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6 Tips to Get Around Vape Detectors

Get Around Vape Detectors

The e-cigarette is a less harmful way to smoke nicotine than traditional cigarettes. It also comes in a wider variety of flavors and scents to make the experience enjoyable.

However, with more and more places investing in vape detectors, it has become difficult to use an e-cigarette in the bathroom or in hidden spots. If you’re an adult struggling to vape without being caught, this article is for you!

Below, we will discuss how to get around vape detectors in great detail. Let’s get started!

What are Vape Detectors?

Vape detectors are a modified version of the common smoke detectors installed in our homes, offices, etc. They look and work just like smoke detectors, though there are two tiny differences that you should know.

  1. A vape detector is a discrete device that doesn’t make a beeping sound or any alarming noise.
  2. A vape detector doesn’t go off after detecting any smoke. It is only triggered when there are certain chemical changes in the air.

For example, when there is nicotine or THC in the atmosphere, the vape detector sensors will pick it up and send a silent notification to the registered authorities. This can be the principal, administrative staff at the hospital, or whoever is responsible for monitoring vape use at the premises.

With that said, a vape detection device can’t record video or audio. It doesn’t have cameras, microphones, or any kind of storage facility to record chemical abnormalities. It will only identify the presence of vaping and send analytics to the authorized person.

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Can You Avoid Vape Detectors?

In the outdoors, people will hardly notice that you are vaping. It is because the air will carry away the smoke and ventilate the area. So, there’s no need to worry about triggering the vape detector.

However, when vaping indoors, you need to be very careful. These devices are installed at hidden spots and detect the vape in seconds. If you don’t pay attention to ventilation, the smoke can linger for 10 to 12 minutes.

All this doesn’t mean you can’t avoid vape detectors in an indoor setting. Vape detectors may be smart, but humans are smarter. Continue reading to learn how exactly to vape around vape detectors unnoticed!

In case you’re concerned about drug tests, nicotine doesn’t stay in the human system for more than 2 to 3 days. It’s why drug tests cannot detect whether you have been vaping or smoking.

How Can You Vape Without Setting Off Detectors?

how to Get Around Vape Detectors

The trick to vaping secretly is knowing how far vape detectors detect. Typically, a device installed at the height of 8’ covers 12’ x 12’ space. So, if you stay out of this range, you can vape without setting off detectors.

However, the real problem is when you don’t know where the vape detectors are installed. If the location is discrete, follow these steps to vape without setting off detectors:

1. Find a Well-Ventilated Spot

The wind is your biggest friend in carrying away the smoke of the vape. Locate an area that has a window, fan, or exhaust fan, and use the vape near it. If the airflow disperses the smoke, the vape detector won’t be triggered.

But this doesn’t mean you start smoking near any window or fan. Sometimes, the vape detectors are located right beside these well-ventilated spots. If you’re in the bathroom or hotel room, you will end up blowing vapor right into these detectors.

So, make sure you check the wind direction first. It should blow away from the detector, and if you can, try to position yourself a little out of the window.

2. Blow Into Something Other than Air

If you are stuck in a poorly-ventilated spot, the only way to not trigger a vape detector is to blow the smoke into something. For example, you can inhale and blow out the smoke into your shirt, hoodie, or scarf. But make sure the material is thick.

Another method is to keep a plastic water bottle with you and release the smoke in it. This is risky because if your mouth isn’t enclosed around the bottle opening properly, the vapor will escape and trigger the alarms.

People, who are stuck in bathrooms, can rely on flushing toilets. If you blow smoke into the flushing toilet, the vapor will disperse with the water molecules. It may sound gross but many people have relied on it for years.

3. Choose a High PG E-Liquid

There are two main types of vape devices; VG (vegetable glycerin) and PG (propylene glycol). If you want to get around vape detectors, always choose a high-PG e-liquid. We recommend this because the ratio of PG is higher than VG.

As a result, these e-liquids have a thinner consistency and a more pronounced taste. It offers a powerful throat hit (the feeling when the vapor reaches the back of the throat and hits it). It’s why most people prefer high-PG vapes over others.

However, the biggest benefit is that high-PG vapes produce less smoke than VG ones. You won’t be blowing clouds of smoke in the air – just a few puffs. This makes it easier to disperse the vapor and avoid triggering the environmental sensors in detectors.

4. Use a Vape Pen or Pod

If you can’t get your hands over high-PG electronic cigarettes, switch to easy-to-hide vaping devices. These include vape pens, pods, and other low-power options. Since they are designed to be discreet, you can carry them anywhere easily.

You can also get around vape detectors because these devices don’t produce much smoke. But this doesn’t mean you should be careless with your actions. Vaping from a pen would still trigger a vape sensor if you are in a poorly ventilated area or blowing smoke in its direction.

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How Do You Hide Vape from a Metal Detector?

There are three reasons why you can’t hide a typical refillable vape from metal detectors, which include:

  • Metal body
  • Metal coil
  • Lithium-ion batteries

Some people try to dodge the detectors by choosing vapes with plastic bodies. But that doesn’t help at all. Even if the body is plastic, the metal detectors will pick up the metallic coil and batteries.

So, if you want to hide a vape from a metal detector, use any of these two vapes:

5. Disposable Vapes

Disposable vapes are non-rechargeable and non-refillable. This means you cannot charge them or refill the liquid to use for a long time.

A disposable vape comes pre-filled with vape juice. There are a variety of flavors and scents available to make your experience pleasurable. However, once you have finished the liquid, the vape device will become useless.

Usually, the estimated number of puffs is mentioned on the packaging so that you can choose the best one for your needs. While disposable vapes are cheap, long-lasting ones will be costlier than others.

The biggest benefit of disposable vapes is that their plastic bodies and battery-free mechanism make them easy to hide. You can walk right past a metal detector without triggering a single beep.

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6. Metal-free Vapes

As the name suggests, these vapes are designed to contain zero metal components. They have solid plastic bodies with ceramic coils. If you go for a disposable metal-free vape, then the chances of being caught are zero too.

Besides, ceramic cartridges have proved to be more beneficial than metal ones. The ceramic coils are porous to a certain extent, which eliminates the need for the cotton wick.

The porous layers allow the liquids to diffuse evenly and deliver a consistent vapor. People also report the vapor to be strong and high-quality. It is typically because ceramic has superior heat retention.


Does vape set smoke detectors off?

No, vape doesn’t set traditional smoke detectors off. But it may do so when the detector is capable of identifying particle changes in the air or broken light beams.

Do hospitals have vape detectors?

Yes, hospitals have vape detectors. You will also find them in bathrooms, workspaces, convenience stores, and airports.

How sensitive are vape detectors?

Vape detectors are very sensitive and can identify particles as small as 0.3 microns. If you vape near a detector, it’s impossible to get away without being caught.

Do vape detectors make noise?

No, vape detectors don’t make any noise. Once it goes off, there will be no beeping or alarm to alert you.

This discreet device helps people watch illegal vapers red-handed. Since you don’t know about the detector being triggered, you can’t hide or run away.

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To recap, you can get around vape detectors at offices, and almost anywhere. Here are the 4 tips to outsmart a vape detector:

  1. Vape in a well-ventilated spot.
  2. Blow the vape smoke into something like cloth, a plastic bottle, or a flushing toilet.
  3. Use a High PG e-liquid instead of VG e-liquid.
  4. Carry discrete devices like vape pens or pods.

However, if you want to pass through a metal detector without being caught, make sure you are using a disposable or metal-free vape. These devices don’t contain metal, which keeps them hidden from the detector.

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