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8 Reasons Why You Get Dizzy When You Vape (Ways to Stop)

Why Do I Get Dizzy When I Vape

Although vaping simulates smoking, they are entirely different. When smoking, smoke is created by burning tobacco leaves. On the other hand, vaping involves the use of an electrical device that turns the liquid into steam by heating it. This aerosol contains about thirty chemicals, including three crucial and sometimes nicotine.

Vaping is considered safer than smoking. However, it can cause addiction and breathing problems. In addition, it can cause different body reactions, such as dizziness. Now, let’s solve the mystery of – Why do I get dizzy when I vape?

Causes of Dizziness While Vaping

Dizziness is a symptom typical of vaping. You can feel it while using a vape device that contains nicotine or soon after. There are several reasons for its occurrence, such as:

Causes of Dizziness While Vaping

1. Nicotine levels

Nicotine is a natural alkaloid found in many plants, although it is most associated with the tobacco plant. It is a stimulant with several side effects, such as headache, dizziness, nausea, or shortness of breath. Most E-liquids contain different nicotine levels, so intense vaping can lead to excessive nicotine intake and dizziness.

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2. Dehydration

Some of the E-liquid ingredients are vegetable glycerin and propylene glycol. They absorb and retain water in your body during vaping, leading to dehydration. That is one of the most common reasons for dizziness to appear.

3. Allergic reaction

Some vapers can face hypersensitivity or allergic reactions to certain ingredients in juice. Symptoms of these reactions generally include dizziness, headaches, rashes, nausea, or difficulty breathing.

It is best to consult a doctor in these situations because identifying which ingredient caused the allergic reaction is crucial. That is the most reliable way to prevent this problem from recurring.

4. Inhaling too deeply

Vapers usually take too big puffs while vaping. However, most of them are unaware that the inhalation technique is very important. With deep breaths, nicotine moves through the vaper’s body at high speed, which can lead to sudden dizziness.

5. Vaping too frequently

One of the most common causes of dizziness is too frequent and intense vaping. In this situation, your body receives a large amount of vapor with a high nicotine level in a short time.

Since the human body is unable to process these amounts in such a short period, you can expect dizziness to occur. Besides, the oxygen level during intense vaping is too low to meet the needs of your body, resulting in the same symptoms.

6. Nicotine salts

Nicotine, in its most natural form, is the main ingredient of nicotine salts. Manufacturers obtain these salts by processing tobacco leaves and using them in E-liquid production.

You can commonly find nicotine salts in disposable devices and pod systems. They are a better choice for beginner vapers because the effect of nicotine is faster and more intense. However, novices quickly feel dizzy because they are not used to the intense nicotine salt effects.

7. Low-quality vape products

The use of low-quality vape products can be one of the causes of dizziness. Cheaper disposable devices can contain impure ingredients and contaminants and often provoke unwanted reactions.

In addition, these products can contain additives that improve the taste of E-juice. Unfortunately, they also cause dizziness and a headache during excessive vaping.

Quality brands make flavor and safety top priorities when sourcing e-liquids. They avoid additives and use only pure, high-grade ingredients to provide an exceptional vaping experience while protecting user health.

Unlike brands compromising quality and safety for profits, SPIRITBAR Vape always prioritizes user health when crafting e-liquids.

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8. Vape settings or wattage are too high

Modern devices have a great possibility of adjusting. For instance, if you set the power and temperature too high, you can expect them to impact vapor production significantly. The result is ingesting a high level of nicotine with each puff, increasing the chances of dizziness.

How to Stop Dizziness from Vaping?

Not every vaper needs to feel dizzy while vaping, but you should know what to do if it occurs. There are several ways to help reduce the risk of this unpleasant feeling while enjoying your vaping experience.

How to Stop Dizziness from Vaping

1. Stay hydrated

Dehydration is one of the dominant causes of dizziness while vaping. The best way to prevent it is to drink enough fluids. Take sips of water frequently while vaping to prevent dry mouth and keep the whole body hydrated.

2. Adjust nicotine levels

Since the nicotine level significantly affects the appearance of dizziness, it is necessary to adjust it. The best option is to choose to vape without nicotine or with a reduced level of this substance. Then, you can increase it gradually.

