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10 Ways to Get a Nicotine Buzz from Vape Again

Even the most skeptical experts agree that vaping is healthier than cigarettes. This is because vapes lack tar, carbon monoxide, and many of the toxic ingredients in tobacco. But just like any stimulant or relaxant, your body develops tolerance over time. That’s how addiction begins. So let’s find out how to get a nicotine buzz from vapes after the initial hype has faded.

How to Get a Nicotine Buzz from Vape Every Time

1. Recognise the Nicotine Buzz

You might not think your vape is giving you a nicotine buzz. But maybe you’re just unsure of what to expect. After all, like many stimulants, nothing is ever as strong as that introductory fix. So you may be experiencing a flash of verve and just not know it. The rush of a vape often makes you light-headed, maybe even dizzy. And you suddenly need to do a Number Two …

You could feel a tingling on your forehead, tongue, or the back of your skull – which is why it’s called a head rush. Sensations of alertness and relaxation come in quick succession. Your heart rate may increase. So if you’re unsure that you’re buzzed, take a moment to close your eyes and breathe deeply. Sit still to see if that tell-tale kick is hiding below consciousness.

2. Think Like a Flask, Not a Faucet

A lot of us think of vapes the way we think of alcohol – the more we take in, the stronger the effect. But with vaping, it’s more like a flask. The nicotine in your vape attaches to brain parts called neuro-receptors. This means they can get ‘full’ and have no more space to link up. It’s not a faucet that drips until you shut it (or until it runs dry). It’s a flask with limited capacity.

So when you keep vaping but you no longer feel the nicotine buzz, it could be that all your receptors are tapped out. You’ll need time for them to free themselves, use up the trapped nicotine, and/or shake the fuzziness loose to get fresh. You need to halt the supply of fumes and its attendant nicotine so you can revamp the effects. Less is definitely more in this case.

3. Double Check Your Vape

You already know vapes come in various flavors. Some are fruit-based like strawberry mango while others are more suited to your mood. You can even find vapes optimized to smell and taste like organic tobacco. That way, you get the joy of a cigar or cigarette with none of the side effects. But not all vapes have nicotine. Some just have the flavoring itself.

For nicotine vapes, you can get dosages of 2% or 5%. Without this synthetic nicotine, you’ll get lots of cool fumes but not much of a high. So if you’re not feeling that head rush, take a closer look at the packaging. Make sure you bought a vape with a specified nicotine quotient. And if the 2% is no longer hitting the spot, consider experimenting with a 5% vape model.

With the overwhelming variety of vape flavors available, it can be difficult to find one suited to your tastes. Checking popular rankings can make selection easier. Let’s look at the 5 best-selling flavors from Spiritbar Vape:

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While these can’t guarantee you’ll love them, choosing from among the most popular increases your chances of finding a flavor you enjoy. Rather than sorting through hundreds of options, start with highly-rated, best-selling e-liquid flavors to efficiently narrow your search.

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4. Pace Yourself as You Vape

Generally speaking, you get a bigger nicotine hit from vapes than cigarettes. But the method of transfer differs too. Your first cigarette of the day gives you a lovely head rush. But after the initial dosage, you may need two or three cigarettes at a time to get the same buzz. In the same way, the first inhale will tease your senses, but you need two or three for your next hit.

If you’ve stopped feeling the buzz, put the vape away for an hour or two. This will give your system and receptors time to recalibrate. The next time you take a puff, it will feel fresher and stronger so the stimulant levels will ramp up. Also, if you get a slight headache from too many puffs in one go, stop and sip some water. Wait a few hours before you indulge again.

5. Try a Simpler Flavour

In many parts of the US, flavored vapes have been banned to reduce underage attraction. Unless you’re a registered vape shop, you can only sell mint, menthol, or wintergreen vapes. The idea is these variants are unattractive to kids and teens. But by the same token, they can appeal to adults because their nicotine kick feels purer and higher without any distraction.

If your blueberry ice vape is no longer doing the trick, switch to the three options we listed above. Or you can go old-school with tobacco-flavoured vapes. These earthy-scented palates can help your brain zoom into the nicotine sensation. This way, you get the best nicotine kick and the psychological satisfaction of cigarettes, pipes, or cigars without any lingering smells.

6. Play With Your Vaping Temperature

You may not be savvy enough to know the specifics of warm vaping and cool vaping. But the earliest vapes were warm vapes that had a higher voltage on their batteries. They produced warmer fumes when you inhaled and exhaled. Later, low-voltage or sub-ohm vaping was introduced. Here, the fumes feel cooler but are far more dramatic from a visual perspective.

