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Pulsar Vape Review (Price, Types)

Pulsar Vape Overview

Pulsar Vape Overview

Story & Products

Pulsar is a company with headquarters in Ashville, North Carolina, that has been keeping a pulse on the vaping industry for a long time – its first product was Pulsar 7 Pocket Vaporizer, launched on the market all the way back in 2012.

And, when we say vaping industry, we do not mean the industry as a whole but every one of us that is a part of the industry. Because how else would you explain the production line that includes over 1000 products?

They apparently have everything for anyone. We’ll just give you a quick rundown of the production line – vaporizers, bongs, dab rigs, pipes, one hitters-chillums, grinders, ashtrays, rolling trays, cartridge tanks (without liquid), vape mouthpieces…You get the point.


Pulsar is a company with lots of stuff, but since this article concentrates on their vaporizers, we will outline some of their most prominent features!

  • Affordability

One of the most significant advantages Pulsar has over its competitors is the affordability of its products – there is something for every pocket out there. Being a cheap product doesn’t mean much if that is the only quality you have.

  • Build Quality

When you’re getting a cheap product, you probably don’t have too high of expectations. Or at least you shouldn’t. That’s what we’re taught, right? Well, peeps at Pulsar didn’t get taught that lesson because they make some of the most quality and durable vaporizers in their price range.

Not only do they look good they also don’t have that cheap feel you will often see with products that are clearly not high quality.

We hope you won’t drop your vape anytime soon or, well, ever, but if you do will see what we’re talking about.

  • Battery Life

While many manufacturers struggle to (or maybe don’t want to) put batteries whose capacity is bigger than a couple hundred mAh in their vaporizers, Pulsar always makes sure to enable the consumers to enjoy their vaping experience as much as possible without thinking about recharging.

Even their cheapest ($11.99) and smallest product, Pulsar Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery, has a battery of 350 mAh!

  • Functionalities

The aforementioned Pulsar Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery has multiple temperature/voltage settings (3.3 V, 3.7 V, and 4.0 V) and a preheat function. Oh, and let’s not forget that it’s rechargeable – all that for just over 10 dollars.

What we tried to do with the last two paragraphs is cram a short review of the Slim Spinners and paint a picture of how equipped Pulsar’s devices are. Because this is the cheapest model, we’re talking about.

Expect LED displays, multipurpose vapes, vapes with multiple buttons for more straightforward use, multiple carts in one device, and lots of other cool stuff when we start reviewing higher models!

  • Vape Model Variety

You might feel like we’re talking up Pulsar, but when something or someone is good, you gotta give them credit, right? That’s what we’re trying to do here.

And the next category in which they excel is vape mode variety. We touched on this briefly in the intro but didn’t have too much space to only discuss the diversity among vaporizers.

They have “normal” oil, thick oil, concentrate, dry herb, microdose, 510 threaded battery, pen vapes, vapes with water pipe adapters, and multifunctional vapes. A whole lot of different types of vapes!

  • Color Design & Variety

Some people like their vaporizers to be discreet, subtle, simple, etc. And that is totally okay. But there are, of course, those with flamboyant personalities who, even if they wanted, couldn’t contain their character.

If you belong to the second group, you will most surely like Pulsar’s colorful and vibrant designs and find one that perfectly aligns with your personality! Psychedelic, stellar, artsy, glossy, cool – there’s something for anyone.

And for those of you who would still prefer to have all the fantastic features Pulsar’s vapes offer but with less of an outlandish display, don’t worry – you will find a ton of less shiny and more matte-colored models.

