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Aspire Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Aspire Vape Overview

Aspire Overview

There are lots of vape brands on the market, and it’s always a struggle finding out a brand that ticks all the boxes in terms of efficiency, affordability, and durability.

Luckily, our review today is focused on the Aspire vape brand, and we’d tell you all there’s to know about their high-quality products.

Stay with us.

History of Aspire Vape Brand

Aspire is a Chinese vape brand that was established in 2013, and since then it has gained great popularity because of its innovative and unmatched quality vaping devices.

It’s a well-known industry among vapers, and so far, they have always been in the limelight for delivering more than vapers’ expectations.

Aspire was created by a group of experienced designers, engineers, and manufacturing experts who had a great love for vaping, and they intended to manufacture products with unbeatable quality. They had a plan to only create products that were stylish, and easy to use, plus they have more than delivered on that.

The first product launched by Aspire brand was the Aspire Nautilus Tank, which was brought to the public in 2014.

Much to their surprise, it garnered a lot of praise, plus it was the first tank to make use of bottom vertical coil technology, making it a game changer in the industry. The Nautilus Tank was very easy to fill, plus it came with adjustable airflow, and this was a feature appreciated by many vapers worldwide.

As expected, they didn’t stop their innovative streak with the Nautilus series, they also launched the Atlantic tank, which was the first sub-ohm tank on the market, and therefore they paved the way for other sub-ohm vaping devices to be produced.

In 2015, they launched the Aspire Pegasus, a temperature control mod, and according to their motto, it was stylish and easy to use.

The Aspire Pegasus was one of the first mods to use temperature control technology, a feature that allows vapers to have control over the temperature of their coils, and prevent dry hits.

Features of Aspire Vape Brand

The Aspire brand remains popular because of its latest high-quality technologies and affordability. Other features make them stand out;

  • Ease of Use

No vaper wants to have to read a full manual before they can operate a device, and the Aspire manufacturers put this factor into consideration when making all their products.

All their products are designed to be user-friendly, and even first-time vapers will have no issue using their products.

  • Innovative/Stylish Design

Aspire is known for its innovative designs because that’s what makes them stand out in the vaping industry. For every product designed, vaper are put into consideration, because they aim to provide vapers with an unmatchable vaping experience that’ll make them stick to the brand.

  • Vapor Production

Vapor production is the most important factor of every vape device, because if your vape pen cannot supply adequate vapor, then your vape experience will be a boring and frustrating one.

The coils in their tanks are made with the best quality, ensuring that it produces a clean flavor, plus their quality mods also ensure powerful and consistent vapor production.

  • Adjustable

Every vaper has their preference and Aspire understands this. Their products are fully customizable, so you can tweak them to your vaping preference. The tanks also have adjustable airflow, that way you can control the amount of vapor that’s being produced. The mods come with adjustable settings, for you to choose the desired temperature, wattage, and even voltage.

  • Highest Quality of Materials

Nobody wants a vape device that’ll get damaged at any slight mishandling, plus spending money on a new vape device frequently gives brands a bad image.

Aspire is here to stay long-term, and as such, they have made sure all materials are made with high quality.

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Aspire Vape Price & Series

All series of the Aspire brand come with distinguished features that make them stand out from other vaping products. Here are some of the series of the Aspire vape brand and their price ranges;

Nautilus Series ($10 – $30)

This was the first series ever launched by Aspire, and definitely one of the most popular. The reason why most vapers love products from this series is that the quality of tanks from the Nautilus series is top-notch. The series encompasses Nautilus, Nautilus 2, and the Nautilus mini tanks.

The Nautilus series made Aspire brand a world-renowned brand and so far, they have kept up their pace as a brand to be associated with. While you might argue that they are relatively a new brand, they are still among the first-movers, and we don’t expect that to change any time soon.

The Aspire Nautilus series has been at the top of its game since they were manufactured. They have made progressive innovations that make them the best in their respective field. The Nautilus series features vape tanks that come with an easy top-filling system, and it also comes with a leakproof system, which is very much appreciated by new vapers.

The price range of products in the Nautilus series varies depending on the specific product and of course where it’s being sold. But ideally, it ranges from $10-$30.


Cleito Series ($10 – $80)

In 2016, they also launched the Cleito tank which was another game changer designed to provide vapers with excellent flavor and vapor production.

The tanks in this series are produced with the main aim of delivering a huge amount of vapor, to make sure you get the full mouthwatering taste of your vape liquid.

Tanks in the Cleito series feature innovative coil designs that ensure a pure and clean flavor is delivered, plus you’ll never get to experience dry hits.

Due to the success surrounding the release of the Cleito tank, Aspire launched several improved models; the Cleito 120 and Cleito Pro. For vapers who want to enjoy maximum cloud production, the Cleito 120 is the best bet, and with the Cleito Pro, you’ll get uninterrupted airflow, which is a perfect feature for vapers who want a controlled or open draw.

