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Humboldt Vape Tech Review (Price, Types, Flavors)

Humboldt Vape Tech Overview

Humboldt vape tech overview

As a small family business, Humboldt vape tech has built up an enormous fan base across the USA, and around the world, for its high-quality, long-lasting, and discrete rig products.

Their story started with Vic Arvizu, who suffered phantom pains after losing his leg. He turned to dab, which offered a great source of pain relief. But in 2016, dabbing rigs were big, bulky, and unsophisticated. There was also no discretion or portability, limiting their use to private homes and no customization options to allow seasoned smokers a chance to heighten their hit.

Humboldt vape tech spotted a massive gap in the market to make a name for itself. The goal of the brand was to create rigs that were lightweight, easy to carry, and could be used discretely in public.

Their first product, the designed-for-concentrate Sai, is still a household name across the vaping industry for everything from smoking concentrates to dried herbs and more. The Sai was revolutionary for its sleek design, high-quality finish, and strong titanium composition, and it continues to sell well even in today’s market. Nothing can beat the original, after all.

In the subsequent years, Humbdolt vape tech diversified into other e-rig designs, including the popular Core 2.0 and a host of top-tier atomizers and coils. A selection of stainless steel and titanium options ensures your investments last the test of time.

Nowadays, the company has positioned itself as the go-to retailer for rig accessories and replacement parts, including batteries, coils, atomizers, glass tips, and more.

With over 5,000+ positive reviews and a thriving Reddit page, Humboldt vape tech enjoys some of the best customer feedback and a loyal customer base in the entire vaping industry. They have a generous warranty and returns policy, ensuring you’ll become a lifelong customer when choosing them.

Their products are all incredibly compatible with other equipment, as most include a 510-threaded connection. Although e-rigs or diffusers might sell at a premium, they will last you a lifetime.

You can find Humboldt vape tech in the heart of the redwoods of Humboldt County, California. They have a litany of wholesale suppliers in the US and internationally, which can be bought directly from their website.

Standard features of Humboldt vape tech products:

  • The company has placed itself as one of the key producers of smaller, portable, and discrete e-rigs for smokers. Products are specially designed to be lightweight and easy to store.
  • Most e-rigs are beginner-friendly, having only one or two buttons to power up. That said, they have customizable options for advanced users.
  • Products often come with a 3150mAh Li-ion battery, which has a high capacity for continued use and can be recharged quickly.
  • Most rigs will have everything you need to set it up, including screwdrivers, screws, wall plugs, a USB-C charging cable, alcohol wipes, and carry cases.
  • E-rigs use borosilicate glass, which means it contains boron trioxide. This ensures the glass will not break or crack when exposed to extremely high temperatures.
  • Products have several safety features built into their design. These include over-heating and short-circuit safeguards, over-discharge, and low battery protection.
  • Most products come in different materials you can choose from, including stainless steel or titanium. This allows you to customize and tailor each rig to your liking.
  • Rigs have signature top airflow and bottom flow options, allowing you to inhale even warmer vapor and exhale bigger clouds.
  • Cleaning and maintaining products are incredibly easy to do, with no harsh chemicals or cleaning products required. Simply use 90% or higher isopropyl alcohol and Q-tips to remove dirt.
  • Modern products won’t have any silicone or PEEK material. Instead, they’ve been replaced with metal and ceramic counterparts for better heat regulation and taste.
  • The company also sells signature accessories like bubble tubes, adapters, heated dab tools, and glass tips compatible with various other e-rigs.
  • Humboldt vape tech does not sell any extracts, concentrates, or oils themselves. These must be purchased separately from another retailer.

Humboldt  Vape vs Spiritbar Vape

Product Types

  • Humboldt manufactures vape pens and cartridges for cannabis oils.
  • Spiritbar specialized in disposable nicotine salt e-liquid vapes.

Materials Vaped

  • Humboldt vapes are made for cannabis oil extracts and concentrates.
  • Spiritbar vapes use pre-filled nicotine salt e-liquid reservoirs.

Heating Method

  • Humboldt uses ceramic heating elements to vape oils and distillates.
  • Spiritbar uses standard cotton wicks and nichrome coils.

Hardware Needed

  • Humboldt carts require a reusable battery with 510 threading.
  • Spiritbar vapes are complete disposable devices.

Temperature Control

  • Humboldt allows voltage adjustment on batteries for oil carts.
  • Spiritbar disposables have a preset optimal temperature.


  • Humboldt optimizes flavor and vapor production from oils.
  • Spiritbar optimizes nic salt delivery in a slim format.

In summary, Humboldt services cannabis vapers while Spiritbar provides nicotine salt disposables. Each specializes in different vaping materials.

Humboldt Vape Tech Price & Series

If you are serious about smoking and want to invest in high-quality, indestructible equipment, look no further than Humboldt vape tech’s assortment of bubblers, rig kits, and atomizers.

Although sold at a premium, they will last the test of time and are a lifelong investment. Below are the most popular products to consider:

1. Core 2.0 Price & Details

  • Core 2.0 w/ New Perc Style Bubbler – $179.99
  • The Crossing Core 2.0 E-Rig – $139.99
  • Core 2.0 E-Rig Perc Style Bubbler Only – $59.99

The Core 2.0 e-rig, formerly the Hyperion range, is perhaps the most popular product. Now made with an advanced perc bubbler. This rig uses a 3150mAh Li-ion battery, which is long-lasting and takes only 1 hour and 45 minutes to charge.

Easy-to-use buttons let you heat your oil in 60 seconds and begin using the e-rig. Experienced smokers will enjoy the custom settings, which allow you to tailor your smoke session to your liking. You can use manual, hot, and cold starts and reach high temperatures between 400° to 500°.

