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7 Reasons Why Vape Pen Flashing Red When Charging (Solved!!!)

7 Reasons Why Vape Pen Flashing Red When Charging

You can spot several different blinking lights on your vape, depending on the device’s condition. The installed LED indicators can inform you about what happens inside the vape pen by changing colors, blinking, or pulsating. Be aware that the way of blinking depends on the exact vape model you have.

For instance, various colors give you necessary information or indicate an issue. In some cases, the reason for a particular color occurrence is apparent, but sometimes, it is impossible to be sure at first glance what is happening. Now, let’s check why a vape pen flashing red when charging.

Reasons for vape pen blinking

An issue Reasons Way to fix the problem
Battery issue Dead battery

Low voltage

Low charge

Poor battery connection

Replace a dead battery

Recharge the battery

Clear air bubbles by gently tapping the battery

Clean battery contacts

Poor vape pod installation The absence of pod detection Unscrew and reinstall the pod

Replace the pod

Clean the contact

Insufficient e-Liquid Depleted e-Juice Refill e-Juice

Replace a disposable vape pen

Vibration warning Check the number of puffs per minute
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Reasons Why Vape Pen Flashing Red When Charging

A vape pen is a convenient and easy-to-use device when you maintain it properly and charge it on time. One of the issues that confuse most users is LED lights that alert you to different pen operating conditions or possible problems.

1. Regular charging

The red indicator light is the most common way to indicate something is going on. Even though most people connect the red color with issues, it is not the case this time. This LED indicator color only displays the regular charging process. In other words, the vape pen flashing red indicates that it is time to recharge the battery.

Most manufacturers recommend charging the new battery fully before using the device. After that, never let it discharge entirely to prevent ruining its performance. Some pens use different LED lights to indicate the current battery’s degree of charge.

  • The LED flashing green indicates that the battery is 70% to 100% full
  • The LED flashing blue indicates that the battery is 40% to 70% full
  • The LED flashing red indicates that the battery is below 30% full

Besides, a red flashing light during charging typically means the entirely discharged battery is charging successfully.

Once your battery is completely charged, the light indicator changes from red to white or green. Sometimes, the indicator turns off and stays that way until the battery is full.

Even though the vape pen is expected to flash red when charging, the blinking red indicator sometimes means other things. In most cases, it warns you that something is wrong, but it depends on the device model you have.

The rule of thumb is never to ignore blinking lights, particularly red ones. It is critical to find and fix the reason before your device stops working. The possible reasons for such a thing are:

2. Low battery

A low battery is the most typical reason for the red light blinking on the vape while charging. You can spot it on many devices when the battery is below 30% complete. If everything is fine with your vape, the light turns off as soon as the battery is fully charged.

The tricky part is that you can expect your battery to need various times to reach the maximum possible capacity. It depends on the vape pen type, charger model, and battery capacity.

The best way to get the full battery quickly is to use the charger from the same package. Using an inappropriate charger, particularly a model with a higher amperage and/or voltage, almost always causes battery damage.

The other thing to take care of is to avoid charging the vape pen for too long. Only that way can you prevent overheating and consequent battery damage.

Although you charge it as recommended and use the pen on average, the vape pen’s battery never lasts forever. Its life primarily depends on the vape juice type you use, but frequent use can also shorten its life.

3. Faulty battery

A malfunctioning battery can cause your pen’s LED light to blink red during charging. You can expect the same thing when the charger fails to work correctly.

Be careful with a faulty battery and replace it as soon as possible because it may hurt you. On the other hand, a defective charger can damage the pen’s battery and destroy the entire device.

In this case, the only thing to do is to replace the damaged gadget with the new one. Remember that the charger needs to be compatible with the vape pen model to prevent further complications.

If you are unsure about the battery and charger’s condition, you can have it professionally diagnosed in a repair shop. Another option is to contact the pen manufacturer and ask for advice and help.

The solution depends on the problem you have. So, professionals can recommend you replace the device or offer you another type of assistance.

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4. Battery connection problems

This problem is pretty common during long-time vape pen use. Therefore, you should check the battery and charger connection when you notice a red flashing when charging because it can get loose over time.

The other option is the vape pen or charger’s dirty, unaligned, or damaged charging port. All three causes lead to problems with connection, resulting in the vape pen that flashes red.

The most effortless way to solve this issue is to clean the charging port with compressed air or a tiny brush. You can’t do much with a damaged port, but you can try to fix an improperly aligned one by moving the vape pen or charger lightly. It sometimes works, but replacing such a device is often the only solution.

5. Voltage problems

Voltage issue is one of the most common difficulties that causes red flashing while charging your vape pen battery. The reason can be a voltage output from the charger that is too high or too low.

You should use the original charging ports that come with your vape pen in the same package. Otherwise, you can face unexpected charging issues and possible vape battery damage. Nowadays, most pens use USB ports as chargers, making charging more convenient than ever.

The other reason for a red blinking while charging the battery is a malfunction in the voltage regulator of the vape pen. If you suspect such a thing, the best option is to try a cable or alternative charging device. Be sure that it is compatible with the vape pen model you have.

Finally, some vape pens have the option of an adjustable voltage. These models have three LED color lights for each voltage power:

  • Red light shows that a voltage is high
  • Blue light shows that a voltage is medium
  • Green light shows that a voltage is low

6. Overheating

Overheating is one of the typical causes that result in a device flashing red while charging. Reasons for this issue are various, but the most typical are the following:

  • Faulty battery
  • Incorrect charger
  • Too long vape pen charging

Fortunately, you can effortlessly prevent all these problems by following the instructions and manufacturer’s recommendations.

Faulty battery – Avoid charging the battery at too high temperatures to prevent overheating. In ideal circumstances, you should do that at a moderate temperature of 50 to 86 F (10 – 30 C).

If you spot that the pen or charger is overheated, disconnect them and wait for a few minutes. After they cool a bit, reconnect them and check what is happening. If the pen quickly heats up again, you probably have an issue with a dysfunctional battery or charger. In this case, the only solution is to replace the damaged device.

Incorrect charger – Always use the original charger packed in the box with the vape pen. Another option is to buy a device constructed exclusively for a particular pen type.

Remember that chargers with higher voltage quickly overcharge the battery. Besides overheating, you can also face a damaged battery and additional costs to purchase a new one.

Too long vape pen charging – Charging the vape pen longer than requested often leads to overheating. The best way to prevent this problem is to follow the manufacturer’s instructions and stop charging the battery as soon as it is fully charged.

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7. Software glitch

This issue means a software glitch causes the vape pen to flash red while charging. There are two most common reasons for this to happen:

  • The vape pen uses outdated software
  • The device has a problem with the firmware

You can solve this by updating the software or resetting the pen. Be careful with software updating because the procedure often varies depending on the specific pen model and particular manufacturer.

Nowadays, you can purchase a modern model with an automatic software update. In this case, you should check whether you can do it through a complement app or the device itself.

Be prepared that updating the software sometimes fails. In this case, resetting your vape pen to the factory settings is necessary. Always back up important data before doing that because this process deletes custom settings.


There are a few reasons why the vape pen flashes when charging. For instance, its LED indicator flashes red to inform you about the battery charging. However, it can also indicate improper battery charging, voltage problems, or a USB cable or charger issue.

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