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How Long Does It Take to Charge a Vape? (Carts, Mod, Disposable)

How Long Does It Take to Charge a Vape

In certain situations, like when one is in a hurry, you might find yourself questioning the charging time of your vaping device.

Sadly, there’s no correct answer to this question since charging time varies based on several factors. Some of which we will discuss in depth in this article. But on average vapes take around one to two hours to juice up to full capacity.

Keep exploring our post and learn more about a vape’s charging time, factors to consider, and steps to properly charge your device.

How Long Does a Vape Take to Charge?

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A vape that’s completely drained typically requires around one to two hours to recharge fully. But if you have a partially drained device, the vape needs less time for it to reach full charge–typically 30 to 60 minutes.

But if we factor in considerations like battery capacity and charging rate, you will start to see some changes in the charging time. Let’s use an example for a better explanation.

A vape with a 1000mAH battery capacity and charge rate of 1-amp can take around one hour to fully charge. But when the vaping device has a low charge rate, let’s say 0.5-amp, then it may take at least two hours or more to attain full charge.

Aside from these factors, we have several other variables that might influence the charging time of your device.

1. Types of Vape

As you already know, the vaping market features a variety of vapes available for newbies and experienced vapers.

The main types of rechargeable vape devices include cig-a-likes, vape pens, vape mods, and pod mods. Because they come with varying designs and features, these vaping devices can accommodate batteries of different sizes, influencing the time it takes to charge them.

Here is a list of these four devices from the one that takes the least amount of time to charge to the most:

  • How Long Does a Cig-A-Likes Take to Charge?

These devices are compact, with a design similar to that of a cigarette. This forces the manufacturers to use small built-in batteries.

You are more likely to find an automatic battery inside cig-a-like devices because the batteries are activated by puffing.

Besides the design limitations, these devices are charged using a micro-USB cable, meaning they need about one to two hours to hit full charge.

  • How Long Does a Vape Cart Take to Charge?

Built as a step up from cig-a-likes, vape carts have bigger batteries and produce more vapor. Many vape pens have internal batteries which use lithium-ion technology.

Lithium-ion batteries can charge quicker and retain more energy even in smaller sizes. So, even though vape carts have larger batteries, most still take one to two hours to charge.

  • How Long Does a Pod Mod Take to Charge?

Rather than using a tank, pod mods use pods. The pods hold e-liquid and can be replaced. This allows designers flexibility and the chance to include larger batteries than in a vape pen or cigarette-like vape.

Pod mods are mostly fitted with internal batteries. And it takes about one to two hours to charge them. However, there are exceptions known as pod mod hybrids. These vapes have larger batteries and take more than two hours to charge.

  • How Long Does a Vape Mod Take to Charge?

With more power and customization options comes a longer wait time. Yes, vape mods often make use of external batteries, making it easier for you to have several backup batteries. However, it takes two to four hours to charge these vapes.

Popular vape mods have lithium-ion batteries, mostly the 18650 variants. The bigger the mod, the larger the battery and the more time it takes to charge.

For example, box mod kits are bigger and more powerful but require you to wait about three hours before they can charge to 100%. However, you can reduce this time by using a mod that supports fast charging.

  • How Long to Charge Disposable Vape?

Disposable vapes typically take 1-2 hours to fully charge from empty.

However, most disposables come partially charged out of the box, so you may not need to do a full charge before using it. It’s best to check the battery level when you first get your disposable vape. If it’s over 50% charged already, 30-60 minutes should be enough to top it off.

Don’t overcharge disposable vapes as this can damage the battery. charging over 2 hours is unnecessary. When the light on your disposable vape turns from red to green, that indicates a full charge. Unplug it then and it’s ready to use. Enjoy your disposable vape, but charge responsibly!

2. Battery Health

Poorly maintained vape batteries take longer to charge than worn or damaged batteries. This is because these batteries lose their ability to hold a charge. So, if your choice of vape type takes longer than it is supposed to charge, check the battery’s health status.

