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Select Vape Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Select Vape

Select Vape Overview

If you live on the west coast, you’ve probably run into a Select product at some point. This company is one of the fastest growing and innovative players in the cannabis market today.

Select was founded in 2013 after one of its co-founders spent time around a roommate with an incredibly awful cough. While the cough wasn’t related to any illness or long-term issues, it was obvious that the issue flared up anytime he smoked and something irritated his throat.

In the brand’s introductory video, they explicitly name silica fiber glass as the ingredient in question, but the issue wasn’t limited to one ingredient. The overall idea of low-quality ingredients and parts pushed the creation of Select, a company determined to focus on cleanliness, health, and product safety.

Select Cannabis Standards

Select Cannabis is a CuraLeaf brand, and it carries high-quality standard such as:

  • Safety
  • Sourcing
  • Consistency
  • Innovation
  • Commitment

All ingredients that go into Select products meet the highest standards for both potency and pesticide safety in every state, and the company’s internal requirements are often more protective than what each state requires.

This ensures that everything you consume, from edibles to high quality oils, is as safe as it can be for human consumption. Select products do not include controversial cutting agents such as vegetable glycerin, propylene glycol, or Vitamin E acetate, instead relying on natural terpenes for potency and flavor.

Select also endeavors to build and maintain respectful and transparent relationships with the farmers that are the backbone of every cannabis product. Not only is this the right thing to do, but it ensures a reliable supply of quality ingredients for Select goods.

While other companies may focus on getting as many carts and mods on the shelf as possible, Select hand-fills each cart for human-verified quality control. In fact, the company has 4 quality control stations that work hard to make sure everything you buy provides the exact flavor and effects you expect.

At the end of the day, Select has proven its commitment to innovation and advancing the cannabis industry. While Select vapes are a major product that consumers cannot wait to purchase and recommend, the company never stops looking for ways to make things better.

From complimentary cannabis consumables to proprietary blends and methods, Select is partially responsible for taking us into a new age of cannabis consumption.

Select Cannabis Awards and Recognition

Everyday consumers like us are not the only ones to recognize Select as a stellar company.

In 2018, Select ranked 45 on the Inc. List of Fastest Growing US Companies. Furthermore, Oregon Business listed Select as one of the Top 100 Best Companies to Work For in 2018 and 2019.

Selects reputation remains strong on the west coast, and BDS Analytics recognized the company as the best-selling cannabis brand in the area.

All this goes to show that, even before you dive into Select vapes and complementary cannabis products, you’re working with a company that values its business, respects its workers, and doesn’t disappoint its customers.

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Select Vape uses cannabis-derived THC oil to give users the experience and effects of marijuana. This makes it popular for recreational vaping.

In contrast, SPIRITBAR Vape uses traditional nicotine e-liquids. This allows smokers to enjoy the sensation and satisfaction of tobacco cigarettes while avoiding tar and other harmful components found in burning cigarettes.

So while Select Vape provides the highs of marijuana through vaping, SPIRITBAR Vape offers a smoother, cleaner alternative to smoking tobacco. Their distinct e-liquids give each product a unique vaping experience and target market.

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Select Vape Products and Prices

Select Edible Price & Details

One of the more accessible products offered by Select are their edible products. These unique consumables were carefully crafted and designed to have a faster onset, last longer, and ensure optimal THC absorption.

These include:

  • Select Bites: for the edible experience you love; made with 11 Hydroxy THC and available in Passion Fruit (Sativa), Blueberry (Indica), and Strawberry Peach (Hybrid); lowest onset time
  • Select Nano Bites: novel formulate with Delta 9 THC cannabinoids and NANO encapsulated cannabis oil composition; more predictable and stable effects similar to inhalation; available in Tangerine (Sativa), Peach Mango (Hybrid), and Pomegranate (Indica); fastest onset time
  • Select Snooze Bites: equal ratio CBD and CBN; perfectly formulated blackberry gummies to help you unwind at the end of the day
  • Select Chill Bites: mango flavored CBD gummies formulated to help you tune out the stresses of everyday life
  • Select Recover Bites: equal ratio CBD and CBG designed to help you bounce back from hard hitting days; watermelon flavor
  • Select X Bites: for experienced cannabis users; formulated with liposomal encapsulated cannabis oil to ensure fast delivery, stable effects, and a long-lasting experience

Select X Bites have the widest array of flavors, including Strawberry Spacewalk, Orange Matter, and Rainbow Upload.

Regardless of which edible option you choose, Select endeavors to ensure you get the effects you need in a timely manner and steady release. Their edible products are one of the best examples of the brand’s dedication to innovative technology and safe consumables.

Select Cliq Price & Details

The Select Cliq system is one of its newer products and a vape carefully crafted to bring your experience to the next level. Select has been working on the Cliq design for years to make sure they created the perfect machine for handling Select’s high-quality and well-loved cannabis oil.

Cliq brings a lot to the table, capitalizing on industry-known preferences while offering small adjustments to improve quality overall. To start, Cliq has a sleek, pocket sized design for effortless portability, discreet transportation, and complementary design.

Cliq focuses on natural elements, including a clay-based ceramic coil assembly and a natural cotton-only wick to make sure no one else is left coughing from subpar components ever again.

The stainless steel Cliq body looks great, but it also fits perfectly in your hand. IT features a strong magnet to hold the pod tightly in place from the moment you “click” it in.

The real weight of the innovation is evident in the pod design. Cliq pods come in .5 and 1.0g sizes (depending on your state’s laws). While other pods may get by on gravity alone, Cliq pods have a contoured design to make sure you get every drop that you paid for.

