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4 Reasons Why Your ELFBAR Light Staying On and Making Noise

4 Reasons Why Your ELFBAR Light Staying On and Making Noise

Disposable vapes are inexpensive, easy to use and extremely convenient, which is why their popularity has exploded in recent years. However, they can also sometimes go wrong, in which case you’ll want to know what the problem is.

One of the most famous disposable vape brands is ELFBAR, and most people who use them never encounter any issues. Problems do arise, though, so in this post, we answer the common question, why is my ELFBAR light staying on and making noise?

Why Is My ELFBAR Light Staying On and Making Noise?

There are several reasons your ELFBAR vape light could be staying on and why it could be making a noise – so let’s look at the possibilities one by one.

1. Battery problem

Although ELFBAR is a well-known brand that’s popular for the quality of the vapes it produces as well as the delicious juices that are available, due to the huge amount of these devices that are produced, sometimes, things can still go wrong.

One possibility is that you may have a device that has a problem with its battery, in which case you may experience symptoms such as the light staying on or the device making noises.

This may also occur after you’ve had the device for some time, and it can be an indication that the device is coming to the end of its life and needs to be replaced.

This can happen with ELFBAR products as well as with vapes from any other brand – but you can minimize the risk by always buying genuine vapes from reputable brands.

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2. Internal circuitry problem

Another problem that can cause the light to stay on or the vape to make a strange noise is if there is some kind of problem with the internal circuitry, again something that’s rare but that can occur during the production process.

3. Damaged

Battery problems and circuitry problems can both happen due to faulty manufacturing, but they can also be due to damage the vape receives after you buy it – and the result can be similar.

Furthermore, other damage can occur to a vape that will cause the light to stay on or the vape to make unexpected noises, so if you experience anything like this, damage could be the cause.

To find out if your vape is damaged, you should first look for external signs. However, just because the vape is intact, it doesn’t necessarily mean it hasn’t been damaged internally, so this might not give you a definitive answer.

On the other hand, if you know you dropped or knocked your vape just before it started misbehaving – or you know you got it wet – this is a good sign that it might be damaged, in which case, you can probably assume this is why it’s not working correctly.

How to Fix ELFBAR Light Staying On and Making Noise?

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If you suspect one of the issues above is to blame for your vape’s strange behavior, there’s not a whole lot you can do about it.

This is because disposable vapes like ELFBAR products are not designed to be opened up, so there’s not much you can do to try to repair one if it’s not working.

One thing you can try is just leaving it alone for a while and then coming back to it later. After giving it a break, you may find that it starts functioning normally again, which will allow you to finish the remaining juice before buying a new one.

However, if the problem persists, it can indicate that something’s seriously wrong with the vape, so it might be unsafe to continue using it.

This is especially important if the light staying on and the strange noise is accompanied by overheating or if the vape juice tastes burnt or otherwise somehow off.

In this case, you should leave it to cool down somewhere safe and then dispose of it and buy a new one.

Alternatively, if it started malfunctioning straight out of the box – and you still have the receipt – you can try taking it back to where you bought it and see if the shopkeeper will give you a replacement.

ELFBAR Light Staying On and Making Noise, Maybe Fake

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As well as the problems mentioned above, there’s another problem that can cause similar issues – and that’s if you’ve bought a fake ELFBAR vape.

One of the problems with being among the most famous and easily recognizable vapes is that there’s no shortage of unscrupulous people who might want to take advantage of the famous brand name to make some money too.

Furthermore, ELFBAR’s distinctive sleek and clean design also makes these devices among the easier ones to copy, and as a result, they are one of the most commonly counterfeited vapes around.

If you buy your vapes from a reputable seller, you shouldn’t have this problem. However, less reputable sellers may stock fakes – and places like gas stations may even be selling fake vapes without realizing it.

Obviously, if you have a fake, the quality control behind genuine ELFBAR products won’t be there, and as a result, fake vapes are also much more likely to malfunction – which may manifest itself as a light that stays on, strange noises or many other signs.

Here are some of the things you should look out for that will tell you your vape might not be real.

1. Strange noises

A genuine ELFBAR vape makes a small noise when you take a puff from it, but if it makes a crackling, crunchy, ticking or bubbling sound, it tells you that something’s seriously wrong with your vape – and it may be a fake.

2. Taste

ELFBAR is famous for its wide range of delicious flavors, so if the juice tastes bad, this is a sign that your vape may not be genuine.

Also, if the vape juice tastes burnt, it may tell you that the vape is fake – but this could be due to a damaged vape, so it doesn’t always mean the vape is fake.

3. Smell

A bad smell can also tell you that the vape is fake. As a result, pay attention to vapes that give off smells like burning plastic since this could tell you that your device is not an authentic ELFBAR.

4. Doesn’t look right

Producers of counterfeit vapes can be very skilled, but it’s still difficult to make a perfect copy of a vape, even one as simple as an ELFBAR.

This means if you suspect it might not be genuine, you should inspect it carefully to look for tell-tale signs.

These include fading colors, lettering that’s peeling off or the vape just not quite looking like the usual ELFBAR products you normally vape.

5. General malfunctions

Fake vapes are likely to be poor quality and so are much more likely to go wrong. This could include things like a light staying on when it shouldn’t – but it could also include many other issues that you wouldn’t expect to encounter if you buy genuine products.

How to check?

If you want to verify the authenticity of your ELFBAR vape, you simply need to check the packaging it came in to find a code.

When you find the code, you can enter it on the ELFBAR website – and this will confirm if the product you have is fake or real.

What to do?

If you realize your vape is fake – or even if you strongly suspect it – the best advice is to stop using it immediately.

As we’ve mentioned, the hardware in a fake vape will likely be substandard since there are no safety checks on fakes – and in the worst-case scenario, the vape could catch fire or even explode while you’re using it.

However, potentially worse than this is the fact that you have no idea what’s in the vape juice you’re inhaling – and it could turn out to contain toxic chemicals.

Genuine vape products undergo rigorous testing procedures, but this is not the case with fakes.

As a result, counterfeit manufacturers can put anything into their vape juices, and you simply have no idea how dangerous they might be.

This means vaping from fake devices can be an extremely risky business, which is why we recommend avoiding it altogether.

Manufacturing issues, damage or fake vape

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As we’ve seen, there are several reasons why the light on your ELFBAR vape might stay on or why it might make strange noises, and generally speaking, it’s usually due to manufacturing issues, damage or the vape being fake.

Unfortunately, if your vape has a manufacturing issue or has been damaged, there’s little you can do to fix the problem. However, if you discover that your vape is fake, the best advice is simply to get rid of it and buy a new authentic device in its place.

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