Pulsar Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

Pulsar Vapes

  • Offer various types of reusable vape pens and mods
  • Designed for dry herb, wax, oil cartridges
  • Variable voltage for temperature control
  • Battery capacities from 650mAh to 4000mAh
  • Many models have OLED display screens
  • Durable metal construction
  • Higher price point around $30-$100+

Spiritbar Disposable Vapes

  • Entirely self-contained disposable vape devices
  • Only for nicotine salt e-liquids
  • No temperature or voltage control
  • Set battery output and resistance
  • No OLED or variable settings
  • Plastic and metal material
  • Lower price point around $10-$20

The key differences are Pulsar focuses on advanced reusable vapes while Spiritbar offers simple disposable nicotine vapes. Pulsar has precision temperature settings and displays, while Spiritbar has fixed output. Pulsar accommodate dry herbs and concentrates, while Spiritbar is just for nicotine e-liquids. Pulsar is a premium vape brand, while Spiritbar is budget-friendly.

Pulsar Vape Prices & Series

1. Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Variable Voltage Vape Pen Price & Details ($22.99)

Available Styles

  • Thermo Orange Yellow – $22.99
  • Thermo Purple Blue $22.99
  • Thermo Green $22.99
  • Thermo Blue Pink $22.99
  • DL Black $22.99
  • DL Sapphire Blue $22.99
  • DL Midnight Mint $22.99
  • DL Coral $22.99

Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Variable Voltage Vape Pen | Limited Edition Designs ($22.99)

Available Styles

  • Neon Swirls $22.99
  • Galaxy of Stars $22.99
  • Vivid Shrooms $22.99
  • Pulsar Camo $22.99

This buttonless vape pen by Pulsar allows you to do everything with your breath – 5 puffs for turning on and off or 3 puffs to go from one voltage setting to another (3.0 – 3.8V).

In case you live in an area where cold weather is a regularity, vape really thick oils, or want to get big and fluffy clouds from the get-go, it also has a preheat option for your oil which you can activate with 2 puffs.

Its 320 mAh battery, which will give you solid usage time, is charged with a USB Type-C charger. Even though it is a rechargeable vape pen, the Pulsar 510 DL Auto-Draw Variable Voltage Vape features a smooth and simple design and many cool colors, which gives a vibe of a single-use vape so that you can get the best of both worlds.

The vape pen works with 510 threaded cartridges that can be fastened onto the magnetic base at the pen’s bottom. Cartridges should not be over 2.3 inches (59 mm) and have a diameter greater than 0.45 inches (11.5 mm).

2. Pulsar 510 Dunk 2-In-1 Variable Voltage Vaporizer Price & Details ($51.99)

Available Styles

  • Dunk Thermo Purple – $51.99
  • Space Junk $51.99
  • Dunk Black $51.99

A lot of people like to use their vapes the usual way: by inhaling the heated aerosol from the cartridge/pod/tank. Some like to actually dip a tube into oil or concentrate and inhale it that way. And then there are those who like to smoke it up via bong.

But what if you enjoy all three of these inhaling methods? Or any two? Well, you have two but two or three different devices, right? Nope. Not when you have Pulsar’s multifaceted Dunk vaporizer that allows you to hit, dip, or rip.

This vape comes with a plethora of attachments with which you can enjoy your favorite juice and oils the way you feel it at any given moment –  dual coil tip to give you the biggest and thickest clouds, tube coil tip for maximum flavor, whip silicone attachment to connect it to a bong or rig, and a 510 thread connection to use it with 510 cartridges aka the old school way.

But that’s not all – it also has a great battery (750 mAh), 3 temperature settings, turns off automatically after 10 minutes of inactivity, Type-C USB charging…Just a great device overall!

3. Pulsar Mobi Thick Oil Vaporizer Price & Details ($18.99)

Available Styles

  • Pulsar Mobi Black- $18.99
  • Pulsar Mobi Blue – $18.99
  • Pulsar Mobi Camouflage – $18.99
  • Pulsar Mobi Glow – $18.99
  • Pulsar Mobi Tie Dye – $18.99
  • Pulsar Mobi Wood Grain – $18.99

Pulsar Mobi Thick Oil Vaporizer | Limited Edition Designs ($18.99)

Available Styles

  • Thermo Pink Purple – $18.99
  • Honey Combin’ – $18.99
  • THC Molecule – $18.99
  • Retro Spectrum – $18.99

If you are a fan of large, dense, hefty clouds and/or strong(er) hit throats, you go for the thick oils. And as we know, those types of oil require vapes of decent size to heat them up.

