WARNING: This product contains nicotine. Nicotine is an addictive chemical.


ESCO Bar Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

ESCO Bar Vape OverviewESCO Bar Vape Overview

You can find a Domestic Limited Liability Company with jurisdiction in Texas founded on 25th March 2020 behind the trading name Pastel Cartel LLC. The registered address is 3326 Immanuel Rd Pflugerville, TX, US.

When necessary, you can use their email address [email protected] or contact their customer service at [email protected] for correspondence. The company mailing address is 1717 Graford St, Leander, TX, US.

As you can see, ESCO Bar is a Texas-based Pastel Cartel brand of disposable vapes prefilled with 5% strong nicotine salt e-liquid, meaning 50 mg/mL.

Since vapes are disposable, it is impossible to refill them once you run out of e-liquid. In such a case, you can only recycle or throw the device away.

Their products use two battery types:

  • The ESCO Bar disposable vape pens that last 2,500 or 4,000 puffs use a 1,000 to 1,100 mAh battery. They can generate a particular number of puffs, and you can’t recharge these models.
  • The ESCO Bar Mega disposable vapes that last 5,000 or 6,000 puffs use a 600 to 650 mAh battery. You can recharge these models until using up the e-juice amount available.

Design and building quality

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The disposable Esco Bars vape is a small draw-activated pocketable device that comfortably fits in hand. The cylindrical shape with a slightly curved upper design makes this device comfortable to handle and resistant to lighter impacts.

You will be impressed by the solid device structure resulting from the high-quality materials the manufacturer uses. It is compact and portable, so you can carry it in your pocket and use it whenever you feel a desire for a good vape.

One of the primary advantages is an elegant and convenient mouthpiece in a drip-tip style that improves full enjoyment. Additionally, these vaping devices’ battery capacity is high, and they contain enough vape e-juice for long-term use, depending on the model you choose.

Besides, pens are lightweight and available in a wide range of colors, according to available flavors. They come without unnecessary external buttons, and you can only notice a small LED on the top that starts lighting during inhalation.


Performance-wise, ESCO Bar vapes are first-class disposable devices containing large, long-lasting batteries. They carry an impressive amount of e-juice, and you can pick out a model providing from 2,500 to 6,000 puffs.

A mouth-to-lung draw is effortless and solid, providing a flavorful warm vapor filled with desired aromas. It becomes even more intense thanks to the drip-tip style mouthpiece.

This device is effortless to use without any buttons, and it turns on automatically when you start inhaling through the mouthpiece. A corresponding LED lighting signals the start of work.

Like any other disposable bar vape, it is impossible to recharge and refill this one. In other words, you should purchase another device as soon as the existing one runs out of liquid and battery.


ESCO Bar Vape

  • Relatively new disposable vape brand
  • Sleek, minimalist design aesthetics
  • Offers a variety of fruit flavor options
  • Mid-range pricing


  • Established disposable vape brand
  • Diverse product range
  • Simple, straightforward designs
  • More budget-friendly pricing

Key Differences:

As a newer brand, ESCO Bar Vape has more innovative product designs and flavor choices.

As an experienced brand, SPIRITBAR Vape has a broader product line and more affordable pricing.

In summary, ESCO Bar Vape appeals to those wanting fruit flavors and stylish designs. SPIRITBAR Vape suits the masses wanting affordable, easy-to-use disposables.

Both offer quality disposable vape options based on individual preferences and budget considerations.

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ESCO Bar Vape Price & Series

ESCO Bar offers four vape models lasting from about ten days to almost four months, depending on the total daily puffs. You can pick out a model with 5% nicotine that provides 2,500 to 6,000 total puffs and enjoy 50 to 250 puffs daily.

The ESCO Bar vape models include:

1. ESCO Bar Mesh 2500 Price & Details

Each ESCO Bar disposable vape pen providing 2,500 puffs comes with a non-rechargeable 1,000 or 1,100 mAh battery with enough power to last approximately 24 hours. It has a 6 mL e-liquid capacity and contains 5% synthetic nicotine.

Each pen is prefilled and has a mesh coil allowing an enhanced flavor and smooth inhalation, plus enjoyment in one of 36 flavors based on your preferences. The best of all is that this device requires zero maintenance. Once you use it up, you can send it for recycling or dispose of it.

ESCO Bar Mesh 2500 provides:

  • 50 puffs a day for 50 days
  • 100 puffs a day for 25 days
  • 250 puffs a day for 10 days

This lightweight device with a practical portable design has a few advantages, including:

  • A wide range of fantastic, innovative flavors
  • Convenient e-juice capacity
  • A non-stop functioning mesh coil

One of these vape pens costs $23.27, but you can get it with 27% off, at $16.99. You can expect delivery from the US within 4 to 7 working days.

2. ESCO Bar 4000 Price & Details

This disposable vape pen with a shimmering package in several bold metallic colors provides 4,000 puffs. It comes with a powerful non-rechargeable 1500 mAh battery and contains 9 mL nicotine salt e-liquid.

This product is particularly specialized in five rich, fruity flavors, including favorable blueberry papaya strawberry, kiwi passionfruit nectarine, mojito mint, Asian pear pineapple, and white peach raspberry combinations.

ESCO Bar Mesh 4000 provides:

  • 50 puffs a day for 80 days
  • 100 puffs a day for 40 days
  • 250 puffs a day for 16 days

This vape pen with a brand name, salt level, and flavor printed on its body comes with several advantages, such as:

  • A 5% nicotine level is ideal for complete enjoyment
  • The convenient e-juice capacity of 9 mL vape juice
  • The mech coil provides pure vapor

The regular Esco Bar pen 4000 price is $20.99, but this product is out of stock at the moment.

