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Vessel Vape Review (Price, Types)

Vessel Vape Overview

Vessel Vape Overview


Vessel is a relatively new company in the vape market, having appeared in 2018. However, in this short time, they managed to gather a good following and build a name for themselves thanks to the quality and looks of their products.

It was founded by James Choe in 2018 in California, where it is still headquartered. In 2021, they were bought by a Colombian company that specializes in growing cannabis, Flora Growth, for around 33 million dollars.

For this reason, the Vessel brand is not only concentrated on the production of vape pens but also a whole series of one-hitter pipes and products that enable herb connoisseurs to have the best possible flying experience.


So, Vessel manufactures products that can be grouped into vape-related and dry herb-related products.

They are obviously most famous for their luxury vape pens, which are available in four series: Expedition, Craftsman, Core, and Vista Edge.

To provide the consumers with everything they need for their smoking sessions, Vessel also makes and sells all the accompanying gadgets: sleeves for vapes, base chargers, cables, cases, etc.

Vape pens are not the only way you can puff away with the Vessel brand, as they also have a vape series Compass. The Compass vaporizer is a palm-sized vape for which you can buy accessories such as chargers, cables, and cases.

When it comes to dry herb stuff, another elegant and luxurious product stands out, the one-hitter, which is a slender pipe designed to hold enough for a single inhalation or hit or dry herb or flower. It is available in three models, Helix, Cone, and Air.

Other items in the dry herb product line are lighters, ashtrays, grinders, storage cases for dry herb, and a case for Vessel products.

For anyone wondering – they do not sell oils, aromas, or flavors of any kind!


Before we start reviewing some of the most prominent products made by Vessel, we need to talk about some general features that their vaporizers share.

  • Build/Design

Not only do they look sophisticated and sleek, but Vessel products are also of excellent build quality, which is something they put a lot of thought into.

In a world where disposable vapes are becoming increasingly popular, they want to offer something that will definitely make you think twice before going for yet another vape that is destined to end up in the trash in days’ time.

Contributing to that is the fact that they prioritize a design that emphasizes safety and prevents the release of harmful heavy metals.

  • Battery

Vessel vape pens are powered by 510 thread batteries which will fit most 510 cartridges.

These batteries are some of the better ones on the market and will last about two weeks with moderate usage. If, on the other hand, you are a frequent vaper, expect to have to recharge it every couple of days.

  • Charging System

The only downside to these vape pens is that they use Vessel’s proprietary magnetic charging port, not the usual Type-C USB port. But do not worry, as it comes included with the package.

Still, if, for example, you plan on staying over at a friend’s place and your vape’s battery is low, be sure not to leave your charger at home.

The vape pen takes about an hour and a half to charge fully.

Note: Using your Vessel vape pen during charging is not recommended.

  • Power Settings & LED Lights

Vessel vape pens are equipped with 4 power settings and 3 LED lights to let you know your battery’s status and current power setting. You control the power settings with the main button.

  • Vapor Production & Draw Feel

There are two types of luxury goods: those that look luxurious and those that look AND work luxuriously. Guess which category Vessel vape pens fall into?

With their big and thick clouds, you will not need to “smoke” any weed oil to feel like you are soaring thousands of feet up. And the softness and smoothness of the draws – plushy, to say the least.

Vessel Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

Vessel Vapes

  • Focus on premium, reusable vape pens
  • Known for sleek, fashionable metal designs
  • Offer both cartridge and pod system options
  • Compatible with 510 thread oil cartridges
  • Proprietary pods available for nicotine and CBD
  • Long-lasting built-in batteries
  • Brush steel, aluminum, brass style options
  • Higher price point around $50+ per pen

Spiritbar Disposable Vapes

  • Entirely self-contained disposable vape devices
  • Simpler plastic and metal design
  • Use nicotine salt e-liquids and flavors
  • No cartridge or pod system
  • 5% nicotine strength options
  • Batteries built-in and rechargeable
  • Much lower price point around $10-$20

The key differences are Vessel emphasizes premium reusable vape pens while Spiritbar offers very affordable disposables. Vessel has luxury styling and compatibility with carts/pods, while Spiritbar provides convenience without maintenance. Vessel is an investment while Spiritbar’s are a cost-effective option to try a variety of flavors.