Products in the Cleito series are competitive in terms of price, and their price anywhere from $10 – $80, depending on what you are buying.

Breeze Series ($10 – $50)

The focus of Aspire brand has always been on style and ease of use, and therefore they’ve made their prices affordable, and you’d get real value for your money every single time.

The vaping devices in the Breeze series are made for vapers who are always on the move. They are lightweight and very easy to operate.

Vape products in the Breeze series come with one-button operation and very easy-to-use refillable pods. You don’t need to struggle to replace the mods, because they are held in place with only magnets.

The three devices in the breeze series (Original Aspire, Aspire Breeze 2, and Aspire Breeze NXT), are designed to be used with nic salt e-liquids, so you get a satisfying vaping experience.

Aspire is all about affordability, and you can purchase vape products in the Breeze series from $10 – $50.

Triton Series ($10 – $80)

With the Triton series, you get to purchase vape products that are designed for mouth-to-lung vaping and sub-ohm. All the tanks in the Triton series are made from high-quality material, plus there’s the option to adjust the airflow to your preference.

The Triton series include vape kits, mods, and vape tanks, and they are available at most vape shops with prices ranging from $10 – $80.

Athos Series ($10 – $30)

If you are looking for tanks that can withstand high-wattage vaping, then you should check out the Athos series. The Athos series features tanks that come with innovative coil designs that are perfect for delivering the best vapor production.

Athos series is a line of tanks and coils, and depending on the location and retailer, they can cost anywhere from $10 – $30.

Speeder Series ($35)

In 2017, they launched another mod, the Speeder mod, and its unique design made stand out from other mods that have ever been produced.

Aspire brand is a strong mover in the vaping industry, and its journey has been a remarkable one.

The Speeder series also features tanks that are designed for high-wattage vaping. The mods in the Speeder series are manufactured with the best materials, plus it comes with customizable settings that allow you to make adjustments according to your preference.

The Aspire Speeder series features the Speeder mods and Speeder Revvo kit, both of which you can purchase for about $35.

PockeX Series ($15 – $30)

With the Aspire brand, you are certain of luxury and durability at an affordable rate. They are perfect for everyday use, and they last long to give you a better vaping experience.

When using products from the PockeX series, you are certain of getting the best vaping experience, because it features all-in-one vaping devices. If you are new to vaping, trying out the products in the PockeX series is the best.

Depending on which vaping product in the PockeX series you are going for, let your budget be within $15 – $30.

Best Aspire Flavors

The beauty of the Aspire vape devices is that all vape flavors can go with it. their products do not limit your vaping experience.

Let’s go over some amazing flavors that’ll allow you to have a smooth vape ride.

1. Menthol Flavors

This is a flavor popular among many vapers, and most vapers love it because of its cooling taste. Menthol flavors are diverse, and you have the option of trying out different tastes like spearmint, peppermint, and mint.

When choosing any menthol flavor, you need to understand that it doesn’t exactly have a strong and overpowering taste.

2. Fruity Flavors

This is the perfect flavor if you want to have a sweet vaping experience. There are different fruit flavors that you can literally vape all day; watermelon, mango, and strawberry. While these flavors have a strong taste, they are extremely light and refreshing.

3. Beverage Flavors

The beverage flavors include coffee and tea, and it’s especially common among vapers who just quit smoking. Most vapers love the coffee flavor in particular because it has a heavy taste. So, if you are looking for a more complex flavor that will give you the perfect nuanced experience, you need to try out beverage flavors.

4. Tobacco Flavors

This is another flavor that’s popular among vapers that once loved smoking. Tobacco flavors give off a very similar taste to cigarettes, and that’s why people who are trying to quit smoking by vaping, enjoy this taste.

The beauty of vaping is choosing a flavor that makes you relax. You can try out different flavors until you find one that suits your taste. Sometimes you can even try mixing different flavors, but be sure that they are both compatible liquids, so you don’t end up damaging your vape device.


1. Where’s The Headquarter Of Aspire Located?

They are located in Los Angeles, CA, but their services aren’t limited to just the United States. Aspire proudly services the United States and other countries worldwide.

2. Are Aspire Good Vapes?

Aspire manufactures only durable and elegant devices. All of their products are user-friendly, plus they are always accompanied by long-lasting batteries.

3. Is Aspire a Good Brand?

Reviews don’t lie, and so far, vapers have been extremely satisfied with the quality of vape products manufactured by Aspire. Aspire is a huge brand in the industry, and its quality and innovative products speak for them.

4. How Long Do Aspire Vapes Last?

Aspire vapes last anywhere from 7 to 90 days. They have a very strong battery life, and with proper maintenance and minimal usage, their batteries can last for about 120 days.

5. What is the Rating of Aspire Vapes?

According to World Vaping, Aspire Breeze NXT Kit has an overall score of 92/100. All Aspire products feature cutting-edge technology and of course unique designs that make them different from other vaping devices.

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