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How To Use A Cookies Vape Pen? (A Beginners Guide)

How To Use A Cookies Vape Pen

Cookies vape pens are incredibly popular for people who want to have a simple high that involves Delta-8 THC or similar goods. Weed oil carts have a hard time of making a name for themselves, but here we are. These vape pens are amazing when it comes to their reputation.

Go on any online forum about vaping weed, and you’ll see threads extolling the brand’s CBD oil, resin oil, and vape pen carts. So, how do you use a Cookies vape pen? It’s simple. We’ll give the scoop here.

What is a Cookies vape pen?

This is a vaporizer pen made by Cookies brand. The pen is mostly used to vape Delta-9 THC and other cannabinoids, all of which are made into a liquid. Currently, Cookies sells over 50 different CBD and THC vape cartridges as part of the brand’s offerings.

Currently, Cookies vapes are some of the most popular cannabis vapes on the market. They are particularly popular when it comes to calming indica strains. Each vape comes with a Cookies pen charger that works with a USB connection.

What type of cartridges do Cookies vape pens use?

There’s good news and better news with the Cookies brand. If you stick to on-brand vape carts, you have over 50 different THC cartridges to choose from featuring everything from CBD, to hemp, to live resin, to terpenes with extra CBG.

However, the vape pens don’t have to stick to Cookies brand carts if you don’t want to. Any size 510 carts will work with one of these vape pens. Just ask your specialist for them, specifically.

Do Cookies vape pens release a lot of smoke?

Unlike a typical nicotine vape, Cookies vape pens do not emit a lot of vapor or smoke. This is actually a good thing, considering that most people who smoke weed want to avoid it being too conspicuous.

Basically, this is a vape pen that is not meant for smoke tricks. It’s meant for very low-key daytime use that is discreet with minimal odor.

Let’s talk about the Cookies vape pen’s battery

The first thing people will notice about the Cookie pen’s battery is that it is not a draw-activated battery. In other words, the battery will continue to deplete between the first puff and the second puff, even if you have not actually done anything with the vape.

The vape can be set to a high setting, a low setting, and a medium setting. Most people prefer a medium setting because it balances out the time it takes between each drag and more. The battery life is also excellent compared to competitors.

Cookies Vape vs SPIRITBAR Vape- Exploring New Vaping Horizons

While Cookies vape pens are popular for their cannabis-derived Delta-8 THC oil, SPIRITBAR opens up new nicotine vaping experiences.

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How do you use a Cookies 510 vape pen?

This is as easy as 1, 2, 3. Here’s the inside scoop on using a Cookies vape pen.

  1. Screw the cartridge onto the vape pen, making sure that it’s adhered properly. Cookies pens work best with their own brand vape carts. However, you can also use any 510 cartridge you choose if you’re in a bind.
  2. Charge your vape pen by plugging it into the USB port charger. If your pen is already charged, you can disregard this step.
  3. Press the draw button five times to turn the vape pen on or off. This is a bit different from typical disposable vape pens, since those are a “one shot” deal that don’t require constant charging or special on/off procedures.
  4. Take a puff of the vape. Draw on it like you would a standard e-cigarette. If this is your first time using a weed vape, we strongly encourage waiting 10 minutes or so between your first and second puff. That high can sneak up on you!

How do you use a Cookies disposable vape pen?

Ooh, these are even easier. Cookies disposable vapes can be used without the need to replace a cartridge full of e-liquid or charging. All you have to do is take them out of the package and start pulling on them.

Is a Cookies vape pen expensive?

When compared to a typical vape pen meant for multiple uses, Cookies makes a fairly reliable product. You can get disposable kits for as little as $40, and a vape pen kit will run you approximately $20 to $45, depending on what you choose to get with it.

The carts and e-liquid are what are typically going to get your wallet hurting. A typical THC or CBD cart will cost $50 or so, depending on who you buy them from.

Are Cookies vape pens worth the money?

For the most part, the reviews speak for themselves. Vapers tend to like them, particularly when it comes to their disposable models. The brand itself has decent reviews and is deemed to be one of the easiest to use on the market right now.

Should you use Cookies vape pens?

Considering the positive reviews, vapers may want to give them a go. They offer excellent hits, a decent battery life, and good flavor. With that said, we need to remind everyone that you need to follow any warning that a doctor gives you.

Technically, weed is illegal and can cause side effects in some people. So vape at your own risk and avoid vaping near any pets you may own.


If you were looking for an easy-to-use vape pen, look no further than Cookies. It’s a brand that earned a place among mainstream companies because it offers a fun, reliable vape without all the headache of maintaining a high-end “box” vape.

If you want to see the best of the best, then give it a shot. You’re going to love the way it feels. All you need to do is add the cart, charge it, press a button five times, and vape.

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