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Freemax Vape Overview (Price, Types, Flavors)

Freemax Vape Overview

Freemax is one of the leading manufacturers of vape devices and they are known for their innovative features and excellent performance. Their devices are suitable for new vapers as well as those with plenty of vaping experience.

Freemax Vape Overview


Freemax was founded by Mr. Yao in Shenzhen, China in 2013. The company is still young but has already made a name for itself as a manufacturer of quality vaping devices. The company focuses on developing new, cutting-edge vaping devices and technology, which includes the patented Mesh Coil technology providing excellent flavor and vapor production.

Freemax has been a front-runner in the pod system development and has its own line of pods that are both convenient to use and offer excellent vaping experiences. The company also has a reputation for manufacturing reliable devices which go through a rigorous testing process and quality control measures before they are released.

An Independent Company

While many other companies in the vaping industry are part of larger corporations, Freemax is an independent company. It is privately owned and its headquarters are still in Shenzhen, China where it was founded in 2013.

Although Freemax is a standalone entity within the vaping industry, the company works with a variety of suppliers and partners to produce its devices. For example, Freemax works with some of the leading material and component suppliers in the world to ensure their vaping devices meet the highest standards of reliability and quality.


During its time in business, Freemax products have won several awards. Their most recent awards include the Versed Vaper 2022 awards for the  Best Nicotine-Free Vape for the Maxus Solo 100W kit and the Best Pod for their Marvos X 100W. Other awards include:

  • Best Sub-Ohm Tank 2019 Vapouround Awards for Freemax Mesh Pro Tank
  • Best Tank 2018 Vapouround Awards for Freemax Fireluke Mesh Tank
  • Best Newcomer 2018 Vapouround Awards
  • Best Tank 2017 Vaping360 Awards for Freemax Fireluke Tank


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Telephone: +86 0755-23227803

You can also contact the company via this form on their website.


While some of the features and details vary between the different series of vaping devices and components Freemax makes, there are some key features that users can expect from all Freemax vaping devices.

All Freemax devices come equipped with their advanced and patented  Mesh Coil technology. It provides users with a superior flavor experience and vapor production compared to traditional coils.

To ensure their device’s durability, all Freemax vaping devices are made only with high-quality materials which include premium-grade plastics and durable metals. They have adjustable airflow systems that allow the user to customize the airflow so it meets their vaping preferences.

Another way to control the vaping experience is through the wattage control feature, which is another key feature of many Freemax devices. Many of the Freemax designs also have large capacity tanks reducing the frequency that users need to refill their tanks. Across all the series, the Freemax designs are available in eye-catching colors and sleek designs.

Freemax Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

Product Types

  • Freemax manufactures vape mods, sub-ohm tanks, coils and accessories.
  • Spiritbar specialized in high-quality disposable vape devices.


  • Freemax mods allow variable wattage, temperature control, custom firmware.
  • Spiritbar disposables deliver a simple, preset vaping experience.


  • Freemax makes popular sub-ohm tanks like the Fireluke and Firelizard series.
  • Spiritbar uses pre-filled, disposable e-liquid reservoirs.


  • Freemax produces various sub-ohm coil options like mesh, Clapton, tea fiber.
  • Spiritbar coils are built-into the disposable vape itself.


  • Freemax products require manually filling tanks with vape juice.
  • Spiritbar vapes come pre-loaded with nicotine salt e-liquid.

Battery Life

  • Freemax mod batteries last from several hours up to a full day.
  • Spiritbar disposable batteries last for thousands of puffs before disposal.

In summary, Freemax focuses on advanced setups with total customization while Spiritbar offers simple yet long-lasting disposables. Each suits different vaping preferences.

Freemax Prices and Models

1. Maxus Price & Details ($54.89 – $89.99)

The Maxus range from Freemax is a popular line of vaping devices offering a range of capabilities and features. The Maxus Solo 100W kit was awarded the “Best Nicotine Free Vapes” in the 2022 Versed Vaper awards.

