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Firefly Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Firefly Vape Overview

Firefly Overview

Firefly is a brand well-known for its innovative and high-quality vaporizers. When choosing a vaporizer, it’s always best to go for a brand with a stellar reputation and a proven track record of excellence.

We’d give a very detailed review of the Firefly brand, and why it has remained a favorite among both new and experienced vapers.

History of Firefly Vape Brand

In 2012, the Firefly brand was founded by Mark Williams and Sasha Robinson, in San Francisco, California.

They aimed to establish a brand that catered to the vaping needs of individuals. All of their products were designed to be stylish, and provide pure, flavorful vapor.

Williams and Robinson knew that the vape industry was saturated with vape products that weren’t offering a premium vaping experience, and they fixated to manufacture only products that functioned effectively, plus had a stylish appearance.

They were so invested in getting it right, that they worked tirelessly for several years with engineers and designers as well, to achieve the perfect aesthetic and performance for all their products. In their pursuit of perfection, they introduced convection heating, and this innovation alone made them stand out from other brands in the market at the time.

Traditional vaporizers made use of conduction heating to vaporize dry herbs, and this seemed like the perfect idea until Firefly introduced the use of convection heating. Firefly made use of convection heating to produce clean, and flavorful vapor; the essence of this is so you get the full taste of whatever e-juice you are vaping.

The use of convection heating helped eliminate the use of harsh flavors associated with traditional vaping methods, and other impurities as well. Because of this, Firefly became a popular brand among both novice and experienced vapers.

Firefly built a team of expert and friendly staff to support users, so they can enjoy their Firefly products to the fullest.

Currently, their product line includes desktops, portable vaporizers, accessories, and even replacement parts.

Features of Firefly Vape Brand

Some of the key features that set the Firefly brand apart from other vaporizers include;

  • Ease of Use

The best part about Firefly vaporizers is that they are very user-friendly and simple to operate. They have a one-button interface that can be easily used to control the temperature, wattage, and airflow, plus any other setting.

  • Convection Heating

Normally, vaporizers that use conduction heating don’t heat properly, plus there’s always the combustion of dry herbs which can cause a very uncomfy feeling in your throat.

The good news is that Firefly makes use of convection heating that heats the air around the herb, thereby creating a very clean and strong vapor.

  • Stylish Design

Firefly vaporizers are made using the best materials, from their borosilicate glass to aircraft-grade aluminum. A quick look at their sleek design will expose you to the smooth, fine lines and minimalistic aesthetic.

  • Exceptional Customer Support

Firefly has a lot of online guidance and resources to ensure that its users are not stranded at any point. They have the best set of knowledgeable staff who are fully committed to ensuring that every query is answered within a short time frame.

On their website, you’d also find instructional manuals and videos that give detailed explanations on how to use the vaporizers. So, with this, you are certain that you’ll never have any issues operating your device.

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Firefly Vape Price & Series

Firefly vape brand comes in four different series, Firefly 1, Firefly 2, Firefly 2+, and Firefly 2+ Special Edition.

Firefly 1 Series ($130 – $150)

The Firefly 1 series is the first to be launched by Firefly in 2013. This vaporizer features a stainless-steel exterior and a borosilicate glass vapor path, and of course, convection heating to ensure a clean vapor is produced.

The main reason why vapers loved this vaporizer is the intuitive user interface and the one-button design that made operation easy.

The Firefly 1 heats up very quickly, meaning you’ll have it ready to use in a few seconds. This is why it remains a popular choice among vapers who want a fast-vaping experience, despite it being the oldest series in the Firefly lineup.

The Firefly 1 is designed to be attractive and functional, plus its removable battery offers up to 45 minutes of use per charge. So, you don’t have to worry about this device running out of battery when you are on the go.

You might not understand the importance of a durable battery until you have to be charging your vaporizer after every use.

So, if you want a vaporizer you can use for long hours during outdoor activities, the Firefly brand is the right choice for you.

Although it’s old compared to the Firefly 2 edition, it’s easy to use and maintain. It’s also less advanced than the newer models of the Firefly lineup and has a shorter battery life.

However, it’s a symbol of the pioneering era of the Firefly vape brand, and to date, it remains a popular choice because of its innovative features, ease of use, and stylish design.

Although it has been discontinued by the manufacturer, it was previously sold for $130 to $150.

Firefly 2 Series ($250 – $280)

This is an obvious upgrade to the Firefly series 1. It has a sleeker and more compact design – a magnesium alloy exterior and redesigned vapor path.

It also features convection heating that guarantees clean and smooth vapor production. However, it comes with advanced temperature control and an app-based interface that allows vapers to adjust and modify their vaping experience.

It comes with a fast heat-up time, and you don’t have to wait before it’s set for use.

One of the incredible improvements in the Firefly 2 series compared to the Firefly 1 is the weight and size. It’s a more portable option, making it ideal for travel.

You don’t even have to spend a fortune, with about $250, you can purchase one for yourself.

Plus, it features a magnetic lid that makes it super easy for you to load and unload the chamber. With the Firefly 2, you are entitled to different accessories, including a charging dock, cleaning kit, and extra batteries. The essence of these accessories is to make sure that your vaporizer is always charged and ready to use.

