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Temperature Control Mode on Vape (Beginner’s Guide)

Temperature Control Mode on Vape

If you’re a seasoned vaper, you must have heard of the immense benefits temperature control mode adds to the overall vaping experience. From increasing the vape’s battery life, ensuring you avoid dry hits, and protecting your coils and wicks so that they last longer, this feature is a must-have. However, what is the temperature control mode?

Temperature control mode is a vape feature that allows you to regulate your coil’s temperature by automatically detecting the temperature during vaping and adjusting it to your chosen temperature. This helps you attain a consistent vaping experience.

In this article, we’ll show you how the temperature feature on vapes works, show you all you need to get the best out of the TC feature, and then explore the benefits and drawbacks of this innovation.

How Does the Temperature Control (TC) Feature Work?

From research, we’ve found out that many vapers out there do not have the faintest idea about how the TC feature of their vape works. For this reason, we’ve put together a comprehensive illustration of its working principle.

A vape’s temperature control mode operates using the basic electrical property principle known as resistance. In simpler terms, the TC feature operates by limiting the amount of current flowing through the coil in your vape during hits. This flowing current is what determines the temperature for vaporizing the e-juice.

Now, depending on your vaping device type, some coils (like kanthal, the most popular vaping wire already have a static resistance value). In contrast, others can increase due to higher temperatures which are how the TC feature was birthed.

With coils that can change resistance during vaping, once the temperature of the coil increases, the resistance follows. This helps to maintain a consistent temperature for smooth hits while vaping.

This revolutionary temperature control idea in vapes is owed to the invention of the DNA chip by the company EVOLV in 2014. From 2014 until now, various consumers will still identify mods with these DNA chips as the best option for vapes.

The initial high-quality mods also produced by EVOLV could only adjust the variable wattage or variable voltage until the TC mods came into play, which was a plus for innovation as it relates to our vapes. Now, you will find the temperature control feature in most of the high-quality vapes today.

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Benefits of Temperature Control Mode on Vapes

The TC feature in vapes is an innovative one, its purpose becomes quite glaring when you take long drags and want to ensure that temperature does not become an issue. However, as much as we have pros to this feature, there are also some cons to consider.

1. Blocks Dry Hits/ Blunt Hits

An experienced smoker may have manual ways to block dry hits while vaping, but a vape with the ability to do that automatically makes the vaping experience much smoother.

When the wick gets dry in TC mode and the temperature gets high, the TC feature kicks in by cutting power. So, as opposed to getting blunt hits, you only get less vapor. With this new feature, you can say goodbye to uncomfortable dry hits no matter the length of the hit.

2. Ensures Consistency while Vaping

Longer drags on vapes lead to higher temperatures on vape coils which would be an issue for a vape that still operates on the wattage feature alone. With TC, you get control over how high or low the temperature gets, which allows your drags to stay consistent.

You do not need to worry if it is between a long puff or separate puffs; as long as your TC feature activates, you will surely enjoy a seamless and harmonious vaping experience that allows you to hit that sweet spot.

3. Improves Coil and Wick Life

A lower temperature is better for the coil and wick life of your vape, and because TC mode helps you regulate the temperature of your vape, it helps to improve the coil and wick life. This mode also prevents the cotton from getting singed.

N.B: Singeing in the cotton is what makes your vape taste burnt, often resulting from the coil and wick overheating. TC will help you avoid such issues by regulating the temperature to prevent burns.

4. Longer Battery Life

The TC vape mod uses lesser power during temperature regulation which means the battery does not have to work overtime, and because the heat gets reduced, it is healthy for the vape’s battery.

These temperature control vapes use an estimated 1.5 less power during vaping which marks more efficiency than its variable wattage counterpart. This helps to boost the battery life longer than the standard wattage feature.

5. Optimal e-juice Experience

Changing the temperature in your vapes can help you unlock more sweet spots, making you enjoy more buzz during your vaping experience. You may experience new and exciting buzz you wouldn’t have using the variable wattage mode during the different highs and lows.

This helps you achieve the optimal experience with your e-liquid as you switch from these different temperatures.

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Drawbacks of Temperature Control on Vapes

As much as we can enjoy the benefits of the TC mode on vapes, there are some unavoidable drawbacks you need to know about before entirely investing in this innovation.

1. Possible Complexities

The TC mode procedure is more complex than you would want. All you need to do for the Vape Wattage (VW) mode is set your desired wattage and continue vaping, but the TC mode demands more than that.

First, you must confirm the material you want and then input the correct value or select the right TC mode, whichever is applicable. Furthermore, you must also set the variable wattage if your mod type requires it and then test the vape a couple of times before you find the right sweet spot.

This process makes the TC mode a little complicated, especially when all you want to do is get a quick vape session in. the time you use in setting the stage becomes a major drawback on this mode.

