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Voopoo Vape Review (Price, Types & Flavors)

Is Voopoo Vape Good Vape Brand

Voopoo Vape Overview

Vaping has grown in popularity over the past decade, leading to an explosion of vaping companies in the market. Navigating the different brands and their products can be difficult particularly if you are new to vaping.

Fortunately, the Voopoo Vape company is the subject of our review today.

History of Voopoo Vape Brand

Voopoo (pronounced view-poh) is a vape brand that has gained popularity in the vaping industry over the years. Founded in 2017, the company has rapidly made a name for itself as a reliable supplier of premium vaping products. The company was established by a group of vaping enthusiasts who were driven to develop unique and excellent vaping products.

In the early days, Voopoo encountered numerous difficulties such as limited resources and competition from well-established brands. The team overcame these challenges and developed a distinctive brand in the industry thanks to their dedication and commitment to excellence.

In 2017, Voopoo released its first product, the DRAG mod, due to its distinctive design and potent performance, it quickly became a favorite among vapers. The GENE chip, a new technology that provided a great vaping experience for vapers was first introduced in the DRAG mod. Since then, the company has introduced a number of cutting-edge vaping products including the Voopoo Vinci X, a pod system that blends the portability of a pod device with the strength and performance of a conventional mod. In addition to creating its own innovative products, Voopoo has collaborated with other businesses in the sector such as Woody Vapes and Vapetasia, to create new devices and broaden its product range.

Features of Voopoo Vape

Voopoo Vape is a darling of both new and seasoned vapers alike thanks to its unique features. We’ll examine some of the distinguishing qualities of the Voopoo Vape brand in detail:

  • Innovative Chipsets

Voopoo is renowned for its cutting-edge chipsets that offer a variety of features and capabilities to improve your vaping experience. The Voopoo has a number of various chipsets, including the GENE-FIT, GENE-FAN, and GENE-TT, which offer a quick discharge, temperature control, and a number of safety features.

  • PnP Coil System

With the Voopoo Vape’s plug-and-play (PnP) coil system, you can quickly and simply change a variety of Voopoo models.

  • Significant Battery Size

With its big battery capacity, the Voopoo Vape offers a lengthy vaping experience. A micro-USB charging connection is provided for the device’s 1500mAh battery. It also features a fast-charging capability that allows you to complete a full charge in only 90 minutes.

  • Variable Airflow

Your vaping experience can be tailored to your tastes with the Voopoo Vape’s adjustable airflow system. Depending on your taste, the device’s straightforward slide mechanism allows you to change the airflow to either a tight or open draw.

  • Advanced Pod System

The Voopoo Vape has an innovative pod system that makes it simple and handy to refill the e-liquid. The device comes with a variety of refillable pod choices, including 0.8ohm and 1.2ohm pods for MTL and DL vaping.

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Voopoo Vape Price And Series

The Voopoo Vape Series is renowned for its elegant and fashionable designs along with cutting-edge features and capabilities that provide an enjoyable vaping experience. Voopoo’s prices are reasonable and their products strike a decent balance between high quality and affordability. In this collection, some of the most popular devices are:

Drag Series ($50 – $100)

The Drag Series of the Voopoo Vaporizer is arguably the most well-known. This line of devices is renowned for its high performance, robust chipset, and customizable features. The drag series devices come in a range of designs, including traditional box modifications and pod systems.

There are several different devices in the Voopoo Drag series, each with special characteristics and capacities. The original Voopoo Drag was introduced in 2017 and has rapidly established itself as one of the most dependable and effective products available. Since then, the company has produced a number of updated models of the Drag including the Drag2 and the Drag Mini.

The Gene chip that is present in every gadget in the Voopoo Drag series is one of its distinguishing characteristics. The Gene chip is made to provide a quick and precise firing speed, which makes the tool incredibly responsive and simple to use. The chip also offers a wide range of customization options, enabling users to customize the device’s power output, temperature, and other settings to suit their personal tastes.

Overall, the Voopoo Drag series is a great option for any vaper seeking a powerful, dependable, and long-lasting vaping device.

The price range for the Drag series starts at around $50 and can go up to $100 depending on the version.

Vinci Series ($30 – $50)

The Vinci series, one of the more recent product categories in the Voopoo catalog, is already very well-liked. Compared to many of the bulkier gadgets in the Voopoo array, the pod-style devices in the Vinci series are intended to be more transportable and user-friendly. These devices are renowned for their outstanding battery life and flavor creation.

One of the distinct features of the Vinci series is the use of Voopoo’s GENE.AI chip. Smoother draws and improved flavor production are made possible by this chip, which is designed to offer a more reliable vaping experience. Additionally, you can also customize your vaping experience to match your tastes thanks to its variety of adjustable settings, including wattage control, puff counters, and temperature control.

The Vinci series offers a variety of devices to suit different needs and preferences. From the powerful and large 5.5ml e-liquid capacity Vince X is designed for experienced vapers who want more control over their vaping experience to the Vince Air, a more portable and lightweight device with a 4ml e-liquid capacity perfect for new users. The Vinci line has something for everyone, whether you’re looking for a robust device with more control or a smaller device for portability.

Depending on the version, the Voopoo Vinci line can be purchased for as little as $30 and as much as $50.

