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9 Ways to Stop Vape from Spitting & Bubbling

Stop Vape from Spitting & Bubbling

Do you have a vaping device that is spitting? Or maybe it has started to leak or pop, or it makes a gurgling sound. These are all issues that can be fixed or at the least, kept to a minimum.

Whether you are using a regular vape tank, a pod vape, or a rebuildable atomizer, the tips in this article can help you address the issue with your vape device. Read on to find out what to do if your device spits, leaks, pops, or gurgles.

Why Is My Vape Spitting or Bubbling?

Spitting, or spitback is used to describe very hot e-liquid droplets shooting from your vape pen. You can sometimes see it happen if you watch the coil firing. The droplets spit in all directions and sometimes they can shoot up into the vape pen’s mouthpiece. While not dangerous, it is not a pleasant experience.

There is a simple cause for spitback. It happens when the e-liquid has pooled up on the coil. When this happens, instead of vaporizing, the liquid is cooked. It will then spit just like boiling water and when you inhale, you can catch a few droplets. How do you stop the e-liquid from pooling on the coil and spitting when you inhale?

How do You Prevent Spitting or Bubbling?

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Since spitting is something you do not want to experience, you will want to take some steps to prevent it from happening again. Here is what you need to do.

1. Avoid Over-Priming Your Coil

Priming your vape pen is a process where you drip some e-juice onto the wicks before the first use. Avoid putting too much e-liquid into the juice chamber because it can cause issues with flooding and lead to spitting. Find the right balance for your device. Let the cotton wick saturate slowly and don’t rush the process.

2. Reduce the Airflow

Another, very simple way to prevent spitback is to reduce the airflow by controlling your inhale. A forceful inhale will encourage flooding because it pulls more e-liquid into the chamber. Try to inhale more slowly and let the wicking and coil do more of the work.

If slowing down your inhaling does not solve the problem of spitting e-juice, you can also reduce the airflow setting on your device. However, some people end up compensating for the reduced airflow by inhaling more forcibly. Try to avoid this as it will just keep the problem repeating.

3. Opt for a Thicker E-Liquid

You could also try to solve the problem by swapping for a thicker liquid. Vegetable glycerine (VG) has a thicker consistency than propylene glycol (PG), so choose juices with a higher VG content. A high-VG e-liquid is less likely to flood the atomizer of your vaping device because it slows the wicking down.


4. Pulsing the Fire Button

Over-priming or dripping too much happens to all vapers from time to time. When you realize you have overdone it, try pulsing the fire button a few times before inhaling. Wait for the popping sound to fade. When you can only hear the regular hum resulting from the vaporization process, you should be safe to puff without it spitting.

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5. It Needs More Power

If your device has variable wattage, try turning the power up by up to ten watts. This can reduce the problems with spitting as it speeds up the vaporizing process. When your device has too low wattage, the wick might supply e-liquid faster than the device can vaporize it.

6. Swap Your Drip Tip

You may be getting spitback because of your drip tip. Swap your drip tip for the angled design of an anti-spitback drip tip. The angle makes it harder for the spit to reach your mouth. A longer drip tip will also work, especially ones with a curved or bent design. Some vapers find that a screen fixed to the bottom of the drip tip also solves the issue.

7. Clean the Vape Device’s Chimney

Although the spitting is more likely to be caused by a flooded wick, sometimes the reason may be worsened by the e-liquid that has been collected in the chimney. Eventually, this liquid will make it back to the coil.

Cleaning the chimney is easy. All you need is some tissue paper that you roll up. Remove the drip tip of your device and insert the rolled-up paper into the chimney. The paper will soak up any excess e-liquid and reduce the chances of popping and spitting.

8. Avoid Using Twisted Coils

This tip is mainly for vapers with rebuildable devices. Multi-strand coils are known to spit and pop because of their design. The problem is mostly associated with twisted coils but Clapton coils sometimes have the same issue. It may be impossible to avoid popping completely with these coils. Simple round wire coils are less likely to spit.

9. You May Need to Re-Wick

If you use an RTA and experience a spitback problem, you may need to fix your wicks. This may take some practice, but the idea is to cover the channels between the tank and chamber with densely packed wick without completely blocking them.

Here is a video that can help you too.

