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Vape Pod vs Cartridge: What’s the Difference?

Vape Pod vs Cartridge What's the Difference

Are you an avid vaper? If yes, then you know how popular vape pods and cartridges have become over the years. These modern vaping devices are portable, come in sleek, irresistible designs, and deliver a great vaping experience.

Are there differences between vape pods and cartridges? Yes. Although vape pods and cartridges are containers for holding e-liquids and heating components, they exhibit many differences. For example, cartridges allow you to fill them with your favorite vaping juice, while vape pods come prefilled, making cartridges more customizable than vape pods.

You have more to learn about the differences and similarities between vape pods and cartridges. Read on and gain insights from this detailed comparison post.

Vape Pod and Cartridge

Vape pods and cartridges are containers for holding the e-liquid/juice used for vaping. They come in different designs and sizes. Before we compare the two devices, let’s look at each in detail.

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What is a Vape Pod?

What is a Vape Pod

A vape pod is a device that comprises a battery (housed in a mod) and a pod. The mod in a vape pod is specific to one model making the pod designs exclusive.

The pod holds the vaping juice and the coil, unlike traditional e-cigarettes where the tank holds the e-liquid and rests on the coil.

While some pods come with inbuilt coils, others allow you to replace the coil to your preference. Vape pods are magnetic and often click back to the battery.

Vape pods come in different designs with no standard appearance. This feature makes them discreet and ideal for outdoor use.

What is a Cartridge?

What is a Cartridge

A cartridge is a vaping container that holds the vaping oil and the coil. Unlike vape pods, cartridges are non-magnetic and use a connector to attach them to the power source (battery). Carts are called 510 because they all have a 5mm connector and 10 threads.

Some cartridges come empty, allowing users to fill them with their favorite vaping oil. Although cartridges are stand-alone devices for vaping, you can integrate them into other devices, such as vape pens.

Cartridges are commonly used for holding CBD oils rather than e-liquids. Law enforcement personnel associate cartridges with THC, making the device risky to use in areas where THC is illegal.

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Vape Pod vs Cartridge: Key Similarities and Differences

Vape pods and cartridges serve the same purpose—holding your favorite vaping liquid. You can use them as standalone devices or integrate them into other devices.

Here is a summary of their similarities and differences.

Vape Pod vs Cartridge Similarities

Vape Pod vs Cartridge Similarities

1. Ease of Use

Vape pods and cartridges are easy to operate compared to other vaping devices. You only need to switch them on and start puffing. You don’t need to switch coils or set wattage or temperature before use because they are already pre-set.

2. Less Effort Vaping

If you are looking for a smooth vaping experience, vape pods and carts have all you need. You can choose the inhale-to-vape models or button-operated ones and enjoy puffs of different intensities without much effort.

3. They Are Convenient

Vape pods and cartridges are portable and convenient for indoor and outdoor use. They are also lightweight and therefore suitable for use in public places.

Most vape pods and cartridges are connected to a battery pack in sleek designs that can easily fit into your pocket or backpack. You can vape instantly without looking for a power source while on the move.

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Differences Between Vape Pods and Cartridges

Differences Between Vape Pods and Cartridges

Vape pods and cartridges differ in the following ways.

1. Design

Cartridges have a universal appearance. Like USB cables, you can connect them to any compatible device. Although you can use them for different oils, cartridges are often associated with CBD oil.

Vape pods, on the other hand, come in different designs. They are smaller and lighter than cartridges. The outer opaque material makes them discrete, unlike cartridges made of glass, which is transparent.

2. Compatibility

Cartridges are compatible with any vaping device, provided it has similar threads to your model. This feature allows users to try different brand juices and products.

Different vape pod brands appear similar, but their dimensions differ. This makes them incompatible. Once you purchase a pod from a brand, you have to stick to the brand and its products.

If you want a new experience, you need to buy another brand. This makes pods more expensive if you like experimenting with different brands.

3. Usage

Although pods and cartridges are easier to operate than other vaping devices, cartridges are more complex than pods.