  • Maxus 2 200W Kit – $89.99
  • Maxus Max Pro 168W Kit – $79.99
  • Maxus Solo 100W Kit – $79.99
  • Maxus 50W – $54.89
  • Maxus 200W – $74.89
  • Maxus 100X – $64.99

The Maxus series offers users a choice of versatile devices that can handle a varied range of vaping needs. The Maxus has a large battery capacity of 4000mAh, which eliminates the need for frequent recharging. The devices have OLED displays which makes it easy to keep track of the battery life and vaping settings.

The Maxus devices use SmartLoad technology, which makes battery changing easier since you can insert the battery in any direction. The devices all come with a temperature control feature that allows users to achieve the perfect temperature for the e-liquids they are using. The devices are compatible with a range of tanks including Fireluke 4 and M Pro 2.

2. Marvos Price & Details ($44.99 – $67.99)

The Marvos series offers users a selection of compact and sleek pod mod designs which are easy to carry with you so you can vape on the go. The Marvos X 100W won the award for Best Pod 2022 in the Versed Vaper awards.

  • Marvos X Pro 100W – $67.99
  • Marvos X 100W – $64.99
  • Marvos 80W – $54.99
  • Marvos S 80W – $64.49
  • Marvos 60W – $59.99
  • Marvos T 80W – $44.99

The Marvos series of vaping devices have a large battery with 3000mAh and OLED displays that make tracking your battery life and vaping settings easy. Thanks to SmartLoad technology, changing the battery is easy as you can insert the battery in any direction and the Mesh Coil technology provides great flavor and a substantial cloud of vapor.

All the Marvos devices have the adjustable airflow feature, meaning users can customize their vaping experience by regulating the amount of air flowing through the device. Users can pair the devices with a range of pods. Options include the Marvos T and Marvos DTL with different levels of coil resistance and airflow.

3. Galex Price & Details ($27.99 – $31.00)

The Freemax Galex series is ideal for people who are looking for a smaller device with a more discreet vapour cloud. The pen-style device is easy to carry with you and use on the go. The devices are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping.

  • Galex Nano – $31.00
  • Galex – $27.99

The Galex has an integrated battery with 800mAh and it has been optimized to last longer on a single charge. It has a buttonless design and the absence of tricky menus makes them suitable for all levels of vapers. It features inhale activation, which means it does not need to be turned on, users simply need to puff on the mouthpiece to activate it and vape.

The pods are easy to refill with e-liquid as the e-liquid port can be accessed by just removing the mouthpiece. The vaping device includes Mesh Coil technology and the GX coils in the Galex pods are designed to vaporize more e-juice per puff.

4. Starlux Price & Details ($35.99)

The Starlux from Freemax is a great option for vapers who want to move on to sub-ohm kits. This design is ideal for direct-to-lung vaping. However, it can also support restricted direct-to-lung inhales giving users a choice of inhale styles.

  • Starlux 40W – $35.99

The Starlux comes with a built-in 1400mAh battery giving users more time to vape between charges. The model comes with both inhale and button activation options. It can be used to create large clouds or, by adjusting the airflow, more moderate clouds and a tighter draw.

The device uses Freemax’s Mesh Coil technology, which means the coils heat up more e-juice at a faster rate. This increases vapor production and ensures better flavor. The Starlux kit comes with a top-filling pod that holds up to 2 ml of liquid and is easy to refill.

5. Other Freemax Devices Price & Details ($24.15 – $64.99)

  • Twister 2 80W Kit – $64.99
  • Twister 80W Starter Kit – $60.00

The Twister is a great choice for new vapers and it is controlled by a straightforward twist feature, which is on the base. It features variable wattage so users can easily find their preferred vaping power. It can be used for both mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung inhalations.

  • Onnix 2 15W Kit – $29.99
  • Onnix 20W Kit – $29.99

The Freemax Onnix is a simple-to-use compact device, which still offers users a high level of customization options. Its 1100mAh battery is powerful enough to provide users with a full day of vaping. There are two different Onnix coils available so users can choose between mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung vaping.

