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14 Reasons Why Vape Pen Not Working After Charge (Solved!!!)

14 Reasons Why Vape Pen Not Working After Charge

Many vapers like using vape pens because these small devices are convenient and practical for everyday use. In most cases, they work without visible issues, but sometimes it may happen that your vape pen not working after charge.

It can be pretty frustrating, but you can prevent or solve some of these problems by cleaning the device and storing it adequately. Unfortunately, the most common reason is a dead battery, so your only alternative is to buy a new one. Let’s talk about your options!

Possible Issues with Vape Pens After Charging

There are three probable vape pen performance issues you can notice after charging it. The best way to solve the problem is to know the possible reasons for something like this to happen.

Possible Issues with Vape Pens After Charging

1. Weak vapor production

Any change in vapor production is a result of dirt accumulation, clogged components, faulty coil, or low voltage. The first thing to do is to check the disposable vape pen battery voltage and adjust it.

If nothing happens, you should consider the maintenance problems and clean the mouthpiece, coil, and tank. If the coil is broken or damaged, the only solution is to replace it.

2. Blinking lights

Blinking lights on the device indicate connection issues, an incompatible charger, or a low battery. Prevent this by using the correct USB port, checking and securing battery connections, and storing chargers appropriately.

3. No power

Sometimes, a vape pen is without power after charging it because the battery is dead, the charging port is damaged, or your device has an issue with internal circuitry. Check all components one by one until you find the reason for this condition.

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Reasons Why Vape Pen Not Working After Charging

Sometimes, various malfunctions appear and disrupt regular vape pen working. It can stop functioning for a few reasons, including factory defects, battery problems, and dirty parts.

1. Factory defects

Even though reputable manufacturers keep vape pen quality level, you should be aware of these devices’ mass production. As in most other cases, a very high quantity of vape pens that comes from a factory production line increases the overall number of faulty products.

2. Dead battery

The first thing to check when the vape pen stops working is whether you need to recharge a battery because most issues in this case are related to this part. Grab the USB charging port, plug it into the device, and charge the battery.

If it discharges faster than before, you should check its shelf life. You probably have an old battery you need to replace.

3. Damaged battery

If you cause battery damage, the only way to solve the problem is to buy a new one, regardless of the origin of the failure. In most cases, the reason for this to happen is its exposure to extremely high and low temperatures.

However, you can sometimes have this problem if you use other options besides the USB port to recharge the battery. Since the damaged battery can’t hold a charge and supply power to the vape pen, you should throw it away.

4. Broken battery

One of the most common reasons why the vape pen doesn’t work after charging is a broken battery. It happens when you drop it, and that fall causes damage to the device parts crucial for its regular functioning.

In most cases, it results in an unstable or cut connection. Believe it or not, submerging it in water is a common reason for battery failure. Be aware that it can’t work after becoming wet.

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5. Clogged cart

Sometimes, E-liquid or oil by-products get stuck in the device’s mouthpiece, preventing you from pulling the vapor. It often happens when using the device frequently, but you can face this problem even when the tank is almost empty.

That doesn’t mean your vape pen is broken, so you can prevent or solve the issue by cleaning and keeping it in good working order. Be aware that it doesn’t happen all at once but results from a long-term accumulation of impurities.

6. Oil settled in the cart

If you use cannabis oil, you can expect it to settle into one cart side and harden after becoming cold because of its high viscosity. As a result, it sometimes clogs the holes in the device, preventing air from moving and pulling vapor from the mouthpiece.

You can solve this problem by warming the cart with a hairdryer, but it is sometimes enough to rub it between your palms. The goal is that heat lowers the oil viscosity, allowing it to flow through the cartridge.

7. Dirty or damaged contact

The clogged contact point almost always causes the vape pen to stop working. The same thing happens when it is pushed down too far, preventing a connection with the cart after attaching.

Sometimes, you can solve the problem by cleaning it with isopropyl alcohol and a cotton swab and placing the contact point in the appropriate place. However, regular maintenance and prevention are always better options.

8. Faulty charger

After ensuring everything is okay with the battery, the next thing to do is to check the charger. You can expect this device part to wear and tear over time, causing malfunction or damage.

Inspect the charger for any visible signs of damage, or use another one to see whether the old one causes the issue. Besides, avoid buying poor-quality chargers because of their short lifespan.

There is one more possible problem you should be aware of. Using an incompatible charger for vape charging can be a reason for failure to charge the device.

9. Faulty charging cable

Interrupted or corrupted charging cable is one of the primary reasons the light on the vape pen fails to come on after plugging it in. The best way to prevent inefficient power delivery to your vape pen is to store a cord properly and avoid tugging it during manipulation.

10. Damaged coil

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The coil is one of the crucial vape pen components responsible for oil heating and vapor production. You can expect this part to accumulate residue over time or get damaged or burnt out due to lack of proper maintenance or after too frequent use.

Therefore, you can notice inefficient or none vapor production after a while. In this case, you should check this part and look for visible dirt build-up and possible signs of damage. Your options are to clean this part, fix the problem, or replace the coil.

11. Misaligned connection plate

A connection plate is a connection placed between the cart and the battery. The coil heating gets disrupted if this place becomes misaligned over time because of regular usage, accidental drops, or heavy wear and tear. The result is a vape pen that stops working after charge.

Check whether this misalignment is a problem by looking for visible signs of damage or traces of dirt. You can be sure it is about the connection plate if the LED shows the charging light but without vapor production.

You can solve it by cleaning the connection plate with isopropyl alcohol, realigning it to the original position, and making contact with the cart bottom. Doing it with your fingernail, paper clip, or a small screwdriver is possible, but the best option is to ask a professional to help.

12. Malfunctioned atomizer

The atomizer allows turning the E-juice or oil into vapor but can’t appropriately work if it is overtightened. A short circuit, debris, and possible chipset issues are other possible reasons for its failure.

13. Faulty device

In some cases, you can find that the vape pen is broken or damaged, causing a charging issue. You can be sure it is a problem when cleaning the device and changing the battery, charger, and cord can’t help. Depending on the device model you use, you can throw it away or have it professionally fixed.

If this happens with a new vape pen, there is probably no chance to fix it. When you get a device that can’t produce vapor after hitting it for the first time, the only solution is to ask for a replacement.

14. E-liquid leaking

Be careful while refilling the cart because prefilled cartridge sometimes causes leaking and consequential damage. If the E-liquor or oil reaches the battery, you can expect the vape pen to stop working.

Ways to Fix a Vape Pen Not Working After Charging

The proper way to fix the problem with the vape pen not working after charge depends on the problem you are faced with. The first step is to check your device, recognize the reason for this, and find the proper solution. In most cases, you should do one or a few of the following things:

  • Ensure that the vape pen is turned on and correctly plugged in
  • Use a different power source and try to charge the device with an extra charger
  • Check and clean the battery connection plate when necessary
  • Adjust the voltage
  • Unclog and clean the vape cart or tank
  • Clean or replace the coil, depending on the problem
  • Tighten or loosen the cart as needed
  • Fix a stuck connection pin
  • Get a new battery


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The vape pens have a defined lifespan, so you can sometimes discover that it doesn’t work after charging. It is often enough to clean dirty parts, particularly the coil and battery connection. Unfortunately, you should purchase a new battery if it is damaged or expired.

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