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10 Ways to Get Rid Of Vape Smell (Fast!!!)

how to Get Rid Of Vape Smell fast

Are you looking for ways how to get rid of the vape smell fast? While vaping or smoking is a personal choice, it’s important that you also take into account the people around you. Therefore, you should know some hygienic tips to remove unwanted odor when vaping.

Actually, there are a lot of ways to keep the room still fresh and aromatic even after vaping. So, let’s take a closer look at some key suggestions for your reference. But before that, let’s get to know the reason why the vape smell lingers for quite some time.

Why does the smell from vaping dawdle for a while?

One of the most significant factors of the lingering vape smell is because of the volatile elements as well as the chemical elements used in e-juices. More so, when the heat comes into contact with the nicotine, it generates fumes that give you good sensations at once.

The smell of the vapor varies accordingly, depending on the flavors. Some are fruity while some exude that mint effect. And if you use a high level of nicotine, then you can expect strong odors to linger in the room.

Although the emission from e-cigarettes is not as potent as the smoke from tobacco, not everyone loves the smell of vape or perhaps there are people around you that are allergic to the fumes. So, it’s important that you get rid of the odor as soon as you finish vaping.

One reason vape odor may persist is the use of low-quality e-liquids in some products. Unknown, inferior vape brands use cheaper ingredients that can create lingering, unpleasant smells when heated.

To cut costs, disreputable manufacturers add potentially hazardous contaminants and adulterants that degrade the purity of their e-liquids. When vaporized, these impurities release odors that seem to stick around.

That’s why I always recommend purchasing vapes from reputable brands like SPIRITBAR Vape. They never cut corners and have their e-liquids rigorously tested for quality and safety. This ensures there are no mystery additives releasing unwanted odors.

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How To Get Rid Of Vape Smell Fast?

From natural smoke eliminators to remarkable household equipment, there are several ways to make your room clean and aromatic even after vaping. So, here are some of the most relevant tips that you can take advantage of:

1. Leave the window open.

If you think that the vape smells very strong, it’s highly recommended that you open the window before you begin puffing. Keeping the window open makes it easier for the smell to dissipate and not linger inside.

In general, once the smell settles, it would be very hard to remove it. Therefore, this method serves as a preventive measure to limit the vapor that lingers in the room. More so, this provides extra ventilation, so anyone who is not accustomed to the smell would be more comfortable.

However, it should be noted that opening windows and doors does not totally eradicate secondhand smoke. It would just limit the toxins found in vapes a little.

2. Make sure you have good ventilation in your home.

Proper ventilation is crucial in any home, and this significantly applies to a household that has smokers or vapers. When someone smokes inside the house, it affects the overall indoor air quality. More so, the puffs from the vape pen may combine with other air pollutants like dust and allergens.

Therefore, if you want to keep the indoor air fresh and hygienic, having good ventilation in your house is pivotal. There are lots of ways to achieve this such as opening windows and using ceiling fans inside the room. These tips are very beneficial in improving ventilation efficiency and removing vape smells.

3. Capitalize on some baking soda.

A top-notch household item that actually helps in eliminating odors is no other than baking soda. This is a natural odor eliminator that deeply cleans the room rather than just covering the smell. It is equipped with remarkable scrubbing power and cleaning properties that make it very useful in the household.

So, if the vape smell has been bothering you and your family for a while, it’s high time to clean the room. Sprinkle some baking soda on the floor and wipe a bit on the walls. Let the product sit for a while, probably around 2 hours or more for it to be more effective.

You may apply baking soda on a daily basis, especially for heavy smokers or vapers. This way, there won’t be an accumulation of odor that might affect the ambiance of the room. More so, this is a great method to keep your home hygienic as possible without breaking the bank.

Well, it’s because baking soda is very affordable. 4-pound baking soda only costs around $5! Plus, you can easily find them in supermarkets, adding up to their popularity as an odor control agent.

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4. Wipe vinegar on the walls and floor.

If you don’t have baking soda, there’s another recommended cleaning agent that is easily available in your kitchen. Vinegar is more than just a staple in cooking your favorite dish. In fact, it is widely used in neutralizing the odor that emits from your vaping device as well as removing unwanted stains.

Vinegar is also very effective in eliminating the smell of weed, which is quite distinct. Because of the strong scent, the weed vapor can even be detected far away. Likewise, it lingers longer compared to typical e-cigarettes. So, if you want to get rid of the smell, a bottle of white vinegar is recommended.

Using a damp cloth, apply white vinegar on the floor and walls. You may also use it to clean furniture pieces and other hard surfaces in the room. Since vinegar itself has a potent smell, you can add a dash of essential oil like lavender to minimize the sour odor.

You can leave the vinegar for a couple of hours, though the best option would be at least one day. Then, wipe down the vinegar residue from the surface using a paper towel. And ta-da, you’d definitely feel a huge difference before and after applying the vinegar.