The pods seal perfectly in place, and there are no leakage issues when transporting cliq or even waving the vape around as you excitedly boast about its usefulness.

The triple sealed mouthpiece makes for a better draw that is only enhanced by staple Select features such as auto draw (for quick and easy hits) and variable voltage (to ensure your experience matches your expectations).

While it’s not the oldest Select vape on the market, Cliq has worked hard to establish its worth while piggybacking off Select’s high-quality products and reputation.

Select Squeeze Price & Details

If you’re not the type to carry a vape or you want a more discreet way to dose on the go (or you simply want to boost your current beverages), Select offers several Squeeze flavors to try out.

Adding a 5 mg dose to your drink is as simple as:

  • Pushing down on the Squeeze cap and turning to open
  • Squeezing the sides of the bottle to fill the auto-dosing reservoir
  • Pouring in your beverage, sitting back, and enjoying

While you can add Squeeze to any beverage of choice, Select already has tasty recipes to try out, such as Snowball Punch, Apple Cider, Basil Berry Squeeze, and 4 O’clock Sunset.

Select Vape Oils and Carts Price & Details

Select offers different oil products to meet consumer demands. Regardless of which line you use, expect each package to clearly disclose details such as THC, CBD, and CBN concentration, flavor notes, all relevant production and testing dates, and exact terpenes.

The listed potency for each line:

  • Select Essentials: 80% to 95% THC
  • Select Elite: 80% to 95% THC
  • Select Elite Live: 70% to 85% THC; 75% to 90% TC

The Select Essentials line is a broad spectrum cannabinoid distillate designed to cover your favorite strains with high potency and fantastic flavor. The Essentials line includes flavors like Clementine and Green Crack.

The Elite line is designed to deliver the highest THC level possible (which Select tests at parts per billion and uses SC labs for outside testing). The company uses Ethanol Hash Oil extraction to retain original flavor and potency as much as possible.

Select Elite Price & Details

The Elite Live line furthers Select’s reputation by enhancing the taste of Elite flavors. This live resin line protects the original terpenes of the plant, making it great for providing medicinal effects and burns slowly to provide plenty of use.

While the Elite Live won’t hit as strong as the original Elite line, it perfectly encompasses flavor and efficacy to provide a well-rounded full-spectrum effect. Select is always working with farms like Crocket Family Farms to produce new strains and flavors of these oils.

Select Fresh and Go Price & Details

Select’s Fresh and Go cart and battery system is an attempt to combat the waste of disposables while offering a more discreet vaping experience. It doesn’t look like the typical cannabis device and comes in a smaller .3g size more convenient for travel.

Despite this, the system still packs the punch you expect from the Essentials line. Some users ditch the cart because it’s difficult to tell how much oil you have left, but others prefer the system for this level of discretion.

Select Ratio Drops Price & Details

Select also offers drops in different ratios of CBD: THC to meet your desired effects. These come in 1:1, 4:1, 18:1, and straight THC, and you can apply them to almost any situation.

Ratio drops are best for those looking for the effects of vaping without the high. The accurate ratio on the bottle ensures you get exactly what you’re looking for, whether that’s simply soothing pain, getting better sleep, or giving you a bit of a buzz.

Best Select Vape Flavors

Select oil flavors vary depending on regulations in your area and what retailers near you may offer, but there are a few flavors that come highly recommended.

  • Gelato is perfect for those looking to relax, and it really digs into its indica roots. Vaping gelato is like deep pressure therapy for your entire nervous system, but it comes from the inside. It won’t inspire you to work through, but instead offers a down-to-earth peppery taste to help you settle down and relax.
  • Forbidden Fruit serves as a fruity hybrid oil option, and it combines citrus and berries with a certain level of spice to put some pep in your step. Like most hybrid strains, Forbidden Fruit is perfect for bringing a sense of joy to your daily life.
  • Lemon Tree offers the same pine/spice taste, but this time complimenting a lightweight citrus flavor. If you’re just starting out, Lemon Tree is the most mellow and reliably pleasant flavor for a balanced and inspirational vaping experience.

Select Vapes depend on natural terpenes to keep their oils at the proper viscosity. This means that the flavors will not be as sweet or artificial as other oils on the market, instead taking on earthy tones like pine, pepper, and citrus.

If you’re just starting out, learning what terpenes you like and the effect they have on you will go a long way.

Select Vape FAQ

How Do You Use a Select Vape Pen?

Select Elite Vape Pens are pull-draw, but they feature a 5-on-5-off battery to prevent accidental activation. You can also adjust the temperature of these vape pens by pressing the button 3 times to switch from low to medium to high.

What Do the Colors Mean on a Select Vape Pen?

Select Vape Pen batteries offer variable voltage, and the colored LED button helps you identify your current power level.

  • Blue: 2.8 V (low)
  • Yellow: 3.2 V (medium)
  • Green: 3.6 V (high)

Generally, higher voltage settings are better for potency and vapor, while low heat benefits e-liquid flavor.

How Long Do Select Vape Pens Last?

Select Vape Pens do not disclose an estimated puff count, but you can expect around 75 to 300 puffs per cartridge (depending on vaping habits and battery temperature). This number is calculated using the general 3 to 5 mg puff.

How Do I Know When My Select Vape Pen Is Fully Charged?

Your Select Vape Pen is fully charged when the indicator light turns green. While select batteries ship partially charged, you should use the provided USB-C charger cord to juice up the battery before your first use.

How Do I Know When My Select Cartridge Is Empty?

Select Cliq cartridges feature a clear bottom and tapered reservoir for easy level monitoring. You can clearly see whether your Select cartridge is empty.

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