In summary, high voltage gives you more flavor but a shorter duration for your e-juice. Low voltage means your tank and battery last longer, your plumes are much bigger, but the buzz isn’t as intense. On the other hand, you’ll take more inhales so the cumulative fix is elevated. Experiment with various combinations of voltage, resistance, and airflow to see what works.

7. Juggle Your PG and VG

E-juice is made by mixing PG (propylene glycol) with VG (vegetable glycerine). The VG is great for glorious plumes while the PG is good at absorbing nicotine and flavouring. When you buy e-liquid, it often has the proportions of PG and VG listed on the label. So if you feel like you’re dimming your nicotine buzz, look for a brand that has a higher volume of PG in it.

You can also consider making your own e-juice. But only if you know what you’re doing! If not, find a company that customizes e-juice. They can make you a batch according to your specifications. So you can ask for a high-PG variant that has keener levels of nicotine. That said, never exceed the recommended dosage (50 milligrams per milliliter). Any more is toxic.

8. Take Longer Hits and Space Them Out

We’ve already advised you to take a break between sessions. But even when you’re actively vaping, the timing matters. The intuitive option is to exhale three or four times in a row, especially if you like the flavor. You’ll also be enjoying those billows of ‘smoke’ so you want to see more of them. They dissipate within minutes, urging you to make some more clouds.

But the nicotine from a vape takes around 10 seconds to hit your bloodstream. And every hit is a little less dilute. So take a puff, hold it as long as you can, inhale again, then release. Wait fifteen to thirty seconds before your next puff. This lets the first fumes get fully absorbed and trigger internal reactions. As the epinephrine and dopamine kicks in, pause and inhale again.

For satisfying hits, your vape must produce ample vapor volume. Remember the VG we discussed? Increasing VG alone doesn’t maximize vapor production. You don’t want a thick, flavorless draw. The art is balancing VG and PG. This exemplifies the skill differences between vape brands. Full, rich, pure flavor and velvety vapor is every designer’s goal.

The Spiritbar Jack’s Flask achieves this mastery with 9000 puff capacity. Abundant vapor and intense fruit essence make it an exceptional experience. If you seek an extraordinary vape, give the Jack’s Flask a try. When vapor quantity and taste purity come together, the vaping experience ascends to new heights.

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9. Vape on an Empty Stomach

Nicotine routinely lowers your appetite. And sometimes, it makes you want to flush out your system. This is because nicotine triggers adrenaline or epinephrine, the so-called fight-or-flight hormone. It’s a survival mechanism that speeds up your heart rate and raises your blood pressure while pulling the focus away from non-essential tasks like digestion and food.

If you haven’t eaten in a while, your blood sugar is already low, so taking a nicotine hit will make the reaction quicker and more intense. But do this with care, because vaping can also make you nauseated, and with no food in your tummy, your insides may rebel rather loudly. Also, with less glucose in your blood, the rush could make you faint so keep cushions nearby!

10. Vape and Sip for Best Results

Take a tip from cigarette smokers who often chase their ‘cancer sticks’ with coffee and energy drinks. Both contain caffeine, which works well with nicotine to enhance that brilliant buzz. So after every inhale, take a leisurely sip for an extra boost. You can opt for coffee-flavored vapes if you’d like a layered effect. But remember the nicotine buzz can be soothing as well.

So if you’re more interested in the relaxing aspects of this puffy treat, swap the coffee for tea. A nice steaming cup of herbal infusions combines beautifully with a good vape. You can even heighten the experience by getting green tea flavors that match your vape variant. And it works just as well with iced tea, so if you’re sub-ohming, play with some fruity flavoring too.

11. Try New Vape Products

Get a Nicotine Buzz from Vape isn’t just about the nicotine. As we’ve said before, vaping products are works of art. To get the best experience involves the right combination of nicotine, temperature, flavors, coils, batteries, and more. So trying some new products is one of the best ways to go.

Based on the convenience of disposable vapes, SPIRITBAR Vape has introduced innovative new choices like the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and SPIRITBAR Katana disposable e-cigs. Thanks to large e-liquid reservoirs, these products can provide excellent 9000-10000 puff capacities for extended vaping time. Useful features like e-liquid and battery level screens allow vapers to monitor usage.

By combining extended battery life, flavor variety, intuitive displays, creative designs and reasonable pricing, SPIRITBAR’s new disposable vape options demonstrate how convenient vaping can be powerful, customizable, and cost-effective.

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SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000

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  • Up to 10000 Puffs
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
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Embrace the Space

Once you stop feeling that nicotine buzz, you’ll be tempted to vape more. And if you do, the side effects might make you sick! Instead, step back. Put your vape in your pocket for a few hours. Even a few days. Try a different flavor. The best advice on how to get a nicotine buzz from vapes is to give your senses time to replenish. That rush will come back in a little while.

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