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How to Inhale a Vape Properly? (with Safely Tips)

How to Inhale a Vape Properly

Vaping is an art that you should master so that you can enjoy every bit of your vape juice. A wrong inhale can ruin everything, whether new to the game or experienced. Therefore, you need to understand different inhaling techniques suitable for various devices.

There are two main ways of inhaling a vape. We have mouth-to-lung (MTL) and direct-to-lung (DTL) vaping methods.

In the former, a vaper draws the vapor to their lips and holds it there for a second before breathing the substance into the lungs. As for the latter, the vaping method entails breathing in the steam directly into your lungs without holding it in the mouth.

Many vapers, especially beginners, have difficulties inhaling vape and often cough a lot. This ruins everything, discouraging you from trying different vape pens and juices in the market.

In this post, we discuss how to vape correctly, whether you’re just starting out or belong to the old school. Read on and learn more…

Can You Inhale Vape?

You can inhale a vape and enjoy its flavor if you follow the right steps. While new to vaping, you need beginner-friendly vape pens and pods to learn the mouth-to-lung inhale technique.

As you gain experience, you can try complex vape devices such as mods and enjoy different hits and flavors. Most of the bigger devices have an airflow that can be adjusted to help you control how much nicotine comes into your body through inhaling.

Another method of enjoying the advantages of MTL and DTL in a single puff is restricted direct-to-lung inhaling. This method is perfect for experienced vape users.

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Preparation to Inhale a Vape

You do not want a poor vaping experience when you are enjoying your favorite juice. That is why you must make sure that all components of you vape device are operating properly. Check these major components before vaping.

1. Is Your Battery Charged?

Your vape device battery is the engine that operates all other parts. That is the reason you should recharge it to full capacity so that there won’t be a problem with your vaping experience. Also remember to use the original charger to ensure that there is not higher voltage or overcharge.

2. Does Your Device Have a Suitable Coil?

A suitable coil for your device should produce quality vapor free of burnt smell. Depending on your vaping experience, choose high or low resistance coils and ensure they are clean.

You can replace a faulty coil in your device to enhance uniform power transfer to the e-liquid and produce enough vapor.

3. The Tank

Your vape should have a working tank – free from leaks. Leaks can disrupt your device as a whole and ruin the experience you want to have. So, make sure your tank is clean and free from leaks. Also do not overfill the tank and interfere with vapor production. After confirming that the above parts are okay, know which inhaling procedure to employ. This is based on whether you are a beginner or an experienced person.

How to Inhale a Vape As a Beginner?

Beginners should go for mouth-to-lung vaping. Here is how to enjoy your first vape:

  1. Draw the vapor through the mouthpiece into your mouth
  2. Lock the mouth and hold in vapor for about two seconds
  3. Open your mouth slowly while inhaling this vapor into the lungs – If you do it rightly, your mouth will not suffer a violent blow without coughing
  4. Take a drag, and exhale the vapor but chill out before doing it again.

Beginner-friendly vape devices work best with higher-nicotine liquids. With a 50/50 PG to VG ratio, they produce thin vapor with mild flavoring, similar to a cigarette.

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How to Inhale a Vape as an Expert?

The ideal technique for experts is direct-to-lung inhaling. This technique requires a larger vape with a low-resistance coil and low-nicotine juice. The low-resistance coil with high wattage produces hot vapor with strong flavoring.

Direct-to-lung inhaling is simpler and takes place in two steps. First, pull the vapor directly into your lungs in about two seconds. Then exhale immediately to avoid absorbing too much vapor.

With a 70/30 VG content, the vapor in direct-to-lung vaping is thick and concentrated. Besides, the mod devices have an adjustable airflow to direct and control your inhale.

Restricted Direct-to-Lung Vaping for Experts

Experts who want to experience intense flavors without hard throat hits can go for restricted direct-to-lung vaping. This technique is a hybrid of mouth-to-lung and direct-to-lung inhale methods. It offers great flavor and vapor production.

RDTL vaping is a process where you draw the vapor into your mouth and inhale it directly to lungs. Vapers can enjoy high-flavor vapor with more airflow and larger clouds if they adopt this technique. RDTL is the real deal if you love adventures and enjoy something that deviates from little clouds in mouth-to-lung vaping as well as high nicotine content. Here you are, however, ensure that the customized kits for high wattage adjustable airflow and low resistance.

Tips on How to Inhale Vape Properly

Mastering the steps to follow in different inhaling techniques is good for a start. But you should apply proper inhaling tips for ultimate enjoyment.