3. ESCO Bar Mega 5000 Price & Details

As the product’s name suggests, this rechargeable disposable vape provides 5,000 puffs without the possibility of cutting short from accidental drops.

The device comes with a 14 ml capacity for nicotine salt e-liquid and 50 mg NIC levels. You can effortlessly charge its 600 mAh battery with a USB-C cable, while a mesh coil provides enjoyment in the best possible flavor.

You can find several beautiful tastes typical for this particular product. Still, the most favorable are blueberry raspberry ice, kiwi guava, peach pineapple, blood orange tangerine, strawberry watermelon, and root beer float.

ESCO Bar Mega 5000 provides:

  • 50 puffs a day for 100 days
  • 100 puffs a day for 50 days
  • 250 puffs a day for 20 days

It is challenging to list long-lasting vape pens advantages since they include  features like:

  • A rechargeable battery with a USB-C cable
  • A convenient draw-activated firing mechanism
  • It is nearly impossible to break or damage this device
  • Each Mega ESCO Bar pen is prefilled and pre-charged

Mega Esco Bar vapes cost $33.32, but the current sale allows you to get a 28% discount and buy your preferred product for only $23.99.

4. ESCO Bar H20 6000 Price & Details

The Esco Bar H20 vape is new and one of the best products you can find on the current market. It comes with a rechargeable 650 mAh battery and provides 6,000 puffs. Its vape juice capacity is an impressive 15 mL.

The novelty is the addition of 30% water to the e-juice. This advanced, breakthrough technology relieves dehydration and keeps you hydrated during vaping. This product also contains a premium long-lasting mesh coil that increases flavor, making it overwhelming.

This ESCO Bar vape comes in numerous flavors, including fantastic strawberry milkshake, green apple, blueberry bubblegum, vanilla custard, and mango lassi options.

ESCO Bar H20 6000 provides:

  • 50 puffs a day for 120 days
  • 100 puffs a day for 60 days
  • 250 puffs a day for 24 days

Among the numerous advantages of this product, the crucial ones are:

  • A lightweight, box-style design
  • An airflow you can adjust yourself
  • A rechargeable battery and corresponding USB-C cable
  • A functional premium mesh coil inside for a better taste

Rechargeable ESCO Bars H20 vapes providing about 6,000 puffs cost $30.37 per piece. However, you can get your device for only $23.99, thanks to the current 21% discount.

Best ESCO Bar Vape Flavors

By now, the company has released 36 unique ESCO Bar flavors. However, that number seems to grow thanks to planned bold combinations that can satisfy even the most discerning customers.

The best option depends on your preferences, and you can put them in three groups. The favorite ones for most consumers are:

Ice flavors

In this group are fruit products with added menthol, making them refreshing and allowing a unique icy pleasure with every smoke.

  • Spearmint – This luxurious vapor provides a genuine icy experience underlined by a straight mint blast.
  • Strawberry ice – Most consumers consider this sweet strawberry flavor blended with minty freshness the best in the ice flavor category.
  • Blueberry raspberry ice – This incredible mix of the refreshing taste of mint and a blast of blue raspberry flavor will quickly help you feel cheerful and satisfied.
  • Banana ice – The experience of ice-cool topping spiced with the sweetness of ripe banana taste combines the fruit’s smoothness with a freshness that only menthol can provide.
  • Mango ice – The company boldly combined a ripe tropical mango flavor with an extra menthol freshness.
  • Cotton candy ice – It is a mix of the blissfully sweet, nostalgic flavor of cotton candy with an icy undertone.
  • Black dragon ice – This classic disposable vape flavor is a blast of ice with just enough sweetness to accentuate mint.

Fruit flavors

These flavors are for people who enjoy the sweet taste that only ripe fruit can provide. If you don’t want the iciness in your vapes, you can choose among a few excellent pure flavors, like:

  • Watermelon bubblegum – This flavor is intended for nostalgic people who remember their childhood and the recognizable taste of bubblegum. Mixing it with a relaxing taste of watermelon is a real hat trick.
  • Strawberry watermelon – This classy mixed fruit combination is one of the leading flavors this company offers. It provides the ultimate fruity vapor of balanced strawberry and watermelon tastes.
  • Blue raspberry lemon – This vapor offers a rollercoaster of unique blue raspberry flavor with a slight hint of lemon.

Non-ice flavors

These flavors are intended for consumers who prefer pure non-ice tastes without a strong and intense fruity note.

  • Red apple – You can’t go wrong with this flavor because it faithfully evokes the taste of your favorite apple.
  • Rainbow – This flavor offers inexplicable uniqueness and is the most popular and best-selling non-ice option.
  • Lemon drops – It is a fantastic option if you enjoy a well-balanced sweet taste with a sour lemon undertone.
  • White gummy – This disposable vape offers the candy gummy bear taste most consumers appreciate. It offers childhood memories and a unique experience of exquisite non-icy taste.


What company created ESCO bar vapes?

ESCO bar disposable vapes were designed by Pastel Cartel, a company based in Texas.

Does ESCO Bar vape contain nicotine?

Yes, ESCO Bar disposable vapes contain 50 mg/mL salt nicotine since they are prefilled with 5% strong nicotine salt e-liquid.

How to recharge ESCO Bar vapes?

Be aware that the company provides only two vapes you can recharge, ESCO Bar Mega-5000 and ESCO Bar 6000 H20. You can do this with a USB-C cable.

How to tell if an ESCO Bar vape is fake?

It is almost impossible to determine whether ESCO Bar disposable vapes are fake because of different counterfeit variations.

One of the best ways to suspect that you are dealing with a fake product is at a significantly lower price than average. Additionally, you can check the logo and packaging for minor discrepancies.

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