3. Know the nicotine type

Salt-based nicotine causes dizziness more often than free-base nicotine because it is more powerful and its absorption in your body is faster. To prevent this reaction, you should completely avoid nicotine salts until you reach the necessary tolerance.

4. Take a break

Too deep breaths and too frequent inhaling make more nicotine reach your brain, causing dizziness. Therefore, taking a break after every few breaths is advisable to allow your body to recover. Besides, take baby steps if you are a novice and let your lungs get used to a new activity.

5. Check settings

If you set your device to have a higher temperature and wattage, it will produce more vapor. Consequently, more nicotine will enter your lungs. Therefore, it is better to choose lower settings initially and gradually increase them over time.

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Other Side Effects of Vaping

Although dizziness is the most common side effect of vaping, we can say that it is not the only one. In addition to dizziness, you can experience several others.

1. Coughing

Coughing during vaping is often a complaint of beginners, although current and former smokers are no exception. This symptom is often the result of incorrect vaping.

It occurs when new vapers vape too much and fail to give their body enough time to adjust and get used to the nicotine level. The cough can also appear because of incorrect settings on your device, particularly when you fail to adjust the airflow correctly.

2. Dry mouth

Dry mouth is a regular side effect that occurs during vaping. This symptom is most often associated with VG and PG, two basic ingredients of E-liquid. The problem is that both substances are hygroscopic compounds that absorb water, leading to dehydration.

3. Tiredness

Nicotine acts to your body as a stimulant, similar to caffeine. This substance can increase your mental alertness in the first rush, but you can expect the initial signs of tiredness as soon as its level in your body starts to decrease. This feeling often forces vapers to increase their vaping intensity in an attempt to reduce fatigue.

4. Headache

Headache is often a symptom of excessive nicotine intake because it narrows the blood vessels in the brain and reduces blood flow. Consequently, the level of oxygen and glucose in the brain decreases. Besides, a headache can also be a sign of dehydration. You can prevent this type by increasing liquid intake.

5. Nausea

The appearance of nausea is one of the most unpleasant side effects of nicotine intake during vaping. This feeling is also frequent among smokers, but it usually disappears once the body gets used to a particular nicotine level.

Besides, this health issue can be related to one or more E-liquid aromas. In this situation, avoiding that particular juice can quickly solve the problem.

6. Weight loss/gain

The reason for this problem is nicotine. Since it is a stimulant, you can expect it to accelerate metabolism and burn fats in your body. However, there is no solid evidence to support this assumption because weight loss and fat burning are not the same.

Possible weight loss during vaping can be related to the fact that many vapers don’t need sweets because of the sweet taste of E-juice. Interestingly, you can gain weight after stopping to vape.

Experts believe that is related to idle hands. Once you don’t have a vape device in your hand, there is a high chance of reaching for food. The same thing happens in people who quit smoking.

7. Chest pain from vaping

Chest pain as a result of vaping can occur for various reasons, including a too-high nicotine level, high heat, or specific aromas of E-liquid.

For instance, some vapers complain of chest pain after using cinnamon-flavored juice. Regardless of the cause, it is advisable not to ignore that pain and consult a doctor immediately.

8. Sore throat

When vaping gives you a sore throat, itchy, or scratchy feeling, the causes are various. In most cases, it is one of the following things:

  • The nicotine level is too high
  • Your device’s power is incorrectly set and too high
  • The coil or capsule is old
  • Allergy or hypersensitivity to propylene glycol in E-liquid
  • Intake of high-strength juice with free nicotine

9. Vaper’s tongue

When it seems that your favorite E-liquid has lost its distinctive taste, it is not about the liquid. It is more likely that you have an issue with a vaping side effect known as vaper’s tongue. Luckily, this inability to taste the aroma is temporary and passes once you take a break from vaping.

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Dizziness while vaping is a common occurrence in both new and experienced vapers. No matter how unpleasant this feeling is, it is mostly harmless and short-lived. Besides, there are numerous ways to avoid or at least mitigate this issue. If the dizziness is long-lasting, you should ask the doctor for help.

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