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Gummy Vapor Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Gummy Vapor Overview

Looking for the best vaping products can make you feel like a kid entering a candy shop with loads of treats available. But even with all the options, which one is the best out of the rest? Since we’re looking at quality, taste, and convenience, just stick with us and read our Gummy Vapor Review.

Gummy Vapor produces lots of vaping products perfect for anyone and everyone. It doesn’t matter if you’re a newbie or an old-time vaper. They have tons of items to choose from, and they surely have something in store for you.

Gummy Vapor Overview

Gummy Vapor is a relatively new brand, but what they offer are excellent quality products because they know what vapers want. They have a bunch of notable items that offer vapers with tons of options to choose from.

When looking through their products, we couldn’t help but get excited with the models they offer. And once we started scanning the flavors, we wanted to try every option in the list! We also did a little research and looked at what loyal customers have been saying about Gummy Vapor

One user said they loved the flavors since these were rich and tasty. Another user said they appreciate having a variety of puff counts and also took note of the flavors. Then, another individual claimed Gummy Vapor had the best vapes and was really happy with their purchase.

But aside from these positive comments, what else does Gummy Vapor have to offer? Let’s check out the features of their products.


1. Tons of Flavor Options

We mentioned earlier that Gummy Vapor has a bunch of flavors available. That means, every vaper can have something that suits their tastes.

But what makes everything better is the fact that its flavors are continuously growing. So, if you’re already feasting your eyes on what’s available, there’s definitely more for you!

You will find a collection of fruit combos available. Plus, there are tobacco and menthol options if you want the more “natural” essence.

And like we’ve said, there’s an option for everyone. So, finding the perfect vape for your needs and tastes won’t be a problem. Actually, we don’t even think you’d need to look anywhere else, nor would you have problems finding your favorite flavors.

2. Relax, Inhale, and Enjoy

We all want to vape peacefully, right? But the thought of suddenly having to charge, refill liquids, etc., just wrecks the idea of relaxing and enjoying your vaping sessions.

Fortunately, Gummy Vapor fixed this issue. They gave us gummy disposables which are excellent alternatives to vape without bothering with the hassles we mentioned.

3. Disposable AIO System

Gummy Vapor products come in a light AIO system. What’s cool about it? Well, it’s easy to operate, environment-friendly, and easily disposable.

4. Get More than 1400 Puffs

Each Gummy Vapor product contains up to 1400 puffs or more. It’s an excellent amount since these are more puffs than what you’d get on regular products. Additionally, what they offer is perfect for long journeys and hours of partying since these last longer than average.

5. Get that Auto Spark Igniting Mechanism

Gummy Vapor has this feature incorporated into each of their gummy vape pens. It’s pretty cool since we can activate it easily. Just set the tip of the product onto the lips before taking a good pull. Honestly, this feature makes the product convenient since we can discreetly vape anywhere without sparking flames.

6. Moderate Content of Nicotine

The Gummy Vapor products have moderate amounts of nicotine, making them perfect for use. But don’t worry because nicotine is optional. If you’re a newbie or are nicotine-intolerant, you can go for the company’s nicotine-free option. And like their standard nicotine-based products, you can get a variety of flavors that are delightful.

7. Safety Features

This is extremely important because some vapes tend to overheat. Fortunately, Gummy Vapor incorporates safety mechanisms to protect the products from possible heating/short-circuiting.

The company wants you to enjoy and relax, so they made sure to integrate safety features to guarantee safe and comfortable vaping.

Gummy Air Disposable Vape Vs SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and SPIRITBAR Katana

Brands SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask
Gummy Air Disposable Vape
Design Aluminum alloy outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

No Screen Display Artificial leather outer shell

E-liquid & Power Screen Display

Flavor Options 8 14 8
Nicotine Options 5% 5% 5%
Battery 500MAH 500MAH 650MAH
E-liquid Capacity 20ml 8ml 18ml
Puffs 9000+ 2800+ 10000+
Price $16.8 $24.99 $16.9

The Gummy Air Disposable Vape provides around 2800 puffs from 8ml of e-liquid. However, at $24.99 per unit, it comes at a much higher price point compared to the SPIRITBAR options.

Comparatively, the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask delivers over 3 times more puffs at 9000+ powered by a 500mAh battery and substantial 20ml e-liquid capacity, priced at only $16.8.

But the standout is clearly the SPIRITBAR Katana with its industry-leading 10000+ puff rating enabled by an optimized 650mAh battery and massive 18ml e-liquid reservoir. Priced at just $16.9.

When considering value for money, the Katana is highly recommended. Its unmatched battery efficiency and huge e-liquid supply deliver exceptionally long lifespan at an affordable cost.

While the Gummy Air does offer quality performance, its high price tag and lower puff count make it far less cost effective compared to the extreme duration offered by the Katana.