To avoid compromising your vape’s battery, ensure you store your gadget in a cool, dry place. Do not overcharge or overuse your vaping device. Also, stick with high-quality devices because most high-end vaping devices have battery management systems.

3. Charging Method

How long a vape takes to charge also depends on the charger and adapter. Certain vaping devices have fast-charging technology, like USB-C, which significantly reduces the time they take to charge, unlike devices with micro-USB. Combine this technology with a compatible charger and you can enjoy higher charging rates.

Remember, a vape’s charging speed also depends on the adapter’s output power (in volts (V) or ampere (A). A higher voltage means the vape will charge faster and can withstand higher input. For example, an adapter producing 2A will charge your gadget more quickly than one with a 1A rating.

How Long to Charge a Vape Battery First Time?

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Generally, charging a vape battery for the first time takes about one to four hours. However, you can reference the approximations as discussed after determining your device type.

Remember to check the manual for further instructions on charging the vape. Correctly charging the vape will allow you to approximate how long it takes to attain a 100% charge. The manual might also include details about the charging wait time.

Always remember to unplug the vape once it is fully charged. Also, do not use the vape before it reaches 100% on its first charge.

How to Charge a Vape: Step-By-Step Guide

If you think charging a vape pen is as easy as plugging and going, think again. Leaving a vape pen plugged in beyond its maximum charging time might lead to an explosion or permanent damage to the battery. So, make sure to check all the boxes below:

  1. Evaluate the initial battery level: Before plugging the vape into the outlet, assess the battery’s charge percentage. This makes it easier to approximate how long you’d have to wait. Different devices use various battery level indicators. Some have LED indicators or display screens. For some, like the cig-a-likes vapes, you might have to draw one or more puffs.
  2. Plug in the device: Using the device’s original charger, plug the device into the power outlet.
  3. Observe the LED indicator or display screen to determine whether the device is charging. The LED indicator might maintain a steady light or change color to show the device is charging. On the other hand, a display screen might animate the charging process. If neither happens, unplug and plug the device back in correctly.
  4. Be patient and wait for the battery to finish charging.
  5. Disconnect the charger once the battery is full. Overcharging strains the battery and can diminish the battery’s capacity if done repeatedly. Here is how to determine whether the battery is fully charged and avoid overcharging the vape.

How Do I Know When My Vape Is Charged?

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There are specific telltale signs that show that a vape has full charge, like the ones below:

  • Vape’s display screen: If your vape has a display screen, check the percentage value shown on the screen. A 100% value means the battery is full unless the screen malfunctions and requires repair.
  • LED light: If your vape has an LED indicator, check whether its initial color has changed. If it has, that might be a sign of a fully charged vape. Some LEDs will blink steadily to indicate full charge or go off. Reference your manual to determine the LED’s behavior when the vape’s battery is charged.

Can You Vape When It’s on Charge?

The possibility of using a vape while charging is manufacturer-and-device-specific. So, review your vape’s user manual to determine whether the vape supports usage while charging.

Vapes fitted with pass-through technology can be used while charging. Pass-through technology uses a prioritization protocol to draw the power you require firing the vape from the output source and pass it through the battery so that you can keep vaping.

Since the technology draws its power from the battery and not directly from the outlet, some vapes might require that you leave the battery to charge for some time. However, whether the vape limits usage to at least some battery percentage or not, avoid vaping while charging it.

Despite the advancement in pass-through technology, vaping while charging can stress your battery. If you keep doing this, your battery’s lifespan will reduce drastically.

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The time it takes to charge a vape varies from one device type to the other. Of the four primary device types, including vape pens, pod mods, vape mods, and cig-a-likes, vape mods take the longest to charge. However, they allow you more puffs.

Besides the type of device you choose, always try to maintain the battery’s health. Overcharging and storing the battery incorrectly can diminish the battery’s quality, leading to an extended charging wait time. Also, always follow the charging procedure on your user manual and use the original charger.

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