Firefly 2+ Series ($249 – $299)

This is the most recent series to the Firefly vape brand, and it was built upon the success of the original Firefly 2 vaporizer. However, there are some changes and improvements that make it an even more attractive option than the Firefly 2 series.

One of its prominent features is the dynamic convection heating system that heats the air around the dry herb to produce smooth and clean vapors.

It also features advanced temperature control, and now vapers can optimize the temperature and airflow in the chamber.

The Firefly 2+ is incredibly versatile, as it comes with a concentrate pad, making it compatible with both dry herbs and concentrates. So, if you love switching between materials, this is an excellent choice for you.

You can get the Firefly 2+ in a range of different colors. There’s black, rose gold, silver, and gold.

It’s safe to say that overall, the Firefly 2+ has outstanding performance and versatility. It’s also a bit pricey, but you are certain of getting full value for your money. Depending on the color and finish, the price range is around $249 – $299.


Firefly 2+ Special Edition ($349 – $449)

This is the latest addition to the Firefly vape brand, and it comes with a lot of new design elements that make it different from its predecessors.

It comes with an upgraded heating system that optimizes the temperature and airflow in the chamber to provide a consistent vaping experience. You also have the option of choosing from six pre-set temperatures, to ensure the vaping process is to your preference.

The Firefly 2+ special edition also has a better battery life, and it comes with two high-capacity batteries that can quickly be swapped out to enjoy extended vaping sessions.

It has a charging dock that allows you to charge the two batteries at the same time.

One amazing upgrade of this series is the new LED display that shows the temperature settings and battery level. There’s also the smartphone app, for vapers who wish to customize their vaping experience.

The Firefly 2+ special edition is sold for $349 – $449, depending on the design.

However, their sleek design isn’t a compromise of their quality, because their vaporizers are 100% functional, and you can be certain you are getting real value for your money.

So, if you are interested in function and form, the Firefly vaporizers are the best bet.

Another interesting factor about their design is portability. For vapers who are always traveling and on the go, this is always a popular choice.

Best Firefly Flavors

Firefly has a range of different vape juices that are compatible with their vaporizers. So, if you love a fruity or mint flavor, there’s something for you.

Some of the best flavors they’ve produced include;

1. Blueberry Flavor

Blueberry vape juice is a popular flavor for vapers who love sweet e-liquids. It has a refreshing and satisfying taste, that’s natural and authentic. Unlike other brands, the Firefly blueberry e-juice literally tastes like blueberry, plus the taste is not too overpowering or weak.

2. Vanilla Flavor

This is a classic flavor produced by Firefly, and it’s ideal for vapers who love sweet and creamy vape juices. It has a rich vanilla taste, and it’s impossible to differentiate from the real deal.

3. Tobacco Flavor

The Firefly tobacco flavor is the best flavor for vapers who enjoy the traditional taste. For vapers who love the taste of tobacco, but want to avoid the harmful chemicals in cigarettes and other smoking products, this is an excellent choice.

4. Mint Flavor

To get a more refreshing and invigorating flavor, try out the mint e-liquid. It’s perfect for hot summer days, because of its cool and crisp mint taste.

5. Peach Mango Flavor

Just like the name implies, this flavor is a combination of peach and mango, and it’s ideal for vapers who want a juicy and sweet flavor. The ratio of peach and mango is perfectly balanced, so this is a flavor you can vape all day without getting bored.

6. Strawberry Kiwi Flavor

This is another fruity flavor that most vapers enjoy. It’s a combination of strawberries and tangy kiwi. So, if you want a tangy flavor that gives a tart kick, try this out.

7. Watermelon Flavor

If you have a preference for natural sweetness, then the watermelon flavor is a great option. It’s juicy and refreshing, plus it’s the perfect flavor for summertime.


1. Is Firefly a Good Vape Brand?

Yes, Firefly understands innovation and users’ comfort, and this makes it the most polished and popular option of vaporizers among vapers. With its great convection oven, you are sure to get the most flavorful and consistent vaping experience.

2. Where’s the Firefly Vape Made?

The manufacturers of Firefly vaporizers are situated in Canada.

3. How Long Does the Firefly Vaporizer Last?

In terms of battery life, Firefly is one of the best out there. On average, its battery can last 4-5 bowls.

4. Is Firefly Worth the Hype?

Absolutely! Firefly vaporizers are very easy to use, plus you don’t need to ground the herb as fine before use.

5. Are Firefly Vape Products Safe?

When used as instructed, all Firefly products are generally safe. However, it’s important that you use it responsibly, so you don’t develop nicotine addiction.

6. What Range of Flavors Does Firefly Vape Brand Offer?

The best thing about Firefly is that there’s a flavor for everyone. They offer a wide range of flavors including, Mint, Pina Colada, Caramel, Strawberry Kiwi, Blueberry Lemonade, and Chocolate.

7. What are the Available Nicotine Strengths for Firefly Liquids?

Firefly vape liquids come in different nicotine strengths from 0mg to 24mg, so vapers have the option of choosing their preference.

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