Vessel Vapes Price & Series

Let’s look at Vessel’s vaporizes’ and one hitters’ prices and review each of them shortly!

1. Expedition Series Price & Details ($79)

  • Trail Edition – $79
  • Orange/Stone – $79

First and maybe the best and most popular Vessel’s vape pen is the Expedition vape pen which features a metal look thanks to anodized aluminum and a knobby grip. You can find it in two versions – the black Trail Edition that has a colored end cap (red, black, gold) and the Orange/Stone version.

Both of them are powered with a 300 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery that will allow you to vape for a prolonged period of time.

Adding to the great high-style impression is the weight of 37 g, which definitely makes you feel like you are carrying around a proper vape pen and not some plastic lighter.

2. Craftsman Series Price & Details ($79)

  • Slate/Walnut – $79
  • Slate/Blackwood – $79
  • White/Beechwood – $79

This line of Vessel’s vape pens is definitely deserving of its name – the aluminum part is accompanied by a barrel made out of real wood (walnut, beechwood, blackwood).

The wooden part is the culprit behind the vape’s natural and smooth look and feel. It is also in perfect symbiosis with the metal part that does not infringe on the design at all.

The three types of wood also represent the three types of models that the Craftsman Series features. At 29 grams, these vape pens are lighter than the Expedition vapes, which is normal, considering the use of wood for the barrel instead of metal.

They are of the same length, 4.3″, and diameter, 0.5 “D, and have the same type of 300 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery, 300 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable.

3. Core Series Price & Details ($39)

  • Black  – $39
  • Stone – $39
  • Emerald – $39
  • JustCore – $39

We are now moving to Vessel’s more cheap product that, despite its quite affordable price, keeps all of the glamour and allure the brand offers.

If we were to give a motto for the Core vape pen, it would definitely be, “More is less” because its simple design will make even the people who are not vapers own it and have it just for carrying and showing around.

Adding to the plain but charming look are three matte colors – black, stone, and emerald. For those of you who like it colorful, Vessel also has a Core vape pen named JustCore that they have designed together with JustBrands.

Unlike the previous two models, Core features a 260 mAh battery that still promises a reasonable usage time. It is also lightweight (23 grams) and tinier (3.3″) compared to them.

4. Vista Edge Series Price & Details ($45)

  • Avocado – $45
  • Bahama – $45
  • Poppy  – $45
  • Very Peri – $45
  • Slate – $45

Last but not least in the vape pen edition by Vessel is the Vista Edge series.

We said that the Expedition model is their best vape pen, but did we maybe lie to ourselves? And inadvertently to you? We really do not know.

But what we do know is that the Vista Edge series offers the best battery (320 mAh), which is one of the most desirable qualities in a rechargeable vape, and a design that allows you to check how much oil is left in the cartridge.

And all of that without sacrificing anything on the design and feel front – Vista surely has the edge over many of its competitors.

5. Compass Series Price & Details ($59)

  • Gunmetal  – $59
  • Mojave – $59
  • Copper – $59
  • JustCompass – $59
  • Lucid – $59
  • Retro – $59

As of right now, Vessel has one palm-style vaporizer named Compass. But we do not think that they need more than that at the moment because this vape has, well, too many good features for us to list in this short review. But let’s go with the most obvious ones.

The first one is, of course, the 550 mAh lithium-ion rechargeable battery core – say goodbye to charging for a long time.

The next one is its size/design – even though we said it is palm-sized, it is actually quite compact and features an ergonomic design that feels and weighs more like modern car keys and less like a hand grenade.