The stainless steel carb cap and borosilicate glass bubbler ensure the rig won’t crack either. Everything you need comes in this kit, including an atomizer, dab tools, USB-C charging cable, alcohol wipes, and an upgraded carry case.

Similarly, the Crossing Core2.0 E-g is a high-spec e-rig from Humboldt. It shares many features with its predecessor, including a 3150mAh Li-Ion battery and isolated aluminum and glass construction.

Moreover, this rig has a high-polish ceramic vaping surface, which is known to protect extracts when high temperatures are reached. It has only one button, which is incredibly straightforward, even for beginners. Once bought, the only thing you will need to replace in the future is the atomizers.

Humboldt vape tech also sells a Perc Style Bubbler model, an essential accessory for smokers. Its primary function is to stop the bong from overflowing and splashing back into your mouth. This perc bubbler can also cool the smoke down and add to the filtration process – resulting in a smooth, cleaner hit every time.

2. Sequoia Price & Details

  • Sequoia Atomizer (Stainless Steel) – $54.95
  • Sequoia Atomizer (Black) – $59.95
  • Sequoia Atomizer (Titanium) – $64.95
  • Sequoia Kit – $43.96
  • Sequoia/V5 (2.1) – $19.99

One of the essential parts of any vaping device is the atomizer, which helps generate the vapor you inhale. Humboldt Vape Tech sells a great atomizer that is one of the best in the market, the Sequoia atomizer.

With a 510 thread, this versatile atomizer should fit many different 510 rigs and modifications. The 25mm concentrate size allows for maximum e-liquid and cloud production. Couple that with its’s advanced airflow and bottom flow, and you’ll be able to produce enormous clouds with every puff.

There are three models to choose from, each with slightly different pricing. Many experienced smokers love the stainless steel option for its reliability, longevity, and durability. It is incredibly heat-tolerant, meaning you can use your atomizer at higher temperatures for a more powerful vape.

The Black and Titanium atomizers are more expensive but are tailor-made to help enrich flavors and give a superior hit with every puff than rival materials like ceramic. You may also consider the Sequoia kit with several modification choices and water attachments.

Finally, the more affordable option is the Sequoia/V5, a non-rebuildable atomizer. You do not have to add juice to any the tank.

This makes them incredibly easy to install and replace when needed, offering a cheap alternative for casual smokers. And despite being much smaller than rival atomizers, they can still reach impressive temperatures of up to 460°f.

3. Sai Top Airflow Price & Details

  • Top Airflow Diffuser (Stainless Steel) – $38.99
  • Top Airflow Diffuser (Black) – $38.99
  • Top Airflow Diffuser (Titanium) – $47.99
  • Sai Top Airflow Kit – $93.99
  • Sai Atomizer Kit – $55.00

With overwhelming customer reviews, the Top airflow diffuser from Humboldt Vape Tech is perhaps their secret weapon. It comes with pre-fitted titanium bucket heaters and is compatible with almost all 510-threaded power supplies and accessories.

The diffuser has an adjustable top and bottom airflow, allowing you to control your smoking session and customize each hit. This allows the diffuser to hold a titanium bucket coil inside, allowing you to control the temperature and overburning wicks, dry blows, or scorching vapor.

Though the titanium variation is slightly dearer, it is about 30 grams lighter than the stainless steel and black variation, making it incredibly easy to carry around and use while on the go. Additionally, the titanium structure helps protect your diffuser, as the metal is strong, sturdy, and straightforward to clean and maintain.

Its sleek, sophisticated design also ensures the ultimate discretion when smoking in public. Atomizers are ceramic, with a high heat threshold that protects your chosen extracts’ taste, flavor, and texture.

Finally, the Sai Top airflow kits and Sai Atomizer kits are also trendy choices for seasoned smokers, who will enjoy the ability to customize everything from battery modifications and water attachments to the device’s appearance and more.

Humboldt Vape Tech FAQ

Where is Humboldt vape tech located?

Humboldt vape tech is located in the heart of the redwoods of Humboldt County, California. Their official address is Eureka, CA, US, 95503.

Where can I buy Humboldt Vape Tech devices?

The official Humboldt Vape Tech website states that the company ships across the USA and internationally. International prices may vary, and it’s up to customers to ensure that products will clear customs. The company does have many official wholesale suppliers located worldwide.

Is my Humboldt vape tech products genuine?

Although other brands suffer from counterfeit products, Humboldt vape tech only distributes to registered retailers, who must apply directly on their website.

Does Humbold vape tech sell any CBD oils or have unique flavors?

The company only sells e-rigs and vaping equipment. There are no concentrates, e-juices, or flavors you can choose from their site.

Does Humboldt vape tech have any certifications?

Products have the following certifications:

  • CE Certified
  • ROHS Certified Materials
  • FCC Certification
  • FDA Approved Silicone
  • UN 38.3 Certified Li-Ion Battery Pack.

What are the button functions of Humboldt vape tech products?

You can use any e-rigs by simply pressing and holding the button. That said, you can press it many times to activate different heating settings, including

  • Two clicks activate session mode.
  • Three clicks change heat settings.
  • Four clicks will display the current power level of the battery.
  • Five clicks will lock or unlock the base of the rig.

What is the warranty for Humboldt vape tech products?

While all goods will be judged on a case-by-case basis, the following warranties exist for Humboldt vape tech products:

  • Atomizers – lifetime warranty
  • Coils – only if sent faulty

For other products, customers have 14 days from purchase day for a no-questions-asked return. After this period, all sales are deemed final.

What vaping accessories does Humboldt vape tech sell?

Besides e-rigs and atomizers, the company sells essential accessories and modifications, including bubble adapters, bubble tubes, heated dab tools, glass tips, and battery replacements.

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