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Innokin Vape Review (Price, Types, Falvors)

Innokin Vape Overview

Innokin, which has been providing vaping products for over a decade, is a popular and innovative vaping brand. Their range includes beginner-friendly designs as well as advanced mods for more experienced vapers. The company has a reputation for reliable, easy-to-use vaping designs that look stylish and provide an enjoyable vaping experience.

Innokin Vape Overview


Innokin was founded by James Kang, a former Joytech employee, in Shenzhen China, in 2011. He saw an opportunity to start a company that is focused on quality, innovation, and safety in the design and production of vaping devices.

The company started by producing several vaping components, including atomizers, clearomizers, and batteries. However, as the company soon gained a reputation for creating beginner-friendly and innovative components that were not only easy to use but also provided an excellent vaping experience, the company began to produce its own vaping devices.

Key Releases by Innokin

In 2014, MVP2.0 was released. The MVP 2.0 is a box mod and it was the first of its kind. The design was a huge success for Innokin and helped to establish the company as one of the leading brands in the vaping industry.

The Endura T18, which is a vape pen specifically designed for people looking to swap traditional smoking for a new, safer alternative, was introduced in 2015. The product was an immediate hit and the success helped to strengthen Innokin’s reputation as a producer of innovative and high-quality vaping devices.

The following year, in 2016, the Coolfire IV was released. It is a compact mod box, which became popular among experienced vapers. It has advanced features which include temperature control and variable wattage combined with a stylish and sleek design.

Since then the company has continued to release new products. These include the Zenith tank and the Proton. The company continues to commit to creating high-quality, safe, and innovative vaping devices and components to offer vapers enjoyable experiences.


Innokin has won many awards since starting in the vaping industry, and 2022 was no exception. Awards won by Innokin in 2022 included:

  • Winner of “Biggest Breakthrough Innovation” at the Golden Leaf Awards
  • Winner of “Best Pod” at Vapexpo
  • Winner of “Best Sustainable Initiative” at Vapouround Awards
  • Winner of “Best Vape Pen” at the Ecigclick awards


Building 6

Xinxin Tian Industrial Park

Xinsha Road


Bao’an District

518104 Shenzhen


TEL: 086-755-2989-8770

For more contact options, visit Innokin.


Innokin’s vaping devices come with a range of features and they may vary between designs. However, there are some features that are commonly used in Innokin vape devices that enhance the safety and user-friendliness of the products and provide an enjoyable vaping experience.

Many Innokin vape devices offer users the ability to adjust the power output of the device by using variable voltage and wattage settings. Some devices have a temperature control feature, enabling the user to set the coil at a specific temperature. This prevents burning and ensures a consistent vaping experience.

Innokin vape devices have high-capacity batteries with long battery life. This allows users to vape for extended periods before the device needs recharging. Many of the designs also feature an easy-to-use interface which makes the navigation straightforward even for beginners.

Innokin’s devices are compact and easy to carry with you, making them one of the best vaping devices to use on the go. They are made using high-quality materials to ensure they are long-lasting and durable.


Innokin is committed to providing a safe vaping experience for users and the devices come with several safety features. These include over-discharge protection, short-circuit protection, and overheat protection so vapers can use the products without having to worry about potential safety hazards.

Innokin Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

Product Types

  • Innokin offers a wide range of box mods, tanks, coils and vaping hardware.
  • Spiritbar specialized in high-quality disposable vape devices.


  • Innokin mods feature adjustable wattage, temperature control, and other settings.
  • Spiritbar disposables provide a consistent, draw-activated vaping experience.


  • Innokin makes popular tanks like the iSub and Zenith for flavor and versatility.
  • Spiritbar uses pre-filled, disposable e-liquid reservoirs.

Coil Tech

  • Innokin is known for innovative coil designs like Plex3D and NoviTech.
  • Spiritbar coils are built into the disposable device itself.


  • Innokin devices require filling tanks/pods manually with e-juice.
  • Spiritbar vapes come pre-loaded with nicotine salt e-liquid.

Battery Life

  • Innokin mod batteries typically last from several hours to 1 day.
  • Spiritbar disposable batteries last for thousands of puffs before disposal.

In summary, Innokin focuses on advanced vaping setups while Spiritbar offers simple yet long-lasting disposable options. Each suits different user needs.

Innokin Prices and Models

Innokin manufactures a range of vaping devices to suit all levels of vapers.

1. Endura Price & Details ($27.99 – $40.99)

The Endura series from Innokin is known for its user-friendly design. It is a popular choice among vapers who want a straightforward experience. Its compact size makes it easily portable and a great option for vapers who are often on the go.

  • T18 Vape Pen Kit – $27.99 USD
  • T18 II Vape Pen Kit – $30.99 USD
  • T22 Vape Pen Kit – $30.99 USD
  • T22 Pro Kit – $40.99 USD
  • T18X Vape Kit – $29.99 USD
  • Apex Kit – $34.99 USD

All the Endura models have a built-in battery, which eliminates the need to carry external batteries and makes the charging process easy. They are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping, giving users an experience that is similar to smoking a traditional cigarette.

Many of the Enudura series models come with an adjustable airflow feature which allows users to customize their vaping device and the amount of vapor it produces. The series also comes with a range of tank options so users can choose the tank that best suits them.

2. Proton Price & Details ($49.99 – $69.99)

The vape devices in the Innokin Proton series are designed with experience vapers in mind. The Proton is a high-performance vape mod and comes with a range of advanced features.

