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How To Reset SMOK Vape Mods? (5 Fixes For Most Issues)

How To Reset SMOK Vape Mods (5 Fixes For Most Issues)

A SMOK vape pod is a fantastic device but that doesn’t mean that it can’t experience the occasional technical difficulty. Fortunately, the most common issues that can befall a SMOK vape also have relatively quick fixes if you know what to look for and how to handle your SMOK device.

So, if you’ve been getting some of the annoying ohm errors, if the device needs a firmware update, or if you simply want to reset the puff count or reset the SMOK vape mod to its factory settings, here are the 5 most common ways to reset SMOK vape mods.

How to reset SMOK vape?

Before we begin, it’s important to remember that there are many different SMOK models and types – there are the SMOK X-Priv, SMOK G-Priv 2, the SMOK Alien, the SMOK Nord, the RPM, Scar, Rigel, Morph 2, Mag, PRocolor, and many others. And, while all of them are similar in most ways when it comes to resetting their puff counts or resetting their factory settings, there are some differences.

We will try to address many of the common differences and variations between specific models but, especially with new vape mods coming out every other day, we can’t address every possible variation.

So, while the methods we’ve listed below should work in most cases, you may need to do a bit more research for some specific SMOK mods depending on specifics in their resistance coil, recommended wattage, and so on.

Now, without further ado, here are our tutorials for the 5 most common SMOK reset methods, depending on what exactly your issue is with the device:

1. Reset the SMOK’s puff counter

When most people ask about resetting a SMOK vape reset, we’ve noticed that they are usually asking about a Puff reset specifically. If that’s the case for you too, you’ll be happy to know that the process is actually quite easy. Here’s what you’d want to do.

Step 1: Open the puff settings on your mod. Using the puff menu, you should be able to reset the puff count to 0.

  • If you have a SMOK G-Priv 2 or another mod with a touch screen, you can just tap the menu icon on the screen.
  • For mods without a touch screen such as the SMOK Alien, X-Priv, Mag, Procolor, or others, you’d want to press the Fire button 3 times to open the menu.
  • If, instead, you’re using a SMOK Nord, an RPM, a Morph 2, a Rigel, or a Scar, you’d need to press the Fire and down buttons at the same time to reset the puff counter directly as these mods don’t have elaborate screen menus.

Step 2: Once you’ve opened the setting menu on whichever model you’re using, use the Fire button or the setting icon to navigate through it. Depending on your mod model, you’d need to look to see something along the lines of Puff Clear, Puff Reset, or other. If your mod is displaying a Max Puff or Puff Over error, you’d need to place your vaping plan on a Never mode to increase its puff setting.

2. Reset your SMOK tank

Resetting the tank of a SMOK mod is quite easier than it might sound like at first and it’s typically meant to be done when you’ve got an ohms error such as “ohms too low” or ”ohms too high” even though you’re using the recommended wattage on the SMOK coil. So, what you’d want to do here is reset the resistance detection of the SMOK mod. To do so, you’d follow the steps.

Step 1: First, you’d need to remove the tank first.

Step 2: After that, it’s smart to check if the 510 connectors are clean. There may be some leaked e-juice that has stuck to the connectors and is interfering with your mod’s operation. All you need to do to clean the connectors is dip a cotton swab in isopropyl alcohol and carefully rub away any vape juice build-up that may be affecting the mod’s operation. While you’re at it, clean the sections of the tank that have had leakage over them too.

Step 3: Next, just take the SMOK mod and lightly press Fire button – you don’t need to hold it or press it repeatedly, just press it once. This should be enough to reset the SMOK mod so that you don’t get any more ohms errors.

Step 4: After that, just put the tank back on the mod. The mod will ask you if you’ve inserted a new coil after which you should press N to erase the resistance memory from “the previous” tank.

If you’re still getting ohms errors after that, the issue might be that you’re using an RBA coil and you haven’t tightened the screws well enough – try retightening them. If the issue persists, insert the tank into another mod to see if you’re experiencing the problem there too. If yes, then you’d need a new tank. If not, then the issue is in the SMOK and you’d likely need a new mod.

3. Do a factory reset on your SMOK mod

For a full factory reset of your SMOK mod, you’d need to remove the batteries first. After that, the steps can once again vary depending on the model but the following should work on a Procolor, Alien, Mag, Veneno, X-Priv, or E-Priv.

All you’d need to do after removing the batteries is press all physical buttons on the mod at the same time – i.e. the Fire, Up, and Down buttons in most cases. For some models, such as the Veneno or the Alien, pressing just the Up and Down buttons instead is enough to force a factory reset.

After that, simply reinsert the batteries and everything should be working as intended. In fact, some mods reset automatically if you just leave the batteries out for too long. If the reset hasn’t gone through, however, you may want to try again while also keeping your mod connected to your PC via a USB data transfer cable.

4. Fix vape leakage from air vents and other openings

This is an issue that’s much less common in SMOK mods than it is in other similar devices but it can happen. SMOK tanks are generally designed to have a top-fill locking mechanism which makes the risk of leaking much smaller, especially with proper handling.

Even then, leakage can happen, however, both from the air vents and from other openings. So, what you’d want to do in such a situation is to first tighten the o-rings. If the rings’ seals aren’t tightened properly, leaking will be much more likely. When tightening the o-rings, don’t skip the glass piece too as it also needs to be well-tightened.

Another thing to try is to increase the wattage. A constant juice leakage is often indicative of a low wattage as that means the e-liquid isn’t vaporizing fast enough and some of it makes it to the upper chamber and leaks out. By simply increasing the wattage even slightly, you can fix this issue altogether and not need to do or reset anything.

Note: Just make sure you don’t increase the wattage beyond the recommended limit on your SMOK vape coil – if you’ve already reached that limit, then the problem isn’t that the wattage is too low and is somewhere else instead.

Lastly, as a preventative tip, make sure that you keep your SMOK mod in an upright position as often as possible, preferably at all times. While it is very comfortable to just toss your vape mod in your pocket or bag, keeping it in a sideways position will greatly increase the likelihood of leaking even if everything else is perfectly in order.

So, it’s often more or less pointless to try and “fix” anything if you are going to keep carrying the mod sideways in your bag.

5. Update your SMOK’s firmware

Another type of reset you may be looking for is an upgrade to the SMOK’s firmware. For that, you’d want to visit SMOK’s website on your PC first. Once there, look up the specific firmware update for your device’s model and download it. Note that different models have very different firmware – if you’re not sure what to do, each model has its own FAQ section such as the Alien FAQ or the G-Priv2 FAQ.

Then, you’d want to remove the mod’s batteries, connect the mod to your Windows PC (there is no firmware for macOS yet) with a USB cable, unzip the firmware files you’ve downloaded, extract the files somewhere in your PC, launch the Nuvo ISP tool, and follow its instructions to the letter. This should fully update your SMOK mod’s firmware.

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In conclusion

SMOK products can work effortlessly for years but the occasional problem is never out of the question, as is the case with any other electronic device. Fortunately, SMOK mods are both pretty simple to operate and quite well-made so it’s usually relatively easy to do a factory reset or to just reset the puff count.

Of course, a SMOK mod can be befallen by many other problems too and not all of them have fixes. Hopefully, your mod will still be in its warranty period but even if it’s not, it’s often a good idea to just contact customer support if the problem you’re experiencing is a bit too specific and extra tricky.

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