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What Are Hashish Oil Vape Cartridges? (Are They Legal?)

What Are Hashish Oil Vape Cartridges (Are They Legal)

We live in a strange time when cannabis and THC are considered to be legal grey area for most of the United States. On one hand, you can get Delta-8 THC at almost any gas station or smoke shop. On the other hand, you can still get arrested for possession.

Heck, WNBA star Brittney Griner ended up in Russian court over charges related to the possession of hashish. Considering that this matter has gotten everyone from President Joe Biden to a multitude of lawyers, it’s gotten a lot of people asking questions.

In recent years, the public eye has turned to hashish oil and its legality. It’s now possible to get hashish oil vape cartridges, but what are they? And more importantly, should you vape them? We created an explainer to answer your questions.

First, what is hashish?

Hashish is actually a product of the cannabis plant. It is the extracted resin of the cannabis leaf. It can be extracted by chemical means (Butane/BHO) or by sifting the cannabis plant through a sieve. The extract is then either pressed into a brick or made into hashish oil.

Hashish, regardless of its form, is the most potent form of cannabis that you can consume. It has the highest concentration of THC, as well as other cannabinoids like terpenes, cannabidiol (also known as CBD), and trichomes that produce the brown resin people associate with it.

Hashish oil is the liquid form of it and it’s commonly called “hash oil,” “dabs,” “wax,” or “honey.” The easiest way to explain it is that hashish is a stronger form of marijuana.

​What are hash oil vape cartridges for?

You may have heard of vape pens and vaporizers by now. These are devices that literally turn the hash (or cannabis, or nicotine flavor liquid) into a vapor that you can inhale. The idea behind vapes is a cleaner taste and a purer method of delivery.

Most hash oil vape carts are made for a specific type of vape device. To smoke hash oil properly, you will need to buy a cartridge that is compatible with your vape.

Can you use hash oil in food?

Yes, but there’s a caveat here. You need to make sure that the hash oil that you want to cook with isn’t actually meant for a vape pen. Edible hashish oil will be hash that has been blended into an edible oil like olive oil or even butter.

Hashish vape oil is not edible. It’s only meant to be used in a vape or in a specialized bong meant for dabs. If you want to eat hash, then you will need to buy a different type of hash.

Are hashish vape cartridges illegal?

This is a legally murky area since there are a lot of conflicting laws regarding cannabis (also known as weed) throughout the United States.

Are hash vape cartridges legal on a federal level?

Unlike tobacco, cannabis and all its forms are considered to be illegal on a federal level. It’s a Schedule 1 drug. Its Schedule 1 ranking means that you can *technically* get arrested for possession in all 50 states if the DEA or FBI chose to do so.

To put things in perspective, a Schedule 1 drug is a drug that allegedly has “no medical uses.” This puts cannabis in the same ballpark as LSD and heroin—at least when it comes to the legality of it.

Even dispensaries operating legally have been raided by the DEA. With that said, it’s highly unlikely that you will get arrested for using a hash cartridge in states that have decriminalization laws. Let’s explain that a bit further in the next question, shall we?

The only way for Delta-9 THC in them whatsoever. Delta-9 THC is considered to be the compound that makes marijuana illegal. If it’s extracted out and removed, then the hash oil is technically legal.

Are hash vape cartridges legal on a state level?

Though cannabis, as a whole, is illegal on a federal level, states have actively decriminalized or even legalized the plant and its products on their own. As a result, states basically have their own free reign on how to treat hash vape cartridges.

Many states, including New York, New Jersey, and Colorado, allow the recreational sale of hashish and weed vape pen cartridges in stores. Like with most other types of pot, there are individual laws that may make it harder for you to get the cartridge you want.

Some states, such as Georgia, still have a full ban on cannabis without any exceptions for medical marijuana cards. However, the majority of states in the union now allow some form of cannabis use with the use of a medical marijuana card or license.

In the majority of cases, if a state allows for the sale of weed and THC-positive hemp products, you can usually get hashish cartridges and weed vape pens. To date, there are no laws barring the sale of concentrated THC in legal weed stages.

PRO TIP – You can find your state’s current stance on cannabis by looking online. Most cannabis legalization sites keep guidelines updated regularly. Since cannabis laws are changing at a breakneck speed, you can always check back monthly.

How much do hash oil vape cartridges cost?

How much vape cartridges cost depends on your state and the current price of cannabis. With that said, there seems to be a fairly wide range of prices. It’s possible to find discounted oil vape cartridges from anywhere from $50 to $70.

If you want to get a high quality hash oil vape cartridge, it can easily top $120 or more. However, most cartridges will be between those two price ranges. The reason they’re so expensive deals with the concentration of THC. You get your money’s worth.

Are hash oil vapes dangerous?

This depends on how you use them. Most doctors now agree that cannabis is an effective painkiller and can also help treat a wide range of ailments, including depression and anxiety. This is why medical marijuana programs exist. It’s a proven treatment.

Hash oil is a stronger form of your typical cannabis joint or hemp cigarette. This means that it tends to be quite psychoactive. While you can’t feasibly overdose from cannabis, you can get fairly sick and uncomfortably high from the THC contained in the oil.

In most cases, people who vape hashish oil that is too strong for them will end up being unable to move from the couch. They may also get slightly nauseous or just feel uncomfortably lethargic for a while.

Because hashish is so strong, it’s never a good idea to drive while you vape oil. This can cause a car accident because you may be too intoxicated to comfortably maneuver a car. It can also impair your response times.

PRO TIP – Almost all states have laws against driving under the influence of cannabis. If you get pulled over after getting blitzed on cannabis, you will be charged with a crime. It can even get your license revoked.

Who should consider using hash oil vapes?

Cannabis is considered to be generally safe to consume for adults over the age of 21, and it’s minimally habit-forming. That makes it a less addictive smoke than your typical cigarette. So, if you are an adult who wants a good time in a legal state, you can use a hash vape.

With that said, hashish is very strong. If you have tried smoking a cannabis joint before and had a bad time, hashish is not for you. You will not enjoy it and you might even get a bit sick for a short period of time.

If you have an illness, then it may be time to ask your doctor if you should use cannabis (or hash) as a therapeutic treatment. It may be able to help curb symptoms of chemo, improve mood, and also alleviate pain from certain autoimmune disorders.

A good rule of thumb is that you should always check with a licensed medical professional if you are worried about using a certain substance. Your doctor will be able to offer guidance on the best route of care as well as any contraindications you may have.


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Hashish oil vape cartridges are vape carts that are made of specially concentrated resins and THC from the cannabis plant. These vape cartridges are far more potent than smoking regular marijuana.

If it’s legal in your state, you can try a hash vape for yourself. However, we still encourage you to read up on local laws and to use vapes responsibly. You should always remember that this is a matter of “Safety first!”

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