Pod systems are magnetic and, therefore, slip into place easily. It is rare to find a pod leaking because the magnetic material makes it snap perfectly in place. In addition, pods are easy to maintain and ideal for new users.

Installing a cartridge system is more involved. You should ensure the threads line up correctly for proper connection and sealing. Besides, maintaining a cartridge is more expensive since it requires specialized cleaning and can wear easily if you scrub it with a brush.

4. Flavor Transfer

Flavor transfer is more consistent in pods than cartridges. With less airflow variations and integrated coils, the juice flavor concentration in vape pods hardly changes.

Conversely, cartridges have a complex rig that makes the vapor lose its flavor during transmission.

5. Customization and Convenience

Cartridges are more customizable than vape pods. This makes cartridges ideal for vapers who want new experiences without purchasing new devices.

A cartridge affords you the flexibility to try varied vape juices, tweak the vaporization customizations, and introduce novel components to satisfy your vaping desires. Highly beneficial for seasoned vapers seeking novel experiences, cartridges offer a more practical option.

This contrasts with vape pods. Pods limit you to stick with built-in features and settings, offering no scope for alterations. Hence, they become user-friendly for beginner vapers.

6. Durability

Vape pods outlast cartridges. Their compatibility with particular batteries, which are superior in efficiency, extends their lifespan. Conversely, carts function optimally with any 510-compliant battery, which potentially lacks efficiency. However, a cartridge linked to a rechargeable battery may also last longer.

7. Cost

Vape pods have a steeper price than cartridges. With a pod, altering or modifying its features is impossible. If your purchased pod doesn’t satisfy all your vaping requirements, additional purchases are necessary.

Despite pods requiring minimal upkeep, in case of a component breakdown, you need to buy a whole new unit. For instance, if the mod breaks down, securing a replacement is unfeasible. You’ll have to get a whole new pod.

Cartridges, being customizable and easy to upkeep, burst this bubble. When part of your cart malfunctions, replacement or modification helps solve the issue, keeping the whole assembly operational. This makes them pocket-friendly overall.

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What is the Difference Between a Weed Pod and a Cartridge?

A weed pod’s function mirrors that of a cartridge. Weed pods come with rechargeable batteries, accommodating a disposable pod full of cannabis oil. Once the oil runs out, simple pod replacement is all that is required.

Contrarily, a weed cartridge is a glass container accommodating cannabis oil, which is fastened to a battery.”

Is a Vape Pod Better Than a Cartridge?

Vape pods and cartridges perform the same function. Whether a vape pod is better than a cartridge depends on individual preferences and vaping experience.

However, vape pods are better than cartridges in the following aspects.

1. Vape Pods Have a Higher Airflow Rate

Vape pod systems are smaller than cart systems. This makes the airflow rates in pods higher than in cartridges.

With a higher airflow rate, you can vape more oil without intensifying the draw. This makes a pod more efficient, especially for heavy vapers.

2. Vape Pods Are Made of Quality Material

Vape pods are made of high-quality plastic and glass. The heating material is ceramic. Cartridges are made of low-quality plastic and glass. This makes vape pods more classic, sleek, and durable.

3. Draw vs Button Activation

A vape pod uses draw activation technology where you don’t need to put the battery on/off. This makes it easier to use.

A cartridge uses the button technology where you have to press the on/off button to turn it on. This makes it less convenient, especially if you want to remain discreet.

4. Vape Pods Offer Quality Flavor to the Last Puff

Vape pods are made of high-quality material and rarely clog. This allows you to enjoy a smooth vaping experience to the last puff, with a consistent flavor.

Carts lack consistent flavor because of clogging and the complex rig connecting the vapor to the mouthpiece.

Key Takeaway

Vape pods and cartridges are essential devices for every vaper. They are portable and convenient to use, especially in public places.

Although they exhibit many similarities, they also have differences. Choosing between a vape pod and a cartridge depends on your vaping needs and experience. If you are new to vaping, a pod is more convenient because it is easier to operate.

As you gain experience, you can go for cartridges since they are more customizable. You can set different features to your liking for new experiences.

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