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How Many Vape Pen Puffs to Get High? (3 Facts)

How Many Vape Pen Puffs to Get High

How many vape pen puffs does it take to get high?

Whether you’re new to vaping or an enthusiast, we bet this question has crossed your mind before.

Sadly, there’s no correct answer.

As you will see below, the exact number of puffs required to reach a state of intoxication varies significantly from one person to another.

In this article, we will help you determine the exact number of puffs needed to experience a buzz. Beyond the count, will explore ways to create a safer vaping experience.

How Many Hits a Vape to Get High?

Vaping is different from smoking a joint or a cigarette. With vaping, you inhale vapor from a vape pen containing substances like nicotine or cannabinoids (THC).

Normally, these substances trigger intoxicating effects ranging from relaxation to a sense of euphoria or lightheadedness.

However, the count of vape puffs you need to experience this sensation depends on a few factors. Let’s discuss some below.

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What Factors Influence Vape High?

1. Tolerance

When you vape, the cannabinoids inhaled, such as THC and nicotine, stimulate hormones and neurotransmitters in your brain and spinal cord. This causes several physiological effects, including the feeling of being high.

Remember, people have a different tolerance to nicotine and THC. If you’re new to vaping, the first 3 puffs are enough to give you a strong high (especially for vapes with nicotine).

But if you’re a frequent user, expect your neuroreceptors to get saturated. When this happens, nicotine from your vape will have no stimulating effect.

This forces you to take more vape puffs to increase your nicotine intake and chances of getting high. Over time, your body will adjust to this substance’s presence and develop a tolerance for it.

As for THC, it usually reacts with the Cannabinoid CB1 receptor. This receptor controls how neurons send messages and affect memory, pain, and eating habits.

Scientists have found more than 15 variations of this receptor. This means that people can have different levels of intoxication, even if they take the same amount of THC.

Apart from genes, regular and prolonged exposure to THC can lead to tolerance, further affecting the puff counts you need to feel high.

People who can handle more cannabis usually need more vape pen puffs to get high. This rings true, particularly if they have prior substance use through smoking or other means.

If this happens, we suggest you lower the amount of cannabis you use. Using it for a long time can cause breathing problems and mental disorders.

Besides, a break allows THC to leave your body, reducing your tolerance level. But be ready for withdrawal symptoms such as loss of appetite, cravings, trouble sleeping, and irritability.

2. The Potency of Vape Liquid

The next factor worth considering is the potency of vape liquid.

Vape juices come in different strengths with varying amounts of nicotine or cannabinoids. They also contain other ingredients like:

  • Water
  • Food-grade flavoring
  • Vegetable glycerin or propylene glycol

When you first vape, two puffs of 65% or 75% THC between an interval of 30 minutes are enough to make you high. Once it hits, you can stay that way for up to 3 hours.

However, if you have been smoking for a while, two puffs won’t cut it because you have more tolerance. You might require more vape puffs to get intoxicated or a highly potent e-liquid with higher THC levels.

3. Optimal Vaping Frequency

How many puffs are you taking within a session?

Your vaping frequency plays a big role in how fast you get high. However, it varies depending on personal preferences, needs, and goals.

If you occasionally vape for relaxation or recreation purposes, chances are you will take a few puffs during each session. Since your body is not used to nicotine or THC, you will get a good buzz or high feeling only after a few puffs.

People who use it more frequently as a smoking cessation aid or for managing stress might require more hits to achieve the desired high.

The duration and intensity of each also matter. Longer, deeper inhalation can induce the intoxication effects faster than shorter, shallow puffs.

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How To Determine the Exact Number of Vape Puffs Needed to Get High?

As clarified above, the precise vape puff count required to get high varies between individuals based on several factors. However, there are some guidelines you can follow to get the most out of your vape pen.

If you are vaping for the first time, start with one or two small puffs. Wait for 15-30 minutes and see how you feel. If the puffs have no effect, you can take a few more.

If you are a regular vaper, most likely your body has built up tolerance to nicotine or THC. For this reason, you will need more puffs to get a buzz.