The Compass vaporizer also has excellent airflow and a cartridge swivel that can rotate to change the placement of the mouthpiece. It weighs 66 grams, is long 2.625 inches, and wide 1.625 inches.

It is available in 6 models, some of which are definitely more colorful than we are used to when it comes to Vessel vaporizers.

To make using the vape super easy, Vessel has incorporated a big main button with which you can turn on and off the vape, draw in the smoke, and toggle between power settings.

6. One Hitter Pipe For Dry Herb Price & Details ($25 – $65)

We hyped up the design of Vessel’s vapes a lot until now, so we will not be doing it here as well. Not because one hitter pipes do not deserve it but because, by now, you probably know what to expect from Vessel in that department.

They make three series of one-hitters or chillums as they are also called:

  • Helix series, sold for $65.
  • Cone Series, sold at $65.
  • Air series, which features three one-hitters for just $25.

Helix is the star of this line of products, and at 65 dollars, it is quite a luxurious star. However, Vessel stands precisely for that, so nobody should be surprised by the price.

What is great about Helix one-hitter is the interior spiral shaped like a double helix that increases the length of the pipe by 2.5 times. The increased pipe length allows for a smooth and cooling effect, so you know you will not be dealing with any of those super harsh and hard-hitting puffs.

If you do not like the bullet-shaped Helix, you can go for the classical joint-shaped Cone, which is also equipped with an internal spiral for smoother draws.

Both Helix and Cone are made out of real non-toxic brass and can be found in 4 different colors.

Vessel Vape Wholesale

Expedition Series Wholesale

  • Trail Edition Wholesale
  • Orange/Stone Wholesale

Craftsman Series Wholesale

  • Slate/Walnut Wholesale
  • Slate/Blackwood Wholesale
  • White/Beechwood Wholesale

Core Series Wholesale

  • Black Wholesale
  • Stone Wholesale
  • Emerald Wholesale
  • JustCore Wholesale

Vista Edge Series Wholesale

  • Avocado Wholesale
  • Bahama Wholesale
  • Poppy Wholesale
  • Very Peri Wholesale
  • Slate Wholesale

Compass Series Wholesale

  • Gunmetal Wholesale
  • Mojave Wholesale
  • Copper Wholesale
  • JustCompass Wholesale
  • Lucid Wholesale
  • Retro Wholesale

Helix Series Wholesale

  • Gunmetal Wholesale
  • Rose Gold Wholesale
  • Black Wholesale
  • Maritime Wholesale

Cone Series Wholesale

  • Gunmetal Wholesale
  • Onyx Wholesale
  • Maritime Wholesale
  • Rose Gold Wholesale

Air Series Wholesale

  • Gray Wholesale
  • Emerald Wholesale
  • Jade Wholesale

Vessel Vape FAQ

How do you turn on and off a Vessel vape pen?

If you want to turn on your Vassel vape pen, you need to click the main button five times. The main button is the one that is located in the middle point of the pen. When the vaporizer is turned on, lights will also turn on.

To turn off the vape, do the same. By the way, the vape turns off automatically after 15 minutes of inactivity.

What are the settings on a Vessel vape pen?

Vassel vaporizers feature 4 power settings with which you can adjust the temperature: 2.4V, 2.8V, 3.2V, and 3.6V.

To distinguish between these settings, take a look at the pen’s LED light – green represents the first setting, cyan the second one, yellow the third one, and magenta the last setting.

How to toggle between power settings on the Vessel vape pen?

To go from one power setting to the other, you need to click the main power button three times.

How do you know when a Vessel vape pen is charged?

When the Vessel vape pen is charged, the three LED indicators located above the central button will stop blinking.

Why is my Vessel battery blinking?

If your Vessel device is blinking, it could mean its battery is low, and you should charge it. Another case when the Vessel vape pen is when it is being charged.

Lastly, LED lights blinking may indicate an improper connection between the battery and cartridge, in which case you need to screw in the cartridge fully.

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