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My Toddler Inhaled My Vape: 5 Things Must Do Immediately!!!


Get a grip! Calm down and take the vape away from the child. Yes, despite the natural instincts of worry, fear, tension, or panic, this is the first and crucial action. Embracing panic and tension disorients thoughts, making it hard for you to help the toddler.

Now, focus on helping the child move to a room or environment filled with fresh air. Avoid shouting at the toddler or sounding too alarming or stern. Doing so might make the child defensive and upset, delaying potential help.

If you are around people, you can seek support to help you calm down and take the next effective step. If you are alone though, here is what you ought to do!

My Toddler Inhaled My Vape: What to Do?

1. Observe for Physical Symptoms

First, listen in on the toddler’s breathing pattern. If you notice signs of distress or breathing issues, call 911 or your local public safety personnel. Do this while securing a means of transport to get the toddler to the nearby hospital.

You can also reach out to the Poison Control Center or your personal medical professional. Medical experts or the 911 dispatch will guide you on how to handle the situation. Act on the first aid instructions they provide while rushing the kid to the hospital.

In case the medical professionals, 911 dispatch, or Poison Control Center do not respond in time, do not do the following while moving toward the closest medical facility:

  • Administer treatment or medication based on your own judgment.
  • Try to use food, water, or any other fluid to make the child throw up.
  • Leave the toddler unattended and worried.
  • Skip visiting the hospital after the symptoms of respiratory distress clear up.

Sometimes, the toddler might not show any signs of breathing distress. However, you ought to have the toddler’s health inspected by a medical professional.

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Why Must the Toddler Be Examined By A Medic?

The substances present in vape juice, including nicotine, are harmful to teens and adults. They are linked to lung disease, addiction, and damage to developing brain cells. So, think about the exponential harm it can inflict on a toddler.

Due to their young age, even a single inhale of vape smoke counts as a large dose capable of serious damage. Ensure a medical provider examines the little one to avoid future complications.

While en route to see a doctor or waiting for the medics, keep a record of all the symptoms you observe. The record will reduce the time and process taken to slow down the extent of harm.

2. Keep a Record of All the Other Symptoms Too!


The rate at which symptoms manifest depends on the amount of toxins the toddler’s system absorbs. Toxins, including heavy metals, nicotine, formaldehyde, and flavoring chemicals, mostly get into the toddler’s lungs or bloodstream.

According to data, the prevalent symptoms among toddlers accidentally exposed to vape include vomiting, intense coughing fits, and coughing. In the worst cases, some experience seizures and pass out. That is why seeing a medical expert is crucial.

Many of the symptoms will take time to show. Some might even be a sign of another underlying issue. The symptoms include:

  • Drowsiness
  • Twitching
  • Drooling
  • Dizziness
  • Nausea
  • Confusion
  • Shallow or rapid breathing
  • Bluish lips or skin
  • Shakiness
  • Sweating
  • Wheezing and coughing
  • Mood swings or irritability
  • Fatigue
  • Agitation or restlessness
  • Loss of appetite

While in transit to the hospital, do the following to help with the situation:

  • Keep observing the toddler’s symptoms.
  • Reassure the child and keep calm.
  • Ask questions where necessary.
  • Stay close to the child until you get to a hospital or the medical experts arrive.

3. Let the Medical Experts Handle the Situation


Once the emergency dispatch arrives or you’ve handed over the kid to the medical experts, calm down and allow them to help the kid. With the help of their experience, they will analyze the toddler’s general health and recommend the right treatment.

The medical professionals might administer airway-opening medications or oxygen therapy to the toddler. When necessary, the child will receive intravenous fluids to facilitate the removal of the toxins.

In severe cases, the doctors will do a thorough study, including X-ray reviews to determine the extent of harm. After identifying the complications, they will either deal with them or recommend an immediate transfer to another hospital in case they cannot handle the situation.

After assessing the situation, the medical professionals will recommend home care or admission. Under home care, you will coordinate with the medical experts to help the toddler recover successfully.

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4. Make a Follow-up with Medical Experts

Follow-up visits sustain the recovery of the toddler. The doctors review the kid’s overall health and respiratory system. They also advise you about the preventative measures you can take to reduce the chances of the incident reoccurring.

If you notice further unusual behavior or symptoms while the toddler is recovering, take note. Let the medical experts know during your follow-up visits. This way, the doctors will have a better understanding of the kid’s recovery progress.

If you have questions about the incident and future implications, ask during the visits. The medical professionals will take you through a step-by-step breakdown of the impact of vaping on young children. Remember, you can also seek support or counseling.

Seeking Counselling Or Support

The thought of losing a child because of unintentionally using your vape can haunt you for life. Sometimes, just thinking about the future effects might get to you. If you end up mentally disturbed by the incident, be sure to seek support or counseling.

Professional counseling will help you cope with the horrific pictures in your mind. You get the chance to express yourself and discuss your emotions and feelings within a non-judgemental environment.

In addition, if you cannot afford the services of a mental health provider, get help from your friends and family. They will help you deal with the emotional turmoil in you. Also, you should be making an effort to ensure the incident never occurs again.

5. Work to Avoid a Repeat of the Incident

Once bitten, twice shy. Take the first and most crucial step! Keep your vape and vape products away from your toddler. Store them in a secret area, one that the toddler is less likely to uncover. Here are some tips and tricks on how to store and handle your vape products to avoid unforeseen incidents;

  • Lock your vape juice, vape, and accessories in a drawer or cabinet out of reach of young kids.
  • After using your vape juice, counter-check the cap to ensure it is tightly secured.
  • Never leave your vape in the open, especially when children are around.
  • If possible, have a secret room to facilitate vaping.
  • Never dispose of the original labeling and packaging of your vape juice. The details on the packing will help determine the potentially dangerous substances in the vape juice. Also, it is quite easier to track the nicotine numbers by referencing the product’s label.
  • Stay updated about research around vaping and some of the recalled products. Doing so motivates you to find ways to protect your loved ones.

Besides storing your vape and vaping products safely, you should also educate others. Use the incident as a lesson to open their eyes to the reality of the extent of damage vaping can inflict.

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Educating Others and Yourself

If you are a vape user who has never bothered about reading the labels on your favorite vape product. You are committing a huge mistake.


Without a proper understanding of the pros and cons of the product you are using, how then will you be in a position to provide information in case of an emergency?

You do not have to read through every research paper about vaping. Make time to review the basics like how vaping works, the ingredients, and the impact on your health.

Remember to keep tabs on the latest statistics and research about vaping. Familiarize yourself with the products your favorite brand uses to make their vaping juice. Know what the words on the label mean for your health.

With all this information at hand, you can save the life of a toddler in case they vape just by having the details ready. It does not have to be your kid! Moreover, you can educate others.

Other than putting yourself in a position to educate others when the need arises, you should also ensure childcare providers and family members know where you have hidden your vape and other vaping items.

Keeping Family Members and Childcare Providers Updated

At some point, you might want to leave a family member or childcare provider with your toddler. It is crucial to provide them with details about the initial incident and instructions on how to prevent such events from happening again.

Let the childcare provider or family member know where your vaping products are kept. This way, they will restrict the toddler from that area.

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Take Away

The first step to preventing your toddler from the effects of vape smoke is to keep you vape, flavors, and vape accessories far from kids’ reach.

But if you already did that but your kid still managed to find your device and take a puff, you can still help your child. Follow the steps provided above.

Do remember to educate others, too!

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