  • Mini 120 Box Mod Express Kit – $49.99 USD
  • Mini Ajax 12 Vape Kit – $69.99 USD

The features of the Proton include a maximum output of 2335 watts, meaning that it is powerful enough to produce a substantial cloud of vapor. Its 1.45-inch color screen displays all the settings and information a vaper needs to maximize their vaping experience.

They have joystick-style selectors which make navigating through the settings and menus easy and temperature control to let users fine-tune their experience. The temperature control works with stainless steel, nickel, and titanium coils.

In addition, the Proton has a customizable wattage curve, an integrated 4500mAh battery, and upgradeable firmware to ensure the device has the latest capabilities and features at all times.

3. Kroma Price & Details ($40.99 – $69.99 USD)

The Kroma series from Innokin is a versatile and compact range with advanced features. Despite the advanced features, the device is still easy to use and suitable for new and experienced vapers alike.

  • R Box Mod Express Kit – $40.99 USD
  • Z Pod System Kit – $49.99 USD
  • 217 Z Force Kit – $69.99 USD

The Kroma is an excellent option for vapers who are looking for a compact device that is easy to use on the go. It has a maximum output of 75 watts and can produce large vapor clouds. The temperature control feature prevents dry hits and allows users to customize their vaping experience.

The models in the Kroma series come with an in-built battery of 2000mAh and an OLED screen that is easy to read and displays all the settings and information for the device. The Kroma has a range of tank options, which include the Zenith and the Slipstream tanks, and a customizable wattage curve.

4. Adept Price & Details ($39.99)

The Adept Zlide is a durable and robust vape device from Innokin. It has been designed to be reliable and user-friendly. The design is highly resistant to wear and tear thanks to the high-quality materials used in its production.

  • Adept & Zlide Starter Kit – $39.99 USD

The Adept Zlide is water-resistant which makes it the ideal choice for wet conditions. It has a large, 3000mAh, battery capacity providing users with long-lasting power. The adjustable wattage feature allows users to change the wattage output setting to suit their vaping style.

The device has an intuitive and simple interface, making it easy to use regardless of your vaping experience level. The Adept Zlide is compatible with coils from the Z-Coil series which guarantee excellent vapor production and flavor.

5. CoolFire Price & Details ($30.99 – $66.99)

The CooFire series is known for its excellent performance, sleek design, and user-friendly features. The models in this series are compact and easily portable, making them a popular choice for people who wish to vape on the go.

  • Z60 Zlide Top Kit – $39.99 USD
  • IV Mod Express Kit – $30.99 USD
  • Z80 Zenith II Kit $66.99 USD
  • Z50 Box Mod Express Kit – $40.99 USD

The CoolFire vaping devices have an interface that is easy to use and intuitive, making the device suitable for vapers of all experience levels. Users can adjust the wattage output using the variable wattage feature and customize their experience.

The CoolFire range has a large battery capacity and it can be easily recharged with the USB cable that comes with the device. The devices are compatible with several different tanks and there are multiple color options available.

Best Innokin Flavors

Innokin is a vape device manufacturer. The company does not produce its own e-liquids or flavors. However, their devices are compatible with an extensive range of flavors and e-liquids from other brands and manufacturers. This means owners of Innokin vape devices can choose from a variety of flavors, nicotine strengths, and VG/PG ratios.

When choosing the e-liquid for your vaping device, ensure that you buy from a reputable source to ensure the safety and quality of your e-liquid and vaping experience. In terms of available flavors, it would be safe to say there is something for every vaper on the market ranging from fruit and candy to tobacco and menthol flavors.

Below are some popular e-liquids for 2023.

  • Heisenberg E-Liquid by Vampire Vape is not a new flavor but has been popular for a long time. It has a sweet and cool taste that is a combination of menthol and winter berries.
  • Kiwimelon E-Liquid By Large Juice is an e-liquid that focuses on lighter flavors. It is a mix of kiwi, watermelon, dragonfruit, and lychee.
  • Blue Razz Berry Shortfill E-Liquid By Seriously Fruity is a good choice for anyone looking for sweet vape juice. It has a balanced flavor with both sharp and sweet notes.

Innokin Frequently Asked Questions

Who is Innokin?

Innokin is a company that manufactures vaping devices. They produce a wide range of vaping products which include starter kits, tanks, mods, and accessories. Innokin is known for producing high-quality vaping devices with innovative designs.

How easy are Innokin devices to use?

Innokin devices are easy to use and they are suitable for beginners and experienced vapers. They are very easy to operate and user-friendly. Many of their models have simple single-button operations, intuitive menu systems, and clear displays.

How long do the batteries in Innokin vaping devices last?

How long the battery will last depends on the usage and the model. Some Innokin devices have built-in batteries while other models have replaceable batteries. In general, the devices have good battery life and should last for several hours even when in continuous use.

Do Innokin vaping devices come with any warranty?

Innokin devices come with a 90-day warranty on all products. The warranty covers defects relating to materials or workmanship. Always check the details with the retailer as some may offer extended warranties.

What type of coils can I use with Innokin devices?

Vaping devices from Innokin are compatible with a range of coils. However, it does depend on the model. Most Innokin devices have their own brand coils but some models can be used with coils from other brands. Always check the specifications for your device or speak to the manufacturers to ensure the coil is compatible.

Do I need to clean my Innokin device?

Yes, your Innokin device needs to be cleaned to maintain the best performance and a more enjoyable experience. To clean the device, remove the atomizer or the tank and any batteries. Next, wipe the exterior of the device with a damp cloth.

To clean the atomizer or the tank, disassemble it first and then soak the parts in warm water mixed with mild detergent. Rinse the atomizer or tank thoroughly and leave it to dry completely before you reassemble your device.

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