For example, drawing the vapor continuously can make you cough and interfere with the smooth vaping experience.

When starting, practice by putting water in your mouth and holding it before spitting it out. This prepares you for MTL inhalation, which requires you to hold the vapor in your mouth before breathing in.

When drawing the vapor into your mouth, start with gentle and slow inhales to ensure you don’t get out of breath.

Inhale some air before exhaling when doing MTL to prevent your throat from drying out and causing coughs.

With DTL vaping, press the turn-on button before placing the mouthpiece in your mouth to heat the e-liquid. This will make it possible to hit your throat with the right juice vapor flavor.

Inhale the vapor slowly, after filling your lungs with a deep breath to avoid oxygen shortage.

Use a suitable device for different vaping techniques. Beginner-friendly devices are not ideal for advanced techniques, such as DTL.

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Is Vaping Safe?

Very little is still known about vaping’s long-term effects on the body, including the heart and lungs. However, studies such as the study by the British Heart Foundation in 2019, have shown that vaping is less harmful than smoking. For more information on vaping versus smoking, you can watch this video.

The general advice is that if you are not a smoker, you should not take up vaping. While it is safer than smoking cigarettes you are still inhaling substances into your body. For anyone starting vaping, doing it safely is key to minimizing any potential health risks.

An even greater danger comes from inferior, low-quality vape products. Cheap disposable e-cigarettes often cut corners resulting in hazardous contaminants ending up in the e-liquids and vapor. This puts users at risk of exposure to dangerous chemicals and materials.

Disreputable vape manufacturers may use cheap, potentially toxic solvents like vitamin E acetate to save money in production. But when heated and inhaled, these impurities can be extremely damaging to the lungs. There is also no guarantee the actual nicotine content matches what is printed on packages of unknown vape brands.

That is why it is so important to only vape respected brands like SPIRITBAR Vape. Leading companies have their e-liquids rigorously tested in labs to verify purity and safety. Their manufacturing follows strict quality control to prevent any toxins from contaminating the end product. You can feel confident the disposable vape contains exactly what is stated when you choose an established brand name.

Building on the convenience of disposable vaping, SPIRITBAR Vape has introduced innovative new options like the SPIRITBAR Jack’s Flask and SPIRITBAR Katana disposable vapes. Thanks to large e-liquid reservoirs, these products deliver an exceptional 9000-10000 puff capacity for extended vaping time. Helpful features include e-liquid and power display screens so vapers can monitor usage.

Despite the premium quality and performance, SPIRITBAR‘s disposables remain affordable. Jack’s Flask and Katana ship free when purchasing just one device. Vapers can enjoy bold pirate-inspired or refined samurai flavors for an accessible price.

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How Vaping Works

Before we look at how to vape safely, it is useful to understand how vaping works. Vape devices, often called e-cigarettes contain e-liquid which is vaporized and inhaled. Inside the device, an electric current runs through a coil which heats up and evaporates the e-liquid.

The e-liquid is a mixture of water, flavoring, propylene glycol, and vegetable glycerin. The nicotine content varies allowing the user to choose exactly how much they want. Some people start with high nicotine content and gradually reduce it to zero.

How to Vape Safety? (10 Tips)

There are a few simple steps you can take to ensure your vaping experience is safe and enjoyable.

1. Inhale Correctly

You should never inhale as much as you can because this can cause a nicotine rush which may be unpleasant. There are two methods of vaping, which are directly-to-lung and mouth-to-lung (MTL).

Vaping devices with high nicotine levels and high resistance coils often work best with the MTL method. In this method, your mouth holds the vapor for a while before letting it enter the lungs.

The direct lung method works better with devices that have lower nicotine levels and lower resistance. You get more vapor with this method, which involves inhaling straight to the ling and exhaling at once. Sometimes, people compare this method to using a straw to drink.

2. Buy Your Electronic Cigarettes and E-Liquids From Reliable Sellers

To ensure you have a safe experience with vaping, only buy vape pens and juices from sellers you trust. Unfortunately, some e-liquids contain additives such as vitamin E acetate or synthetic cannabinoids, which have been linked to side effects and the risk of lung injury.

When you buy from a reputable distributor, you can be more confident that what you are buying doesn’t contain harmful chemicals. A reliable supplier will only sell e-liquids from reputable producers.

3. Only Use the Charger Sold With Your Vape Device

If you have a rechargeable vaping device, you should only use the charger that came with it. While many chargers look the same and will fit different devices, it doesn’t mean they should be used universally since they were not designed to do the same job.