In summary, the Katana disposable provides the best puff count, battery optimization, and e-liquid capacity at the most budget-friendly pricing. It’s the winner when it comes to frugality and longevity.

Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Jack's Flask 9000 Puffs

$36 $12.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Up to 9000 Puffs
  • Stylish pirate flask-shaped metal body
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • 2-6 days delivery

Our Top Pick
SPIRITBAR Katana BP10000

$36 $12.99 (Free Shipping, 2-6 Days Delivery)

  • Up to 10000 Puffs
  • E-liquid & Power Screen Display
  • Mesh Coil
  • 2-6 days delivery

Gummy Vapor Price & Series

Gummy Vapor has a line of unique disposable vapes that you can purchase in select shops today. Design-wise, their disposable vapes are straightforward yet pleasing to the eyes.

The design of their products makes them easy to hold, plus the mouthpieces are all functionally convenient. As for the colors, they’re all attractive since Gummy Vapor opted for bold, bright, and striking shades based on the flavors. That means, you don’t only get a collection of flavors, but an explosion of colors too!

With regular disposable vapes, you get a decent number of puffs. But with Gummy Vapor disposables, you get enough puffs with a great balance of affordability and quality.

In our Gummy Vapor Review, we’ll share the available Gummy Vapor products you should try, as well as how much these cost.

But before we continue, remember that these products have similar quality. However, they’re slightly different when it comes to their design and puff counts. Now, let’s take a closer look at what Gummy Vapor has to offer.

Gummy Air Disposable Vape 2800 Puffs 5% Price & Details

Price: $24.97 – $24.99

These are disposable vapes that give you an easier and more convenient way to enjoy your vaping sessions. It comes with an 800mAh battery and a 1.2ohm mesh coil.

What’s more, it also has a 7ml pre-filled capacity that gives you up to 2800 puffs. Pretty awesome, right? Plus, you don’t need to bother with setting up the product before use nor do you have to deal with maintenance. Use it upon opening and enjoy!

Gummy Air Flavors

  • Guava Ice
  • Ice Cola
  • Red Bull Ice
  • Lush Ice
  • Banana Cream
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Red Apple
  • Banana Ice
  • Mango Banana Pineapple Ice
  • Gum Mint
  • Berry Lush
  • Strawberry Mango
  • Strawberry Cream


  • 8mL pre-filled eLiquid
  • Mesh Coil
  • 800 mAh internal battery
  • 5% (50mg) nicotine strength
  • Approximately 2800 puffs

Gummy Max Flow Disposable Vape 2500 Puffs 1200 mAh Price & Details

Price: $12.95

These products have an integrated 1200 mAh battery that’s high-capacity. So, you can save up to 2500 puffs for your vaping needs. Plus, you can take them with you no matter where you go.

The disposable vapes also have 8mL of eLiquid plus 5% nicotine which is enough for use. The flavors for this series are just as tasty as other Gummy Vapor series, so expect to enjoy this series too.

These vapes have a slightly different look and design, but they still look good and are easy to carry. Despite the design differences, these will still fit nicely in your hand and are the usual eye-catchers because of the vibrant colors.  Also, the company made sure to keep them small enough to fit easily into your pockets.

eLiquid content-wise, this series has a slightly higher content compared to the standard Gummy Vapor disposables.

Gummy Max Flow Flavors

  • Red Bull Ice
  • Blue Razz
  • Banana Ice
  • Chilled Strawberry Pom
  • Mango Banana Pineapple Ice
  • Cool Mint
  • Ice Cola
  • Mango Ice
  • Lush Ice
  • Orange Pineapple
  • Strawberry Ice Cream


  • 5% nicotine concentration
  • Pre-filled with 8mL eLiquid
  • 1200 mAh battery
  • Air flow adjustable
  • 2500 puffs per device

Gummy Disposable Vape 1500 Puffs 1100 mAh 6mL Price & Details

Price: $14.99

This series from Gummy Vapor has disposable vapes with 1100 mAh large-capacity batteries. This is ideal to give you 1500 puffs when you fully charge them.

As for their flavors, what the company offers is quite unique, but these taste thick and smooth into your throat. Despite the uniqueness, your taste buds will enjoy a treat of flavors, 6mL of eLiquid, plus 5% nicotine, and you can choose from 12 flavor options.

Gummy Flavors

  • Pineapple Ice
  • Cool Mint
  • Lush Ice
  • Mango Banana Pineapple Ice
  • Banana Ice
  • Peach Ice
  • Blue Lemonade
  • Red Apple
  • Iced Cola
  • Blueberry Ice
  • Strawberry Cream
  • Mocha


  • 5% nicotine content
  • Pre-filled with 6mL eLiquid
  • 1100 mAh battery
  • 1500 puffs per device

Best Gummy Vapor Flavors

Gummy Vapor offers vapes in over 14 flavors, so you’ll definitely find something for your preferences. With this long list, you can enjoy different tastes anytime. Here, we’ll give you a list of the different flavors:

Berry Lush – This Gummy vape flavor is a medley of berries blended with a special touch.