If you’re using a highly concentrated vape liquid (60-90% THC), take only a few puffs. The high levels of THC in each puff is sufficient to get you high.

We recommend you begin with a low number of puffs and assess how your body responds before considering additional puffs. This helps in avoiding the adverse effects of taking too much nicotine or THV and getting uncomfortably high.

Risk and Side Effects of Vaping

Vaping is often advertised as a safe way of smoking. That’s why so many people have switched from tobacco products to e-cigarettes and vape pens.

While it’s true that vaping is less harmful than smoking, it’s not safe. Remember, vape pens heat nicotine, flavorings, and other ingredients that you inhale. Therefore, vaping still exposes you to certain harmful chemicals.

Furthermore, the heat from the vaporized e-liquids can cause serious lung injuries. In February 2020, the CDC said there were 2,807 confirmed cases of lung injury from vaping. It also recorded 68 deaths attributed to this condition.

But this seems to only happen to people who change their vaping devices to get a better experience and more nicotine per puff. The same holds for people who opt for modified e-liquids.

That said, here are a few potential risks and effects associated with vaping:

  • Respiratory problems:  The hot vapor can irritate your lungs and airways. Vaping also exposes you to all kinds of chemicals that can lead to chronic lung disease, asthma, and even cardiovascular diseases.
  • Addiction: Because vaping devices often contain higher concentrations of nicotine, they can be as addictive as traditional cigarettes. Overcoming nicotine addiction is very difficult and can harm your health. Remember that.
  • Oral health Concerns:  Vaping also increases the risk of cavities. When you vape, the aerosol can stick to your teeth and help bacteria grow. Research also associated vaping with gum inflammation a precursor of periodontal diseases.
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What Is the Safest Way to Vape?

Vaping is relatively new, and scientists are still studying its long-term side effects. Nevertheless, here are a few steps you can take to minimize potential risks or side effects:

1. Buy Vape Pens and E-liquids from Reputable Sources

To stay safe, don’t use vape juices from the black market or homemade ones. They could have a harmful chemical called vitamin E acetate.

Only buy your vape pens and vaping accessories from trusted distributors and suppliers. Make sure the seller offers a complete breakdown of their product to avoid inhaling harmful contaminants.

2. Use Low Wattage Devices

Yes! It’s tempting to modify your vaping device to produce more smoke clouds and deliver more buzz per puff. But at what cost?

High-wattage devices might create harmful chemicals, increasing your risk for respiratory problems and even addiction.

3. Inhale Less Vapor

Longer, deeper puffs get you high.

While this is true, inhaling too much vapor is harmful, especially to your lungs. So, protect yourself by inhaling correctly. Simply hold your mouth open for a few seconds.

4. Use the Charger Sold with your vape Pen

Don’t just use any charging cable to charge your vaping device. Keep in mind that charging cables have varying power levels and resistance. Therefore, using the wrong charger can damage your vape pen, which can cause further complications.

5. Stay Hydrated

If you have smoked a joint before, you know what a dry mouth or scratchy throat feels like.

Prolonged use of vape pens and juices can lead to dehydration. But, there’s a solution! Drink plenty of fluids to stay hydrated throughout the day.

6. Take Breaks from Vaping

It doesn’t hurt to keep off your favorite vape pen for a few days. By doing so, you can reduce your body’s tolerance to nicotine and THC, and reduce the risk of addiction.

7. Practice Oral Hygiene

As said earlier, vaping can cause cavities and gum problems. So, protect your oral health by regularly brushing and flossing your teeth.

You should visit your dentist regularly too. This way, he (or she) can perform regular screening and identify potential issues before they emerge.

Another thing, clean your vape pen. Remove any residue buildup, as it can be harmful to your health.

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Closing Remarks

As we wrap up, the number of vape puffs you need to get high depends on a few factors, like the potency of the e-liquid and tolerance.

People who are new to vaping will get high after just a few puffs since their body has less tolerance to nicotine and THC.

However, frequent users require more puffs and sometimes high nicotine or THC levels to get the desired result.

If you want to have a great vaping experience and stay healthy, follow the safe vaping guidelines above carefully.

That’s all for today. If you have any concerns, let us know in the comments section!

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