Or do they? Not in the case of Pulsar’s Mobi Thick Oil vape battery, which stands at only 2.8 inches (7 cm) and is less than an inch wide and long.

Even though it is compact, it comes with two buttons – a power button to turn on and off or go into preheat mode and a voltage button to switch between four temperature/voltage settings (2.8V, 3.2V, 3.7V, 4.2V).

In between these two buttons are located 4 lights to show you the battery status – 1 light for 25% of charge, 2 for 50% charge, etc.

The device is powered with a 650 mAh battery, for which you will use the standard USB charger included in the package.

4. Pulsar DuploCart Thick Oil Vaporizer Price & Details ($49.99)

Available Styles

  • Remembering How To Listen – $49.99
  • Thermo Purple Blue – $49.99
  • Colorful Clouds – $49.99
  • Black – $49.99

What is better than one cartridge and vape? Of course, two cartridges and vapes. But using two vaporizers at the same time ain’t that practical or cool – unless you’re 15 years old. But what if we told you there’s a way to do exactly that and look normal?

Yes, we’re talking about Pulsar DuploCart Thick oil vape – the one that can store two cartridges.

And not only do you get to vape double the amount without having to change carts or worry about oil finishing, but you also get to blow the biggest clouds ever since you can use the cartridges simultaneously.

Helping you choose the size of your clouds and the intensity of the flavors are the device’s 4 temperature selections. The preheat function is there, so you are ready to go full strength whenever you want.

Another great thing about it is the fact that carts are not fully concealed – you get to see the e-liquid level thanks to two windows on each side of the vape.

5. Pulsar APX Pro Vape Dry Herb Vaporizer Price & Details ($99.99)

Available Styles

  • Planet Fungi – $99.99
  • Pulsar Camo – $99.99
  • Remembering How To Listen – $99.99
  • Limited Edition Psychedelic Desert – $99.99
  • Malice In Wonderland – $99.99
  • Emerald Wholesale – $99.99
  • Limited Edition Wood Grain – $99.99
  • Jet Black – $99.99

We didn’t forget all of you dry herb fanatics out there! And how can we when APX is Pulsar’s most famous sub-brand? The APX Pro Vape Dry Herb is the newest product in the long line of the APX series, and it comes with so many features we don’t know which ones to tell you about!

But let’s start with the temperature range, which is between 320 and 420 + 10 °F. Go up to 350 °F for light baking, from 350 to 400 °F to get into a half-baked state, and over 400 to fully bake your brain. If you want to feel a super hit, use the Cash feature, which increases the temp of the chamber by 20°.

APX Pro uses a 2100 mAh lithium battery. Yes, 2100 mAh! Maybe we should have led with that?

Either way, a full charge of this battery is good for anywhere between 18 and 30+ sessions. The exact amount of sessions depends on the length of the session.

Since most of us are too baked to care about session length, Pulsar has added a LED display on which you can see and, of course, adjust the length (between 3 and 5 minutes).

By the way, if this device is too rich for you, take a look at the Pulsar APX Vape V3 Dry Herb Vaporizer, which naturally doesn’t have all the functionalities of the Pro but will do a lot for $74.99.

Pulsar Vape FAQ

What do the colors mean on a Pulsar vape pen?

The colors on the Pulsar Variable Voltage Vape Pen Battery correspond to the pen’s three voltage settings – red means 4.0 V, blue 3.7 V, and green 3.4 V.

How do you turn on a Pulsar vape?

Pulsar vape with button(s) is turned on by pressing the power button 5 times. A buttonless one is turned on by taking 5 puffs.

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