2. Mod Quality

If you want to enjoy the TC feature, you need a high-quality mod, and the regular mass-produced mods readily available today will not cut it. You need to purchase high-end mods, so you have a vape that is compatible with this feature.

There is always the stress of finding the perfect mod that fits into the feature you need and the cost associated with procuring the mods, making it a significant drawback for temperature control modes on vapes.

3. Material Limitations

Your choices are limited in terms of tanks when you want to vape in the TC mode. The fact is most tanks do not come with TC-ready coils which makes building your tank the only option you have. You can only access the TC mode if you wish to build your tank.

For example, kanthal coils remain one of the most popular kinds, but unfortunately, it does not support the TC mode, which creates a limitation for this feature unless you use a rebuildable atomizer or build your tank.

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Requirements to Vape in Temperature Control Mode

To get access to the best temperature control vaping experience, there are certain features that come to mind. In this section, we’ve made it our duty to provide you with a detailed compilation of these essential requirements.

1. Vape Mod

To enjoy the benefits that temperature control modes in vapes provide, a vape mod that allows for the TC mode feature must be present. It would be best to get a good-quality mod because some do better than others. The EVOLV brand is one of the good ones, but there are other brands that are less expensive and will do a good job.

Consider a mod that allows you to preset the TCR value, which is their own temperature coefficient of resistance for each wire. This is a helpful feature in mods but is optional because a TC feature can still function without it.

Not all mods available are of the same value, and some will handle temperature control better than others, depending on the value and quality of the mods. A DNA or Yihi chip mod works best, but that does not mean an aspire or vaporesso will not work.

2. A Tank with Stainless Steel, Nickel, or Titanium Coils

Additionally, it would be best if you had a tank that could contain stainless steel, titanium, or nickel coil. If you are lucky, you may get a tank with prebuilt coils in the required materials, but if not, you should look at building your tank using a rebuildable atomizer (RBA, RTA, or RDA) so you can fix the coils on your own.

Furthermore, a quality mod will need the right wire type to function optimally. This makes it necessary that you are familiar with the right types of wire that will operate with the TC mode. Here are some of these wires.

  • Stainless Steel – also called ss, this wire type is one of the most popular kinds available. It is available in grades 304, 316, 316L, 317, and 430 but more commonly, the SS316L. This is the only wire type that works for both the VW and TC modes.
  • Nikel200 – commonly referred to as Ni 200, this wire is the first type linked with the TC feature but is rarely used now as a result of the allergic reactions consumers experience.
  • Titanium Grade 1 – also called Ti, wires like these work fine with TC mode but are always at risk of overheating.
  • Nickel Ferrous – commonly referred to as NiFe and available in various grades like 30, 48, 52, and 70. The downside to this material is that you rarely find it in the market.

How does Disposable Vape Control Temperature?

Disposable e-cigarettes use a simple, pre-set power output to control the temperature produced by the atomizer. Unlike advanced mods, disposables do not allow temperature customization by the user.

The fixed battery in a disposable vape provides consistent power to the heating coil each time it is activated. The coil resistance is engineered to pair with the battery’s voltage to produce an optimal temperature range.

For example, a 3.7V battery matched to a 1.8ohm coil will generate about 7-8W of power. This heats the coil to around 200°C to vaporize e-liquid efficiently without overheating.

The power output and coil specs do not change throughout the lifespan of the disposable vape. So the user gets a uniform vaping temperature with every puff for consistent flavor and satisfaction.

While lacks customization, this simple power regulation allows the disposable vape to deliver a reliable vaping experience specially tuned by the manufacturer. The sealed device means users cannot alter the power settings or temperature manually.

Overall, smart battery-coil pairing and fixed power output allows disposables to offer consistent, optimized heating without temperature adjustability needed or wanted in these convenient devices.

Of course, you should opt for trustworthy disposable vape brands like SPIRITBAR Vape. Some unknown, disreputable manufacturers use inferior heating coils and batteries to cut costs.

Brands like SPIRITBAR Vape thoroughly research and test different component pairings to optimize performance. They invest in high-grade materials from reputable suppliers to construct their atomizers and power units. Rigorous quality control ensures consistency.

Meanwhile, sketchy producers may scrimp on things like wire grade, coil thickness, battery cell quality, and testing protocols. Weak, low-resistance coils paired with poor battery current can equal a frustrating vaping experience. Defective lithium batteries also introduce major safety hazards.

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Final Thoughts

We can agree that the TC mode in vaping is revolutionary, especially when you want to hit longer drags. However, there are still drawbacks to this mode which makes decisions about the TC mode or VW mode a case of personal preference for different vapers.

Should you decide to join the vape experience with the TC mode, always remember the possible drawbacks highlighted below to avoid disappointment.

  • The TC mode is not a straightforward process
  • It would be best to get a mod compatible with this feature
  • Materials like coils that can accommodate this feature are limited

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