Argus Series ($40 – $80)

The brand’s most recent line of vaping products, the Voopoo Argus series, has rapidly become a favorite among vapers all over the world. The Argus, the Argus Pro, and Argus X are just a few of the products in the Argus line, all of which provide a remarkable vaping experience.

The versatility of the Argus line is one of its best qualities. The Argus X is an excellent option for vapers who prefer a more individualized device, the Argus Pro and Argus X are excellent options because they have interchangeable 18650 batteries and wattage levels. For users who prefer a more portable device, the Argus X is a great option because it also has a pod system.

The Argus series is renowned for its strength, as well as making it a great option for vapers who require a product that can endure regular use. They are made from premium materials and feature a modern design that’s both fashionable and functional.

The GENE.TT chip, which provides better performance and quicker firing times, is another impressive aspect of the Argus line. Additionally, the chip offers a number of safety functions such as short-circuit, overcharge, and overtemperature protection.

The Argus series is a superb option for anyone seeking a premium smoking experience thanks to its cutting-edge technology and sleek design.

THE Argus series can cost anywhere from $40 to $80 depending on the version you are purchasing.

V Series ($25 – $150)

A range of fashionable and effective vaping products can be found in the Voopoo V Series. The Vmate, Vtru, and the V.SUIT from the Voopoo are some of the devices in this line. These gadgets have a number of cutting-edge features such as temperature control, varying wattage, and a number of safety features.

The GENE chipset is one of the standout qualities of the V series products. Fast firing and exact temperature control are features of this cutting-edge chipset which leads to a reliable and enjoyable vaping experience. Numerous V series products contain the GENE chipset including the Vmate, V.SUIT, and the Vthru.

The V series provides a number of unique features that cater to various vaping preferences. The V series devices are a fantastic option for both novice and seasoned vapers thanks to the advanced GENE chipset, peculiar designs, and user-friendly features. The PnP coil system is compatible with the V series devices, which offer a highly customizable vaping experience thanks to their broad range of coil options.

The Voopoo V series provides a selection of vaping products to suit all needs and budgets. The price ranges from as little as $25 to as much as $150 for the top-end products.

Best Voopoo Vape Flavors

Voopoo is a brand known for its high-quality vaping devices and e-liquids. Voopoo has a variety of flavors offered so there’s something for everyone. We will take a look at some of the top flavors offered by the company:

1. Dragonthol

Dragonthol is one of the most well-liked flavors from Voopoo and with good cause. This flavor has a revitalizing and energizing taste thanks to the sweet and tangy dragon fruit and menthol combination. It’s ideal for anyone who enjoys fruity flavors with a refreshing kick.

2. Pineapple Ice

If you enjoy exotic flavors, you must try pineapple ice. This flavor is ideal for warm summer days because it has a taste of juicy pineapple and a touch of menthol. It combines sweetness, acidity, and coolness.

3. Caramel Tobacco

This flavor is a great option for people who like more regular tastes. This flavor has hints of sweet caramel along with a smooth, rich tobacco taste. Anyone who wishes to enjoy a traditional flavor with a sweet twist will love it.

4. Strawberry Kiwi

This flavor is ideal for anyone who enjoys fruity flavors because it combines sweet and juicy strawberries with tart kiwis. This flavor is popular and well-liked by many vapers.

5. Blue Razz

Due to its sweet and tangy flavor, Blue Razz is a favorite among vapers, this flavor is a combination of blueberry and raspberry, giving it a deliciously fruity taste that is ideal for anyone who enjoys strong, vibrant flavors.

Watermelon Ice

The cool taste of watermelon ice is ideal for the summer. This flavor is tangy and sweet with a cool icy end making it the ideal vape for hot summer days.

6. Mango Flavor

The mango flavor is one of the most popular flavors produced by Voopoo, and it’s ideal for vapers who love fruity vape juices. It has a natural sweetness that’s not overpowering but vibrant enough to leave a lingering taste on your tongue.

7. Vanilla Custard

This has a very similar taste too creamy custard. It’s the ideal e-liquid for users who want to enjoy dessert flavors. Its texture is silky and smooth, plus it’s complimented with a rich custard undertone.


1. Is Voopoo a Good Brand?

As far as inventive vape brands go, Voodoo sticks out. It was chosen twice as one of the top names. It ensures that you get the best vaping experience each time you purchase it. Several people who have used it gave positive feedback.

2. What are the Best Voopoo Vapes?

The best dual battery box mod 2022 honor was given to the VOOPOO DRAG 3, which had been released a year earlier. The best starter pack 2022 went to VOOPOO VINCI Q as a low–cost POD for young people and the best single battery box 2022 went to DRAG X plus Pro or its expert product performance.

3. Is Voopoo Waterproof?

The expertly-made IP66-rated shell is resistant to water, dust, and other elements.

4. Where is Voopoo’s Headquarters?

Voopoo is located in Guangdong, Jilin, China.

5. Are Voopoo Products Compatible with All E-liquids

No, but it’s compatible with most e-liquids. You can use voopoo products for both freebase nicotine and nic salt e-liquids. However, voopoo products aren’t compatible with oil-based e-liquids and CBD oil.

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