5. Make use of an air purifier.

Another easy yet effective way to eliminate the smell of vape is to add an air purifier inside the room. Air purifiers can be your go-to tool on a daily basis. This portable device captures unwanted contaminants in the air, from allergens to harmful particles, caused by cigarette smoke and vape fumes.

Featuring an internal fan and filter, it then undergoes a thorough filtration process to clean the dirty air. Afterward, the filtered air is circulated back into space. This is the reason why many invest in good air purifiers to boost the quality of indoor air.

So, instead of regular deep cleaning using baking soda or vinegar, you may capitalize on an air purifier to filter the scent generated from the vape juices. There are different brands in the market, so make sure to opt for a high-quality machine.

6. Get some air fresheners.

Just like air purifiers, air fresheners are very much useful in eradicating any smell caused by the constant usage of vape devices inside the room. A nice feature of air fresheners is that you are given the option to choose your preferred scent.

There are plenty of air fresheners that not just limit the unwanted scent from the vape but also elevate the overall vibes of the room. Some of the most popular air fresheners are the oil-based types, which last longer compared to the traditional ones.

If you prefer some fruity notes, you may try those with strawberry or lemon hints. Lavender and eucalyptus are also commendable choices. Fresh linen is another popular pick, especially with its refreshing scent.

In using the air freshener, you just add a couple of drops of your favorite oils and let the aroma seep in. More so, using a strong air freshener is highly recommended if you are smoking tobacco, which has a high concentration of nicotine. Through this, it will be much easier to eliminate the undesirable smell.

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7. Light some scented candles.

If you want some quick-fix remedies to get rid of vape vapor, scented candles do the job effectively. These temporarily mask the odor that is generated from your vape pen’s e-juice by just lighting up the candle.

Another key benefit of scented candles is that it actually helps in relieving stress. The essential oils incorporated in these candles alleviate your stress hormones to ease your worries away. It positively impacts your overall mental health so you can relax deeply or work efficiently.

On top of the physiological effects, lighting up a scented candle gives more depth to the entire atmosphere and aesthetics of a room. These stylish home decors create a warm and cozy setup that attracts the attention of your visitors.

So, if you want to remove the vape smell while also improving your mood and room style, adding scented candles is definitely a good idea. You may install these in areas where you usually vape or even in your bedroom so you can relax better.

8. Use charcoal as an air filter.

Aside from air purifiers, you may also want to make use of charcoal to eradicate any smell residue from your vaping. Although charcoal in general can be used as odor control, the best option would be activated charcoal, which is a charcoal type that has been treated with oxygen at very high temperatures.

As a result, it becomes very porous, absorbing organic compounds and unwanted smells with its large surface area. More so, it locks these compounds to ensure there would be no lingering scent in the air. Because of these fantastic properties, activated charcoal is downright helpful in the household.

Acting as an organic vacuum cleaner, this can assist you when it comes to cleaning up a room and getting rid of any smoke residue effectively. Not only that but activated charcoal is also used in the medical field. It is widely known to treat typical mouth poisoning.

So, if you’ve got extra dollars, this is way better than vinegar and baking soda. And the good thing? These are mostly available in stores, which means you can easily purchase them at your own convenience.

9. Deep clean the carpet, sofa, and other furniture pieces.

Did you know that carpets are some of the most absorbent textiles in the household? It’s because of their thick fabric that easily gathers dirt and smell. And since the vapor from your vaping device comes with e-liquids like propylene glycol or chemical oils, these significantly settle on the flooring.

And over time, you’d be wondering why the room is still smelly even after opening the windows or cleaning the walls. It’s because the fabric of the carpet has accumulated dirty and smelly particles. Therefore, you must eliminate these elements completely by washing the carpet.

To ensure that the textile flooring is well-cleaned, your machine should wash the fabric. You may also opt for steam cleaners to release all the deep-down dirt and kill bacteria that has accumulated for some time.

And of course, you can’t miss the sofa, especially if you have a fabric type that easily acquires dirt. Don’t forget to clean your furniture too. You may use baking soda to remove dirt that has settled for a long time. Ideally, choose specific cleaning materials for your furniture items when cleaning them.

10. Try to vape in the bathroom or designated smoking areas.

To limit the impact of the nicotine smell, it’s highly suggested that you vape inside the bathroom. It’s because this area usually has extra ventilation to properly eliminate any bad odor. However, you need to be careful when vaping in the bathroom. Make sure you keep the device out of the water to avoid it from being damaged.

Another suggested spot is in the kitchen, where vent hoods are visible. Likewise, this is a better place compared to smoking in the bedroom or living room because the kitchen is made of hard flooring surfaces, making it easier to clean. Most apartments also adopt a non-smoking policy inside the complex.

Therefore, they have designated areas to smoke, normally stationed in open spaces. So, it’s very important that you follow the property rules and regulations and vape in certain smoking areas only. This is another way to avoid additional cleaning tasks.

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With the variety of ways to remove the traces of vape, it’s just a matter of choosing the most suitable option for your household. In a nutshell, getting rid of this smell depends on your preferences. Perhaps you can try everything and see which works best!

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