Strawberry Mango – Strawberry Mango is a Gummy Vape flavor that combines your two favorite tropical fruits.

Mango Banana Pineapple – This flavor mixes three kinds of sweet fruit, which anyone would love.

Banana Ice – If you love bananas, this flavor is for you! Banana Ice offers the perfect chilling sweetness for your vape.

Banana Cream – Combining the flavors of banana and custard, Banana Cream is ideal for people with a sweet tooth.

Red Bull Ice – This vape imitates the taste of the popular energy drink, which is sweet, tangy, and citrusy.

Red Apple – The Red Apple Gummy vape gives you the classic sweetness of the fruit itself, making it an excellent choice, especially for apple lovers!

If you’re someone who’s afraid of trying new flavors, then Red Apple is your go-to option. Remember, classic is always good, and you’ll never go wrong with it, even when we’re talking about flavors.

Grape Ice – Grape is one of the most popular fruit flavors for eLiquid, so why not add a bit of icy coolness to it? This sweet and sugary taste blends perfectly with the iciness of menthol, giving you a blast with every pull.

Guava Ice – If you’re a little bold and a fan of tropical fruit, this vape flavor is another must-try for your vaping needs. It has a distinct flavor that will make your sessions fun, exciting, and enjoyable. It’s also the perfect flavor for people who want to try something new since it’s guava + ice.

Pink Lemonade Bubblegum – This fun flavor offers a sweet and sour twist that will give your taste buds a rollercoaster of enjoyment. It’s light, citrusy, and refreshing combined with the sweetness of bubblegum.

Blue Lemonade – Blue lemonade is a combination of lemonade and blue raspberry flavors. Think of it as your original lemonade but with a twist, so it’s something different and fun to try. It’s definitely another vape flavor that we’re sure you’d love!

Ice Cola – This flavor is inspired by the world’s favorite soda with a chilling ice vibe. If you aren’t into fruity flavors, you better go for the classic favorite that everyone can’t and won’t deny.

Ice Blueberry – Ice is good, and so is blueberry. So if you mix these two, you’ll have a vape flavor that you won’t get enough of!

Lush Ice – If you’re not into sweet and fruity tastes, you’ll love Lush Ice. This luxurious flavor is one of the best vaping concentrates that is refreshing when inhaled. We consider this the best option when you’re out driving on a breezy, sunny day, or when you’re on the beach. But generally, you can enjoy this flavor no matter where you are!

Strawberry Cream – Strawberries and cream go together, even when it comes to vape. This sweet flavor is inspired by simple yet satisfying desserts.

Gummy Vapor FAQs

Is Gummy Vapor a Good Brand?

Yes, it’s definitely one of the best, and we’ve got a couple of reasons why we consider them that. The products are environment-friendly since their vapes only release a small amount of smoke. You won’t have to deal with huge clouds that are common in other vapes.

No need for matches or lighters since the vapes are all self-igniting. Just pop the tip on your lips, pull in the vapor, and enjoy! Aside from these being self-igniting, Gummy Vapor products are portable and convenient to bring around. You can easily slip them into your pockets or pouch for safekeeping.

The company’s vapes smell and taste really good. Plus, they’re much better than regular vapes since Gummy Vapor products have tons of tasty flavors. The flavors they offer aren’t basic, so you’ll be in for a treat. You’ll really feel like a kid in a candy shop searching for their sugary sweet treat.

What is the best Gummy Vapor flavor?

Generally, the best Gummy Vapor flavor depends on your tastes and preferences. And since all its flavors are claimed to be tasty and rich, everything is sure to be the best. Though based on customer reviews, Lush Ice, Cool Mint, Strawberry Cream, Triple Berry Ice, and Grape stand out above the rest.

Does the Gummy Vape have nicotine?

Yes, Gummy Vape products have a moderate amount of nicotine. And to give you specifics, each disposable has eLiquid with 5% nicotine content, which is around 50mg. Nicotine is optional because the company has a nicotine-free variant.

What does Gummy Vape taste like?

The Gummy Vapes all have distinct, rich, and tasteful flavors. But one thing’s for sure, all of them taste great, and you’ll love each one of them!

Are Gummy Vapes salt nic?

Since Gummy Vapor sells disposable vapes, we assume they use salt nic. Remember that nowadays, a lot of disposable vapes use nic salt eLiquids. And because of the lower pH levels, these provide a stronger but smoother nicotine hit.

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