  • Gemm 25W Pod Mod Kit – $24.99
  • Gemm 80W Starter Kit – $24.15

The Gemm is a lightweight vape kit that is suited for both beginners and experienced smokers. The Gemm mod has a 2900mAh internal battery and features three pre-set wattage levels which can be operated with a single button. This pocket-sized pen vaping device is easy to use and produces great vapor.

  • Maxpod 3 – $24.99
  • Frio Pod – $29.99

The Maxpod is a draw-activated device, meaning you can inhale without starting the device first. It has a 550mAh battery and an LED light that signifies the battery level. It uses Mesh Coil technology. The Maxpod is a great starter device but equally suited for experienced vapers.

The Frio vape kit from Freemax is portable and simple to use. It has a rechargeable 580mAh battery and comes with a prefilled Frio pod. The device is inhale activated, making vaping feel close to intuitive. The Frio has an OLED screen displaying all the vaping information the user needs to enjoy their vaping experience.

Best Freemax Flavors

While Freemax devices can be used with e-liquids from other brands, they also have their own flavors designed to be used with the Freemax Frio. They also do disposable vapes. Below are some popular flavor options from Freemax.

Pre-Filled Pod Flavors

  • The Strawpina Freemax Frio contains  2 ml of salt nicotine, creates a discreet vapor cloud and feels close to how a cigarette would feel.
  • The Pink Lemonade Freemax Frio pods also have 2 ml of salt nicotine and the flavor is a combination of lemonade and mixed berries.
  • The Pineapple Ice Freemax Frio pods have pineapple with menthol and deliver a fresh tropical fruity experience with the freshness of menthol.
  • The Blue Razz Freemax Frio pods are a combination of blueberries and raspberries

Disposable Vapes

The disposable vapes from Freemax hold 2 ml of e-liquid, which is enough to outlast twenty cigarettes. They deliver approximately 500 puffs. The flavors include:

  • The Lemon Tart Freemax Friobar 500
  • The Passion Fruit Freemax Friobar
  • The Pink Lemonade Freemax
  • The Menthol Freemax

Freemax Wholesale


  • Maxus 2 200W Kit
  • Maxus Mac Pro 168W Kit
  • Maxus Solo 100W Kit
  • Maxus 50W
  • Maxus 200W
  • Maxus 100X


  • Marvos X Pro 100W
  • Marvos X 100W
  • Marvos 80W
  • Marvos S 80W
  • Marvos 60W


  • Galex Pro
  • Galex Nano
  • Galex


  • Starlux 40W

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Freemax Vape?

Freemax is a vaping brand that produces a range of vaping devices, coils, tanks, and accessories.

How do you turn the Freemax vape device on and off?

To turn your device on or off, you usually press the fire button on your Freemax vape device five times in rapid succession.

How is the Freemax vape device charged?

Most of the Freemax vape devices are sold with a USB charging port. To charge your device, plug one end of the USB cable into your device and the other end into a power outlet.

How often does the coil in my Freemax need changing?

How often you need to change the coil depends on your vaping habits. The more you use your device, the more often you need to change the coil. In general, the coils need changing every one to two weeks.

Is there a difference between regular tanks and sub-ohm tanks from Freemax?

Yes, there is a difference between the tanks. Sub-ohm tanks are designed to be used with low-resistance coils, which will allow for higher power output. They will also produce more vapor compared to regular tanks.

Can Freemax vaping devices be used with any e-liquid?

Most devices from Freemax can be used with a range of e-liquids. However, to get the best performance out of your device, check what the manufacturer recommends.

Do I need to clean my Freemax tank?

Yes, you do need to clean the tank if you want to maintain its performance. To clean it, you need to disassemble it and rinse all parts in warm water. If you wish, you can use a mild detergent. Ensure all parts are fully dry before you reassemble your device.

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