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4 Ways to Charge Vuse Vape Without Charger

4 Ways to Charge Vuse Vape Without Charger

You may wonder why someone might inquire about how to charge a vuse vape pen. But the reality is there is a very big difference between charging your vape and charging your vape correctly. The latter ensures that you have enough power for your sessions and enjoy uninterrupted vaping bliss.

Let’s agree, most vapers hate it when their vuse vapes fade out mid-session. However, this will not be your biggest concern, once you’ve learned how to charge your gadget effectively.

This article breaks down the various methods to charge your vuse vape. It also offers you additional tips and techniques to maximize your device performance and vaping pleasure.

Shall we start?

Can You Charge a Vuse Vape?

Yes. You can charge a vuse vape by connecting it to the USB charging cable and plugging the other end into a wall charger. While on the move, you can also connect the charging cable to a laptop, DIY charger, or power bank.

You should always charge your vuse vape with its original charter. Using other chargers exposes your device to dangers like overcharging, which   gradually destroys its functionality. Besides, some chargers’ voltage values might not be compatible with your vuse device.

Personal safety is another reason you should use the original charger. Although vuse explosion cases are rare, 80% of them occur while the battery is charging. Using a high-voltage charger can lead to overcharging, which increases the vaporization rate. This can cause an explosion.

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How to Charge a Vuse Pen Without a Charger

While ensuring you have your vape pen charger is always recommended, you can misplace or forget to carry it. Great news, you can recharge your vuse without its original charger and avoid a relapse.

Most electronic devices, such as mobile phones and laptops, contain Li-ion batteries. This similarity in the battery type makes the devices’ chargers compatible. Although it is not recommended to use different chargers for your vuse pen, adopting it during a crisis is okay.

The following are alternative ways to charge your Vuse pen without its original charger.

How to Charge a Vuse Pen Without a Charger

1. Using a Phone Charger

A phone charger is the most readily available alternative for charging your vuse pen. If your vape pen has a micro USB port, you can plug your phone charging cable, and connect it to a power source. The LED light should flash immediately when you connect the phone charger to your device.

You can also use any compatible cable from off-the-grid-solar-chargers to power up your gadget. These cables function like a typical phone charger.

If you are outdoors and forgot your vuse’s charger, don’t panic. Stop by the nearest shop and get yourself a USB cable and adaptor compatible with your device. After that, locate a nearby power source and charge your vuse pen.

2. Using a Laptop to Charge Your Vuse Pen

If you are living in a remote area without power issues and your vuse pen runs out of juice, use a USB cable to connect it to your laptop. The device will draw small amounts of power from your laptop until it’s fully charged. At this point, the LED indicator will light up green or white.

For your safety and that of the gadgets, NEVER use a vuse while charging it on your laptop. Interfering with the charging process strains your vuse battery, shortening its lifespan. Your laptop, on the other hand, will experience high current flow, exposing its motherboard to heat damage.

Although the pass-through technology shields your devices against damage, you can protect them from burning out due to high wattage and low resistance.

3. DIY Charger: How to Use it to Charge Your Vuse

The other solution to your problem might need some ingenuity. However, only use this method as the last option because it comes at the risk of your battery exploding.

Below we have listed a few steps to help you make a DIY charger so you can charge your vuse pen.

Step 1. Identify a USB Cable you rarely use

Find a USB cable, particularly one that came with your old power bank. Ensure you choose a cable that you no longer use or you might have to shop for another cable.

Step 2. Cut Your Charger to Expose Inner Wires

Cut the outer sheath of one end of the USB to expose the inner wires. A typical cable contains a black and red wire.

After exposing the red and black wires, strip their insulation covers at the tip to about an inch in length. This should expose the inner live wires of your cable.

Step 3. Connect the Naked Wires to the Power Source

The last step involves connecting the naked wires to the power source. Connect the red wire to the positive terminal and the black one to the negative terminal of your vuse’s charging port. If you have a challenge identifying the terminals, put the red wire in the middle hole and the black one on the left.

This connection is complete when you plug the other end into the adapter or power source. If the device is charging, you will see a blinking green light or its unique charging indicator light.

Using a DIY charger is not recommended for your device. It exposes the pen to overcharging and potential damage. To avoid this, connect the cable to the adapter before plugging the other end into your vuse. Make sure the voltage produced by the adapter is compatible with your hardware.

And please avoid getting electrocuted. Once the connection is successful and your device is charging, avoid touching the vuse pen. It also helps to wear some gloves to protect your hands from shock or accidental battery explosion.

4. Using a Power Bank

Power banks are ideal for recharging electronic devices like mobile phones while on the move. But it’s not only mobile phones, you can use the power bank to keep your vuse charged, especially outdoors.

However, ensure the USB cable is compatible with the power bank cable. If it’s suitable, connect the cable to the power bank and vuse a pen. You will notice the LED indicator light on your device will flash.

Sometimes, the pen might take a while to pick up the charge, especially if its battery is depleted completely. So, if it doesn’t charge, immediately leave it plugged in for a few minutes.

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How Long Does a Vuse Pen Take to Charge?

A vuse pen should take about 60-80 minutes to charge. This, however, depends on the charger and whether you are vaping while charging the vuse.

When using the original charger, the device charges fast. With other charging methods, such as DIY chargers and mobile chargers, the vuse pen might charge for an extended period.

Other factors affecting charging time include dirt build-up on the cable and using AC adapters with current output lower than 0.5A

How Long Does a Fully Charged Vuse Last?

A fully charged vuse should last a day for an average user. Depending on your vaping routine, the vuse should give you 200-400 puffs.

This, however, is not always the case. If your inhales are longer, the charged vuse will give you less than 200 puffs. Besides, how you handle and store the vuse also matters.

For your vuse battery to last longer after charging, store it away from heat sources and charge the gadget until full- before use.

How Do I Know If My Vuse Pen is Charging?

You can tell if your vuse is charging by observing the LED on the vuse pod. While charging, the green light flashes continuously and disappears or stops flashing when the battery is full.

If you are using vuse ePod 2, the LED charging light is white.

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Additional Tips to Charge Your Vuse Vape Effectively

Using an original charger to power your vuse and storing it in a cool place are among the ways to make your vuse battery last longer. But how do you ensure it charges effectively?

The following tips can help you.

  • Ensure you charge your vuse adequately. Give it more time on the charge to absorb enough charge.
  • If you are using a laptop to charge your vape, connect the charging cable before lighting the laptop. Doing this protects your device against sudden electric surges, which can damage it with time.
  • When charging a vuse without a charger, choose a device compatible with your car’s cigarette lighting plug. This will offer unlimited charging for multiple devices.
  • Disconnect the battery from the tank while charging to minimize power loss.

Charge Your Vuse Vape Conveniently

It’s necessary to charge your vuse pen correctly to enhance its convenience and function. Thus, creating a lasting vaping enjoyment. What’s more, a full battery reduces your device’s potential for damage.

It doesn’t hurt to get a backup charging cable and power source. This way, you willl never be stranded if the original charger is damaged or lost.

But we insist you observe safety measures when charging your device. This applies particularly to methods that might need a DIY charger.

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