An e-cigarette charging cable will have a different level of power and resistance than, for example, a cellphone charger. Using a different charger may deliver too many watts to your electronic vape device, damage the battery, and lead to further complications.

4. Store E-Liquids Safely

You should always store your vapor juices in a safe place and out of reach of kids and pets. You also need to keep them in a cool, dark place. Many people like to store them in their fridges. The most important thing is to keep them out of direct sunlight.

5. Stay Hydrated

Not many people know that vaping can dehydrate you. If you are new to vaping, you may notice your mouth feeling dry or your throat scratchy following the extended use of e-cigarettes. This is a common complaint among new vapers. To avoid this, ensure you drink enough water throughout the day, which is beneficial for your health, anyway.

6. You Should Not Burn Dry Coil

You should not use your vape device when it is empty of vaping juice. Neither should you use it immediately after you have filled it up. Leave the juice to soak into the wick for a while before you turn the device on.

If the coil is dry when you try to use your vaping device, it will burn the coil instead of vaporizing the liquid. While this is not necessarily dangerous, your coil may need changing more often and you can get a foul taste when you try to vape.

7. Keep Your Device Clean

You will get a far better experience when you keep your device clean. Over time, residue builds up in the tank and can affect the flavor and the quality of the e-liquid. The best practice is to clean the tank each time you change the e-juice but you should do it at least once a month. Clean your device by submerging the empty tank in warm water.

8. Avoid “Vaper’s Tongue”

You may have heard regular vapers talk about a “vaper’s tongue.” This is a common problem, meaning that you cannot taste the vape juice properly anymore. This happens when your olfactory glands and taste buds need a break. This is nothing to worry about and you can simply change the flavor of your juice periodically to avoid it.

9. Maintain Your Oral Health

Vaping can lead to oral health problems if you are not looking after your mouth and teeth. The best way to avoid problems with oral health when vaping is to use mouthwash in addition to brushing your teeth. Brush your tongue, too, especially after vaping sweetened e-liquids.

10. Avoid “Chain” Vaping

Beginner vapers, especially those who are swapping smoking for vaping, often take puffs too frequently. This can give you a dry hit because the wick hasn’t had a chance to get saturated again. To avoid this, wait 15-30 seconds before inhaling again.

Why Can’t I Inhale My Vape?

Your vape device can’t produce vapor if any of its components develop a problem. If you try inhaling your vape, but it fails, make sure your battery is switched on and has enough charge.

Ensure the tank contains enough vape juice. Check and ensure a proper connection between the coil and the battery. And last, keep the coil clean and dust-free.

A quick fix to the above problems can restore your vape device to normal functioning. However, your device could be having a bigger problem that requires you to disassemble the components and fix the issues.

Here are common vape issues that interfere with your inhale.

1. Using an Unsuitable Device

There are vaping devices for beginners suitable for MTL and sophisticated ones suitable for DTL vaping. If you inhale too hard on a beginner-friendly device, its tank will fail. This results in a dry inhale.

More to that, the power supply for your device should meet the requirements of your vaping style.

2. Juice Leakage Through the Airflow

If your beloved vape juice leaks via the airflow, check for signs of overheating and if the coil functions properly. Aside from that, use appropriate vaping technique for your device and supply sufficient power to vaporize the liquid.

Avoid leaving your vape pod in the sun for long. The high temperatures might cause the device to overheat, leading to thinning of the vape juice and eventually a leakage.

3. Getting Dry Hit

A dry hit or a burned taste signifies a worn or damaged coil. You can address this problem by getting a new coil and making sure your tanks contain sufficient juice.

4. Small Vape Clouds

When the battery losses power or the e-liquid in the tanks gets depleted, vape clouds become small and less flavorful.

A dirty coil which interferes with heating or poor connection between the coil and the charger can also bring about small cloud of vapor. Fix this issue by replacing the liquid, coil, or battery recharge.

Closing Words

Vaping is more than just drawing vapor in and exhaling it. It involves a few techniques well suited for different devices from beginner friendly vape pens to pods or mods.

MTL is the ideal vaping method for people new to the vaping world. But be prepared for some issues like coughs and dry hits. Overtime, you will learn to circumvent these minor problems.

Before we go, be sure to use the suitable vape pens and kits based on your ideal technique. For instance, DTL vaping devices should have adjustable airflow and low-resistance coil.  A wrong device can also negatively impact how you inhale the vapor, and even ruin your entire vaping experience.

Now that we’ve come to the end of our article, should you have any queries, please keep us informed in the comment section!

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