ideally, you want to complete this process without taking anything out of the vape. That way you won’t find yourself with a headache trying to stuff in bits that no longer seem to fit.

And if you’re careful, this is entirely possible. You just need to concentrate on the wicking.

The wicking is the absorbent material that looks like cotton wool. You need to check if it’s moist.

The simplest way to do this is by touching the top with your finger – but the simplest isn’t always best! E-liquid contains some unpleasant chemicals, so we’d recommend using a piece of dry tissue instead. Dab it onto the wicking, and then check to see if any moisture is transferred.

If you’re getting a burnt flavor when you puff, it’s pretty much certain the wicking will be dry. And now you know that’s the case, you’re ready to put it right.

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4. Add e-liquid to the tank

It’s a good idea to use the same flavor of e-liquid as the stuff that’s in your disposable already. If you don’t, you might find you end up with an unusual – and perhaps unpleasant – cocktail.

Add the e-liquid slowly, and give the wicking time to absorb it. If there’s room in the tank, you can then top it up with more.

5. Clean your mouthpiece

Before you replace the top of your vape, you have a great opportunity to clean your mouthpiece.

The mouthpiece is full of holes that let out the vapor. It’s very easy for one or more of those holes to get blocked with fluff or other debris. (That’s especially likely to happen if you carry your vape in your pocket.)

A blocked mouthpiece means your vape won’t draw properly. The good news is, it’s easy to clean – especially if it’s detached from the rest of the vape! You just need to poke something gently through the holes to clear them.

Depending on their size, that might be a needle, a toothpick, or a damp cotton bud. You could even twist up a piece of tissue and use that. Just prod the holes with your chosen cleaning implement to dislodge anything that’s stuck.

6. Re-assemble your vape

You’re now ready to put your device back together.

Hopefully, you’ll have managed to top up the tank without removing anything from inside. If not, now is the time to check the photo you took at the start. Take a good look to make sure everything is going back in the way it should.

Replace the top firmly on the base of the vape, and squeeze it as tightly as you can. You want a tight, airproof seal to prevent the vapor from leaking out at the joint.

7. Prime your vape

You want to get the air flowing into your disposable vape without risking drying out the wicking again. To do this, you need to “prime” your vape.

Take a few short, shallow puffs and check how the vape smells and tastes. If it’s ok, you can vape normally again.

If it still doesn’t taste right, unfortunately, your coils have burned. And if that’s happened, you’ll need to get a new vape.

Preventing a Burnt Disposable Vape

Preventing a Burnt Disposable Vape

Now you know your options when it comes to fixing a burnt disposable vape. But wouldn’t it be better if you never had to deal with the problem in the first place?

Here are a few handy hints for preventing you from ever tasting that burnt flavor again.

1. Take it easy

Chain puffing is a surefire route to a burnt vape. It means there isn’t enough time after the e-liquid is drawn out of the wicking onto the coils for the wicking to absorb more.

Slowing down will give the wicking time to soak up more e-liquid. That means the coils will be fully moistened when you next draw. And that means a good cloud of vapor, without any acrid flavor.

2. Don’t rely on puff counts

The puff counts quoted for specific models of disposable vapes are only estimates. The deeper or longer you draw, the fewer puffs you’ll get from the same amount of e-liquid.

So don’t rely on estimates of your number of puffs to let you know when you’re nearly out of juice.

3. Don’t overcharge your battery

If you can recharge the battery in your vape, don’t be tempted to push it to its maximum capacity. Sometimes a burnt flavor can result from the coils simply pumping out more heat than they should.

Don’t recharge your vape for longer than the period recommended by the manufacturer. And if you think you’ve overcharged the battery, taking a few shallow puffs will help run it down.

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The Final Word on How to Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape

So a quick recap: a burnt flavor from your vape may mean it’s reached the end of its life – but that’s not always the case.

Dry wicking can be the culprit too. Sometimes, taking a rest from vaping for ten minutes may be all that’s needed to get things working again.

And if all else fails, dismantling your vape is an option for some disposable models. If you have a brand like Elf Bar, this could be worth a try.

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