Leaking E-Cigarettes

Sometimes the e-liquid can leak out of the tank. Usually, this happens through the airflow system. While some leaks may be barely noticeable with just a few drops escaping sometimes you might find your tank emptying fully.

The problem, common with many sub-ohm tanks, is a combination of user errors and design oversights. Many newer vaping devices have better-designed tanks to minimize potential leaks. However, they do still occur as no design is 100% leakproof.

How Do You Prevent Leaking?

There are several things you can do to prevent leaking. The first thing to do is to check the seal. Ensure the tank is fastened securely with the threads in sync. Clean the chimney following the steps described above, and keep the tank upright. If the tank is not upright, especially for an extended period, liquid can leak from the airflow holes.

You should also check the O-rings which can be damaged or worn. To examine the rings, take your tank apart and look for signs of damage or wear and tear in the O-rings. Replace any broken rings.

Other steps include ensuring you replace the top cap on your tank and that you close the airflow holes fully when filling your device. Avoid overfilling the tank and leave an air pocket at the top. Check the tank for cracks and damage. If you spot any, you will need to replace them. Finally, check the coil head and ensure it is screwed in place properly.

Why Does the Vape Make a Crackling Sound?

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With sub-ohm vape devices the crackling noises occur because they need more heat and power to vape. Using a thicker e-juice can reduce crackling sounds. You may also get crackling sounds in mouth-to-lung vaping kits that require thinner, high-PG liquids. The sound may be louder and longer because of a lack of viscosity.

You are likely to get some crackling noises on whatever device you use for vaping. They are often louder in new vapes, likely to reduce over time, and normally nothing to worry about. Sometimes, you might find that the sound does not go away, but intensifies. It may even turn into a gurgling sound.

What to do When Your Vape Makes a Gurgling Sound?

A gurgling sound can be a sign of a damaged coil, so the first thing to do is to check the coil. If you notice damage on it, get a replacement coil. If the coil seems fine, check that the device is properly assembled and all the parts screwed together securely.

Replacing the Coil

Luckily, if you need to replace your coil it is easily done. First, you need to remove the tank from the vape pen’s body. This will expose the coil. If there is still juice in your tank, use a paper towel or a cloth to stop your hands from getting greasy.

If there is any liquid in the tank, empty it. It is better to replace the coil with as little remaining juice as possible. Now you can remove the coil. Do this by twisting the coil counterclockwise. Again, you might like to use a paper towel to keep your hands cleaner.

Before you put the new coil in place, saturate it first with some fresh vape juice. Five to eight drops should be enough. You should not put it directly onto the vape as the new cotton on the coil could burn. Let the juice absorb for around one minute.

Next, insert the new coil by turning it clockwise to secure it. With the coil in place, replace the tank and finish by filling the tank with fresh e-liquid.

Can Disposable Vapes Spit?

Spitting, or gurgling sounds where e-liquid pops out of the mouthpiece, can occasionally happen with disposable vapes. This is typically caused by the coil getting flooded with too much e-liquid. If there is excess fluid in the coil and it rapidly heats up, some liquid can pop and sputter out.

Lower quality disposable vapes are more prone to spitting because less care is taken in the coil design and internal airflow. However, reputable vape brands conduct extensive testing to minimize spitting. They fine tune the coil, wicking, and airflow to achieve an optimal balance that avoids flooding and spitback.

That’s why it’s advisable to stick to well-known disposable vape manufacturers. Major brands have the resources and expertise to engineer their devices to drastically reduce instances of spitting. They may use special coil configurations, precision wicking, and scientific airflow calibration so you have a smooth, consistent vape.

While no vape is guaranteed to never spit, reputable companies like Spiritbar Vape work tirelessly to minimize it through research and testing. This results in a greatly improved user experience.

Disposable vapes from major brands are your best bet for an enjoyable vaping session without excessive spitback issues. Investing in a quality device means you can focus on the flavor and satisfaction rather than annoying gurgling sounds.

So in summary, look for a respected brand name when choosing a disposable vape to get one optimized against spitting. Their research leads to vapes that produce purer vapor flavor consistently.

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While a spitting vape pen is not dangerous, it is an unpleasant experience especially if you end up with droplets of e-liquid in your mouth. We hope the tips shared in this article have helped you solve the spit-back problem with your vaping device.

If you have any questions about your vape spitting or other issues covered in this article, you can write them in the comments box.

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